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Monat Global

Monat Global Review and Profile under development.

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Bioceutica is a health and wellness company dedicated to promoting nutrition, weight loss, and personal care, as well as providing opportunity to those seeking success at any level. The company vows to provide programs and product that address the whole person and allow them to live the life of their dreams.

Bioceutica's products include mood-enhancing beverages, designed to energize and relax you throughout the day, supplements designed to provide the body with a healthy balance of nutrition, as well as weight loss and maintenance programs, and much more.

Company Mission

Bioceutica's mission is to provide a "life without limits", by providing products and programs that challenge popular beliefs in limits to health and nutrition, as well as providing ways to reward those who wish to share their success with others. "We are Bioceutica. When you're ready for life without limits, let us show you the way."

Personal care, beverages, supplements
Bioceutica Review and Product Details

MiA Bath and Body

MiA Bath & Body, founded in 2012 and based in Draper, Utah, is a home party/direct sales company offering personal care and home fragrance products that customers can customize with scent recipes they create themselves.

All MiA Bath & Body personal care products are paraben free, SLS free, and not tested on animals. All of the plastic containers used for MiA Bath & Body's products are 100% recyclable and BPA free.

Guests at MiA Bath & Body parties create their own favorite scent recipe. The company adds the scent to any of its products and also adds a custom label with the custom scent name, the list of scents in the recipe, and a custom text line that can show who created the scent, who it is for, or to commemorate a special occasion. Hostesses of MiA Bath & Body parties receive free and half-price products based on their total party sales.

Paraben and SLS free personal care products.
MiA Bath and Body Review and Product Details


Epic is a direct sales company launching in October 2013 and based in Utah. Epic will utilize social media to develop a community for its distributors, their downlines and customers to stay connected.

Epic has partnered with eCosway, a 34-year-old direct sales company doing business in 17 countries, and will leverage eCosway's infrastructure to have a global presence. Epic's products include Epic Bru, a drink product made from roasted cocoa beans and containing antioxidants and minerals; Epic Oils, a line of aromatherapy essential oils; and Epic Essentials, a collection of health and nutrition products.

Company Goals

Epic's goal is '' to build a social community empowering people to live their dreams.''

Epic Bru, Epic Oils, Epic Essentials
Epic Review and Product Details

Sweet Dream Girlz

Sweet Dream Girlz was founded in 2010 by two sisters who were disappointed that they could not find natural beauty products for tweens and teens. Sweet Dream Girlz' line of all-natural, paraben-free skin and hair care products are sold online and at home parties by the company's independent representatives, called ''Spa Divas''.

Sweet Dream Girlz products include body wash, moisturizer, fragrance spray, lip balm, sugar scrub, facial cleanser, shampoo and conditioner. The company also plans to begin offering a line of sneakers, apparel and accessories in 2013. Sweet Dream Girlz products have been seen in Girls Life Magazine, Bop, Tigerbeat, Twist and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

All natural paraben-free skin care products
Sweet Dream Girlz Review and Product Details


MiVeda is a multi level marketing company that offers personal care and nutritional products that contain no ingredients that MiVeda considers to be harmful. Currently these products are marketed primarily in India and to the Indian community.

Company Products

MiVeda products include dental care products, hair care products, skin care products and nutritional supplements. MiVida products do not contain any ingredients considered harmful by the company. Specifically, none of their products include any of the following ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, propylene glycol, formalin, mineral oil, talc, alcohol or aluminum. Through the use of their products, MiVeda aims to support healthier lifestyles for people in India.

Personal care, skin care and nutritionals.
MiVeda Review and Product Details

Life Peak

Life Peak offers a line of hand hygiene products through its network of independent representatives. The Life Peak team has manufactured hand hygiene products in the commercial sector for over 40 years. Life Peak customers include hospitals, universities, cruise lines, restaurants, casinos, hotels, banks, and sports facilities.

Life Peak's products include hand sanitizers, cleansers, touchless dispensers, bottles and spray pens of sanitizer for travel.

