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Passion Parties on KAUZ

A recent story on, Texoma's news station, featured Passion Parties, the adult in-home party company.

Passion parties. Adult stores. Sex. It's out there. And women say it's okay. And it's about time. Call it the "Sex and the City" revolution.. Women are opening up about their sexuality. And it's no secret anymore. Challenging the stigma often attached to adult toys.. Mainstream media is getting in on the action.. Even texoma is moving on the trend.

Passion parties, the ultimate girls night in. The products are designed to promote intimacy and communication between couples. Shelly Gallagher is a fulltime nurse. And she has been hosting Passion Parties since May. Think of it as a Tupperware party for 2009. Shelly says the intimate home environment offers women a chance to open up and ask questions in a familiar setting.

And they're a hit.. She says business has grown.. On average she throws about ten parties a month for ages 18 and up... Shelly says her parties attract every generation. Although a female favorite, the parties are also open to men.

"I didn't know some of the products that were out there for men and women," says Watts. "Things for couples, we have lots of things for couples. We have books. We have a stripper pole, we have a love swing, we have a pillow, a passion pillow because sometimes you have people with back problems and knee problems."

Passion parties are enlightening women across the U.S. Decades after Hugh Heffner first brought sex to mainstreet.

"It's time for women to be just as excited and open about it as guys."

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