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Scentsy Names Pink Pepper the ScenTrend for 2012 Source: Press Release
"MERIDIAN, Idaho, Jan. 4, 2012 -- Scentsy, Inc., a growing international leader in fragrance, today announced Pink Pepper as the ScenTrend™ for 2012. Based on evaluation and trend analysis by fragrance experts at Scentsy and prominent international fragrance houses, the ScenTrend designation identifies the up-and-coming fragrance note for the new year, which consumers will find in home as well as fine fragrances.
A study in contrasts, Pink Pepper's multidimensional nature exudes sweet, floral yet spicy aromas, giving it appeal as both a gourmand and romance fragrance note. Distilled from the rose-hued berries of the Peruvian pepper tree and used as a spice in cooking, Pink Pepper has a dry, fresh scent with hints of angelica and juniper-like notes. This bold yet warm fragrance stimulates renewed energy in any environment.
"Pink Pepper fits the mood of our time," explains Heidi Thompson, President of Scentsy, Inc. "It's a spirited fragrance note that offers inspiration to find adventure, be romantic or simply add a touch of excitement to any aspect of life. We're pleased to highlight Pink Pepper's inspiring personality in Scentsy's home fragrances."
Tom Pastre, President of Creatique, a fragrance industry consulting firm in Cresskill, New Jersey, said selecting a fragrance note of the year shows Scentsy's passion for the art of fragrance creation and perfumery. "Pink Pepper is appropriate for these challenging times because it's uplifting and has a certain optimism to it. It's bold and zesty, but has a warmth that's comforting," said Pastre. "It's the contrasts that make it exciting: feminine and floral, yet sexy and exotic."
Fragrance lovers can experience the contrasts of Pink Pepper in Pixie, Scentsy's February 2012 Scent of the Month. Pixie is a mischievous moonscape of pink pepper, mandarin and heliotrope deepened by exotic teakwood and vanilla oak. Scentsy's Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog highlights fragrances containing Pink Pepper, and for those interested in designing their own signature scents with ScenTrend 2012, Pink Pepper will also be available as a stand-alone Scentsy Bar—ideal for mixing.
Scentsy developed its expertise in identifying and defining fragrance trends through detailed analysis and evaluation of hundreds of fragrance notes, raw materials and finished scents. The company's high-quality fragrances have received an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers since Scentsy's start in 2004. "
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