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Zermat International

Zermat International is a direct selling manufacturer of fragrance and beauty products. A member of the DSA, Zermat was founded in 1987 and currently does business in 16 countries.

Zermat offers a range of daily use products for women, men and children developed and manufactured in the company's own factory in Mexico. Zermat Independent Consultants present its products at home parties and one-on-one.

Fragrances, Body Care, Skin Care, Zermat Fit
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Seriluna is a direct sales company offering spa products and loungewear at home parties and online.

Seriluna's products include facial, hand and foot scrubs, lotions and cleansers, anti-aging skin treatments, fragrance, and loungewear. Hostesses of Seriluna "Spa Parties" can earn "Luna Loot" to spend on items of their choice, plus qualify for half-price offerings.

Beauty products, scrubs, lotions and cleansers
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Perfectly Posh

Launched in October 2011, Perfectly Posh is a direct sales company that offers personal care, pampering and beauty products.

Perfectly Posh products include lotions, soaps, massage balms, fragrances, lip glosses and balms, body butters and shea butter. Perfectly Posh products are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens, animal bi-products, gluten, or soy.

Personal pampering and beauty products
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FürChange America, founded in May 2011, is a direct selling company that distributes a proprietary line of wellness, beauty, and lifestyle products. The company is based in Southlake, Texas.

FürChange America's flagship brand is Fortunelle, which currently is comprised of health supplements and topical gels. Beauty products will be launched in the future.

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Nerium International

Nerium International markets an age-defying skincare line containing extracts of the Nerium oleander plant. The company is based in Addison, Texas.

NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is a night cream developed from the company's patent-pending Nerium oleander extract. According to the company, third-party clinical trials of NeriumAD showed results such as reduced fine lines and wrinkles, reduced hyperpigmentation, and improvement in the look of uneven skin texture and aging or sun-damaged skin.

NeriumAD skincare line
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GIA Wellness

GIA Wellness is based out of Carlsbad, CA and produces a line of health and wellness products ranging from vitamins, anti-aging and weight loss products to EMF blockers for cell phones, water purifiers and natural skin creams. The company's mission statement is: "At GIA Wellness, we believe the vision for a better tomorrow begins with each one of us, but also with the children of today who will shape our future.".

aquagia, terragia, nutragia, bellagia
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Aliva ( AlivaMax Worldwide ) is a distributor of anti-aging products and was founded by Mark J. Sain and Gerald Ricks. Aliva claims that it will expand worldwide in the next trillion dollar global market of anti-aging products, and is currently seeking distributors to market its products.

Aliva produces an Anti-Aging Miracle Serum as well as a Fountain of Youth cream, both containing a proprietary formula of chemicals, vitamins, compounds and extracts from various fruits, roots and oils.

Aliva Fountain of Youth, Aliva Anti-Aging Miracle Serum
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Golden Moor

Golden Moor was founded in 1987 by Marc Saint-Onge (of Ottawa) in his home, using a a washing machine to mix ingredients. After searching 63 bogs, Marc discovered a bog in Casselman, for which he established a 25-year contract for extraction rights.

Golden Moore mud is extracted from a bog in Casselman Canada, and retains a high quality due to high levels of humic acids. Humic acids aid in preventing arthritic and rheumatic pain and give the body a sense of well-being. Many Moor properties are present across Europe and Asia, however pollution has rendered them unuseable, resulting in the importing of foreign Moor, in order to supply the demand.

Golden Moore provides health and body products which includes mud based products, face and body oils, nutritional supplements, detox supplements and body scrubs.
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SOULPURPOSE is a direct selling company that sells natural and botanically based beauty and wellness products. The company places an emphasis on the promotion of minorities as entrepreneurs.

SOULPURPOSE offers nutritional supplements, nature-based treatments for everyday, bath and beauty care, aromatherapy preparations, home accents and motivational products. The company further promotes sustainability among minority men and women by working in cooperatives with communities in Northern Ghana, India and Vietnam; as well as community-based vendors in the United States to give these minorities the opportunity to improve their lives through entrepreneurship.

Natural and botanically based beauty and wellness products
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Rejuvenate Worldwide

The mission of Rejuvenate Worldwide is to help people stay youthful and vibrant by bringing consumers the next generation of age defying products. Rejuvenate Worldwide's formulas are made with high quality natural and organic raw materials. Rejuvenate Worldwide provides distributors their own retail website and full marketing systems to share the products and opportunity with others. There is no cost to become a distributor.

