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SimplyFun, headquartered in Bellevue Washington, produces interactive and educational games designed to help children develop math, science and communication skills and express creativity while learning to collaborate with others.

Interactive Educational Games
SimplyFun Review and Product Details

Damsel in Defense

Damsel in Defense, based in Meridian, Idaho, sells a line of self-defense products for women at home parties through its network of independent representatives, known as "Damsel Pros". Hostesses of Damsel in Defense parties earn free products based on the total sales at their party.

Damsel in Defense's products include stun guns, pepper spray, kubotans, keychain personal alarms, child monitors, diversion safes, door alarms, and auto emergency tools. Damsel in Defense prides itself on making women feel more comfortable about arming themselves and bringing self-defense products to women who would have otherwise never purchased a product of that nature. Damsel in Defense also promotes self defense education and encourages women to consider self defense training to back up their personal protection purchases.

Personal defense products
Damsel in Defense Review and Product Details


All'asta is a direct sales company with a twist. All'asta is the Italian word for "auction." An All'asta party operates on the same model as most home party businesses, but the guests and host actually sell their own goods, and everyone has a chance to earn some profit. In addition to the items brought by the host and guests, All'asta also offers a catalog of "Signature" items that can be purchased at the party.

Guests at All-asta parties bring 1 to 3 items that have barely been used, and work with the All'asta Consultant to set a starting bid, which is posted on a bidding sheet next to the item prior to the start of the auction. After bidding stops, winners buy their items and take them home that night. Sellers earn 50% of the purchase price and can use it at the party as credit towards any purchase, or they can choose to receive a check within two weeks of the party. Hostesses earn free and half-priced All'asta Signature items based on the total sales of the party.

Home party auctions plus signature items
Allasta Review and Product Details


Chartreuse Products has closed as of April 30th, 2012

Chartreuse is a direct sales company offering earth-friendly products at reasonable prices. The company's products include shopping bags, organic personal care, baby and cleaning products. Chartreuse is a member of the DSA.

Chartreuse products are sold through a network of consultants who are trained to help consumers find ways to lighten their impact on the planet by conserving resources and reducing toxins and pollutants. Chartreuse Eco-Party hostesses choose a theme such as Organic Baby Care, Spa Parties, Go Green Save Green, and Righteous Reusables. Hostesses receive credit for free product and 50% off a Distinctive Green Gift Set, based on total sales at the party.

Spa and aromatherapy products
Chartreuse Review and Product Details

Lemongrass Spa Products

Lemongrass Spa Products specializes in natural bath and body products that allow women to be pampered in the comfort of their own homes. Lemongrass products are hand made without the use of mineral oil, harsh chemicals, animal testing or unnecessary ingredients. Customers can try products before purchasing at home spa parties.

Opportunities exist for Lemongrass Sales Consultants who wish to join a rapidly expanding company within the spa products industry. Lemongrass Consultants receive generous commissions, bonuses and free products.

Natural Bath and Body Products
Lemongrass Spa Products Review and Product Details

Dominator Clothing

Dominator Clothing active wear, designed for superb fit and comfort, has been available through a retail store in Michigan since 2002. In September 2008 Dominator Clothing launched Dominator Clothing at Home to market its products through home parties with a generous Hostess rewards program. Dominator Clothing at Home's clients enjoy the benefits of a personal shopper service through its Independent Consultants. Products are delivered directly to the client with a money back guarantee.

Dominator Clothing at Home's consultants have the opportunity to earn income through retail profits on personal sales, as well as to expand their business and income by training others to be consultants.

Active Wear
Dominator Clothing Review and Product Details

Sunset Gourmet Food Company

Sunset Gourmet Food Company offers easy to prepare gourmet food items. Sunset Gourmet taste testing parties are the perfect way for consumers to get together with their family and friends and sample delicious food. Sunset Gourmet is experiencing tremendous growth and has opportunities for people wishing to start their own full or part time business.

Gourmet Food
Sunset Gourmet Food Company Review and Product Details

Touchstone Crystal

Touchstone Crystal is a crystal fashion jewelry company. Touchstone Crystal is a player in the direct selling environment that offers consumers sparkling fashion jewelry made exclusively with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements and ENLIGHTENED™ - Swarovski Elements. Consultants offer a boutique-like jewelry shopping experience in a home party setting.

Touchstone Crystal is a member of the Swarovski Group, the DSA and the DSWA. The company concept is to offer unique and sparkling crystal jewelry party to share with family and friends, as well as a rewarding opportunity for Consultants. Touchstone Crystal believes in designing products with an attention to detail, style, and lasting value. Touchstone Crystal is proud to feature exclusively CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements and Enlightened™- Swarovski Elements in its high-quality jewelry designs.

