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Daniel Chattin  
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Daniel Chattin has been named Chief Executive Officer of 4-E Corporation. In this position, he is responsible for the management of the company’s strategic and financial initiatives to drive overall growth and International expansion of an innovative product that has been in the market place for the past 10 years. This dynamic product has proven success in regions such as North and South America, Western Europe and the Asian Pacific Rim and is currently being utilized by the U.S. Military, Communist Government in China and more. Mr. Chattin is responsible for the retail expansion of this product in the national and international markets with a product that will increase fuel mileage, reduce emissions and maintenance costs.

Before assuming his current role at 4-E, Mr. Chattin a highly successful CEO established himself as a successful federal contractor from 1992 to present, performing as a prime contractor for 14 different federal agencies, including the U.S. Military, providing engineering services, construction management and general construction.

Chattin graduated from the University of Colorado in 1985 with a B.S. in Political Science and Philosophy and attended Tuck School of Business Masters Program at Dartmouth University.

Over the past several years, Mr. Chattin has received numerous awards and accolades for his successes, innovations and proactive approach as a business owner. In 1996, he was selected by the SBA as a National Finalist for Minority Small Business Owner of the year. The U.S. Small Business Administration awarded Mr. Chattin a scholarship to attend the Tuck’s School at Dartmouth College. In 2003, Mr. Chattin was awarded the National Republican Party's Business Advisory Council's Montana Businessman of the Year. Mr. Chattin manages to make time to speak publicly today for various organizations.

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Shane Maguire  
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Shane Maguire named President, is a co-founder of the company 4-E Corporation.

. Before assuming his current role at 4-E, Mr. Maguire had many successes over the past 10 years in several business ventures developing an extensive marketing background, including offshore secondary market financing, which leads to successes in the capitalization of companies for their IPO's. He has directed a number of companies on marketing strategies and leadership philosophies in companies such as PTS (Power Transfer Systems in California).

Mr. Maguire’s experience with Network Marketing began several years ago. While he continued to pursue other business endeavors it brought him back in 2002 where he was highly successful earning a high 6 figure monthly income. Although MLM was outside of his normal business background, the experience gave him valuable knowledge obtainable only in the field as a direct representative. Mr. Maguire lead two membership-based organization’s, the first of which was catapulted from launch to over 85,000 members and earning over $14 million in revenue within the first 6 months.

He held the position of President and CEO for two companies with the most recent, paying out close to $2 million in commissions in the first year. Coupling this new found knowledge in Networking (relationship marketing), with the experience of previous business endeavors, he found a renewed passion for business and ignited a burning desire to build the next giant in relationship driven marketing systems – 4-E Corporation.

Age 43, Mr. Maguire was born New Zealand in 1962 where he resided until 1984. In 1984 he made the long sea journey aboard the 18th century Square rigged Sailing vessel HMS Bounty. As a graduate of the New Zealand Naval Medical program Mr. Maguire was offered the position of Ships Medical Officer where he served throughout the making of the major motion picture, "The Bounty".

Source: Ethos FR About Us Page


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