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Oasis Lifesciences
Stephen Cherniske, President

Stephen Cherniske joined the Oasis Team to help create a product line that would revolutionize the way people experience the aging process, and he tells us why: "Because the problem is aging. Not our expanding waistlines, not our cholesterol count, high blood pressure or failing memory. These are the symptoms. Aging is the problem, and until we begin to deal with the underlying causes of aging, we will never achieve optimal health. Millions of Americans are fleeced every year by an industry that cranks out one fad product after another. I wanted to formulate a product line that not only lived up to-but exceeded-the stringent standards I had set." Grounded in scientific method, Stephen has an innate appreciation for and understanding of the aging process and its effect on the human body. 30 years of experience has enabled Stephen to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative health care. Elected to Who's Who in American Professionals in 1997, Stephen is widely recognized as an expert in nutrition and human performance. He is a frequent presenter at national and international sports medicine conferences, a patent-holder in the field of biotechnology and considered the primary architect of the Metabolic Model of Aging. Oasis is fortunate to have Stephen Cherniske as President and Chief Science Officer.

2/22/2005 Source: Oasis Lifesciences Bio Page

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