Consultants make between 25% and 40% of retail sales. If they have active consultants under you, they can progress in the career path and make additional commission based on personally sponsored consultants and on their team. To be active a consultant must have retail orders of at least $300 one month over a rolling three month period. The company offers replicated websites for an annual fee. Recently the company purchased the Little Black Dress jewelry brand that will expand the product line.

Touchstone Crystal Review and Product Details

Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials is on a mission to bring the highest quality products and spa experience to homes all across America. Jordan Essentials believes that earning an income is essential to helping individuals and families survive and thrive in today's economy. Jordan Essentials sees itself as a household name known for bringing the spa experience home to the consumer with high quality products and a direct sales opportunity second to none.

Bath, Body and Spa Products
Jordan Essentials Review and Product Details

PRAI Beauty

The PRAI Beauty Group, founded in 1999, is seeking women to join their team as they launch their new Beauty Events Division.

The PRAI Beauty Group, Inc. has earned an international reputation for exceptional quality and performance. PRAI focuses on the beauty needs and wants of women: individual products and daily regimens that help skin feel and look better, that help thwart the effects of environmental and personal stress, that minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and that offer affordable and realistic alternatives to costly cosmetic surgery and procedures.

Skincare Products
PRAI Beauty Review and Product Details


Teaporia is always adding new products and teas as they come in. Teaporia will also custom blend teas upon request. If customers have requests for certain teas, recipes, accessories or anything else, Teaporia will do their best to try and accommodate them.

Tea, Tea Accessories and Food Mixes
Teaporia Review and Product Details

Stella n Dot

Stell & Dot was formerly known as Luxe Jewels. Stell & Dot jewelry is hand crafted, one-of-a-kind designs made of materials such as semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14kt gold-fill. Stella & Dot is all about helping women thrive though their own, anti 9-5, sky's the limit business opportunity.

Stella n Dot Review and Product Details

Luxe Jewels

Luxe Jewels are hand crafted, one-of-a-kind designs made of materials such as semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14kt gold-fill. Luxe parties are "girl's night out" events where guests get together to shop for and personalize jewelry. Consultants can choose to add a second party option - DIY parties to teach jewelry making with Luxe kits and the Design of the Month Club. Consultants with a passion for jewelry making can even offer their own personal creations at a Luxe Jewels party.

Luxe Jewels Review and Product Details

Morgan Dane Designs

Morgan Dane Designs, based in Wichita, Kansas, offers sterling silver jewelry through home parties. Consultants average over $60 per hour in commissions at home parties. For the 2007-2008 catalog year, Morgan Dane Designs will donate 10% of the proceeds from sales of lapis jewelry to the Lupus Foundation of America.

Sterling Silver Jewelry
Morgan Dane Designs Review and Product Details

Tealightful Treasures

Tealightful Treasures offers tea, tea accessories and scone mixes at home parties. From the Tealightful Treasures website: Our hosts feel like a guest at their very own themed tea party, complete with delicate china and the intoxicating aroma of fresh-baked scones! Our consultants, who have a passion for tea and creating cherished memories, pamper their guests through a journey of flavors and fun while creating a fanciful atmosphere. You earn your money immediately by keeping 25% of the total customer sales at every Tea Party.

Tea, Scone Mixes, Teapots and Cups
Tealightful Treasures Review and Product Details

O! Delizioso

Established in 2004 and located in Granville, Ohio, O! Delizioso Inc. is a direct-to-consumer seller of premium-quality chefware. O! Delizio is the exclusive American distributor of elite Spring Switzerland cookware. O! Delizioso's independent culinary consultants conduct culinary shows and offer consumers expert advice and the fun of learning alongside friends. The O! Delizioso career opportunity rewards independent consultants on personal guest sales and on team sales.

Spring Switzerland Cookware, Friedr. Dick cutlery
O! Delizioso Review and Product Details

Premier Designs

Premier Designs, Inc., located in Irving, Texas, offers a line of affordably priced High Fashion Jewelry through home parties. Premier Designs, Inc. is a direct sales company founded in November 1985 by Andy and Joan Horner. Premier Designs Jewelers earn 50% gross commission on their retail sales and a 10% commission on the wholesale of everyone in the first 3 levels of their downline.

Premier Designs Review and Product Details

Lets Do Tea LLC

Let's Do Tea sells tea and tea-related products at home parties. Let's Do Tea (LDT) offers representatives the opportunity to earn 30% on retail sales, as well as a percentage of the sales of any representatives they sponsor. From the LDT website: Bringing people together to savor a warm cup of tea, to bond in kindred spirits, to feel the comfort of the things God provides...this is our ultimate mission.

