Source: Press Release 2/17/2019

Green Mountain Energy Offers New Solar Plan

HOUSTON, Feb. 14 - Green Mountain Energy has launched its first electricity plan that lets customers power their homes with 100 percent solar electricity generated in Texas. Go Local Solar is inspired by the farm-to-table movement, harnessing electricity from Texas-based solar parks and giving both homeowners and renters local solar power with no rooftop installation or upfront costs required.

"Green Mountain is proud of our Texas roots and with this plan, we can offer our customers a way to protect our environment and power their homes with renewable energy," said Mark Parsons, vice president of Green Mountain Energy. "We want solar adoption to be easy and accessible to even more Texans who share our passion for conservation and sustainability."

Solar energy is increasingly affordable and available, and Green Mountain is committed to helping consumers realize the benefits of renewable energy. Solar energy produces zero greenhouse gases and requires limited amounts of water. It's also sustainable, meaning that it will continue to generate power so long as the sun shines.

As part of the new plan, the 100 percent locally-sourced energy comes from a solar park in Meridian, Texas for customers living in the Dallas area and from Wallis, Texas for customers in and around Houston. For customers on the Go Local Solar plan, Green Mountain has purchased both electricity and renewable energy certificates from the solar park near their home. These solar parks have limited availability and customers who want locally sourced solar power are encouraged to enroll in the plan while capacity is still available. Green Mountain is also looking at additional solar parks to bring local solar to more customers in Texas.

In addition, Green Mountain will set aside $4 each month from the customer's bill to support the Green Mountain solar fund, which helps fund a variety of solar projects, programs and technologies. To date, more than 7,500 kilowatts of solar panels have been installed across Texas with support from the Green Mountain solar fund - enough to power the lights of more than 15,500 households.

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