Life Peak sanitizing products
Life Peak Review and Product Details


LYF's concept is described by the company as a 'Living Business,' offering a unique approach to direct and network marketing. The company focuses on the desire to be of service and to provide more than just products to their reps and customers. LYF promotes socialization and strengthening human relationships while promoting their health and wellness product line. Their mission statement is: "to serve families and individuals who seek a better quality of life for themselves, for their loved ones and for humanity. We are reaching this goal by creating a network of people who share our values and aspirations. Through our network we will make available exceptional products that enhance individual well-being."

LYF offers products in the realm of health and wellness, personal care, home care and technology. In the health and wellness category, the products are nutrition focused and include supplements in the form of soft chew vitamins. The personal care product line consists of skin care products that include cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye repair, monthly nutritional complex for the skin, and an exfoliator. Home care products include disinfectant spray, surface wipes, automatic and hand dish liquid, and laundry detergent. The products promote such features as anti-bacterial properties, hypo-allergenic composition, natural botanicals, dye and phosphate free formulas, and fresh scents.

LyfSource, Lyf Beauty, Lyf Radiance, Lyf Facial Foam, Lyf Tone and Refine, Lyf Home Laundry, Lyf Network
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Ardyss International

Ardyss has combined the garment industry with the health and wellness trend in highly nutritious and beneficial supplements and juice drinks to create their 2 step system. The first step involves the use of industrial type shapewear that is guaranteed to visually create the appearance of weight and sizes lost, while improving posture, and overall muscle tone in the abdomen, buttocks and chest area. The second step is the use of their nutritional supplements and skin care to help eliminate toxins, cleanse the body, and restore balance to the body's functions.

Ardyss independent distributors buy the products at wholesale and after markup can earn up to 40% from sales.

Ardyss International offers a “Body Magic 2 Step System” consisting of ultra control shapewear garments, and multivitamins, fat reducers, children’s vitamins, and Le Vive, a super-juice drink, among other nutritional supplement and skincare products.
Ardyss International Review and Product Details

Trivani International

Trivani uses the power and profit of network marketing to provide ongoing humanitarian aid around the world. Trivani's business model consists of two entities: Trivani International and the Trivani Foundation. A portion of every Trivani purchase made by a customer or distributor goes towards a Trivani Foundation project. Trivani's health and personal care products follow its Do No Harm Philosophy, which ensures that Trivani products are safe for people and the environment.

Hair Care, Personal Care, SkinCare, Trivani Essentials
Trivani International Review and Product Details

Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials is on a mission to bring the highest quality products and spa experience to homes all across America. Jordan Essentials believes that earning an income is essential to helping individuals and families survive and thrive in today's economy. Jordan Essentials sees itself as a household name known for bringing the spa experience home to the consumer with high quality products and a direct sales opportunity second to none.

Bath, Body and Spa Products
Jordan Essentials Review and Product Details

PRAI Beauty

The PRAI Beauty Group, founded in 1999, is seeking women to join their team as they launch their new Beauty Events Division.

The PRAI Beauty Group, Inc. has earned an international reputation for exceptional quality and performance. PRAI focuses on the beauty needs and wants of women: individual products and daily regimens that help skin feel and look better, that help thwart the effects of environmental and personal stress, that minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and that offer affordable and realistic alternatives to costly cosmetic surgery and procedures.

Skincare Products
PRAI Beauty Review and Product Details


NUPRO products have been recommended by Chiropractors, Alternative Practitioners and Medical Doctors for more than a decade. Nupro's purpose is to help as many people as possible find and keep their Radiant Health. The Radiant Health Club provides people the opportunity to purchase the same nutraceutical products that professionals have been using and recommending.

Vitamin and dietary supplements and enhancers, including internal cleansing and detox, and maintaining proper digestive health
NUPRO Review and Product Details

Advita Energy

Advita Energy's product line of hologram bands and discs is focused on energy, sleep problems, mental clarity, stress relief and pain relief. Research and testing is taking place on other applications such as weight loss and hair restoration.

Hologram Bands and Discs
Advita Energy Review and Product Details

DoTerra Earth Essence

DoTerra markets pure therapeutic grade essential oils through direct sales, offering representatives the opportunity to create a sustainable income stream by sharing the benefits of essential oils with other people.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
DoTerra Earth Essence Review and Product Details


Encoura is not as focused on the words All Natural as they are on offering Customers SAFE and effective products. Safe and effective products are the product line goal at Encoura. Encoura's product line was established to offer alternatives to the most commonly used items in and around the home.

