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Rick Shea  
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Director of Customer Relations
Mr. Rick Shea hails from the aerospace industry where he supervised three separate offices for over twenty years. During that time he was responsible for hundreds of employees, as well as numerous administrative duties. Mr. Shea also successfully owned and operated his own fund raising company for over 7 years, maintaining revenues in excess of one million dollars annually.
Source: PricenetUSA Management Page

Jerry Ballah  
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Director / President
Price Net USA, Inc. has filed a lawsuit in the superior court of Orange County, California against the former Director/President Jerry Ballah, Bruce Ballah, The Big, The Big, The Big,, IPowerBiz, PriceNet Marketing, and MGI (the Ballah group). The lawsuit was filed during August 2000 in the amount of not less than $25,000,000 for Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Breach of Contract, International Interference with Contractual Relationships, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, Accounting, and Injunctive Release. The discovery process is ongoing and the Company is vigorously pursuing the matter toward a favorable outcome. The case is set for a settlement hearing in August 2001.
Source: SEC Filings from Pricenet USA

Hank Camacho  
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Secretary / Treasurer
Mr. Camacho is a graduate of the California State University at Los Angeles, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with a concentration in engineering. He was employed with Rockwell International Corp. for 20 years in Management of Research and Development and retired in 1990. He next formed a Real Estate Development Company in Long Beach and managed and partially owned condo developments, restaurants, golf courses, home and apartment buildings. After many investment projects, Hank sold his interests and again retired in 1993. Hank was recruited by National Telephone and Communications in Southern California and worked as the Information Systems Manager until 1996, supporting $100 million growth of long distance phone call detail records and all corporate, operations, and marketing growth, and again retiring in 1996. Hank came out of retirement in August of 1997 once more to be a founder of that started from a vision and has built an infrastructure that is poised to support our vision to be the largest and greatest internet shopping mall and business opportunity in the world.
Source: PriceNetUSA management Page

Tom Sorenson  
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Mr. Sorenson has over 25 years experience in the banking industry, including 10 years as the Chief Credit Officer for a California Bank. He has spent two years of eleven as a commercial loan analyst for Security Pacific National Bank in their coastal regional office and has functioned as CFO for two manufacturing companies with strong national sales. For the last five years, Mr. Sorenson has served as the Chief Financial Officer of Golf Star USA.
Source: PricenetNUSA Management Page

Don De Los Rios  
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Director of Information Services
Mr. De Los Rios brings over fifteen years of computer experience to the table. One area of his expertise is that of high-end digital graphics, including CD-ROM development, TV commercials, and digital special effects. His second area of expertise is in computer operating systems - PC and Macintosh – both of which are currently in use, and under his management, at
Source: PricenetUSA Management Page

Donald J Rackemann  
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Co-Chairman & CEO
Don Rackemann is an experienced entrepreneur who has proven success in driving a high-volume, high-return business. In 1987, Mr. Rackemann founded National Telephone & Communications (NTC). NTC is a publicly traded, long distance reseller servicing the home and small business markets via a network marketing distribution system. In 1994, NTC had gross annual revenues of $160 million. Prior to NTC, Mr. Rackemann began a career in the motor sports publishing business where he was the owner and publisher of seven publications. In 1978, he retired from publishing to further his passion by founding and running Laguna Classic Motors, an auto agency for exotic and exclusive automobiles. Today, Mr. Rackemann is the active leader of and the founder and chairman of Golf Star, a company that manufactures and sells high-end golf clubs.
Source: PricenetUSA Management Page

James Albert Sweeney  
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Co-Chairman & COO
Mr. Sweeney brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and talent surrounding the industries of both network marketing and electronic commerce. He has over 17 years full-time experience in network marketing, having earned in excess of $1 million is first full year in the industry as a independent distributor. For the majority of his tenure in network marketing he has served in management and has filled roles from Senior Marketing Director to Chief Executive Officer. During the last four years Jim has worked entirely on developing solutions for e-commerce via the Internet. He is considered one of the world's leading experts on future-trends in Internet technology and electronic commerce, and is responsible for putting on the cutting-edge. His goal as repeatedly expressed is to create the "Wal-Mart of the 21st century!" "We will revolutionize the way the world shops, and in the process build a 'real company' the likes of which the world of network marketing has never seen," he states.
Source: PricenetUSA Management Page

Richard Croft  
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Director of Communications
Director of Communications – Mr. Croft has a diverse and extensive background in graphics design, web page design, writing, photography, multimedia, video, animation and audiovisual presentations. With a career spanning over 20 years he has also held positions as Creative Director, Public Relations Director and magazine columnist, and has created the entire corporate “look” for several companies.
Dick's talents are seen in the "Madison Avenue" look he brings to and in the incredible uniformity of design and presence found within the entire company. From our many web sites, to our literature and corporate identity Dick gives PNI USA both a first-class and a professional look.
Source: PricenetUSA Management Page

Ray Mario  
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Director of Business Development
Mr. Mario has successfully built several multi-million dollar companies and has seventeen years experience in developing telecommunications and technology products. Ray has 18 years experience in network marketing and has built and trained several extensive sales forces. In 1996, Ray founded First Communications, now a company. First Communications specialized in the marketing and research of the latest communication and technology products. Ray's notable accomplishments and financial success were motivated not only by his desire for monetary rewards, but also a true desire to offer the latest cutting edge products and services to the marketplace to enhance the lives of families within the global village.
Source: PriceNetUSA management page


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