Tea, teapots and cups, tea related accessories
Lets Do Tea LLC Review and Product Details

Ideal Gifts

Ideal Gifts, a division of Friendly Toys and Gifts, has been a family-owned business for 52 years. Ideal Gifts party plan merchandise is sold at home gatherings of friends, or by taking orders directly from catalogs. Ideal Gifts has earned a TRIPLE "AAA" rating with Dunn & Bradstreet. Ideal Gifts Advisors number in the thousands throughout all 48 contiguous states.

Books, Games/Toys, Jewelry, Home Decor, Personalized Items, Tshirts
Ideal Gifts Review and Product Details

I Remember When

From the company website: I Remember When… (IRW) began as a local scrapbook store in 1997 and grew to be one of the largest stores in Oregon. In 1999, when it become apparent that there were direct sales customers in the market that wanted a greater selection than similar home party companies had to offer, IRW launched an instructor division in its local community. After several years of holding workshops in the local area, IRW opened up its instructor program nationwide. IRW instructors have the best of both worlds! They are able to purchase and sell all of their favorite products as well as have an opportunity to play a bigger part in the scrapbook industry.

Scrapbooking Supplies
I Remember When Review and Product Details

Chez Ami

For over twenty-five years, Patsy Aiken Designs has designed exquisite children's apparel. Formerly selling to upscale boutiques and department stores nationwide, the Patsy Aiken Collection is now offered exclusively through Chez Ami Home Parties across the nation. Sales Consultants for Chez Ami earn cash commissions on their sales and receive a generous discount on Chez Ami merchandise.

Childrenswear by Patsy Aiken Designs
Chez Ami Review and Product Details

Just Ducky Originals

Just Ducky's custom collection of children's clothing is available exclusively through home shows. Just Ducky allows customers to choose any of nearly 30 garment styles, order them in any of approximately 25 seasonal fabrics, and add embroideries or monograms. Just Ducky's representatives are called Hostesses and hold home shows two weekends out of the year - once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Hostesses can qualify for both a cash commission and a 35%-40% discount on their purchases.

Original and custom clothing for kids
Just Ducky Originals Review and Product Details

Kelly's Kids

Kelly's Kids is the largest home party company specializing in children's apparel. Kelly's Kids' sales representatives are welcomed into thousands of homes twice a year to show the Kelly's Kids collections. There is no financial investment for representatives. Every season there is a small registration fee. The company supplies all sample kits, supplies, and sends catalogs to customers each season.

Children's clothing
Kelly's Kids Review and Product Details

Urban Botanic

Urban Botanic products are sold by independent Fragrance Designers at in-home parties. Guests at Urban Botanic parties create their own signature scent that is blended into a perfume, lotion or other product.

U.B.You Signature Fragrance Collections
Urban Botanic Review and Product Details

HomeWare Creations

HomeWare Creations Associates sell baskets and other home accessories through home parties, catalogs and websites. HomeWare Creations also offers a Fundraiser Specialist opportunity. Associates earn 20% commission on their personal retail sales and may purchase product at 50% off.

Baskets, home accessories
HomeWare Creations Review and Product Details

Spa Girl Parties Inc.

Spa Girl Parties offers customers a fun pampering and shopping experience by offering unique home-spa products. Spa Girl Consultants earn commission on retail sales from "Girls Night In" home parties, catalog party sales, and sales from personalized Spa Girl Parties websites (available to Consultants for a small monthly fee).

Spa-At-Home Kits, relaxation products, pedicure/manicure products, candles
Spa Girl Parties Inc. Review and Product Details

ProShop@Home (The)

The ProShop@Home is a direct-seller of golf equipment through in-home parties called "invitationals". The ProShop offers two consultant opportunities: The Core Consultant is a Starter for the "Invitational", the In-Home Golf Party. The Core Consultant earns up to 47% commission and participates in a Multi-Level-Marketing program. In addition, Core Consultants enjoy a 20% personal discount on all golf equipment, accessories and apparel. The Associate Consultant sells golf equipment, accessories and apparel via his or her own Internet Pro Shop while earning up to 37% commission and participating in the Multi-Level-Marketing program and receiving a 15% personal discount on all golf equipment, accessories and apparel. Previous golf or sales experience is not necessary.

Golf equipment, apparel and accessories
ProShop@Home (The) Review and Product Details

Spa Destinations

Spa Destinations products are sold at home parties. From the Spa Destinations website: Spa Destinations has created an entirely new category in personal care…The In Home Spa Experience. Our years of research reveal the reason so few people enjoy the benefits of spa experiences. The answer is simple; time and money. Spa Destinations creates the solution in systems that are easy to use at incredible values!