Personal Care and Nutritional Products
Encoura Review and Product Details

OceanGrown International

OceanGrown International ( OGI ) markets three products lines through independent representatives. Consumers may buy products or join and represent the OGILife by building a home based business.

Headquartered in the Western US, OceanGrown says "OceanGrown International places value on the various 'tides' of life, and seeks to maximize each age through every day activity. OGILife™ is the intrinsic desire in all of us to encounter adventure and revitalize the human spirit every day.
The OGI community indulges in life's experiences and shares a passion for the outdoors. As we recognize the grandeur of our environment and the responsibility to our surroundings, OGILife™ promotes sustainability and preservation. Each OGI employee and sales representative encourages service-oriented activities in their respective communities.
At the risk of sounding cliché, OGILife™ is about the journey, not the destination."

OAVE Body, OAVE Face, OAVE Mist, OAVE Inside, Nutritionals, and Weight Management Products
OceanGrown International Review and Product Details

Habitude International

Habitude International markets weight loss and anti aging products through direct sales channels. According to the My Habitude website, Habitude was built by distributors, for distributors to offer the best opportunity, best products, best training and best compensation.

Cosmetic Surgery Alternative products
Habitude International Review and Product Details


Livinity, launched in August 2006, markets personal care, wellness and home care products. Livinity offers distributorships starting at $49 which include a free website.

Wellness and personal care products
Livinity Review and Product Details

Daxen Inc.

Daxen International (DXN), founded in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, sells dietary supplements and personal care products through independent distributors. DXN is an MLM company with the "One World One Market" concept, which permits distributors from anywhere to sponsor and be included as direct downline those distributors in another region or nation.

Dietary Supplements, Personal Care Products
Daxen Inc. Review and Product Details

NHT Global, Inc.

NHT Global, Inc. began operations in the U.S. as a subsidiary of Natural Health Trends Corp. and launched operations in 33 countries in less than 5 years. NHT Global markets personal care and wellness products through independent distributors. Distributors may buy at wholesale and sell at retail and earn Override Bonuses based on personal sales and their entire team's sales with no minimum thresholds for earning override bonuses.

Ge-Gen Products, TriFusionPlus, Skindulgence Line, Alura, LexLips, Premium Noni Juice, LaVie, Triotein, Cluster Concentrate
NHT Global, Inc. Review and Product Details

OHANA Health & Wellness Company

OHANA Health & Wealth Company offers a nutritional beverage mix, Mega A+, a technologically advanced skin care line and an entrepreneurial opportunity that allows thousands of people to work comfortably from home and earn the income that they desire. From the OHANA Health & Wealth Company website: Our company is strong and firmly positioned for rapid growth and tremendous momentum. There will be a fortunate few who will hear of OHANA Health & Wealth Company in time to become one of our honored Founding Members and also have the opportunity to qualify for one of our Chief Founding Member positions.

Mega A+ antioxidant beverage mix, OHANA Skinsations Skin Care products
OHANA Health & Wellness Company Review and Product Details

United Herbal Sciences

United Herbal Sciences independent distributors may attend meetings, seminars, conferences, social events and educational trips, where they can meet people with common interests, goals and desires. United Herbal Sciences has a focused program that can help distributors achieve financial independence, personal growth and recognition from fellow distributors at quarterly and annual meetings.

Energy and Vitality, Hair and Skin Care, Nutritional Supplements, Pain Relief, Weight Loss
United Herbal Sciences Review and Product Details

Nu Life International

From the Nu Life International website - The year 2002 marked the beginning of a new era in NU LIFE International. When we had our humble beginning in 1991, in a 2,300 sq-ft. office in a 30-year-old building, when all of our founders shared only one single room less than 60 sq-ft, who could have imagined our company would be spanning 10 countries and territories within 11 years! Our motto has never changed:Dedicated to Promoting Health and Wealth

Health FOod, Health Drinks, Skin Care, Personal Care, Household products
Nu Life International Review and Product Details

AmeriKare International

AmeriKare markets a variety of nutritonal and personal care products.

Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Hair and Skin
AmeriKare International Review and Product Details

Elements Home Spa

From the Elements Home Spa website: Elements Home Spa brings the head-to-toe pampering and atmosphere of a world-class spa to your home through its at-home spa treatments, luxurious bath and body products, and soy candles. We know that most people do not visit day spas and destination spas as frequently as they would like. Elements Home Spa's customers enjoy the spa experience in the privacy and comfort of their own home between their day spa visits! Whether you are needing a little extra pampering yourself or a gift basket for a special person, Elements Home Spa has your solution!

Home spa products, cleansing products, bath and tub, gift accessories
Elements Home Spa Review and Product Details

Sensaria Natural Bodycare LLC

Sensaria is dedicated to the business of promoting nurturing rituals through the use of natural products. It is Sensaria's goal to produce and distribute a line of home spa products through the exclusive distribution channel of independent representatives.

Spa products, botanicals
Sensaria Natural Bodycare LLC Review and Product Details


From the Acara website: "Started with the desire to spread the benefits of the spa lifestyle to everyone, Acara now offers people everywhere the opportunity to enhance their lives with the Acara Spa Program which includes: life-long fitness and nutrition, scientifically formulated face and body care, stress reduction and relaxation products to help you rediscover your sense of order and balance."

skincare, bath and body, nutrition and fitness and gift sets
Acara Review and Product Details


NatureRich markets soaps, personal care and nutritional products. NatureRich's website states that their product line is based upon a theory that by reducing your exposure to the chemicals found in the many products you use daily, and replacing these products with natural products may contribute to balancing the pH in the body and that the body will experience positive effects.

Personal Care Products, mineral soaps, moisterizers, mineral gel
NatureRich Review and Product Details

L'bel Paris

L'Bel markets a cutting edge line of skin care products, cosmetics, hair care, fragrances and men's lines.

L'Bel Paris Product Lins
L'bel Paris Review and Product Details

Adora LLC

From the Adora website: "In essence, the Adora company is all about giving women the opportunity to live the lives they desire and the lives they deserve enabling them to elevate and expand themselves - mind, body and spirit. Taking the time to treasure oneself brings balance, peace, tranquility and happiness to the lives of women, their families and their friends."

Adora Spa personal care products.
Adora LLC Review and Product Details

Mia Bella Scent Sations

Scent-Sations markets scented candles and personal care products through home-based network marketing distribution.

Mia Bella candles, Bella Bars, Body Wash.
Mia Bella Scent Sations Review and Product Details

Viva Toxic Free

From Viva Toxic Free website: Viva ToxicFree™, a product line of 100% ToxicFree™ products, is brought to you by Multiple Income Solutions™, a privately held, debt-free corporation headquartered in Fort Pierce, Florida. Multiple Income Solutions™(MIS) is managed by a team of individuals with over 100 years of experience in many areas of business, such as Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Corporate Leadership.

Vivacare and Vivasolutions
Viva Toxic Free Review and Product Details

Lady Emily

From Lady Emily website: Lady Emily is an extraordinary new direct sales company. We offer premium, natural bath and body products. We also offer an opportunity. For our Independent Lady Emily Consultants, our career path is an escape from morning commutes, and a road toward personal and financial freedom. It's a way for each of our consultants to earn 50% commission on every sale while building a business they can be proud of, with plenty of time left over for family and personal activities.

Bath and Body Products
Lady Emily Review and Product Details

Scent Sations

Scent-Sations markets scented candles and personal care products through home-based network marketing distribution.

Mia Bella candles, Bella Bars, Body Wash.
Scent Sations Review and Product Details


From the Avalla website: From its roots in the Himalayan Mountains to its current home in the bustling metropolis of Houston, Avalla is a direct selling beauty company dedicated to helping others achieve financial independence.
More than exceptional beauty and wellness products, Avalla is a dedicated body of individuals who want more in life and are doing something about it. Avalla is a community where anyone can choose to find their own personal confidence and success. Avalla brings hope to households and makes individual dreams come true.
Built on the success of Nutrimetics, the number one direct selling opportunity in Australia, Avalla is a home-based company that knows and understands the challenges of today's women. Avalla Consultants provide exceptional service in person, in the home and online. Our fun, modern selling approach meets the needs of every customer, everywhere.

