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Million Wishes Press Release

MILLION WISHES A New Accessories-Driven At-Home Sales Venture Where Friends Share A Passion For Fashion & Financial Freedom

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- What do women enjoy most when they get together? Catching up on the latest gossip? Sharing fashion tips? Laughing out loud? Shopping 'til they drop? The answer of course is all of the above. MILLION WISHES, now in its second season, offers a fun and flexible new channel for all of these passions and more! Million Wishes is an exciting party plan program that is bolstering entrepreneurial spirit among women across the nation. The perfect income-boosting vehicle for the woman who's short on time, but long on ambition, The Million Wishes party is a showcase for up-to-the-minute looks in jewelry, handbags, belts, scarves and other key accessories of the season, while educating women on the newest fashion trends. "Often women are overwhelmed with fashion choices," says Betty Palm, President of Million Wishes, "and they can find themselves lost among the trends in an age of ever-diminishing customer service expertise. The solution is Million Wishes, wherein women can experiment with the latest fashion trends and get constructive feedback from their most valued critics - their own best friends." Million Wishes Style Consultants are fully-equipped with all the selling tools and fashion education training needed to ensure a quality shopping experience while respecting each woman's defined personal style.

The Million Wishes concept is as simple as it is fun: allowing women who yearn for greater flexibility and financial freedom an opportunity to become independent entrepreneurs. Those who join are trained to be expert Million Wishes Style Consultants, offering a shopping experience to their peers that is fun, convenient and hassle-free. Million Wishes Style Consultants demonstrate the latest mode in styling multiple fashion looks and giving valuable tips on how to make the trends work for each individual, emphasizing a feeling of confidence and polish, all in the comfort of a hostess' home.

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