Spa Products
Spa Destinations Review and Product Details

Pink Package

Pink Package is a home-based business whose Independent Consultants assist guests in selling items on eBay at Pink Package Parties. Guests at Pink Package Parties who sell items on eBay through their Pink Package Independent Consultant receive 50% of the final selling price.

Pink Package eBay home parties
Pink Package Review and Product Details

M Studio

M Studio has been in the jewelry business for 30 years. M Studio's home party collection consists of 225+ pieces of jewelry fashioned from sterling silver, 14K gold, cultured pearls, resin, and steel. Representatives can start their business for $139, which includes promotional and administrative materials and 12 pieces of jewelry. M Studio parties do not require any formal presentations.

M Studio Review and Product Details

Setting Traditions

Setting Traditions offers decorative all-occasion serving pieces that can be re-decorated to fit a variety of themes, occasions and moods. At home parties, Setting Traditions Designers demonstrate how to host casual get-togethers with your own distinctive style through the craft of tablescaping. Setting Traditions Designers earn up to 25% commission on personal sales and have the opportunity to earn more by sponsoring other Designers.

Decorative serving pieces and accessories
Setting Traditions Review and Product Details

J Lynn Designs

J Lynn Designs offers a handbag system that allows you to change instantly from one bag to another. Essentials are organized in the J Lynn organizer, and the organizer can be slid into any J Lynn handbag. J Lynn Designs is currently offering ground-floor consultant opportunities for both seasoned direct sales professionals and enthusiastic individuals eager to learn. J Lynn offers a time-of-sale payment plan, monthly downline commission checks and a company-sponsored hostess program.

Handbags with interchangeable organizers
J Lynn Designs Review and Product Details

Spa Sensations Ltd.

Spa Sensations Ltd. was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Spa Sensations products are sold by independent Consultants, who offer them to consumers via home parties, corporate events, one-on-one consultations, brochures and organized public and private events.

Spa Basics, Massage Oils, Anti-Aging Prescription, Candles, Gift Baskets
Spa Sensations Ltd. Review and Product Details

Top Line Creations (TLC)

Founded in October 2003, Top Line Creations (TLC) offers both papercraft and digital scrapbooking products. TLC provides exclusive designs, kits and digital albums. All products are sold and serviced through TLC's network of independent scrapbook consultants. Top Line Creations' independent consultants receive discounts up to 50% on products, commissions on retail sales, downline commissions up to 12% on three levels, and additional leadership bonuses and incentives. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, TLC gives back to the community through donations to several charitable organizations.

Scrapbooking supplies
Top Line Creations (TLC) Review and Product Details

Enchanted Potions

Enchanted Potions, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a direct seller of fragranced products. In four years their Distributor program and customer base has more than tripled in size. Customers purchase bath and body products, air fresheners and gift collections at "Potion Parties." Distributors set their own retail prices and earn 5% commission on their direct recruits' sales.

Bath and body products, air fresheners and fragranced gift collections
Enchanted Potions Review and Product Details

Quiet Places

From the Quiet Places website: Our products are designed to help women everywhere create quiet places in their hearts, homes, & minds. Our line of spiritually nurturing products are designed to help women create a quiet heart through a focus on God. Our home accessories will provide women everywhere a way to decorate their home in order to make it a quiet place for themselves, as well as a peaceful retreat for their family and friends. Our bubble baths, lotions, relaxation music, and fragrance products are like a mini-spa treatment created to be a quiet place for a stressed mind. In the comfortable setting of a home party, the consultant is able to discuss products while using her expertise to educate guests about finding quiet places.

Books, home accessories, spa products
Quiet Places Review and Product Details

Picture Perfect Scrapbook Co.

Picture Perfect Scrapbook Company (PPSC) specializes in color-coordinated scrapbook kits at home parties called Crop 'n Shops. Hostesses invite friends, family and acquaintances over to make a single scrapbook page or 2-page layout. PPSC consultants earn commission on personal sales and sales by their downline, in addition to receiving a discount on their own purchases.

Color-coordinated scrapbook kits and scrapbooking accessories
Picture Perfect Scrapbook Co. Review and Product Details


Bessemer is an Australian company that has been in business since the 1960's. Bessemer cookware products are manufactured in their factory in Sydney and marketed throughout Australia by its distributors through a "party plan" system. Bessemer also distributes an exclusive range of imported homeware products.