Avalla Review and Product Details

Country Bunny Bath & Body

From Company Website: We incorporated in Feb 2000 with 6 women and their husbands in our living room. We now have several thousand representatives nation wide and are enjoying a great deal of success. We found a wonderful match with Network Marketing. We formed a program that allows women to get paid for what we do best, share and educate. We teach people about high quality family-friendly products as well as share the opportunity.

Bath, Body, Candles, Home Decor
Country Bunny Bath & Body Review and Product Details

Masters Miracle (The)

From Company Website:
The body gets loaded down with toxins from the many foods we eat that have been sprayed with all kinds of poisons. The toxins go into the body and they cannot get out of the body because the pores of the skin are stopped up from the many oils and soaps that are made from animal fat. Miracle Soap is the only body cleanser that will clean all the sweaty, waxy residue from the pores of the face, body and scalp. When this happens, the body works the way God made it to work, to detoxify itself

Cleansing Soaps and Products
Masters Miracle (The) Review and Product Details

Aloette Cosmetics

From Company Website: "The best of science and nature! Anti-aging Aloe Vera skin care infused with botanicals, anti-oxidants and technologically advanced patented ingredients takes skin care to a new level. Turn back the hands of time with Aloette's anti-aging, cell-repairing treatment products. Indulge your senses with Aloespa body treatments and vitamin infused natural makeup."

Cosmetics, skin care, fragrances
Aloette Cosmetics Review and Product Details


BeautiControl is an international manufacturer and party-plan direct-sales company that provides an unlimited earnings opportunity for women to build successful businesses while enjoying the freedom to live balanced and rewarding lifestyles. More than 100,000 BeautiControl Independent Consultants love the life they live by sharing the opportunity, providing exclusive services, and revolutionary skin care, spa and cosmetic products with women throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Founded in 1981, BeautiControl is based in Dallas, TX and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tupperware Brands Corporation. Tupperware Brands Corporation is a global direct seller of premium, innovative products across multiple brands and categories through an independent sales force of approximately 1.9 million. Tupperware Brands Corporation stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:TUP).

Cosmetics and personal care
Beauticontrol Review and Product Details

Conklin Company

From Corporate Site: "With Conklin, you have the freedom to generate business anywhere in the United States. We offer you a solid management structure that allows for both personal and professional growth, and training programs for every stage of your business development."

Home & Personal Care
Conklin Company Review and Product Details


FOR YOU, INC. Review and Product Details

Market America

Market America - From company website: Market America, Inc. is a progressive and innovative product brokerage and internet marketing company and the nation's preeminent advocate and implementer of One-to-One Marketing and Mass Customization. Market America is located in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Market America employs over 300 people in its Greensboro facility, which features one of the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art warehouse distribution systems of its kind.

Market America Review and Product Details


From the Nikken International web page:

The Nikken Wellness Mission In 1975, Nikken pioneered the concept of total wellness. This philosophy is centered around the 5 Pillars of Health - Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Family, Healthy Society and Healthy Finances. Instead of curing disease, total wellness focuses on prevention. It emphasizes not only better physical health, but peace of mind and financial security. Our physical, mental and overall well-being are based on proper attention to each of four interrelated areas:
• Rest and relaxation
• Nutrition
• Environment
• Fitness
The objective is to keep these four areas in balance.
When all are in harmony, the result can be a dramatic improvement in the quality of life. Nikken brings each of these components into your home. The Nikken Wellness Home.

Nikken Review and Product Details

Sunrider International

From company website: We are a debt-free company with over 22 years of success in the health and food industry. We operate in over 30 countries with millions of Distributors and customers and over 5,000 retail stores in China. The Best Products: We have owner expertise and over 1 million square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing. Our exclusive products have won awards around the world for their outstanding quality and effectiveness.

cosmetics, personal care, nutritionals
Sunrider International Review and Product Details

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