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B & F System, Inc.

The B & F System, Inc. has offered hundreds of high quality items at wholesale prices since 1950. Thhe B & F System, Inc.
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Baby Splendor

Baby and Childcare products
Baby Splendor is a party plan company that offers a thoughtfully selected assortment of quality babyy gear, clothing, toys, nursery accessories and other essentials that help enhance the happiness and health of babies and simplify the lives of their parents.
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Balanced Living Company


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Fashion Jewelry
bamboopink is a new direct sales company headquartered in Irvine, California. Launched by JudeFrancees and co-founders Jude Steele and Francis Gadbois, the company offers affordable and versatile jewelry designs at prices starting at $29.
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Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books
Barefoot Books was founded in 1993 by inspired individuals abandoning the security of the corporate world to risk doing something they believed in.
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Mix and match charms, chains, baubles and bracelets

bcharmed is a home party plan company offering handcrafted silver charm jewelry. Each bcharmed ccharm is made to be mixed and matched with chains, baubles and bracelets to create custom pieces.
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Nutritional Supplements, Fitness Programs
Beachbody is a health and fitness company that got its start 11 years ago when its founder and curreent CEO, Carl Daikeler, began selling health and fitness products using telemarketing.
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Bead Retreat Ltd

Beads and Beading Products
From the Bead Retreat website: At Bead Retreat, our mission is to blend the creative art of bead dessign with friendship, while enriching the lives of others as they grow and develop their own successful Bead Retreat business.
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Cosmetics and personal care
BeautiControl is an international manufacturer and party-plan direct-sales company that provides an unlimited earnings opportunity for women to build successful businesses while enjoying the freedom to live balanced and rewarding lifestyles.
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Beauty Counselors

Complexion Kits, Make-Up, Vanda cosmetics collection.
Beauty Counselors is a privately owned, totally Canadian company which began selling high-quality skkin care, cosmetic, fragrance and personal care products in 1938.
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Beauty Society

Skincare, Makeup

Beauty Society is a party plan company that sells skincare and makeup through its network of indeependent representatives, called Divas.
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Skincare and weight management products

Become is a privately-owned beauty and wellness company headquartered in Australia, withh a rapidly growing presence in the United States.
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Beijo handbags and accessories

Beijo, founded in 2002, is a direct sales company that offers handbags and accessories exclusivelly through Independent Beijo Fashion Consultants, who showcase the line at home parties, shows and events.
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Bellamora Skin Care Line, Burn Cream
Bellamora International Group is a new company located in Tampa, Florida. Bellamora was founded by DDr.
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Decor candles, candle warmers and accessories

Bellaroma is a direct sales company based in Woods Cross, Utah that markets a line of décor candlles, candle warmers and accessories through its independent Consultants at home parties.
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Belly Buster Diet

Belly Buster Diet, Appetrim+, Protein Drinks, Protein Puddings, Protein Jello, Trim-N-Shape, HGH Complex, Vita Alert
Belly Buster Diet is an information and party plan based company that provides diet and weight loss products on a direct sales platform and describe themselves as a layered distribution organization.
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Benchmark USA


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Cookware, crystal, cleaning products, porcelain, kitchen accessories
Bessemer is an Australian company that has been in business since the 1960’s. Bessemer cookware prooducts are manufactured in their factory in Sydney and marketed throughout Australia by its distributors through a "party plan" system.
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Better Universe

Movies, Voice over IP, Virtual Office
Expanding upon their success with MovieClubPlus, founders Steve Gresham and Robert Bowen created Bettter Universe (BetterUniverse.
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Beyond Organic

Organic foods, water, probiotic chocolate, Amasai

Beyond Organic is a new company being launched by Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden for Life and iss scheduled to launch November 1, 2011.
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bHIP Energy
From the bHIP Corporate Website: "bHIP Global’s executive offices are based in Dallas, Texas. We allso have offices and facilities in St.
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Penny Auctions

Bidify is the marketing division of Bidsson, a global penny action site. Each bid in the auction is 1 penny more than the highest bid.
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XcelBids penny auctions, online store

