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Infinity 2 Global

Infinity 2 Global is a multilevel marketing company founded in 2013 and based in Kentucky. Infinity 2 Global (also known as I2G) offers a social network data aggregator app called I2G Touch. I2G Touch consolidates all of a user's favorite online programs into one location on their desktop or mobile device.

I2G also offers an online gambling casino and allows its US affiliates to market it, although they legally cannot participate in it themselves. The casino site ( states that it operates under licenses through the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

Company Goals

The I2G mission is to ''touch the lives of billions while creating an avenue of Limitless Possibilities.''

I2G Touch App
Infinity 2 Global Review and Product Details

Smart Media Technologies

Smart Media Technologies is a network marketing company offering a free web browser add-on called Home Page Pays. Home Page Pays gives users access to video messaging, education, games, entertainment, prize drawings, a rewards program and more.

Smart Media Technologies Representatives give away free Home Page Pays memberships, and in return receive a percentage of the advertising revenue for the banner ads appearing on their Free Members' Home Page Pays.

Home Page Pays browser add-on.
Smart Media Technologies Review and Product Details

Global Information Network

The Global Information Network is presented as a collaboration of insider secrets covering a myriad of information ranging from health, metaphysics, religion, science, politics, conspiracies and government. The GIN is promoted by Kevin Trudeau, a well known infomercialist and bestselling book writer whose works have generated both controversy and profits.

The Global Information Network clearly states on the first and every page of the website that it is not a business opportunity. It is a community of likeminded individuals, who have come together to sell information, and form a membership driven social group that shares this information, opportunities and the like for a price. However, they do offer and affiliate program for resale and promotion of GIN and which pays $200 for every referral, distinctly making it a business opportunity.

The GIN offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships allowing members to gain allegedly exclusive, information about methods that others have used to generate large amounts of money per month. In addition, membership promises to provide information on how to protect financial assets, how to be successful in business and even promises to provide international contacts that can aid and assist in various ways.
Global Information Network Review and Product Details


iJango offers a web portal via referral marketing. The company has recently announced that they are repositioning to be a Membership Rewards Community. The iJango free users are referred to as Community Members. Those participating in the business opportunity to earn compensation from growing the membership base are referred to as Community Directors.
The Chairman of iJango is Steve Smith, formerly with Excel Communications.

iJango web portal
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Mondelis offers a combination of online social trends. The company provides Internet content such as Social Marketing, Online Shopping, Video Games as part of their premium content package.

Echo Loops ( ) is the social marketing component. Game content are provided by companies like Large Animal Games, with content including Rocketbowl, Lego Bricktopia, Fashion Girls, Minuet Mixer and more. The online shopping provides rebates and deals.

Social Marketing, Online Shopping, Video Games, Entertainment.
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IamVoip offers advanced VOIP phone service to homes and small businesses. IamVoip Reps earn commission on their direct sales and on the monthly service fees.

From the IamVoip website: IamVoip internet phone service offers reliable, high-quality calls at a fraction of a landline's cost. You do not need A special kind of phone or make any changes to the way you normally make and receive calls. The only change you'll see is a dramatic reduction in the amount you pay for your monthly phone bill.

Of particular interest to Home Based Business professionals is the ability to have your own 800 number for a business.

IAmVoip Voice Over Internet Service. Home Voip plan, SOHO plan, and SOHO Plus plan.
IamVoip Review and Product Details


QuestNet, in business since 1998, offers its independent representatives the business opportunity of selling exclusive, high-quality, life-enhancing products. QuestNet offers a wide range of exclusively available brands and products including collectible coins, jewelry and watches, vacations and wellness products. QuestNet independent reps have the option to specialize in a single product line or dabble in all of them. QuestNet conducts regular product training programs around the world, with experts on hand to answer questions, to be sure its independent representatives fully understand all the products they are promoting. QuestNet representatives receive a personalized, customizable website, which includes an online shopping mall as well as marketing- and product-related material. QuestNet representatives also have unlimited access to their own Virtual Office, which keeps track of purchases, commission earnings and product delivery status, while offering full online customer support.

