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Handmade Austrian Jewelry

Sabika is a direct sales company that sells handmade Austrian crystal jewelry at home parties andd through its consultants.
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Opt In MLM Leads, Network Marketing Leads, Home Based Business Leads
SafeLeads is a division of Npros.com focused on matching people seeking information on home based buusiness with reps and companies marketing home based business opportunities.
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Saladmaster, Inc (division of Regal Ware)

Saladmaster is a division of Regal Ware, Inc.
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Salu International

Vital resV, Vital-Flex
Salu International is a company based out of Newnan GA. that produces health products which utilize a blend of several seed and berry extracts.
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Sanki Global

BelAge, Kronuit, Krono Wellness System

Sanki Global is a multilevel marketing company that distributes a line of supplements based on Jaapanese health and wellness technologies.
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Sarah Coventry

Jewelry and Accessories
The Sarah Coventry product lines consist of Fashion Jewelry, Sterling Silver, 10 & 14 Karat Gold, Goold-Filled.
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Savings Highway

Discount Services

Savings Highway partners with service providers in multiple industries to create volume buying diiscounts for its Members and Representatives.
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Savory Naturals

Fine loose tea, whole bean coffee products and accessories
Savory Naturals is a direct sales and marketing company dedicated to the safe, ethical and fair proccurement of the worlds' best tea, coffee and accessories.
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Scent Sations

Mia Bella candles, Bella Bars, Body Wash.
Scent-Sations markets scented candles and personal care products through home-based network marketinng distribution.
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Wickless Candles

Scent-Lit is a direct sales company based in Yorktown, VA, that offers a line of wickless candless through a home party format.
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Scentsy Candles, Scentsy Bars, Scentsy Warmers, Room Sprays and Car Candles. The Scentsy product line consist of chunks of scented candle wax, and an electric candle warmer unit to melt them. Scentsy offers 75 unique candle warmers, and a wide variety of scent categories, including Bakery, Romance, Fall and Winter, among others, and scents ranging from Taj Majal, to Sticky Cinnamon Bun.
Founded in 2004, Scentsy Fragrance ( formerly Scentsy ) is a company based in Meridian, Idaho that pproduces The Scentsy Wickless Candle, a home product designed to melt scented wax bars in order to produce various aromas.
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Scentsy Family

Home products under three brands - Scentsy Fragrance, Velata and Grace Adele

Scentsy Family is the new name for the parent company of three home party/direct sales brands: Scentsy Fragrance ( formerly Scentsy ), Velata, and Grace Adele.
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Sea Alive

The Sea Alive website promoted the company and its product product distribution as an opportunity too capitals in teh growing trend of the wellness industry.
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According to the SeaAloe website, SeaAloe began operation January 2007 and holds an exclusive arranggement to manafacture and sell a proprietary liquid whole food nutritional product.
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Seasation Activator, Seasation Replenisher, Seabiotics Take Five Now, Neurofactor for Children and Seniors, Alkyl Transfactor
Seabiotics markets wellness supplements which are manufactured and bottled in a pharmaceutically-liccensed facility in Norway.
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Seaborne, LLC

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SeAcai is a division of Total Life Changes. From the SeAcai website: Total Life Changes is a privateely held company led by two industry experts with over 20 years of combined experience.
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Seacret Direct

Seacret Skin Care Line

Seacret Direct, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Phoenix, offers a variety of skincare produccts containing Dead Sea minerals.
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Seasilver USA

From Company Website: Seasilver® is a whole food (plant-based) nutritional supplement with a proprieetary formula of ingredients and proprietary processing techniques.
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Secure America

Home Alarms
Company is closed.
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[ Click for SECURE INDEPENDENCE Business Profile ]

Self Indulgence

Beauty and Body Care
From Self Indulgence website: "Our mission is to teach others how to enhance their lives by investinng as little as 20 minutes a day on themselves.
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Send Out Cards