Cookware, crystal, cleaning products, porcelain, kitchen accessories
Bessemer Review and Product Details

Angel Company (The)

The Angel Company closed in August 2011.

Products for the rubber stamper, the scrapbooker and the papercrafter including the Creative Cling™ stamping system
Angel Company (The) Review and Product Details

Terra Mezzo

Terra Mezzo is founded on the principle that fashion is fun. The company presents a line of hand selected .925 sterling silver and designer inspired fashion jewelry through home party presentations.

Terra Mezzo Jewelry Consultants own their own business and may earn a fifty percent commissions on their direct home party sales at suggested pricing, as well as a ten percent bonus for building their Terra Mezzo sales team.

Sterling Silver and Fashion Jewelry
Terra Mezzo Review and Product Details

All Jeweled Up

All Jeweled Up markets personalized jewelry through home parties. From the All Jeweled Up Website: "Joining All Jeweled Up as a Business Designer is simple, and how much you participate is up to you. Some of our members join simply as a way of earning a little extra income, while others turn All Jeweled Up into a profitable and fulfilling career."

Personalized Jewelry
All Jeweled Up Review and Product Details

Heritage Makers

Heritage Maker markets Storybook kits through Heritage Consultants. Heritage Consultants help people preserve their own heritage through the storybooking process.

From the Heritage Makers website:
Heritage Makers is dedicated to helping you and your family discover, preserve and celebrate your family stories and heritage. We believe in strengthening homes and families with the heritage enriching power of storybooking. Storybooking is the unique process of combining photographs with personalized story text into one or more professionally hardbound storybooks. Heritage Makers is the first and fastest growing storybooking company in the world that takes memories to a new level.

Heritage Maker Storybooks
Heritage Makers Review and Product Details


Wooofgangs offers a selection of exclusive and hard to find pet products and a compensation plan that allows many way for consultants to earn - from home parties, to catalog parties, to fundraisers.

Pet Products
Woofgangs Review and Product Details

Slumber Parties

Slumber Parties has received much media attention for their innovative adult home party format. Passion Parties distributors may start with kits ranging in price from $250 to $1000 dollars.

Adult Products
Slumber Parties Review and Product Details

Chef Selections

From the Chef Selections website: Chef Selections unwavering commitment to quality has brought some of the finest food products available to your door. Each of these products represents, in many instances, a culinary "First" in terms of flavor and fun. It has always been Chef Selections position that "Passion" makes the difference. Each of these products represents the passion of those who created them. We travel the back roads in our search for exceptional food finds. Chef Selections seeks out small food producers, passionate about their products. You will taste their heart and soul in every bite. The result is food with feeling, and products that people want and will purchase time after time. All products in the Chef Selections line are subjected to rigorous quality standards. We refuse to sell anything except superior products.

Chef Selections line of fine foods
Chef Selections Review and Product Details

Entertain with Ease!

From the Entertain With Ease! website: Entertain With Ease! is the first direct selling company to fully embrace and nurture the universal and time-honored tradition of at-home entertaining. Our company is passionate about making at-home entertaining, fun, delicious, inviting and easy!
Our team of independent Consultants demonstrates carefully selected products at Entertain With Ease! Parties and provides customers with product sampling and entertaining tips and ideas to help demystify at-home entertaining.

Specialty foods, decorative tableware, gift sets
Entertain with Ease! Review and Product Details

Our Family Favorites

From Our Family Favorites about us page: Our Family Favorites™ offers a unique line of gift baskets, candles, and specialty foods. Our gift box designs are not mass-produced, and it is our mission to find specialty food items from small family-owned vendors.

Our Family Favorites also offers Fundraising Programs to partner with you in helping build our communities.

Our Corporate office is located in sunny Central Florida.

Candles, Gift Sets, Specialty foods
Our Family Favorites Review and Product Details

Celebrations by Lillian Vernon

From Celebrations by Lillian Vernon website: Lillian Vernon has always been known for hard-to-find, high quality items at affordable prices. Now, Celebrations by Lillian VernonTM offers a special collection of these wonderful products in a home party setting!

Commemorative Gifts
Celebrations by Lillian Vernon Review and Product Details

Big Yellow Box by Crayola

From Company Website: To inspire personal discovery and foster growth in ourselves, our families, and our communities through bright business opportunities and unique products that bring people together in fun and meaningful ways.

crafting kits for the family
Big Yellow Box by Crayola Review and Product Details

1800 Party Shop

1-800-Partyshop sells theme party materials through direct sales consultants. Direct sales commissions are deducted from the retail price of the products. Consultants may also earn downline comissions by building a sales organization.

Theme Party in a Box
1800 Party Shop Review and Product Details

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