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Dynamic Essentials
Gary Raser, Founder and CEO

Dynamic Essentials closed in 2003.

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Gary Raser, Founder and CEO

Gary J. Raser, Founder, President THE LIMU COMPANY Founder and President, Gary J. Raser is one of the most talked about names in the direct sales/network marketing industry. With an early background as a top-level corporate executive with multibillion dollar corporations, Gary cultivated an astute business acumen that spilled over to his role as entrepreneur, owning and operating several successful businesses, including an award-winning franchise.With over 17 years of direct sales and network marketing experience, Gary is knowledgeable in every aspect of the business and is often called upon as a source of industry wisdom. Gary began his career by becoming one of the top income earners of a record-breaking company with over 500,000 distributors. There, he also developed marketing tools that set a higher standard throughout the industry. In addition, as a world-class speaker, trainer and motivator, Gary was able to do what he relishes most... developing people.Gary has made a mark in the corporate arena by serving as an officer of several significant industry companies, including Founder and President of the direct sales subsidiary of a billion dollar company which is the world's largest American-owned nutritional supplement manufacturer, and Vice President of Sales for a $200 million public enterprise. In addition, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for two start-up companies, he was instrumental in their success, helping to take them public.With a substantial background that spans all aspects of company operations and an emphasis on sales and marketing, Gary is THE LIMU COMPANY's indisputable visionary leader. Before most of the world ever heard of it, Gary was first to establish the need for limu, spearhead the original product's development, and totally design the marketing strategy to bring it successfully to a global market. The entire marketing campaign of Original Limu?, including the unique and trademarked distribution system known as Referral Marketing, is Gary's brainchild.Gary's passion and energy are infectious. He is often referred to as the "rock" because he is unwavering in his dedication and commitment to both the TLC people and our unique product. He makes it clear that in TLC, he has found his "purpose" and his vehicle for Making a Difference in the world. Gary is actively involved in overseeing every aspect of the company and is truly devoted to sharing this amazing product.Gary lives in Lake Mary, Florida with Helen, his wife of 24 years, and their children, John, a college student and Teri, a high school student. The family is active in their church and community service.

9/2/2010 Source: The Limu Company

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