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  Vibrating Condom

Vibrating Condom: Univeral Lifestyles Product Line

vibrating condomVibrating Condom Ring [ The Vibe ] Product Description from Univeral Lifestyles webpage:

Our flagship product, "The Vibe", has been nicknamed "The Vibrating Condom". The “Vibrations” package consists of our award winning, patented vibrating ring and a female enhancing lubricant called “Tingles”. Universal Lifestyles believes in “playing it safe”, for this a complimentary condom is provided. The ring has a small battery pack on it that vibrates. When placed on the base of the male organ, it literally turns the man into a human vibrator! The ring hits the woman in just the right spot!

Women from all walks of life love this product. From women who have been reluctant to experiment to women who are sexually playful, they’re all singing “The Vibe” praises. The men, you ask? They’re completely satisfied with the added bonus of being able to more easily and more intensely pleasure their women. “The Vibe” is so much fun we know that you’re curious so what are you waiting for? To get “The Vibe”, there are two ways, you can get one at retail from the person who referred you to this page or you can become a Distributor and buy a package of 10 or more at wholesale. It's up to you!

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