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Matt Morrow, Director of Marketing

A consultant to, Mr. Morrow is also Vice President of Sales with, located in Silicon Valley, California, and the Director of Affiliate training for Previously, he was Managing Director of the Canadian subsidiary of Future Net, a large WebTV reseller. Prior to that, Mr. Morrow as with Video Plus and for 4 years was a consultant to several large direct marketing companies, where he developed successful marketing materials and campaigns and played a key role in developing the world's largest private satellite network. A Corporate Trainer and top producer at FundAmerica, he also worked for Robbins Research International, where he facilitated the Tony Robbins "Unlimited Power" weekend seminars and the seven-week "Power to Influence" sales course. Mr. Morrow also joined a team who successfully raised $10 million to produce four feature-length movies, a project which provided a generous return on investments to its investors. Mr. Morrow has a degree in Economics from the University of California.

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Matt Morrow, Vice President, Marketing

Mr. Morrow brings over 15 years of network marketing experience to He has formerly managed sales organizations of over 10,000 people, and conducted his dynamic 2-day training workshops for other top producers all over the country. Mr. Morrow has successfully developed marketing campaigns responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales for his clients. Further, he played a key role in developing the world's largest private satellite network. In 1996, Mr. Morrow joined Future Net, the largest reseller of WebTv at the time, where he developed and managed sales force of over 20,000 independent distributors. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to President of the Canadian subsidiary and successfully deployed operations in that country. Mr. Morrow has played a key role in the successful start up of both and, and is currently on the Board of Directors with Mr. Morrow received his formal education from the University of California, earning a degree in Economics.

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