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Billion Dollar Travel Network
Marshall Sylver, Founder and President

Harnessing the power of the human mind has been an obsession for Marshall Sylver since youth. Today, Mr. Sylver is not only the leading expert in the area of subconscious reprogramming, he is also a recognized master of interpersonal communication. A hypnotist who has entertained audiences on stage and television, he is also a respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies and the creator of the Number One personal development program worldwide. "Most people are responding to trance suggestions all the time about who they are or aren't, what they can or cannot do. I make hypnosis understandable as a tool and help people change their subconscious program into ones that are more effective in helping them create the life of their dreams." Mr. Sylver has achieved great success teaching business people how to avoid twisting arms. He has led training programs for such companies as IBM, Ford, KFC and Pepsi, teaching management how to motivate employees and sales staff how to close a deal. Mr. Sylver's modern, high-energy approach may account for the unprecedented success of his national infomercial "Passion, Profit & Power," the number one personal development infomercial on television since its debut in June of 1994.

2/23/2006 Source: Billion Dollar Travel Meet Our Staff Page

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