Custom Greeting Cards
From Send Out Cards company site: "You can send a printed greeting card with your message, and do itt in Less than 60 Seconds.
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SeneGence International

Cosmetics - long lasting, smear proof
From the corporate web page: SeneGence™ is committed to providing unique, high-quality personal caree products to a worldwide population through the development and support of a global, independent sales network.
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Sensaria Natural Bodycare LLC

Spa products, botanicals
Sensaria is dedicated to the business of promoting nurturing rituals through the use of natural prodducts.
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Coffees, Teas, Nutritional Supplements, G-Drops, G-Bands

SereniGy, based in Miami, Florida, is a direct sales company specializing in products that contaiin Ganoderma Lucidum, an herb which is purported to have anti-aging and energizing properties.
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Seriesse International

A Essentials, C Essentials, Olive Oil Essentials, Calstrum Essentials, Continuously Clear, Skin Supplements
From the company website: Seriesse International is a brand new company that has a rich product hisstory and an exciting new marketing opportunity for you.
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Beauty products, scrubs, lotions and cleansers

Seriluna is a direct sales company offering spa products and loungewear at home parties and onlinne.
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Setting Traditions

Decorative serving pieces and accessories
Setting Traditions offers decorative all-occasion serving pieces that can be re-decorated to fit a vvariety of themes, occasions and moods.
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SafetyNet Service

Sevarus, based in Grand Bay, AL, launched in August, 2011. The Sevarus primary product is their SSafetyNet Service, a GPS locating system for family members, pets, vehicles and valuables.
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Alkaline balanced nutritional products

SevenPoint2, launched in October 2011 and based in Newport Beach, California, offers a line of nuutritional supplements designed to help maintain an inner pH of 7.
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Shades of Color

Calendars, Figurines, Note Cards, Planners, Notepads, Magnets, Address Books
Shades of Color's new marketing initiative combines direct sales and fundraising to attract both miccro-entrepreneurs and non-profits.
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Shaklee Corporation

Home Care, Nutrition, Personal Care

For 50 years, Shaklee Corporation has been leading the way in natural health products and sustainnable business practices.
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Share the Wealth

[ Click for Share the Wealth Business Profile ]

Shop To Earn

Online Shopping Portal
According to the ShoptoEarn.net website, the goal of Shop to Earn is to empower people to choose a llifestyle of better health and increased wealth.
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Shoppers Central

Online Shopping Mall
Shoppers Central offers an online shopping mall to members. Members may pay a $49.00 fee plus $29.955 a month to maintain their online shopping mall and participate in the commission program.
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Shopping Sherlock

Shopping Sherlock App

Shopping Sherlock, formerly My Shopping Genie, offers a web app that works with all major search engines to “cut through the clutter” on the Internet and help users find the best deals.
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ShopWurld online shopping portal
ShopWurld is an internet mall that gives members the ability to earn a portion of the revenue generaated when other people shop online.
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Gourmet Food
ShrimpUSA offers distributors the opportunity to promote and receive free shrimp, beef, and other goourmet food for life.
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Pet Products
Founded in 2002 by Andrew Shure, Shure Pets is based in Chicago, IL. The Shure Pets product line is available exclusively via their network of independent Pet Consultants; they cannot be purchased at stores anywhere.
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Signature Homestyles

Home Decor and Organizing Products
Madolyn Johnson founded Signature Homestyles in 1971 with a vision to offer women the opportunity too build fulfilling careers while maintaining personal and family priorities.
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Silpada Designs

Silpada Designs' Co-founders started the company in 1997 after six years of personally selling jewellry at parties.
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[ Click for SILVER BUYERS CLUB (THE) Business Profile ]

Simple Beauty Minerals

Skincare, cosmetics and accessories

Simple Beauty Minerals, founded in 2009 and based in San Francisco, sells a line of mineral makeeup and botanically based, organic skincare products.
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Nutritionals, Personal Care
Simplexity was formerly CellTech.
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Simply Said

Customized vinyl wall designs and decals

Simply Said, based in Rock Rapids, IA, offers customized vinyl wall designs, car decals, iron-on designs, and gifts at home parties and online.
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Simply You

Handcrafted Jewelry.

