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M Studio

M Studio has been in the jewelry business for 30 years. M Studio’s home party collection consists off 225+ pieces of jewelry fashioned from sterling silver, 14K gold, cultured pearls, resin, and steel.
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A.C.T. Energy Products
M2CGLOBAL formulates, develops, manufactures, and markets energy supplements.
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Koopuwa, MXp3
Maakoa offers a variety of products to promote health, fitness and personal care. Headquartered in OOrem, Utah the leadership team is led by CEO Bruce Davis.
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Maddy Moo Creations

Custom hangbags and accessories

Maddy Moo Creations is a direct sales company that gives customers the opportunity to custom desiign handbags and accessories from over 28 styles and 50 fabrics.
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Madison Handbags

Hand-Sewn Custom Handbags

Madison Handbags, founded in 2005, is a direct-selling, home party company offering custom-made hhandbags and accessories, hand-sewn to order at the company’s production facility in Troy, NY.
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Magnetic interchangeable jewelry

Magnabilities, based in Sumner, WA, is a home party company specializing in magnetic interchangeeable jewelry.
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Magnus Enterprises

cosmetics, nutritionals
Magnus Enterprises' mission is to be a pioneer in providing high-quality and effective nutrition suppplements and skincare products as a stepping stone to a better lifestyle while heightening respect for body, spirit, and well-being.
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Make Money Watching Ads

Leveraged business advertising and revenue share on advertising packs
Make Money While Watching Ads offers a proprietary system, that allows people from anywhere in the wworld to tap into the multi-billion dollar advertising industry.
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Party supplies,decorations, and personalized items
MakesParties.com is the Internet Division of Sherman Specialty Corp., a leading importer and provideer of party supplies since 1953.
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Mandura is a DBA of Solstice International Partners. Mandura offers a beverage containing ingredientts from the Durian fruit and the Mangosteen combined with Brazilian Acai berry and the North American Blueberry.
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From Mannatech website: Founded in 1994, Mannatech™ Incorporated is a publicly traded global wellnesss solutions company headquartered in Coppell, Texas.
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Market America

Market America - From company website: Market America, Inc. is a progressive and innovative product brokerage and internet marketing company and the nation’s preeminent advocate and implementer of One-to-One Marketing and Mass Customization.
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Market Day Gourmet

food and kitchen accessories
Market Day Gourmet offers a unique, versatile selection of foods and kitchen accessories sold exclussively through in-home parties.
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Marlo Quinn

Natural based products. Soy candles. Natural based bath, body and skin care products.
from the Marlo Quinn website: "Here at Marlo Quinn... our goal is to work closely with our consultannts to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their needs - whether it is supplemental income, hobby or a full time business.
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Marvalous Omega 3, Multi Vitamin, Winner Energy, Attract, Fiber Must
Marvalous markets an Omega 3 product derived from sage. According to Marvalous Online, Agro Sciencee Company purchased the rights to a protected patent in 2003, and the company Magnetika Interactive was established to sell the Omega 3 oil to businesses.
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Mary and Martha

Home products with inspirational messages

Mary & Martha, formerly known as Blessings Unlimited, is a home party company offering home and eentertaining products with inspirational messages.
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Mary Kay Cosmetics

Cosmetics, Personal Care, Mary Kay InTouch
Since 1963 The Mary Kay company has promoted products and a company directive encompassing skin caree, make-up, body products, fragrance, men’s products, social responsibility, research and development, and the institution and maintenance of The Mary Kay Foundation, a foundation dedicated to ending domestic abuse and women’s cancers, to women in over 35 markets worldwide.
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Masterpiece Investments

Lorenzo Ghiglieri sculpture.
Masterpiece Investments is the brain-child of Mark Ghiglieri, a self-made millionaire and entrepeneuur.
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Masters Miracle (The)

Cleansing Soaps and Products
From Company Website:
The body gets loaded down with toxins from the many foods we eat that have been sprayed with all kinds of poisons.
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Max International

MaxGCL nutrient formula
Max Internationals primary product is Max GXL ( Glutathione Accelerator ). Created by Robert H. Kelller, M.
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Nutritional products
MAXeGEN is committed to providing high-quality nutritional products to people who desire balance in their lives.
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Consumer goods and services, health care, dining, dental, travel
Maxous offers consumer benefits programs discounted through group buying power. Three tiers of savinngs program run 19.
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Mayberry America

Filtered ISP service
Mayberry America...A filtered internet service provider (ISP) that protects children from Porn on thhe internet.
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Mazu Global

Mazu Gold

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Megan's Pantry

Gourmet Foods
From the Megan's Pantry website:
Megan's Pantry was founded in Sandia Park, New Mexico, in 2001..
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Personal care, nutritionals, EcoSense cleaning products.
Melaleuca is a direct sales company that has been manufacturing health, home, and personal care prodducts since 1985.
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Membrell LLC, formed August of 2002, was created to market products from the patent technologies of
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Menage Innovations Inc

Gourmet Food, Nutritionals
The goal of Menage is to sell products that every family needs and to offer any family that wants too participate a quality home-based business opportunity.
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Metrin Life USA

skincare, health and wellness
From Metrin Website: For over 70 years, METRIN has provided quality Scientific Skin Care products tto women and men around the world.
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MiA Bath and Body

Paraben and SLS free personal care products.