BidXcel is a multilevel marketing company which is the marketing arm of XcelBids, an e-commerce ssite offering online penny auctions, strategic auctions, and an online store where bids can be used toward product purchases.
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Big Coop

Online Shopping Mall
BigCoop.com is an online shopping portal where members earn commission on purchases made online.
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Big Planet

Big Planet is a divisionof Nu Skin Enterprises
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Big Yellow Box by Crayola

crafting kits for the family
From Company Website: To inspire personal discovery and foster growth in ourselves, our families, annd our communities through bright business opportunities and unique products that bring people together in fun and meaningful ways.
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[ Click for BigSmart Business Profile ]

Billion Dollar Travel Network

Billion Dollar Travel is an internet based travel company located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Biltmore Inspirations

Home décor, wine accessories, artist-inspired products, and gourmet foods

Biltmore Inspirations, which launched in July 2011, is a home-based party plan business from Bilttmore, America’s largest home.
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Bimini Essentials

Bimini Inc markets the 1EZStop online shopping mall.
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Bio Water

Bio-Water markets a concentrate to be added to normal pure water used for drinking & cooking.
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Personal care, beverages, supplements

Bioceutica is a health and wellness company dedicated to promoting nutrition, weight loss, and peersonal care, as well as providing opportunity to those seeking success at any level.
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Biometics International

Bio Fuel, Aloe Plus, Get-Go-N Plus, Bio Immune, Flexi-Care Plus, Cal/Mag 100, Bio Nite, Daily Harmony, Body's Best, Pro-Fit Plus
Biometics International, a privately owned company based in Camarillo, California, sells liquid nutrritional products through Independent Distributors.
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MeridiumXN, Bio Wellness Strip, Xanthohumol, Wellness Index Test
BioNovix has a prelaunch event scheduled for January 12-14, 2007. BioNovix IBC's market MeridiumXN, a proprietary formulation of xanthohumol.
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Gas Pill
BioPerformance markets a gas pill. The BioPerformanc website states claims "The gas pills have the p
[ Click for BioPerformance Business Profile ]

BIOPRO Technology

BioPro Universal Chip, BioPro CellChip, BIOLife Pendent, BioNutratonic drink, BIOProduct Vegetable
From the BioPro webpage: BIOPRO Technology is an energy design company. By utilizing the fascinatingg field of Bioenergetics, our company’s mission of enhancing the overall quality of life worldwide is being realized.
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Bittersweet Candle

Candles and Candle Accessories, Reed Diffusers
Bittersweet Candle is a family owned direct sales company that hand crafts premium candles. Bitterswweet Candle employs a Team Level Marketing concept to distribute their products through Independent Sales Representatives.
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Biz Calling Cards
BizCallingCards offers business cards with free minutes. BizCallingCard reps or businesses give the cards away for free, and when the cards are used, the caller information is captured.
[ Click for BizCallingCards Business Profile ]


Biz Calling Cards
BizCallingCards offers business cards with free minutes. BizCallingCard reps or businesses give the cards away for free, and when the cards are used, the caller information is captured.
[ Click for BizCallingCards Business Profile ]


Golf Gaming CD and Online Downloads
BizzBuzz is also known as The Country Club ( TCC ).

BizzBuzz / The Country Club market Golf Gamiing CDs.
[ Click for BizzBuzz Business Profile ]

BlackBox Cosmetics

Cosmetics, Personal Care Products

BlackBox Cosmetics, based in Sarasota, Florida, is a direct sales skincare company founded in 20009 by a health professional searching for natural, non-toxic products.
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Blessed Hope Communications

Long Distance Services
Blessed Hope Communications offers low rate interstate long distance programs. Reps earn up to 16% on the long distance bills of those they refer for service.
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Faith based toys and gifts for children
From the company website: BlessedToys.com, a division of one2believe, is the home for the many workk at home individuals that are helping us to spread the word about our faith based toys and gifts.
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Blessings Unlimited

Message based home accessories, tableware, gifts

Blessings Unlimited was founded in 2006 by DaySpring Inc., a leading producer of Christian greetiing cards and gifts.
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Bodega Chocolates

