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450 N. Brand Boulevard
Glendale California

CieAura markets "holographic energy chips" with the claim that the holograms are programed with "VibraTec" an exlusive patent-pending technology that adhesively binds sound vibrations into the discs to "influence the human energy field."

CieAura claims that these programmed vibrations communicate with the body to help it regulate and "move your body's vibrations to the optimum".

Founder and CEO Ken Rasner was formerly listed as the executive VP of LifeWave, an MLM company marketing "organically constructed nano-antennaes for hte passive frequency modulation of human magnetic fields".

CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips are available in three different Archetypes, each claiming to cater to individual biological needs. The first chip is designed to help relieve the body of pain and discomfort, the second chip helps in achieving a sound and restful sleep, while the third is said to increase energy.

CieAura has an online store where it retails "Holographic Energy Chips". These chips are advertised as small stickers that when placed on the body, are capable of physiological augmentation such as the treatment of pain, the revitalizing of energy, and an improvement in sleep. CieAura claims the prodcuts penetrate the human body's electromagnetic field by utilizing tones, colors, signs, symbols and essences that, when applied to acupuncture meridian points, claim to improve any number of biological characteristics. CieAura also claims the product aids in achieving harmony and balance.

Additional CieAura Addresses:

7251 West Lake Mead Boulevard
Suite 300
Las Vegas, Nevada

3610 Old Atlanta Road
Suwanee, Georgia

CieAura Owners, Executives and Executive Consultants

Ken Rasner, Founder and CEO
Randy Mitchell, President

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Ken  Rasner / Founder and CEO
Randy  Mitchell / President
Marie  Jiminez / Marketing Director
Al  Leland / Chief Operating Officer

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CieAura Topics

CieAura and Ken Rasner
CieAura was founded by Ken Rasner. Ken Rasner also served as Senior VP for a company his bio states 'was a $50 million direct sales company and helped an additional network marketing company grow from under $650,000 a month to over $24 million in annual revenue.". Related information indicates this company was Lifewave, which also marketing a holographic chip product that claims to work with the body via lightwaves vs CieAura's embedded 'sound'. Lifewave has been the subject of considerable consumer scrutiny for their claims....

CieAura Holographic Energy Chips
CieAura Holographic Energy Chips are advertised as small stickers that when placed on the body are capable of physiological augmentation such as the treatment of pain, the revitalizing of energy, and an improvement in sleep....

CieAura Research
CieAura research suggests that the company uses a variety of holistic-medicinal research in its product and delivers those elements to the body via technology through the use of holographic chips that utilize meridian points, crystals, energy fields, and vibrational stimulation....

CieAura Reviews
Published CieAura reviews seem to reflect a healthy and broad mix of skepticism and excitement. Some articles suggest that CieAura Holographic Energy Chips will revolutionize our lives as we know it, leading to clearer minds, longer lives, and a life-long decrease in illness. Several CieAura reviews make the products sounds so promising that they seem to be more recognizable as representative marketing articles vs actual independent product reviews....

CieAura Scam
There is considerable debate online focused on CieAura and whether the product and company constitute the "CieAura Scam". Comments referring to a CieAura scam by a portion of the network marketing community usually point out that CieAura Holographic Energy Chips are advertised alongside some fairly extraordinary claims....

CieAura Products and Product Reviews Product Line: CieAura Transparent Holographic Energy Chips
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CieAura News

Home Business News Archive

CieAura Purchased by Digital Media Group, AG
Dallas, TX, October 31, 2012 -- Digital Media Group,AG (DMG,AG) has concluded an asset purchase of CieAura, LLC. The assets purchased include the name CieAura, all retailers, all software, the compensation plan, the database and other components that will allow DMG,AG to continue the Network Marketing Structure that CieAura embraced to introduce its products to the world. DMG,AG purchased the righ...

Digital Media Group Announces the Acquisition of CieAura Assets
Dallas, TX, October 13, 2012 -- On October 3, 2012, Digital Media Group (DMG) successfully concluded negotiations to acquire certain operating assets of CieAura, LLC. The assets purchased include the full line of holographic chips including, Rest Quiet, Sinus Allergy, Pure Energy Plus, Cell Phone SafeGuard, and Pure Relief, along with the various components of the CieAura Weight Management System ...

CieAura Announces Plans to Go Public
Los Angeles, CA February 08, 2012 -- CieAura LLC, a Nevada limited liability company, has made the decision to participate in the public arena with a portion of its global business. The portion of CieAura's existing global businesses currently committed to generate revenue for the public entity, will include all of Europe and the Greater China region. Each of these current CieAura global markets r...

CieAura Press Release
Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 31, 2010 -- CieAura LLC, distributor of CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™, successfully launched its direct sales company with an exciting multi-media event at the Hilton Americas in Houston, Texas on March 18 - 21, 2010. Complete with smoke machines, 2 huge video screens, first class stage set-ups, surround sound and confetti, the dramatic entry of the executive tea...

CieAura in the Houston Chrom
Chron writer Moises Mendoza has an excellent article on the Houston Chron about CieAura and ex-Rockets coach Tomjanovich pitching the CieAura sticker, and about critics voicing their opinion that the sticker is 'nonsense'.An excerpt:...Supporters CieAura has its own experts, including at least three Houston-area physicians and a slew of chiropractors, who say people with serious injuries an...


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