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Is there a Vemma Scam? Like most products sold through MLM companies, there are those who will call it a scam, and those who will claim it is a legitimate business opportunity. What decides which side of the fence you sit on seems to be whether you make money selling the product in question.

Vemma is an Npros certified company.

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Those distributors who are in the approximate 2% of any MLM company selling their products, building their teams, and understanding what might be involved, will say there is no such thing as a Vemma scam. Those distributors who are in the other 98% will disagree very loudly about the nature of Vemma as a product and a company specifically, and MLM companies in general.

As a distributor of any MLM company’s product, you are required to build a rather large customer and eventual distributor base beneath you. If you are unable to gain the necessary number of people to at least break even in your efforts, then you will feel like you are being scammed. Alternatively, if you are able to sell a good amount of product, and build a good team that keeps recruiting as well, then you will make considerable money selling anything in MLM. The Vemma scam is no different than any other MLM company in this regard.

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