Simply You, which opened for business in January 2011, offers an exclusive line of jewelry througgh its network of independent Jewelry Advisors.
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Interactive Educational Games
SimplyFun, headquartered in Bellevue Washington, produces interactive and educational games designedd to help children develop math, science and communication skills and express creativity while learning to collaborate with others.
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SISEL International

Liquid Nutritionals, Nutritional Supplements, Hair Care, Anti-Aging, Skin Care
SISEL is founded by Tom Mower and operated by his sons Tom Mower Jr ( CEO ) and Darick Mower ( Presiident ).
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Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

Sistaco is a home party jewelry and accessory company founded in 2011 in Australia, with the goall of offering unique designs that are affordable to all.
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SiteTalk Community

SiteTalk, an OPN company, is a free social network that gives its members access to a variety of products and services and rewards members for recommending new members to the SiteTalk community.
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Skinny Body Care

Skinny Fiber

Skinny Body Care, a privately-owned company, was launched in January 2011.

Skinny Boddy Care’s flagship product is Skinny Fiber.
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The FTC filed for an injunction against SkyBiz.com, World Service Corporation, and James S. Brown, EElias F.
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SlimLife Inc. is a direct sales company founded in 2011 that markets weight loss supplements throough independent sales reps throughout the United States.
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Slumber Parties

Adult Products
Slumber Parties has received much media attention for their innovative adult home party format. Passsion Parties distributors may start with kits ranging in price from $250 to $1000 dollars.
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Smart Media Technologies

Home Page Pays browser add-on.

Smart Media Technologies is a network marketing company offering a free web browser add-on calledd Home Page Pays.
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Internet Mall Portal

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SmartTravel has folded. From the SmartTravel.com webpage:
Smart Travel has unfortunately closed its doors and has sold their assets to Travelworks International.
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Crispy Fruit, LoliBars, Zing! (sugar free energy), Mini Pretzels, and Popcorn.
SnackHealthy, Inc, is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Founded in the fall of 2010, SnnackHealthy's primary product line is healthy snacks with a goal of offering health to the body, and a mission to achieve a balance in mind, body and spirit.
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Nationwide phone, text and data

Solavei, scheduled to launch in September 2012, is a multilevel marketing company offering a sociial media platform and mobile application that provides contract-free mobile service and pays consumers for adding new members.
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Solutions Immunity Enhancement

CS Ultra, CS Plus, Artisan Formulas, nutritionals and supplements
From the Solutions IE website: "SOLUTIONS Immunity Enhancement® is a cutting edge, revolutionary nuttritional company responsible for bringing scientifically advanced formulas to the forefront of the supplement world.
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SomaLife International

gHP Sport, gHP Youth Formula, ProVit Xcell, IQ150, SomaPet
Somalife International is an international health and wellness nutrition company with headquarters iin British Columbia and a US office in Bellingham, Washington.
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Natural and botanically based beauty and wellness products
SOULPURPOSE is a direct selling company that sells natural and botanically based beauty and wellnesss products.
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Sound Cafe

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[ Click for SOUND TRAVELS (div SOUNDS EXCITING) Business Profile ]

South Hill Designs

Customer designed jewelry

South Hill Designs is a home parties company that specializes in individualized jewelry. Represenntatives, or Artists, bring all of the necessary supplies for guests to create their own jewelry items.
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[ Click for SOUTHERN HERITAGE, INC. Business Profile ]

Southern Living at Home

Home and Decorative
See the pages of Southern Living magazine come to life, and make your home a masterpiece for everyonne to enjoy.
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Southwestern Company (THE)


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Scented and colored soybean wax candles made from two types of soybeans and botanical oils. Also carry soy soap, room sprays and electric tart melters.
Soylicious describes itself as an Eco friendly company that manufactures and sells soybean wax candlles made from renewable resources and recyclable glass container holders.
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Nutritional products and beverages.

