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BK Boreyko  
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President and CEO
Both New Vision and Vemma are owned by BK Boreyko and his sisters Karen and Lauren. As the children of successful network marketers Ben and Dottie Boreyko, the founders have literally grown up in the industry. At the age of seven, BK began helping his parents in their Amway business. By the age of 18, he developed his own Amway distributorship to the PS Direct level. And by his early 30's he and his family launched the next generation of network marketing appropriately called New Vision. Founded on the strength and courage of their mother, who lost her battle with cancer the year before, their mission was simple: enrich the quality of families' lives both physically and financially. Within months, Success Magazine trumpeted the new company's unprecedented growth, which was fueled by dynamic field leadership, a 'rocket ship.' Not long afterwards, BK along with his brother Jason received the prestigious Ernst and Young "Entrepreneur of the Year Award" in Arizona for the company's many innovations and contributions.

Grateful for every blessing he has experienced, BK has used his personal and corporate resources to help the lives of those less fortunate. The total donations to worthy causes such as Habitat For Humanity, the Dream Center, Church On the Streets, the United Way, the Rainforest Foundation and the Dottie Boreyko Foundation (benefiting inner city youths), now exceeds $2.5 million.

Source: Vemma Corporate Website


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