Source: The Tribune 5/28/2008

Arbonne International in the Tribune

Arbonne gets positive mention in this tribune article:

...Health and wellness are two of the fastest growing businesses in the economy today. Magazine, TV ads and now reality programs show how to get a nip and tuck, a chemical peel and how BOTOX can make a person look years younger. Why the attention on how to look and feel better all of a sudden? The answer is very simple - Baby Boomers. The Baby Boomers are aging and want to look and feel better, and are willing to pay for it and even sometimes endure radical procedures to make it happen.

But there is an alternative, a health and wellness company that is quietly slipping into the homes in America and is addressing these issues in a pure, safe and beneficial way. That company is Arbonne International Inc. This 28-year-old company was founded on the basis of promoting health and wellness through the most pure and positive methods using cutting-edge technology. Since the launch of their incredible NutriminC RE9 anti-aging line in 2003 and most recently the new SeaSource Detox Body System, the company has experienced exponential growth. They have six product lines that are all strategically placed within the health and wellness industry and they are delivered through a business model that is also exploding across the country right now. That is network marketing. People are tired of going to the mall or grocery store and buying products that they know little about. Network marketing allows consumers to receive personal attention from trained consultants who can educate them in any of the six product lines that Arbonne features...

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