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J Lynn Designs

Handbags with interchangeable organizers
J Lynn Designs offers a handbag system that allows you to change instantly from one bag to another. Essentials are organized in the J Lynn organizer, and the organizer can be slid into any J Lynn handbag.
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Jafra Cosmetics International

From Jafra Cosmetics website: Jafra Cosmetics International is a worldwide leader in the skin care aand beauty industry, with an international network of nearly 400,000 women in 22 countries.
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Jamberry Nails

Nail wraps and accessories

Jamberry Nails is a direct selling, party plan company launched in January 2012. Jamberry Nails wwas founded by three sisters who wanted a more cost-effective and easier way to accessorize their nails without using nail polish.
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Online Music Service
The Janglefish mission is simple. It is our goal to provide our subscribers with the most comprehenssive collection of digital music on the Internet while providing regular, everyday people with the opportunity to earn serious cash from their own home.
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Brewed, ready to drink (RTD), and single serve functional gourmet coffee. JavaFit produces varieties of coffee targeting the diet category, Diet Plus 62, Energy Extreme 62, Focus Plus Multi-Vitamin, Immune Plus Multi-Vitamin and Gourmet Original Roast.
JavaFit was founded in 2003 by Scott Pumper, current company President, and Jose Antonio, a sports nnutrition scientist who developed the formula for the coffee.
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Javita coffee blend and beverages
With a scheduled launch date of June 1st, 2011, Javita began a viral marketing and social media camppaign under the title “Reserve Your Cup” in April, 2011.
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Jerky Direct

Jerky Direct offers handmade beef jerky from their USDA certified smokehouse. Jerky Direct online store owners may purhcase products at wholesale. A 20% commission is paid on all sales generated through the member's web storefront.
Jerky Direct offers handmade beef jerky from their USDA certified smokehouse. Jerky Direct online sttore owners may purhcase products at wholesale.
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Jeunesse Global

Cellular Rejuvination Serum, Daily Moisturizing Complex, Reserve

Jeunesse Global, a privately-owned company based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, markets anti-aginng skincare and nutritional products.
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Jeunique International

cosmetics, jewelry, nutritionals and skincare

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Jewel Kade by Thirty-One

Hi quality pewter jewelry.
Jewel Kade launched in 2008, and the company has been manufacturing quality jewelry, charmware, pewtter frames, hand-cut glass, high-caliber embellishments and intriguing artwork.
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Jewelry in Candles

Soy wax candles with surprise jewelry inside

Jewelry In Candles is a direct sales company offering a line of scented candles, each of which coontains a ring, necklace, or pair of earrings worth between $10 and several thousand dollars.
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Jewels by Park Lane

Fashion Jewelery by Park Lane
Jewels by Park Lane has been around since 1955, and is a well known producer of hand-crafted jewelrry sold at home parties, person-to-person, fundraiser's and online catalogues.
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nutritional products: JGO full spectrum antioxidant, OPC Extreme
JGO markets a line of nutritionals. Founded by Shawn Wheeland, and his 'Master Mind' team, their corrporate site states that "JGO will be the hottest company in Network Marketing in one year".
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Jillian Chase

Jillian Chase is a direct selling company that specializes in personalized crystal available onlyy through its Independent Consultants at home parties, other venues, or via their personalized website.
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Jockey Person to Person

Jockey International Products

Jockey Person to Person is a division of Jockey International, offering an exclusive line of clotthing and accessories through its network of independent Comfort Specialist consultants online and at home parties.
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From company website: Joielle offers an exquisite collection of fine jewelry! Family owned with overr 50 years of experience, the Joielle collection consists of over 400 fine jewelry pieces handcrafted in .
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Hand Crafted jewelry, hand bags and accessories
Jolica markets artfully handcrafted jewelry and accessories from around the world. The Jolica handcrrafted items are unique, and the Jolica Foundation designated 5% of the total sale to meet the needs of artisans and their communities.
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Jordan Essentials

Bath, Body and Spa Products
Jordan Essentials is on a mission to bring the highest quality products and spa experience to homes all across America.
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JS Homestyle

Home Decor Products.
JS HomeStyle is a direct sales company dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place – one rooom at a time, one home at a time.
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Revenue Sharing Consumer Portal, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Energy, Vitality, Shopping Rewards, Travel Savings Portal

JubiRev is a new company in pre-launch that promotes itself as an revenue sharing business that ooperates a consumer savings portal under the brand “JubiMax”.
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Juice PLUS

Juice Plus
Juice Plus is a division of NSA ( National Safety Associates ). NSA launched the Juice Plus divisionn in 1993 as a nutritional supplement, expanding on their existing air filter, water filter, and educational product lines.
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Interchangeable Jewelry System

JuJuBelle is a party plan company launched in 2010 that specializes in an interchangeable jewelryy system.
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Jus International

Jus Drink
Jus International is headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. The flagship product, Jus, is offered at a prrice that the Jus International site states is less than traditional retail, yet with a compensation plan that works for the networking novice and experienced marketers as well.
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Just a Little Naughty

Adult novelty products

Just a Little Naughty, founded in 2003, is a party plan company that sells bath & body products, lingerie and leather clothing, and romance enhancing accessories.
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Just Add Guests

food and appetizers
Just Add Guests provides frozen foods and appetizers.
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Just Ducky Originals

Original and custom clothing for kids
Just Ducky's custom collection of children’s clothing is available exclusively through home shows. Just Ducky allows customers to choose any of nearly 30 garment styles, order them in any of approximately 25 seasonal fabrics, and add embroideries or monograms.
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Just Jewelry


Just Jewelry, founded in 2002 and based in Springboro, OH, is a direct sales company that offers affordable jewelry through home shows, events, fundraisers and catalog parties.
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Jusuru International is headquartered in Anaheim, California. Launched with a simple concept - to deeliever an effective and unique product backed by patented and scientific research, that the company believes is so effective it will sell itself while allowing its Independent Representatives to earn income.
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Tech, Nutritionals, Personal Care
From Juvio website: Juvio’s ETS™ was created to empower and to enrich everyone joining the Juvio fammily.
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