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What is Npros.com?

Since 1999, Npros.com has been the premier online information resource for Home Business, Network Marketing and Direct Sales professionals. We are not affiliated with any specific home based business, network marketing company, service, or individual representatives.

Npros.com was started as a consumer advocate site, tracking companies and executives and archiving companies, closures, legal actions, and other information helpful to work at home professionals looking for specific information on home based business opportunities.

We catalogue and review MLM companies, Network Marketing companies and Direct Sales companies, and report day to day breaking news, provide articles, links, and information we consider valuable for you and that we hope will contribute toward your success.

What's the catch?

No catch. What you see is what you get. We evaluate mlm opportunities with no hidden agenda. We offer this information, as well as the kind of news you need to hear (not just company press releases) so you can make informed decisions that affect your income and career. Any paid advertisements are clearly marked on the page. We do not promote any specific mlm company, network marketing company or product. We tell you where to find free stuff and free (and sometimes paying) services we feel you might be interested in. We call it like we see it, you decide the value of the information.

How do I have a company evaluated?

MLM company evalutions are time consuming, but we are always looking for information and materials to review. We have a que of companies, and will review them in the order received. If you are interested in a specific company, and an evaluation is not yet posted, email us and see if an evaluation is in process. If one is not, we will ask you to forward us copies of the company rep kit, literature, and anything else that may be valuable in drafting an independent evaluation.

What do you base your evaluations on?

We base our evaluations of network marketing companies on a specific set of criteria. These criteria are focused on measurable aspects of the company's comp plan, history, management, performance, etc. It's a sophisticated approach, and we keep the exact details to ourselves. The final rating is based on these criteria. Regardless of the evalation score, we do not encourage or dissuade participation in any program.

Can I reprint your evaluations and distribute them?

NO. All Npros.com evaluations are copyright protected.

However, you may do any of the following:

Direct individuals to the mlm evaluation page by way of a link, banner, or button from your own web page or email (except SPAM).

Banners and Buttons bearing the terms "rated at ## by Npros.com" are available via a link on each evaluation page.

You may contact us via email to request information on printed copies of our evaluations in whatever quantity you need.

I totally disagree with your evaluation. What can I do?

We do not modify our evaluations of any home based business, network marketing company unless there has been some significant change in the company, the product, the comp plan, or other area of the opportunity evaluated. For reasons like "you don't understand the opportunity", or our favorite "if you spent as much time working the deal as you do evaluating it, you would be as successful as me", save your time and ours: we are inflexible when it comes to our criteria.

What company do you recommend?

We don't make mlm company recommendations. The closest we come is our opportunity spotlight, where we do a brief article about a company (not necessarily a Network Marketing company) that is in someway particularly interesting or innovative.

Can I submit an article?

Absolutely. While there are no guarantees that we will accept it, we will consider articles on any facet of the industry. If posted, we will provide a significant link to your email or web page with all appropriate credit. Click here for more extensive submission guidelines.

What else do you want besides articles?

We always want current information on what is happening at various companies. The info that never make it into the company press release - missed commission checks, commission checks bouncing, unshipped product, refused refunds, etc. On the positive side, we want to hear about unexpected bonuses, company charity events, acquisitions, rumors, etc. Anything you think may be valuable information for someone else interested in the company.

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