MiA Bath & Body, founded in 2012 and based in Draper, Utah, is a home party/direct sales companyy offering personal care and home fragrance products that customers can customize with scent recipes they create themselves.
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Mia Bella Scent Sations

Mia Bella candles, Bella Bars, Body Wash.
Scent-Sations markets scented candles and personal care products through home-based network marketinng distribution.
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Mia Mariu

Cosmetics Products
Mia Mariu was founded in 2007 by Jeannie Price, whose vision was to build a company for women who waanted a contemporary and progressive way to make money.
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Versastyle interchangeable jewelry

Mialisia, which launched in July 2013, is a direct sales/home party company that specializes in iinterchangeable jewelry that can be converted into different looks and styles.
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Miche Bag

Customizable handbags with interchangeable covers

Miche Bag offers handbags with changeable covers through its network of Independent Representativves at home parties and online.
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Organic skin care, body and oral care, cosmetics and nutritionals

Miessence, formerly known as ONEgroup, is a multilevel marketing company based in Australia offerring a range of internationally certified organic products.
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Million Wishes

Million Wishes is a member of the Jones Apparel Group family, the company that owns Jones New York, Nine West, Anne Klein, Enzo Angiolini and more.
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Minerva Worldwide

Minerva Place

Minerva Worldwide, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, is a developing a website designed tto help members find information on weight loss and related content.
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[ Click for MIRACLE MAIL.COM Business Profile ]


Personal care, skin care and nutritionals.

MiVeda is a multi level marketing company that offers personal care and nutritional products thatt contain no ingredients that MiVeda considers to be harmful.
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MLM World News Today

MLM World News Today appears to no longer be active. the company was associated with eWorldNet, a maarketing division operated under the management of President Ronald C.
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MojaFiber, MojaCare, MojaWorks Nutrition Supplements, MojaLight

MojaWorks, based in Springville, UT, is a direct sales company founded in 2013 to develop and selll a line of chemical-free products for home and personal care.
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Flameless, wickless, waxless fragrance devices

MojiLife, headquartered in Lindon, Utah, markets a unique line of fragrance devices that provide scents like candles with wax, wicks or flames.
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DirectTV, Natural Gas, Clear 4G, Electricity, Commercial Energy

Momentis, headquartered in Dallas, is the marketing arm of Just Energy, a publicly-held energy coompany.
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Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company

Clean and long burning candles
Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Co was started in 2006. Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company set out to give the coonsumer what they wanted in a candl - clean and long burning, the entire candle melts, adds to the decor of your home.
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Monarch Health Sciences

From Monarch Health Sciences web page: The foundation of any successful home-based business starts wwith products.
[ Click for Monarch Health Sciences Business Profile ]

Monat Global

Monat Global Review and Profile under development.

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MonaVie Juice Blend
MonaVie was founded in January of 2005 by former Usana VP of sales, Monarch Health Sciences owner, aand Dynamic Essentials VP, Dallin Larsen.
[ Click for MonaVie Business Profile ]


Social Marketing, Online Shopping, Video Games, Entertainment.
Mondelis offers a combination of online social trends. The company provides Internet content such ass Social Marketing, Online Shopping, Video Games as part of their premium content package.
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Debt Management, Online Investment, Financial and Tax Counseling, Shopping, Legal Services
From the Moneylogic corporate website: At Moneylogic, our goal is to help you gain control over youur financial matters by helping you save money on the products and services you use most frequently, then showing you logical, effective ways to use your cash savings to achieve your financial goals.
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Financial education tools
From company website: Moneytalks™ is a Financial Education Company that utilizes the Internet, CDs, Seminars and Workshops to promote Financial Products and Services.
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Monitium Network
Monitium ( MONiteeum) claims their company is the latest innovation in multi-level marketing(MLM). According to their site, Monitium has been developed by top-earning networking gurus and industry leaders with a combined 300 years of MLM experience, but that Monitium is not just another MLM company.
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MOR Vacations

Travel Membership
MOR Vacations, established in the mid-1980s, markets a high-end executive lifestyle vacation membersship and has over 100,000 current members.
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Morgan Dane Designs

Sterling Silver Jewelry
Morgan Dane Designs, based in Wichita, Kansas, offers sterling silver jewelry through home parties. Consultants average over $60 per hour in commissions at home parties.
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John Wadsworth and Stephen Story developed TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and Tahitian Noni International.
[ Click for Morinda Business Profile ]

Morinda Bioactives

Beverages and nutritional supplements.