Travel, Collectibles, Jewelry, Watches, Wellness Products
QuestNet Review and Product Details

GEM Lifestyle

GEM Lifestyle has been set up to build an online community with a common interest in social networking and entertainment. GEM Island is a new interactive entertainment and social networking portal. GEM Island will feature casinos, skill games, virtual banking, and shopping.

Each month the profits given to the Revenue Share Plan from the company together with the monies from a real money incentive scheme will be shared with qualified associates through a system of 4 income pools. A full back office reporting system will be available, giving associates an easy to understand way of knowing where they are in the plan and their qualification status updated every day.

Online social netorking, gaming, banking and shopping
GEM Lifestyle Review and Product Details

iLearningGlobal is an online community for individuals and professionals that delivers personal development and business training to its members 24/7. Members of iLearningGlobal gain access to dynamic speakers and trainers in High Definition full screen video format as well as audio programs, e-books, live webcasts, and more. iLearningGlobal adds new content on a weekly basis. The iLearningGlobal community and content is not influenced by advertising.

Members of iLearningGlobal have the opportunity to participate as an Independent Marketer and promote the site through direct referral, word of mouth, and networking.

Personal Development and Business Training
iLearningGlobal Review and Product Details

My Wireless Rep

My Wireless Rep is the online store for Lightyear Wireless, a new division of Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC, which has provided communications services since 1993. sells wireless phones, smart phones and accessories and provides information about the Lightyear Wireless business opportunity. My Wireless Rep calling plans start at $34.99 for 300 anytime calling minutes and 3,000 night/weekend minutes.

My Wireless Rep representatives can earn up to 10% on the bills of their personal customers and up to 4% on an additional 8 compressed levels in their organization, as well as credits toward wireless bills. For every $500 a rep earns per week in Customer Acquisition Bonuses, he or she will receive $10 wireless cards that can be used toward their own or someone else's bill. Every My Wireless Rep representative receives their own Online Wireless Store when they sign up and can earn up to $24 in commissions when someone in their organization activates their own Online Wireless Store.

Wireless Phones, Smart Phones, Calling Plans
My Wireless Rep Review and Product Details

Getaway Club

GetawayClub is the culmination of two individual concepts designed to bring members a range of savings, commissions and income. By combining the expertise and experience of Marketing, IT and Financial professionals, and merging 3 explosive industries, Travel, Home Business and the Internet, GetawayClub created a marketing plan which gives everyone the opportunity to generate a substantial recurring income, and a product that is practical and contains numerous benefits and savings in a cross section of Travel and leisure related industries and services.

Travel, Internet
Getaway Club Review and Product Details


The gibLine offers a line of internet products such as domains, hosting, email accounts, live chat services, ecommerce websites, site builders, dedicated servers and more. Every gibLine member receives their own storefront to offer these products and earn commissions.

gibLink - a social/business networking website, domains, hosting, email, live chat services, ecommerce websites, site builders
gibLine Review and Product Details

Intway World Corporation

Intway World Corporation offers financial services for stock exchange trading and real estate crediting, and also a complete set of practical instruments and ready-to-use solutions for opening business on the Internet, such as web hosting and Internet services, personal webshops and a support website. Intway World Corporation offers Business Packages ranging in cost from $129 to $299 per year.

IntwayStock (system of Stock Exchange terminals), IntwayBuilder (website constructor), IntwayShop, IntwayStore (personal webshop), IntwayConference
Intway World Corporation Review and Product Details


uVme has brought together two of the fastest growing trends on the internet today, which are skill games and social networking. People's love of competition and interaction has always been apparent and today the internet allows even more communication between people from all over the world. uVme has realized the potential of this and has combined skill games and social networking. uvme is currently in pre-launch with official launch to take place in late 2007.

uVme Review and Product Details


ZenZuu is a social networking platform allows you to make money by signing up your friends and receive revenue sharing. ZenZuu gives you all the tools necessary to make new contacts for business or for pleasure. ZenZuu reps can earn direct commission, overrides from their downline organization, and receive matching bonus, partner development bonus, and more.

Social Network
ZenZuu Review and Product Details

Direct Matches

From the Direct Matches about us page: is an innovative system for meeting people. The inventive combination of person-to-person marketing along with our original concept of a social and business network produces a new kind of service. Driven by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the company markets a broad range of highly developed matchmaking technologies. DirectMatches is the first in the online business and social networking industry to deploy a multi-matchmaking system that helps people locate everything from business contacts to finding friendship and dates online. It is the first business and social networking service with a contact management system that operates on a "dynamic basis", where members are able to select from dedicated networking communities.

