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MiVeda is a multi level marketing company that offers personal care and nutritional products that contain no ingredients that MiVeda considers to be harmful. Currently these products are marketed primarily in India and to the Indian community.

Company Products

MiVeda products include dental care products, hair care products, skin care products and nutritional supplements. MiVida products do not contain any ingredients considered harmful by the company. Specifically, none of their products include any of the following ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, propylene glycol, formalin, mineral oil, talc, alcohol or aluminum. Through the use of their products, MiVeda aims to support healthier lifestyles for people in India.

Company Goals

MiVeda’s goal is to provide safe products to the Indian community while offering distributors the opportunity for more financial independence and a better lifestyle.

Enrollment Options

Registration is free, but in order for registration to be confirmed, new distributors must purchase 4000 INR of products in their first order.

Compensation Plan

MiVeda’s compensation plan has a number of criteria in place to reach their goal of offering their distributors the opportunity for more financial independence and a better lifestyle. The criteria includes a plan that is designed to be easy to understand despite language barriers, with a high reward for distributors, and to help the Indian community through support and charitable donations. The plan has two main objectives: to provide fast income, and provide long term income. MiVeda refers to their plan as an “hourglass” compensation plan.

MiVeda’s points value ratio is 1:1. Maximum retail price is set at approximately 25% above the distributor’s cost of products.The company does not offer personal bonuses but it does offer pooled bonuses for distributors who meet certain criteria. One requirement for bonuses is to personally purchase 4000 INR of products during the month to receive a bonus for that month. Training and marketing programs are free to distributors, as is renewal so long as a distributor has placed an order in the last three months.

MiVeda Owners, Executives and Executive Consultants

Dr. Dale Gerke, Director, Founder
Mr. Greg Chappell, Director
Ms. Courtney Gerke, Director and Co-Founder
Tristan Gerke, Director and Co-Founder

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