Morinda Bioactives, formerly known as Tahitian Noni International, is a multi-level marketing commpany that was the first to introduce the health benefits of the noni plant to the world outside of Tahiti.
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Motives Cosmetics

Motives Cosmetic Line

Motives Cosmetics, a Market America brand, sells a line of cosmetics and skin care through its neetwork of Consultants at home parties, online, and through catalogs.
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Motor Club of America

MCA Security, MCA Security Plus, MCA Total Security, MCA Total Security Gold, MCA Total Security Platinum

Motor Club of America ( MCA ) offers a roadside assistance program sold through direct sales channnels.
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Motor Latte

Motor Latte Gas System, Motor Latte Diesel System, Motor Latte Diesel Booster, Motor Latte Engine 12000 lubricant, Motor Latte Gas Booster
Motor Latte markets and distributes fuel additives and engine lubricants through a network of Indepeendent Business Affiliates.
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Movie Club Plus

movies, music, magazines, travel
Movie Club Plus provides members with access to movies, music, video games, magazines, and travel annd lodging with commissions back on purchases.
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MOXXOR antioxidant and omega-3
MOXXOR is a nutritional company with roots in New Zealand. Founded and wholly owned by Noel and Johnn Turner, the owners of Turner New Zealand, Inc and Turner Foods, the company plans to launch with their flagship product ( omega-3 and antioxidant ) to market through direct sales channels and distributors.
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MPB Today

Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service
MPB Today is a Pensacola based direct sales company acting as the marketing arm of Southeastern Deliivery, a grocery home delivery service.
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[ Click for MULTI PURE Business Profile ]

Muscle Dynamics Fitness Network

health, fitness and nutritionals

[ Click for Muscle Dynamics Fitness Network Business Profile ]

MXI Corp (Xocai)

MXI stands for Marketing Xocalate (Chocalate) International. According to MXI, the fastest growing ssegment in the health industry is the Functional Beverage Segment.
[ Click for MXI Corp (Xocai) Business Profile ]

My Harvest America

National Home Grocery Service, Loyalty Program
According to the My Harvest America website, My Harvest America was created 'literally on Fred's kittchen table'.
[ Click for My Harvest America Business Profile ]

My Lead Company

Network Marketinga and MLM Business Leads

MyLeadCompany.com sells leads to network marketers that they can use for their primary business, while giving them the opportunity to build a secondary income.
[ Click for My Lead Company Business Profile ]

My Power Mall

My Power Mall Online Shopping Mall
My Power Mall offers and online mall with hundreds of name brand stores. Members shopping in the My Power Mall site will earn shopping rebates on most purchases.
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My Precious Kid

Child Safety Products
Start up cost as is as low as $50. Products can be sold at retail, though home parties, fundraisers,, friends, family, businesses, schools, day care, scouts, moms groups, Safety Classes and more.
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My Shopping Genie

My Shopping Genie online shopping application
My Shopping Genie is a website where members can find bargains on everyday items. Run by MyNet Univverse, My Shopping Genie claims their online shopping product is not only a way to save on the things people buy, but a way to earn money as well.
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My Tax Man

financial services
My Tax Man closed after a preliminary injunction issued by the United States District Court, Middle District of Tennessee, was converted to a permanent injunction on August 25, 2004.
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My Travel Club USA

Access to Marriott Worldwide locations with up to 50% savings, discounted all-inclusive travel packages, and resort destination getaways
My Travel Club USA offers a travel club membership entitling the member to discounts on hotels, all--inclusive travel and resort destination accommodations.
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My Wireless Rep

Wireless Phones, Smart Phones, Calling Plans
My Wireless Rep is the online store for Lightyear Wireless, a new division of Lightyear Network Soluutions, LLC, which has provided communications services since 1993.
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Vacation packages

MyFunLIFE, founded in March 2013, is a privately held network marketing company based in Coeur d''Alene, Idaho.
[ Click for MyFunLIFE Business Profile ]


MyVideoTalk Video Email
MyVideoTalk is a division of Team Effort International. The primary product is MyVideotalk video emmail.
[ Click for MyVideoTalk Business Profile ]


Discount Membership Card
MyWorldPLUS offers a discount membership card offering savings at over 175,000 retailers worldwide wwith an online shopping platform that allows people to earn cash back at over 600 online stores.
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