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Closed MLMs, Direct Sales and Network Marketing Company Directory.
This list represents a directory of network marketing companies and direct sales companies that are no longer doing business under the listed name due to closure, acquisition, or other reasons which are listed wherever possible. Information on company principals and executive staff is collected and archived from a variety of sources, primarily the original corporate websites, corporate literature and newsletters, SEC filings, and other verifiable documentation. Network Marketing Companies often close without any formal notice to reps and information may not be available


Affordable Luxuries Closes Without Notice
Reps received an email on Tuesday, January 20, 2005 stating the company had closed. No explanation was provided.

Andrew M. Spellman (
Chairman & CEO
Justin B. Sullivan (
Director and President
David Weiner (
Executive Vice President
Patrick Mitchell (
Director of Finance
Amanda Britton (
Director of Marketing
Rebecca Lanning (
Director of Customer Experience

MLM World News Today
Ron Touchard, CEO

Company website is down, phones are disconnected.

Primebuy Network
Closed. Undisclosed Circumstances.

Owners and/or Executives:
Charles Michel and Charles Culver, Founders

A class action suit was filed by investors againt the two founders of the company, Charles Culver and Charles Michel. No other employees were named in this suit.

Reference: PRIMEBUY NETWORK: Keller Rohrback and Cosho, Humphrey File Investor Suit

Summary: According to the press release dated Friday May 11, 2001, a complaint was filed against PrimeBuy, Inc. The complaint alleges that, during the class period, PrimeBuy and its co-founders, Charles Michel and Charles Culver, violated multiple sections of the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and the Idaho Securities and Consumer Protection Acts, by misrepresenting and omitting material facts in connection with the operation, financial condition and prospects of PrimeBuy, and in connection with PrimeBuy securities. The complaint further alleges that defendants were conducting a classic 'pyramid' scheme, in which the PrimeBuy Internet Mall was simply a multilevel marketing scheme, offering an array of shopping 'opportunities' already available on the Internet. In addition, it is asserted that defendants misrepresented that the memberships and/or stock issued by PrimeBuy complied with applicable state and federal securities laws, and that the Company would be holding an initial public offering of its stock during September 2000. As a result of these false and misleading statements and omissions, investors are left holding worthless shares of unregistered stock in an allegedly illegal pyramid scheme.
Undisclosed circumstances.

Owners and/or Executives:
Mark Guest
Jared Lowenstein Pobre - President
Marlena Niemann - Vice President/General Manager
Matt Morrow - Vice President, Marketing
George Wiley II - Director, Marketing
Karina Jones - Representative Liaison

Ed Heckerson - Director, Business Development
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Click Incomes (
Undisclosed Circumstances

J. Stewart Borie, President
Matt Morrow, Director of Marketing

(source:, a stock promotion company that also promoted techlabs (TKLB), the public company behind (also closed without notice)) gathered leads through an affiliated site called, which promised to pay winners over a period of 25 years. Both companies have folded. ClickIncomes was part of Executive Help Services, Inc.

Click here for an October 2000 article on about ClickIncomes and YouWinIt



Shut down by FTC.

Defendants in the case are: Trek Alliance, Trek Education Corporation, VonFlagg Corporation, Jeffrey Kale Flagg, also known as (aka) Kale Flagg, Richard Von Alvensleben, aka Richard Von, Tiffani Von Alvensleben, aka Tiffani Von, and Harry M. Flagg. The company is based in Incline Village, Nevada.

Undisclosed Circumstances

Richard Slaback, President and CEO.*

Principals: Mark Tahiliani and Harry Tahiliani

* Richard Slaback resigned as CEO prior to final company closure.

Related Links: Consent Decree (State of Maine vs BigSmart, LLC)

Bankruptcy - Chapter 11 (Nevada Corp #C2280204)

Jerry Ballah, CEO

Steve Templeman, Senior Vice President

iPowerBiz filed bankruptcy amid a flurry of complaints ranging from unpaid commission checks to unauthorized credit card charges.

Undisclosed Circumstances

Kelly M. Thayer, Chairman of the Board and co-founder.

David N. Nemelka, CEO, Director, and co-founder.

David Bradford, Director.

