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May 2024

Regeneca Press Release  

Ethos Environmental Announces Infomercial Premiere and Launch of Direct Response Marketing Program

Ethos Environmental, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ETEV), which recently merged with Regeneca International, Inc., is hosting an Infomercial Premiere and Direct Response Marketing Program Launch...

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Regeneca Press Release
Posted 5/12/2011

Regeneca-Ethos Environmental Press Release  

Ethos Environmental, Inc. Announces Sales And Marketing Strategy And Will Highlight RegenErect(TM) At Its Celebration Event At The Palms Casino In Las Vegas

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 31, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ethos Environmental, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ETEV) management announced today the Company's direc...

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Regeneca-Ethos Environmental Press Release
Posted 2/2/2011

Ethos Shifts into Gear with MLM Model  

The Cash for Clunkers program may have reached the end of the road, but Ethos Environmental is test-driving a new business model to sell more of its oil and fuel additives and arrive at the same goal: increase gas mileage while reducing emissions.

For years, the San Diego-based manufacturer sold i...

Source: San Diego Business Journal

Ethos Shifts into Gear with MLM Model
Posted 9/3/2009

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