Source: Press Release 11/9/2010

Enlyten announces new Peppermint Melatonin strips

PRLog (Press Release) - Nov 04, 2010 - Tulsa, Oklahoma, November 4, 2010 - Enlyten, LLC seller of nutritional products on edible strips has announced a new Peppermint Melatonin flavor.

Enlyten currently offers six quick-dissolving, nutraceutical strip products: Electrolytes Plus, Energy, Melatonin, FIX Recovery, Appetite Suppressant and Calorie Burner. Enlyten Electrolyte Plus strips have been particularly popular with athletes. The Electrolyte Plus strips are designed to provide the body with much needed electrolytes prior to and during athletic exertion to help prevent cramping and delay fatigue. The Energy strips are formulated with B vitamins, caffeine and herbs to meet the most demanding energy needs. The enlyten Melatonin strips are designed with the perfect blend of melatonin and theanine, both of which have been shown to reduce mental and physical stress and to aid in sleep.

In addition to the their edible strip product line, Enlyten has a line of meal replacement shakes sold under the Trimworks brand name.

Enlyten, LLC is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and sells their products through Network Marketing channels.

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