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Russ Medlin, Founder
2/23/2006 Source: The PixMeUp Team

Billion Dollar Travel Network
Russ Medlin, President and COO

Russ Medlin has over 10 years experience in the Network Marketing Industry. He has built worldwide organizations and has helped thousands of people to achieve success. Russ has also consulted with various MLM companies and brings his talents, knowledge, and incredible work ethic to Billion Dollar Travel Network.

“With Marshall Sylver’s training programs and some of the greatest Network Marketing Leaders in the world I believe that we can build the greatest opportunity for anyone who wants to change their life for the better and at the same time create the largest and most powerful travel agency in the world.”

Russ Medlin's bio has been removed from the Billion Dollar Travel Network company page.

2/23/2006 Source: Billion Dollar Travel Meet Our Staff Page

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