Ageless Anti Aging Serum
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GeneWize Life Sciences

GeneWize, a wholly owned direct-selling subsidiary of a publicly traded genetic biosciences company (GeneLink, Inc.), offers individually customized, genetically guided products. GeneWize uses DNA-based genetic tests as the basis for personalizing health, beauty, wellness products. GeneWize's scientific group includes leading scientists and researchers in the fields of biotechnology, genomics, molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, clinical laboratory medicine and nutritional sciences.

GeneWize is focused on delivering the promise of truly personalized health, beauty and wellness solutions that help people look better, feel better and live longer, healthier lives.

LifeMap Nutrition System, Dermagenetics Skin Care System
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PRAI Beauty

The PRAI Beauty Group, founded in 1999, is seeking women to join their team as they launch their new Beauty Events Division.

The PRAI Beauty Group, Inc. has earned an international reputation for exceptional quality and performance. PRAI focuses on the beauty needs and wants of women: individual products and daily regimens that help skin feel and look better, that help thwart the effects of environmental and personal stress, that minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and that offer affordable and realistic alternatives to costly cosmetic surgery and procedures.

Skincare Products
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Seriesse International

From the company website: Seriesse International is a brand new company that has a rich product history and an exciting new marketing opportunity for you. Our product line started as the top-selling brand on television more than ten years ago and has been the right skin care solution for millions of customers over the years. Our compensation plan brings together one of the most rewarding ways that you will find in the entire network marketing industry to earn money.

A Essentials, C Essentials, Olive Oil Essentials, Calstrum Essentials, Continuously Clear, Skin Supplements
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Spa Girl Parties Inc.

Spa Girl Parties offers customers a fun pampering and shopping experience by offering unique home-spa products. Spa Girl Consultants earn commission on retail sales from "Girls Night In" home parties, catalog party sales, and sales from personalized Spa Girl Parties websites (available to Consultants for a small monthly fee).

Spa-At-Home Kits, relaxation products, pedicure/manicure products, candles
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Spa Destinations

Spa Destinations products are sold at home parties. From the Spa Destinations website: Spa Destinations has created an entirely new category in personal care…The In Home Spa Experience. Our years of research reveal the reason so few people enjoy the benefits of spa experiences. The answer is simple; time and money. Spa Destinations creates the solution in systems that are easy to use at incredible values!

Spa Products
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Spa Sensations Ltd.

Spa Sensations Ltd. was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Spa Sensations products are sold by independent Consultants, who offer them to consumers via home parties, corporate events, one-on-one consultations, brochures and organized public and private events.

Spa Basics, Massage Oils, Anti-Aging Prescription, Candles, Gift Baskets
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Lexli MD, Inc.

Lexli MD markets an Aloe based skincare line and wellness formula created by Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, President and CEO of Lexli International. Lexli MD associates receive a discount on their personal purchases as well as commission on their sales. Lexli MD is based in Fargo, North Dakota.

AloeGlyC, Aloe-Based Skincare, AloeVida
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Beauty Counselors

Beauty Counselors is a privately owned, totally Canadian company which began selling high-quality skin care, cosmetic, fragrance and personal care products in 1938.

The Beauty Counselors corporate philosophy is to offer premium quality products and personalized service at the very best value possible.

Complexion Kits, Make-Up, Vanda cosmetics collection.
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Marlo Quinn

from the Marlo Quinn website: "Here at Marlo Quinn... our goal is to work closely with our consultants to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their needs - whether it is supplemental income, hobby or a full time business. We believe in open communication as a key to achieving your desired results. And we pride ourselves on creating elegant natural products at reasonable prices" -Marcee Townsend Founder

Natural based products. Soy candles. Natural based bath, body and skin care products.
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For the last 20 years, Suzanne Sommers has been selling exercise equipment, sparkling jewelry, delicious food and gorgeous fashion on television. Her faithful audience tunes in each month to share the laughter and select incredible products to enhance their daily lives. When she was approached by one of the most successful direct sell teams in history, she knew the combination of their business acumen and my relationships with women could join forces to form a powerful team. This is how SUZANNE was founded.

Beauty, Food, Jewelry and Fashion
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From Kleeneze website: Kleeneze plc is the leading home retailing specialist. Our business streams have many processes in common - procurement, sales techniques, distribution and fulfilment.

Our strategy is to use a multi-channel approach to retailing, combining Kleeneze's network of independent distributors and Farepak's agents with IWOOT's internet retailing platform and the eeZee TV live television shopping channel in order to bring a growing variety of products to our expanding customer base.

Home Retail Products
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Color Me Beautiful

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Quixtar was launched in 1999, Their Internet commerce business model combines the commercial power of the internet, and low-cost Independent Business Ownership Plans. Quixtar has a full-service infrastructure of to help individuals reach their goals.
Quixtar is a division of Alticor, parent company of Amway, Corp.

Health and Beauty, General Merchandise
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