Source: Press Release 11/9/2010

Evolv Heath Receives Third Party Endorsement

Evolv Health Receives Third Party Endorsement For Evolv Water Product

Evolv Health, LLC, a new health company headquartered in Dallas, Tx., has recently announced the endorsement of their flagship natural health product by FutureceuticalsR, a major third party biotechnology company. The Evolv Health product, an enhanced water beverage that contains a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, has been proven to promote the enhanced utilization and uptake of oxygen at the cellular level and to produce ATP. ATP is used as an energy source in the body.

Furthermore, the negative side effects that typically occur with cellular oxygenation, namely an increased production of lactic acid as well as an increase in the production of damaging free radicals, are not experienced as the result of consumption of the Evolv water product. Testimonials from thousands of users of the Evolv water product are congruent with the findings announced by FutureceuticalsR. With continued use of the product marketed by Evolv Health, consumers may experience increase in energy, stamina and endurance, recovery from fatigue, heightened memory, concentration and alertness, stress and anxiety relief, improved absorption of nutrients, and healthier immune system and anti inflammatory response.

According to Dr. Robert Newman, a well known researcher and Professor at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, "Increased oxygen uptake without the side effects connected to lactic acid or free radical production is a breakthrough".

Mr. John Hunter, General Manager of FutureCeuticalsR, the privately held biotechnology company that has endorsed the product, has announced that his company has awarded their TargeTestTM seal of approval to the Evolv Health product. This is the first time in the Company's one hundred year plus history that they have endorsed a product that they do not manufacture.

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