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Larry Proffit, Director Business Development

After graduating from the University of Wyoming, Larry worked as an engineer with General Electric until he was exposed to a new concept in marketing in 1966 called network marketing. In a few short years he and his wife, Pat, rose to become the number one distributor in the company. Shortly thereafter, the company sent them to Australia and then to Japan to head sales and marketing operations there. With a change in circumstances in Japan, Larry served as a training and management consultant to new companies, one of which went on to become one the largest companies in the network marketing and wellness industry. Returning to the US, he continued to operate a training and consulting business until in 1989 that same Japanese company asked him to head sales and marketing operations in North America. In the ensuing years, Larry became Senior Vice President responsible for all international sales and training for operations in over 30 countries. Having conducted workshops and seminars all over the world in Leadership skills and business building techniques for now over 30 years, he is uniquely qualified to assist Bio Pro with its adventures in Self Discovery.

10/29/2006 Source: BioPro Management Page

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