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Steeped Tea

Steeped Tea is a direct sales company offering loose leaf tea and accessories at home parties. Steeped Tea was created after its founder had some delicious tea while on vacation and began sharing loose leaf tea with friends and family when she returned home.

Steeped Tea offers almost 100 different blends of loose leaf teas and related accessories. Hostesses of Steeped Tea parties receive merchandise credit based on their party's sales and can also qualify for half price items and free gifts.

Loose leaf teas and related accessories
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Healthy Habits Global

Healthy Habits Global, based in Anaheim, CA, is a direct sales company that sells beverages enriched with Reishi. Healthy Habits' product line includes coffees, chai tea, hot chocolate, and EnerGi Blast, an instant energy drink. All of Healthy Habits' beverages come in pouches of individual ''sticks'' that are designed to be mixed with water.

Company Goals

The stated mission of Healthy Habits Global is '' to create an opportunity where people from all walks of life can participate and create an immediate income as well as a long term monthly residual income. We will always offer unique health and wellness products that meet or exceed industry standards for quality assurance. We will always base corporate and executive decisions that air on the side of our distributors and customers.''

Coffees, chai tea, hot chocolate, EnerGi Blast
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GanoLife is currently in pre-launch. GanoLife is a new multi level marketing company that strives to unite the health and coffee industries.

Company Products

GanoLife offers a variety of coffee products which contain ganoderma lucidum. Through their patented process, Ganoderma 365, GanoLife extracts ganoderma lucidum in a 100% sterile, controlled environment. Their gano coffee products include GanoLife Latte 365, GanoLife Mocca 365, GanoLife Black 365, and GanoLife Cappuccino 365. They also offer GanoLife Chocolate 365 and VitaShield Immunalife 365. GanoLife recommends their VitaShield Ganoderma 365, a capsule of ganoderma lucidum extract, for people who prefer ganoderma lucidum in a more concentrated state.

GanoLife Latte 365, GanoLife Chocolatte 365, GanoLife Mocca 365, GanoLife Black 365, GanoLife Cappuccino 365, VitaShield Inmunalife 365, VitaShield Ganoderma 365, VitaShield Cordyceps 365
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VidaCup International, based in Mooresville, NC and launching in September 2012, is a multilevel marketing company offering instant coffees, teas, and other products featuring the extract of the Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom.

Vidacup's products include Ageless Brew, a low-calorie latte infused with age-defying ingredients; Xtreme, an energy drink containing herbs and vitamins formulated to give healthy, sustained energy; and Mo-Joe, an instant Arabica coffee infused with green tea, bacopa, gingko, gotu kola, and Agaricus Blazei.

Vidacup coffee beverage
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SereniGy, based in Miami, Florida, is a direct sales company specializing in products that contain Ganoderma Lucidum, an herb which is purported to have anti-aging and energizing properties.

SereniGy's products include coffees, teas, hot chocolate, nutritional supplements, G-Drops, a water additive, and G-Bands, silicone wristbands that the company claims are embedded with negative ions and frequencies to increase balance, core strength, flexibility, energy, alertness, and focus in the wearer.

Coffees, Teas, Nutritional Supplements, G-Drops, G-Bands
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Healthy Coffee USA

Healthy Coffee USA is a public company founded in 2007. Based in Yorba Linda, California, it operates internationally with offices in 14 other countries and distributors in 29 other countries.

Healthy Coffee's products are instant coffee, tea and energy drinks containing Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom and other ingredients. The company claims these ingredients help to reduce stress, balance and strengthen the immune system, and eliminate toxins from the body.

Company Goals

Healthy Coffee USA's goal is "to bring health to the world's largest and most popular drink, coffee and to be recognized globally as The World's Healthy Coffee CompanyŽ!"

Healthy Coffee
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Boresha Coffee

Boresha International, Inc. has positioned itself to deliver one of the most popular commodities in the world, coffee. Boresha has chosen to deliver its single-source coffees via cooperative marketing. Boresha has one of the most comprehensive training programs within the cooperative marketing industry today. This training system is part of each new representative's Boresha Kit, as well as online via their personal Boresha business website.

Boresha has designed a system that allows an individual to begin their Boresha business with no experience, and to follow the steps to whatever goal they have set for themselves. The Boresha compensation plan allows a representative to increase his or her income by building a team of people who also acquire customers.

Boresha has teamed up with the Invisible Children organization to donate a percentage of its proceeds to the children of northern Uganda.

Boresha Coffee Review and Product Details


ReishiGo USA, Inc. is based in Irvine, CA and was formed to handle the global distribution of the ReishiGo Coffee product line. Capitalizing on two mega-billion dollar industries, the coffee and wellness industries, ReishiGo USA strives to bring Healthy Gourmet Coffee to the U.S. and global markets.

Premium Dark, Premium Blend
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Healthy Coffee LLC provides reps with the opportunity to earn a part time or full time income working from home. According to the Healthy Coffee website: "Today Americans are becoming more health conscious. Our healthy coffee, tea and cocoa provide some of the answers they are looking for. provides you with the opportunity to profit from both the coffee business and the exciting wellness revolution."

Coffee Products. 2in1 Coffee, 4in1 Coffee, Weight Loss Coffee, Tongkat Ali, All Natural Mocha, Ganoderma Capsules
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Coffee Club International

Coffee Club International markets coffees from around the world through direct sales.

International Coffees and Teas
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Gano Excel

Gano Excel was founded in 1995 in Malaysia and has a business covering over 60 countries and regions, reaching nearly 5 million consumers.

Gano Excel manufactures a wide range of health food products including beverage, food supplements, skin care, and household products. Their brand name products include Ganoderma capsules, Excellium capsules, Gano Garcinia capsules, and Sakanno

Ganoderma capsules, excellium capsules, sakanno
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Kat's Coffees

Kat's Coffees has searched the country and found what they feel are the best 6 suppliers to create a line of gourmet products to delight your taste buds and satisfy your thirst.

Coffees, Teas, specialty drinks
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