Bodega Chocolates
Bodega Chocolates offers consultants an opportunity to participate in the Bodega Chocolates direct ssales program and become a "Friends, Family and Co-Workers" Consultant.
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BLD - High Definitiion Enzyme Probiotic Formula
DAILY - High Definition Multi-Vitamin, Mineral and Antioxidant
RADIANT - High Definition Skin, Hair and Nails
P3 - Heat Shock Proteins

BodHd, launched in March 2011, is a health and nutrition company based in Southern California. <

The BodHD product line includes BLD - an enzyme and probiotic supplement, Daily - a multi-vitamin, Radiant - a supplement for skin, hair and nails, and P3 - designed to help the body recover from physical and mental stress.
[ Click for BodHD Business Profile ]

Body Alive International

Body Alive was created in 2007 by David McCabe, Jim Livingstone and Tony Little. Body Alive is a commpany focused on health, wealth and freedom.
[ Click for Body Alive International Business Profile ]

Body Electric

Body Electric markets electrically formulated nutritional products.
[ Click for Body Electric Business Profile ]

Body FX Direct

Body FX Direct fitness program

Body FX Direct, in pre-launch as of April 2013, is the direct marketing arm of Body FX. Body FX pproduces high-intensity workout DVDs that have sold millions worldwide, as well as premium nutrition and weight loss supplements.
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Body Shop at Home

skincare and haircare
From company website: 25 years on, The Body Shop has built an impressive portfolio of over 1000 prodducts.
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Body Wise International

Body Wise International manufactures and sells nutritional products with a focus on health enhancemeent, weight management, cholesterol concerns and athletic performance.
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Bona Clara

Naturally based skin-care products

Bona Clara is a social selling beauty company based in Boston and founded in 2012 by an MIT-educaated chemical and biological engineer who previously launched a beauty brand online and reached over 200,000 customers in the first year.
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Bookwise is in pre-launch. From the Bookwise website: BookWise is a book club / network marketing coompany with a structure that is not only unique to both the book and network marketing industries, but takes the best from both worlds to help our associates build a library as well as a home business.
[ Click for BookWise Business Profile ]

Boresha Coffee

Boresha International, Inc. has positioned itself to deliver one of the most popular commodities in the world, coffee.
[ Click for Boresha Coffee Business Profile ]

BPI Worldwide

Bio Petro Improver
BPI Worldwide markets a fuel product called Bio Petro Improver. BPI Worldwide was formerly marketingg products under the name BioPerformance.
[ Click for BPI Worldwide Business Profile ]

Brain Abundance

Brain Abundance Supplement

Brain Abundance, launching January 15, 2014, is a multilevel marketing company offering dietary ssupplements formulated to support healthy brain performance.
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Brain Garden

Whole Foods
From company website: Brain Garden was started in 1997. We passionately believe in the remarkable buut nearly forgotten benefits of basic whole foods as alternatives to the fast and processed foods - filled with synthetics, additives and toxins - that we eat in ever larger quantities.
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Bridal Accents, Ltd.

Company appears to be closed. Bridal Accents website is no longer active.
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Bright Minds

Educational products to develop critical thinking for better children's grades
Bright Minds is a division of The Critical Thinking Co., a family-run business started by John Bakerr over 25 years ago and now run by his son Michael.
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Brite Music Inc.

Children's Music and DVDs
Brite Music, Inc. was created in 1978 by Janeen Brady, a well-known writer of children’s music. Thee company distributes its products through independent representatives with a multilevel compensation plan.
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Broad Point Communications


[ Click for Broad Point Communications Business Profile ]

Brown Bag Party

Adult romance products.
Brown Bag Party offers romance home-parties through a network of Independent Representatives throughhout the United States.
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Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board offers access to a home business directory.
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Digital Music, BurnLounge Next Generation Music Retailer
BurnLounge is a replicated digital music store. Each operator's music store has the same look and feeel, and all carry the BurnLounge brand.
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Buzzirk Mobile Plan
Buzzirk Mobile offers enhanced communications services consisting of VoIP betweek Buzzirk users and an interface to traditional fixed-line and mobile telephones.
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