SoZo, founded in 2009 and based in Henderson, Nevada, markets products based on CoffeeBerry, the berry that grows on coffee plants.
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Spa Destinations

Spa Products
Spa Destinations products are sold at home parties. From the Spa Destinations website: Spa Destinaations has created an entirely new category in personal care…The In Home Spa Experience.
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Spa Girl Parties Inc.

Spa-At-Home Kits, relaxation products, pedicure/manicure products, candles
Spa Girl Parties offers customers a fun pampering and shopping experience by offering unique home-sppa products.
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Spa Sensations Ltd.

Spa Basics, Massage Oils, Anti-Aging Prescription, Candles, Gift Baskets
Spa Sensations Ltd. was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Spa Sensations prooducts are sold by independent Consultants, who offer them to consumers via home parties, corporate events, one-on-one consultations, brochures and organized public and private events.
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SponsorDaddy marketing program
SponsorDaddy is a marketing system. There is a $199.00 set up fee for an automated system that is deesigned to provide leads and an autoresponder for home based business.
[ Click for SponsorDaddy Business Profile ]

Sportron International


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[ Click for SPORTSNUTS.COM Business Profile ]

Spread the Word Ministries

Online Christian Bookstore
Spread The Word (STW) provides a source of funding and income for all Christian churches, ministriess and families regardless of denomination through the ownership of an online Christian bookstore.
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[ Click for SPRINGBOARD Business Profile ]



[ Click for SPRINGWELLNESS Business Profile ]

SPX Nutrition

Nutritional Supplements and Weight Loss Products

Headquartered in West Valley City, Utah, and helmed by CEO Rick Wall, SPX Nutrition offers nutrittional supplements and weight management products manufactured in their state-of-the-art FDA regulated facility.
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Stacy McBride Collections

Stacy McBride jewelry and accessories

Stacy McBride Collections is a direct sales, party plan company that offers jewelry and accessoriies through a network of independent consultants.
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Stampin' Up

rubber stamps, scrapbooking
For over 20 years, Stampin' Up! has offered an exclusive line of decorative stamp sets and accessoriies for home decor, greeting cards, craft projects and scrapbooking.
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Stanley Home Products

homecare, skincare, personal care
From company website: In 1931, Stanley Home Products (SHP) was founded by Frank Stanley Beveridge annd Catherine O'Brien in Westfield, Massachusetts.
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[ Click for STARLIGHT INTERNATIONAL Business Profile ]



[ Click for STEAK BUYERS CLUB Business Profile ]

Steel My Heart

Personalized metal gifts – keychains, bracelets, cups, belt buckles, rings, etc
Steel My Heart offers a wide range of personalization. Steel My Heart provides a fun way to design aand personalize products.
[ Click for Steel My Heart Business Profile ]

Steeped Tea

Loose leaf teas and related accessories

Steeped Tea is a direct sales company offering loose leaf tea and accessories at home parties. Stteeped Tea was created after its founder had some delicious tea while on vacation and began sharing loose leaf tea with friends and family when she returned home.
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Stella n Dot

Stell & Dot was formerly known as Luxe Jewels. Stell & Dot jewelry is hand crafted, one-of-a-kind ddesigns made of materials such as semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14kt gold-fill.
[ Click for Stella n Dot Business Profile ]


StemEnhance botanical extract
StemTech Health was founded in 2005. StemTech markets a phytoceutical dietary supplement called StemmEnhance.
[ Click for StemTech Business Profile ]

Sterling Bay

Sterling Bay, LLC markets jewelry.
[ Click for Sterling Bay Business Profile ]


Stiforp is a network marketing company that provides a set of MLM business-building tools. Stifoorp’s internet marketing tools include lead capture pages, flash movies, video spokesmodels that can be added to capture pages, auto-responders, contact managers, traffic rotators and conference bridges.
[ Click for Stiforp Business Profile ]

