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MLM / Home Based Business Opportunities
Listed in "MICHIGAN"


Above and Beyond

Slimalicious weight loss smoothing powder

Above & Beyond is a multilevel marketing company that describes itself as “the Change Your Thinking Company.” Above & Beyond offers a weight loss product called Slimalicious, which is a smoothie powder containing several proprietary blends of ingredients designed to suppress appetite and assist in fat burning. The company offers free samples of Slimalicious through its website with the payment of shipping and handling.

Company Goals

Above & Beyond’s stated purpose is “to elevate peoples' thinking, possibilities, potential, and lifestyle Above & Beyond anything they've dreamed of.” The company has a goal to provide one million meals to children in need, and donates a percentage of every sale to help feed hungry children.

Above and Beyond Details / Review

Clever Container

Organization and storage products

The Clever Container Company, headquartered in Michigan, was founded in 2006 and began selling its organization products through its Organizing Party Format in 2007.

The Clever Container Company offers organization and storage products for the home, vehicle and travel.

Company Goals

Clever Container Company is “dedicated to helping people take control of their lives (1) by providing high-quality, innovative and functional tools—along with practical techniques and useful information—for organizing the world around them and (2) by offering business opportunities to motivated individuals who share our belief that an organized environment can lead to a more productive, fulfilling life for each of us."

Clever Container Details / Review

Dominator Clothing

Active Wear
Dominator Clothing active wear, designed for superb fit and comfort, has been available through a retail store in Michigan since 2002. In September 2008 Dominator Clothing launched Dominator Clothing at Home to market its products through home parties with a generous Hostess rewards program. Dominator Clothing at Home’s clients enjoy the benefits of a personal shopper service through its Independent Consultants. Products are delivered directly to the client with a money back guarantee.

Dominator Clothing at Home’s consultants have the opportunity to earn income through retail profits on personal sales, as well as to expand their business and income by training others to be consultants.
Dominator Clothing Details / Review

Escape International, LLC

Telecomm, Web
From the company website: Escape International is a Network Marketing company founded by a talented individual with a tremendous bank of experience and integrity. Our founder, David A. Rutz, believed that a vehicle was needed in our industry that would truly offer an escape route for people all over the world.
Escape International, LLC Details / Review

It Works Global

Body Slimming, Skin Care, Supplements: It's Essential Bar, Estro-Rhythm, Ultimate BOdy Applicator 4 Pack, FIT Total Body Workout DVD, FITPack. Ultimate Applicator Cosmetic System
Founded in 2001, It Works Global offers beauty and wellness products through network marketing. The concept for It Works Global was created to provide professional quality beauty and wellness products to consumers at affordable prices.

It Works Distributors market body slimming products and the It Works botanically based skin care line through the companies marketing and compensation program.
It Works Global Details / Review

Krysalis Fit

Fitness Clothing and Gear

Krysalis Fit, which launched in 2011, offers women lightweight fitness gear, fitness education, and fitness clothing, sold by independent consultants at home parties.

At Krysalis Fit parties, consultants demonstrate how to use the company’s most popular fitness products and show guests quick and easy workouts they can do at home. Krysalis Fit party hosts earn merchandise credit, half-priced products and other incentives.

Krysalis Fit Details / Review


Beauty, Food, Jewelry and Fashion
For the last 20 years, Suzanne Sommers has been selling exercise equipment, sparkling jewelry, delicious food and gorgeous fashion on television. Her faithful audience tunes in each month to share the laughter and select incredible products to enhance their daily lives. When she was approached by one of the most successful direct sell teams in history, she knew the combination of their business acumen and my relationships with women could join forces to form a powerful team. This is how SUZANNE was founded.
Suzanne Details / Review

Total Life Changes (TLC)

Nutraburst Liquid Vitamins, Iaso Tea, Iaso Cafe, Iaso Gano, Iaso NRG, Iaso StrikeUp, Iaso Skin, Iaso Ojos; formerly sold Dr Millers Holy Tea
Total Life Changes is a privately held company founded in 1999. Total Life Changes markets nutritional and skin care products.

The vision of the Company is a focus on helping individuals achieve success with easy and affordable products and business building systems.

There is no sign-up fee to become a member of TLC. An Independent Business Owner’s first product order assigns them a rep number and entitles them to participate in the compensation plan.

Total Life Changes has a binary compensation plan. In order to qualify to earn commissions, TLC IBOs must make a monthly personal purchase of a qualifying product, and must have personally sponsored two IBOs that are currently active in each leg. Total Life Changes IBOs earn 50% commission on all customer orders with volume. The company also has a Fast Start Bonus that pays a 50% commission to the IBO on their personally sponsored rep’s first purchase with volume.

Total Life Changes (TLC) Details / Review


Nutritionals. Vi-PAK, Natura Bella Skincare
ViSalus Sciences, which launched in 2005, calls its Body by Vi Challenge the "original 90 day challenge." The company offers 3 unique Challenge themes each year and awards prizes such as trips, spa visits, shopping sprees and gift cards to champions and finalists in six categories.

Participants in the Body by Vi Challenge choose from five kits, each designed to address a specific nutritional or fitness goal. The core product in the kits is the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix along with flavor mix-ins. Some kits also include products to support metabolism, appetite suppression and energy. Anyone who participates in the Body by Vi Challenge can receive their product for free each month by sponsoring 3 or more people who purchase a kit of equivalent value.

ViSalus Sciences' Vi-Pak product line was created by Dr. Michael Siedman. Dr. Siedman serves as Director of Product Research and Development for ViSalus.
ViSalus Details / Review


Green Clean products, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, dish soap, toilet bowl cleaner, floor cleaner, all purpose, glass and stainless cleaner, Tile and Bath cleaner, Wood and Dust, and Fabric Pre-Wash
wowgreen International is a provider of green household cleaners that are distributed through independent distributors, with a direct sales commission to non-preferred customers ( an average of 20% ) based on the difference between the retail and wholesale price of the products. There is also a binary bonus of up to 20% of the Total Group Bonus Volume.

The wowgreen mission statement is to "free the world of toxic chemicals, one household at a time".

wowgreens products contain a proprietary blend of enzymes to achieve the company goal of a a safe, natural and effective cleaning solution for every household need.

wowgreen's products are also packaged in reusable containers and come in recyclable paper shipping containers.

The wowgreen website lists a calendar of education company events.

wowgreen Details / Review


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