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OceanGrown International
Kerry Brown, President, Founding Partner

An intuitive and perceptive entrepreneur, Kerry Brown thrives on creating and designing million dollar ideas. Dedicated to building on his education, Kerry's ambition placed him in front of several timely and unique opportunities. With a proven business portfolio, he built several companies attracting a swell of investors, eager to capitalize on his farsighted plans. His experience in strategy and product development makes him the ideal leader of OGI's new, fresh lifestyle brand. Kerry served as a senior product manager for a multi-million dollar dietary supplement, and was responsible for everything from product positioning, packaging and label design, to the customer experience. His constant willingness to jump in and finalize projects built him a reputation as the "go-to-guy" throughout his career. While working at Novell, he honed his business skills by managing strategic partnerships valued at millions of dollars with Hewlett Packard, IBM and Compaq. Connected to the Atlantic Ocean at a young age by fishing, diving and sailing, Kerry was poised to detect and place significance on all the ocean's beneficial properties.Traveling the globe, he met with various manufacturers and labs to identify OGI's unique set of ingredient offerings. Although Kerry now lives away from the coast, he still manages to wake up early most mornings so he can wakeboard the "glass" at Utah Lake. He and his wife Ginny enjoy the outdoors and love providing adventure for their two children. Kerry has an MBA with an entrepreneurship emphasis.

5/13/2008 Source: OceanGrown International Management Page

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