Source: Press Release 11/28/2010

Wealth Masters Gains New Subsidiaries

Wealth Masters International, the world's premier wealth creation community, announces the formation of Opes Partners, LTD., a financial services and insurance company, and WMI Health and Nutrition, LTD., both wholly owned subsidiaries of Wealth Masters International, GP.

Opes Partners - The Future of Wall Street

Opes Partners (pronounced Op-us), Latin for Wealth and Abundance, will serve as WMI's phase one presence in the over $1 trillion insurance and financial services industry, first domestically in the U.S, before expanding into global markets during the second half of 2011.

"This important addition to WMI's corporate structure has been on our drawing board for some time," said WMI CEO and Co-Founder Kip Herriage. "With the ongoing, self-induced implosion of Wall Street, clients are hungry for a financial services company committed to integrity and cutting edge innovation...with the clients best interests at heart at all times. WMI Members have come to expect and appreciate our level of commitment, and the addition of Opes Partners will be a natural extension to the WMI brand. In addition, our newly hired and licensed partners will have the entire WMI suite of products to introduce to their existing client base, creating an unprecedented opportunity to build each subsidiary, while dramatically expanding the income potential for all of WMI's professional entrepreneurs. The timing for this move could not be more perfect, as it will both expand our reach into the traditional side of the investment industry as well as move us one step closer to an initial public offering."

Opes Partners will commence full operations from its Sugar Land, TX. corporate headquarters in January, 2011, and will be led by newly appointed Vice President Walter Young, one of the nation's top advisors in insurance and generational wealth planning. The selection of initial partners into Opes will begin next month, along with the release of full operational details.

WMI Health and Nutrition - A Natural Evolution

WMI is also proud to announce the formation of WMI Health and Nutrition, with official launch in Q1, 2011. The Company is in the final stage of research and development, including branding and product selection of the world's most advanced anti-aging technologies. Existing WMI Members and Consultants will have an immediate opportunity to participate in the new subsidiaries, with details to follow in the near future.

"The launch of Opes Partners and WMI Health and Nutrition cements our stated mission to change the world one person at a time, and further enhances our reputation as an incubator of world class expertise in Wealth, Health and Wisdom," stated WMI President and Co-Founder Karl Bessey.

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