The Payline

Richard Robles ( R. Robles ) President

Company website atr was down briefly, and now is up with message: "The PayLine has transformed into PayLine Gold Travel and Lifestyle Rewards. Join us for fun and for profit. PayLine Miles are now "PayLine Gold MegaBucks", the ultimate travel currency."

Email to the support email address at The Payline Gold was returned as undeliverable after 24 hours

A subsidiary of Techlabs (

Michael Skellern ( Mike Skellern ), Interim CEO**
Previous Experience: President, The BigStore*. CEO The BigBiz.*
Ray Mario, President
Bobby Simpson
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
David Shute
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Murray Todd
Senior VP of Business Development
Jill Pucci
Director of Marketing/Promotions

The company website is down, "profit portals" are unavailable online, and phones are not being answered. Anyone with any info on this closure please forward it to If you are a representative of, please let us know if any notice was given prior to or following the closure.

Reps have reported that the company closed without notice, and without refunding rep fees.

**Michael Skellern comments in an email request for correction that he "was interim CEO on a consulting assignment and departed the
company February 27, 2001" and "The CEO of record was Bobby Simpson and Ray Mario was President until May /
June 2001".

ECB4U, PowerCard International

January 25, 2001 | BALTIMORE, USA -- The Securities Division of the Maryland Attorney General's office has issued a 'cease and desist order' against Powercard International (doing business as ECB4U), its founder Stewart Giardina, Ed Lamont and seven other distributors who promoted ECB4U from an office called E Commerce Solutions in Timonium, Maryland.

6483 Van Buren, Suite 203
Daphne, Alabama 86008

Stewart Giardina President/CEO

No information on closure, website is no longer active. This information was provided online elsewhere:


PowerCard International Inc., formerly doing business as KM.NET, is pleased to announce that, after many months of hard work and negotiation, it has arranged to preserve your original dream of e-commerce and network marketing.

Under the new name (e-commerce business for you), the continuation of an assured One-Stop Shopping Mall facility is available, in a new and improved e-commerce package (ECP).

Immediately go to your KM Mall site, for the last time, and gather your original 10 digit ID# and password. Bring those with you to your new Web addresses: - Your New Shopping Site - Your New Online Business Office


Equinox International

Closed by FTC

Bill Gouldd, Founder

Settlement and Receiver Information:

Mountain Gourmet
312 Pine Tree Ln. Sinks Grove, WV 24976

Manufacturer of wooden utensils and Shaker boxes.

Web site states that effective 2/15/00, Mountain Gourmet is closed.

Wilton At Home (division of Wilton Industries)
2240 West 75th Street
Woodridge IL 60517 USA

Closing of the Wilton at Home division.

PRSI (Professional Resources System International)
1499 W. Palmetto Park Road Suite 224
Boca Raton, FL 33486

William Caudell, Gil Gillespie, Salvatore Argento, Joseph Rotunno and Ben Tobin.

Closed under restraining order by Floriday Attorney General.

Celestial Harvest
2450 Central Avenue, Suite C-2
Boulder, CO 80301


2Xtreme / USAsurance Group/Akahi

FTC Action

Principles: John T. Polk, Patrick Farah, Peter Hirsch, USAsurance Group, Inc., AKAHI Corp., AKAHI.COM, Inc., 2XTREME Performance International, LLC., and AFEW, Inc. The businesses are based in Englewood, Colorado; Dallas, Addison, and Carrollton, Texas.

Principals and Executive Staff/Technical staff : J. Albert Sweeney ( Jim Sweeney, James Albert Sweeney ), Richard Croft, Don De Los Rios, Rick Shea, Kevin Allen

Bankruptcy, FTC Injunction

Principals: Alan J. Setlin, Robert Depew, Chris Lobato, David Soto, Larry Huff

"According to the company's President, Peter J. Ferras, "This name change is important to us as we set out to build a strong name recognition in the online auctions and shopping areas and is designed to better identify the company with its current lines of business." (reference SEC filing)

ProTravel Solutions

Undisclosed Circumstances.

Jerry Heald, President

Former reps have stated they received no notice from ProTravel prior to the closing. Two companies, YourTravelBiz and TotalTravel4Less have apparently offered to service former reps travel businesses.