Business and Social Networking
Direct Matches Review and Product Details


TranSynd offers digital phone service and dialup internet access through their Hypernet services. The TranSynd compensation plan offers multiple income streams on services sold to consumers and new members.

VOIP (Voice Over IP), Digital Phone Service, DialUp Internet Service
TranSynd Review and Product Details

1st Family

1st Family Internet, has been in Business over 10 Years Online. One-stop source for Unlimited Long Distance, Unlimited Calling, Pre-Paid Cell Phones, Broadband, Cable, DSL and Satellite Internet Access, VOIP, Local Phone Line Provider, High Speed Internet Access.

Long Distance, Pre-Paid Cell Phones, Internet
1st Family Review and Product Details

A1 Internet Service

A-1 Internet Service Provider is a nationwide Internet access provider that offers Internet access at wholesale prices. They have been providing Internet access and web hosting services since early 1999.

Internet Services
A1 Internet Service Review and Product Details


From the Kanosis website:
Our Vision
It is our vision to position Kanosis as one of the premier Internet companies in the world and to utilize the financial power associated with that position for the benefit of the Kanosis community at large and to a degree the world, as a whole.

We will create an environment that is not fixed on a specific vision of what Kanosis will become, so that our future can evolve and be continually reinvented.

Our environment will provide a gateway for new and beneficial products and services to reach our community members at affordable prices.

Kanosis believes that its members' right to privacy is paramount and will strive to protect that privacy.

Kanosis is in pre-registration with official launch date yet to be set.

internet community
Kanosis Review and Product Details


PixMeUp is modeled on an english entrepenuer's vision to start a million pixel home page and sell each pixel on the page to advertisers for one dollar. incorporates that form of home page pixel advertising into the PixMeUp business model.

Per Pixel Advertising Page
PixMeUp Review and Product Details

Invisus Direct

Invisus Direct offers products that help computer users prevent hackers and internet intruders from accessing their computers, as well as indentity theft and invasion of privacy protection, spyware and virus protection, and insight into security holes in Windows applications and installed software.

Invisus PC Security Solutions
Invisus Direct Review and Product Details

Lightyear Alliance

From LightYear Alliance website: Lightyear XSTREAM VoIP is a new digital phone service that combines the power of your home phone with your high-speed Internet connection. And we're not talking about sitting in front of your computer and speaking through a microphone but using your very own telephone to talk over the Internet!

Voice over Internet
Lightyear Alliance Review and Product Details

Spread the Word Ministries

Spread The Word (STW) provides a source of funding and income for all Christian churches, ministries and families regardless of denomination through the ownership of an online Christian bookstore. By reaching out to Christians through relationship marketing STW builds customer loyalty and relationships that secular competitors cannot achieve.

Online Christian Bookstore
Spread the Word Ministries Review and Product Details

Zippi markets a program to sell items online through ebay.

Update: An employee reported on March 7, 2006 that Zippi is no longer occupying their office in Irvine.

The corporate web page is still active, however that web page no longer displays any corporate team or executive information. A bad page request is returned when the link to corporate team is clicked. Phone calls to are answered by a voice mail system. No live person could be reached. Ebay Service
Zippi Review and Product Details

Vizion One

From the Vizion One website:
Our mission is to build an e-community; a community in which we can learn and communicate online, a community with no color lines, no age discrimination, no favoritism or prejudice, a place where we all have equal chances, a place where every voice can be heard no matter how small. In essence, we want to unite people from all over the world.

Company Folded after various state cease and desist actions.

Internet Service
Vizion One Review and Product Details

Big Planet

Big Planet is a divisionof Nu Skin Enterprises

Big Planet Review and Product Details offers turnkey online Personal Profit Portals. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of TechLabs (TCLB), parent company to Focalex, The BigHub (formerly ISlueth), InterPlanner, and MyStartingPoint.

INTERNET, TELECOM Review and Product Details offers internet related products: ISP SERVICE, ONLINE SHOPPING

ISP SERVICE, ONLINE SHOPPING Review and Product Details

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