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Daisy Blue Naturals

All Natural Personal Care Products
From Company Website: Daisy Blue Naturals is committed to providing natural alternatives in quality personal care products.
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Health and beauty products designed specifically for women.
Damajon is specifically marketed to appeal to a female customer base with products that are designedd to inspire, uplift, and celebrate the characteristics of women.
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Damsel in Defense

Personal defense products

Damsel in Defense, based in Meridian, Idaho, sells a line of self-defense products for women at hhome parties through its network of independent representatives, known as “Damsel Pros”.
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Darswinkle's Delights

Home Decorating and Gifts
From Company Website
Darswinkle's Delights provides its customers with a variety of quality Home Decorating and Gift Item merchandise at reasonable prices.
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DASH Minerals

Cosmetics and Gourmet Skin Care
DASH Minerals, a new party plan Mineral Cosmetic and all natural Skin Care company located in Salinaa, Kansas, provides natural mineral makeup.
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Dashyn Delights

Gourmet and Specialty Foods
Dashyn Delights offers a variety of gourment specialties and treats.
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David Oreck Candle Company

Candles and Accessories

The David Oreck Candle Company (DOCC) offers candles and accessories at home parties and online. All of the company’s candles are made in the USA with lead-free cotton or wooden wicks and natural vegetable blend waxes.
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Daxen Inc.

Dietary Supplements, Personal Care Products
Daxen International (DXN), founded in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, sells dietary supplements and personnal care products through independent distributors.
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Day 1

Body Allure, Dr. Max’s Raw Superfood Mix, Energy from Day 1, PetroMaxx Plus

Day 1 is a network marketing company helmed by Founder and CEO Mark Seyforth, with headquarters iin Miami, Florida.
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Deaxis markets t-shirts, spaghetti tops, baseball tees, sweat shirts and pants via direct sales.
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Debt Free America


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Debt Free Publising, Inc. / DBA: Debt Zapper


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Demarle at Home

Gourmet Cooking and Accessories
Demarle at Home is a French company, with headquaters and manufacturing plants located in Lille (norrth of France).
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Denali Health Sciences

Denali Blue and Denali Red
Denali Health Systems markets two primary products, Denali Blue and Denali Red, through network markketing distribution.
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Destinations Fashions

Destination Fashions and accessories
Destinations Fashions consultants market Destinations Fashions and earn a 25% to 40% commission on aall personal sales.
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Destiny 2000

Personal Care, Nutritional Supplements, Electronics, Household, Educational

Destiny-2000 Ltd. is a direct sales multi-level marketing company based in Bangladesh that was foounded in December 2000.
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Fire Safety
From company website: DeTech Firesense Technologies is a leader in the fight against the U.S. home-ffire epidemic.
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Diamond Cash Club

Gemstone Vouchers
Diamond Cash Club members sell Gemstone Vouchers which can be redeemed at the Diamond Cash Club apprroved online Gemstone Shopping Site.
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Diamond Club of America


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Diamond Depot


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DiamondCreek Candles

Fragranced jar and pillar candles, wax tarts, lamp oil, tea lights, soaps
DiamondCreek Candles offer traditional jar candles in various sizes, pillar candles, votives, warmerrs, tea lights, potpourri oil, wax, lamp fuel, soaps and soy candles.
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Direct Matches

Business and Social Networking
From the Direct Matches about us page: DirectMatches.com is an innovative system for meeting people..
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Discount Home Shopping Club (DHS)

ClubShop Shopping Mall
DHS (Discount Home Shopping Club) markets the ClubShop Online Shopping Mall as well as an internatioonal VIP Member Benefits center.
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Discovery Toys

Toys, Books, Educational Materials, Software
From Discovery Toys website: We've been offering families toys and games that lead to learning for oover 26 years.
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Diva Girl Party

Purses, jewelry and other fashion accessories.

Diva Girl Party, a division of Diva Girl Enterprises, offers flip flops, purses, jewelry and acceessories at home parties.
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DK Family Learning Educational Products


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Do You Bake

Hand-packed mixes for breads, scones, seasonings, dips, etc.

Do You Bake? markets an extensive line of 100% natural, hand-packed breads, scones, biscuits, broownies, seasonings and dip mixes.
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Doctors Wellness Solutions

VíaVienté an Anti-Oxidant Whole Food Puree.

Doctor’s Wellness is the marketing arm of the company known as ViaViente, which was established in 2003.
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Dominator Clothing

Active Wear
Dominator Clothing active wear, designed for superb fit and comfort, has been available through a reetail store in Michigan since 2002.
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clothing, fashion accessories
From Doncaster website: The Tanner Companies remain true to the entrepreneurial spirit of those who sell Doncaster and élana fashions, and dedicated to delivering beautiful, quality designs to our customers.
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DoTerra Earth Essence

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
DoTerra markets pure therapeutic grade essential oils through direct sales, offering representativess the opportunity to create a sustainable income stream by sharing the benefits of essential oils with other people.
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DOVE Chocolate at Home

DOVE Chocalate, Desserts, Treats and Giftables, Chocolate Making products, Beverages
DOVE launched this exclusive in-home tasting experience in February, 2007 and opened coast-to-coast May, 2008.
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Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Chocolate Home Parties

Dove Chocolate Discoveries, formerly Dove Chocolate at Home, was launched in 2007 by Mars, Inc., a global leader in chocolate.
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A.C.T. ( Advanced Cellular Technology) is a an energy drink (cans, packets or berry bars. A.C.T. uses natural ingredients, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives
DrinkACT is a web-based energy drink company founded in June 2005 by Paul Gravette and Mark McKnightt.
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DS Max USA, Inc.

From DS Max website: We add to our product mix everyday as new marketing inventory is added. Currenttly hundreds of high quality items, including irons, telephones, CD cases and accessories, watches, Pen sets, radios and really great bags, are available on our marketing site.
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Dubli.com, Dubli Network
DubLi.com is an online shopping and travel website that pays consumers Cashback on every purchase thhey make.
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Dudley Products

The Dudley line of more than 400 professional hair care products is sold only to cosmetologists and barbers.
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DWG International

Waterless Car Wash
From DWG International web page: DWG InternationalTM is the pioneer in waterless and water-saving teechnologies, the only company that manufactures and distributes the world famous Waterless Car Wash product, DRI WASH 'n GUARD®.
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Gandoderma beverages, personal care products

DXN, formerly Daxen International, was founded in 1993 in Malaysia and launched in the United Staates in 2002.
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Dynamic Essentials

Nutritional Supplement - Royal Tongan Limu
THIS COMPANY HAS CLOSED. ALL REP CONTRACTS TERMINATED AS OF JULY, 2003 From Company Website: DEI iss uniquely positioned to leverage its significant resources and experience to bring our distributors a new kind of network marketing opportunity.
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Dynamic Wealth


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Dynamite Marketing Inc.

Vitamin and mineral supplements for humans and animals
Dynamite Marketing, Inc. distributes vitamin and mineral supplements for humans and animals. Dynamiite products do not contain chemical preservatives and are formulated to provide maximum efficacy.
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Dynasty of Diamonds

Dynasty of Diamonds is a Moreland United Inc. company. From company website: Dynasty of Diamonds enjjoys a strong financial backing while remaining debt free.
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