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LikeWear no longer distributes their product through a network marketing model.

LikeWear was founded in 2007 and offers casual clothing for kids through in-home trunk shows and online. LikeWear’s line includes t-shirts, tanks, boxers, capris, sweatpants, camp clothing and bags, hoodies, and jewelry, featuring officially licensed candy graphics and original designs that “tap into the soul of what kids really like.” LikeWear also has a collection of clothing and accessories that warn of food allergies, from which a percentage of sales is donated to the Food Allergy Initiative, a private source of food allergy research.

LikeWear trunk show hosts can earn up to 30% of trunk show sales in merchandise credit, 1 half-price item, and a $20.00 gift certificate for every purchasing guest who hosts their own Trunk Show within 4 weeks.

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