Source: Press Release 1/26/2016

Founding Family Leaves Ava Anderson Non Toxic

January 26, 2016 -- The Anderson family announced they are leaving Ava Anderson Non Toxic, which will continue under a new brand. The message below appeared on the company website:

A message to our Ava AndersonŽ Hosts and Customers,

Thank you for your business and your faith and trust in our mission of safe products, free of harmful chemicals. After 6 years of dedication, love and exceptional accomplishments, the Anderson Family has made the difficult decision to step aside and no longer take this journey with us.

The good news, is that our journey and mission will transition with a new name and new brand.

Our exceptional Management Team, with over 150 years of combined experience, is working diligently to continue offering the great products you have experienced over the past six years under a new business entity.

We will continue to serve you as Ava Anderson Non Toxic through February 29th, and you'll soon see a fresh look to this exceptional product line in the weeks to come.

Thank you for your ongoing support of this important mission and commitment to safe products.

A message from the Anderson Family:

Over the last 6 years, Ava Anderson Non Toxic has built a highly successful company, with over 80 valued employees and more than 12,000 Consultants nationwide. We have grown from a dream at a kitchen table to a 50 million dollar run rate company, with a nearly 200% annual growth rate.

There are two reasons for our decision not to continue the company that we founded.

First, Ava and the company have been disparaged and harassed unrelentingly for years online and in person, at speaking events and in her daily life. We withstood the attacks because we felt the message was so dear to us, as well as the tremendous responsibility we have always held for our employees and independent representatives, who have built important incomes through hard work and dedication to their businesses. Sadly, there are many who are "keyboard brave" who have made this experience intolerable for our daughter and our family. It has accelerated over time, and we see no end in sight. We know we have made the best decision for our family, and believe that anyone would take this same action if their child or family was being treated in this manner.

Second, we have recently learned that several of our suppliers, who professed to have our same mission of providing safe, organic and natural personal care products, have violated our contractual agreements, by including some ingredients, found on all store shelves, that we have passionately educated and even lobbied against, in several of our 80+ products. We created this line to share an important health message and are devastated to have discovered this. We shared this information with all of our independent representatives and affected customers.

We are a family who has supported our daughter, in a sincere and unselfish mission to educate everyone about this important issue, and have succeeded by sharing with millions. We have always conducted our business with the highest level of professionalism, integrity and kindness, including sourcing, manufacturing, and employee, representative and vendor relationships. We have great confidence in the Management Team who is moving forward with a new company to carry on our important work.

With gratitude, the Anderson family

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