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FDI International

Financial Destinations is a privately held corporation founded by President and CEO William Andreoli in June, 2003. Headquartered in Windham, New Hampshire FDI International's stated mission is to "Stamp Out Financial Illiteracy Across the Country". FDI International offers education and training in a variety of financial fields.

Financial Destination, Inc's primary focus is on telecom products and services. The FDI telecom offering revolves around a proprietary voice activated and voice-to-text technology which also includes the global FDIVoice digital telecom network and the FDI national mobile network, FDIMobile.

Financial Destinations Inc also offers an array of mobile and stationary telephones and videophones available through independent sales representatives.

Financial Education, Telecomm, GIConnect, FDIConnect
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Buzzirk Mobile offers enhanced communications services consisting of VoIP betweek Buzzirk users and an interface to traditional fixed-line and mobile telephones.

Buzzirk Mobile Plan
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Zer01 offers unlimited voice and data on smart phones for $69.95 per month. The voice component is VoIP with a mobile virtual enabler. Service launched on July 1, 2009

Smart Phones
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My Wireless Rep

My Wireless Rep is the online store for Lightyear Wireless, a new division of Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC, which has provided communications services since 1993. sells wireless phones, smart phones and accessories and provides information about the Lightyear Wireless business opportunity. My Wireless Rep calling plans start at $34.99 for 300 anytime calling minutes and 3,000 night/weekend minutes.

My Wireless Rep representatives can earn up to 10% on the bills of their personal customers and up to 4% on an additional 8 compressed levels in their organization, as well as credits toward wireless bills. For every $500 a rep earns per week in Customer Acquisition Bonuses, he or she will receive $10 wireless cards that can be used toward their own or someone else's bill. Every My Wireless Rep representative receives their own Online Wireless Store when they sign up and can earn up to $24 in commissions when someone in their organization activates their own Online Wireless Store.

Wireless Phones, Smart Phones, Calling Plans
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ACN is a privately-held company founded in 1993. It is a direct selling telecommunications and essential services company, with Independent Business Owners in 23 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Asia-Pacific. ACN offers digital phone service with video phones, local and long distance phone service, high speed internet, wireless, energy, television, home security and automation, technical support, and commercial phone service.

ACN is a member of the DSA.

Digital Phone Service, Wireless, Local Calling, Long Distance, Internet
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From the AmeriTalks Missions Statement: AmeriTalks is a company whose goal is to consistently provide quality products with a spirit of goodwill to its agents, its customers, and its employees. As a company, we strive to always be ready to listen and to serve as we truly believe in creating "win-win" relationships. By establishing a vast network of customers and distributors with contact points reaching across the marketplace, we will continually strive to achieve and maintain a recognized focal point in the global services and technology landscape.

Web Programming, Data Management, Hosting
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AmeriLat markets IP Telephony equipment and solutions for Small Businesses, Enterprises and End-Users.

Telecommunications and IP Telephony equipment
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1st Family

1st Family Internet, has been in Business over 10 Years Online. One-stop source for Unlimited Long Distance, Unlimited Calling, Pre-Paid Cell Phones, Broadband, Cable, DSL and Satellite Internet Access, VOIP, Local Phone Line Provider, High Speed Internet Access.

Long Distance, Pre-Paid Cell Phones, Internet
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Acceris Communications

Acceris Management and Acquisition LLC ("Acceris") is a broad based communications company, serving residential, small and medium-sized business and large enterprise customers in the United States. They provide a range of products from affordable domestic and international long distance voice services to fully managed and fully integrated data services and enhanced services.

Telecommunications products
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1Voice Worldwide

1VOICE Worldwide, Inc. is a new Customer Acquisition company aggressively marketing telecommunications services, and eventually deregulated energy services, to residential, small business and commercial customers.

Telecommunications Services
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1CellNet marketed telecommunictions via multilevel marketing. In November, 2005 the Federal Court in Perth declared the company an illegal pyramid scheme that violated their trade practices act. The 1CellNet site is no longer active.

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Hot Conference

Hot Conference is a division of Telco Advertising, Inc. Hot Conference offers personal chatroom software, and customer support by phone or email.

Hot Conference Chat Rooms, VoIP
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Call the Planet ( CTP )

Call the Planet markets VoIP. Members pay a one time fee for a software or hardware adaptor to access the CTP network. There is an additional montly retail fee of 24.95, or for resellers, a fee of 69.95 for their virtual business center.

Voice over Internet
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American Communications Network

Also listed at ACN.

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The FTC filed for an injunction against, World Service Corporation, and James S. Brown, Elias F. Masso, and Kier Masso.

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