Story Time Felts

Educational Felt Learning Products
At Story Time Felts, they believe that "Story Time is Together Time". The fundamental concepts of SStory Time Felts is that Quality together time between an adult and a child creates an optimal learning environment, and that the more senses incorporated into the learning process, the more knowledge the child will retain.
[ Click for Story Time Felts Business Profile ]


[ Click for Stoxrus Business Profile ]

Stream Cosmetics

Airbrush Cosmetics

Stream Cosmetics is a direct sales company offering a complete line of color airbrush cosmetics ffor the face and body, as well as a complete line of spa quality airbrush tanning products.
[ Click for Stream Cosmetics Business Profile ]

Stream Energy

Deregulated energy products.
Stream (Stream Energy, Ignite Energy) was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs Rob Snyder and Pierre Kosshakji.
[ Click for Stream Energy Business Profile ]

Strong Future International

Retail products
SFI is a division of Carson Services, Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska USA. Founded in 1985,, Carson Services has a long track record in the publishing and network-marketing industries.
[ Click for Strong Future International Business Profile ]

Stuff A Friend

Stuffed Animal Home Parties
Stuff A Friend is a home party company marketing personalized stuffed animals for birthday parties aand fundraisers.
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[ Click for SUCCESS MOTIVATION INSTITUTE Business Profile ]

Success University

Personal Success Tools and Education
From Success University web page: Success University™ was formed by the collaboration of works from more than 50 of the world’s top authors, speakers, and educators from the discipline of personal achievement including Brian Tracey, Jay Abraham, Cynthia Kersey, Jim Cathcart, Les Brown, Jeffery Combs, Robert Allen, Tony Alessandra and many others who have collectively helped millions of people achieve success.
[ Click for Success University Business Profile ]

Sunrider International

cosmetics, personal care, nutritionals
From company website: We are a debt-free company with over 22 years of success in the health and foood industry.
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[ Click for SUNRISE DIRECT Business Profile ]

Sunset Gourmet Food Company

Gourmet Food
Sunset Gourmet Food Company offers easy to prepare gourmet food items. Sunset Gourmet taste testingg parties are the perfect way for consumers to get together with their family and friends and sample delicious food.
[ Click for Sunset Gourmet Food Company Business Profile ]

Superior Business Network ( SBN )

Local Online Advertising
SBN ( Superior Business Network ) is a referral advertising network.
[ Click for Superior Business Network ( SBN ) Business Profile ]



[ Click for SUPERLIFE Business Profile ]



[ Click for SUPRA/LIFE SOARING EAGLE VENTURES, INC. Business Profile ]


[ Click for Surfing2Cash Business Profile ]


Beauty, Food, Jewelry and Fashion
For the last 20 years, Suzanne Sommers has been selling exercise equipment, sparkling jewelry, deliccious food and gorgeous fashion on television.
[ Click for Suzanne Business Profile ]

Sweet Berry Designs

Soy Candles
The Sweet Berry Designs business opportunity lets Hostesses participate in the direct sales of Soy ccandles and bath & body products.
[ Click for Sweet Berry Designs Business Profile ]

Sweet Dream Girlz

All natural paraben-free skin care products

Sweet Dream Girlz was founded in 2010 by two sisters who were disappointed that they could not fiind natural beauty products for tweens and teens.
[ Click for Sweet Dream Girlz Business Profile ]

Sweet Prairie Soap Company

Homemade Candles, Bath and Body Products
From the company website:
Sweet Prairie Soap Co. Offers the finest in homemade and hand poured ccandles and soap, as well as a full array of bath and body products.
[ Click for Sweet Prairie Soap Company Business Profile ]

Swiss Colony Occasions

Home Decor, Serving Pieces, Foods
Family-owned and operated, Swiss Colony Occasions is located in Monroe, a small town in Southern Wissconsin.
[ Click for Swiss Colony Occasions Business Profile ]

SwissJust Corporation

Aromatherapy, Personal Care

[ Click for SwissJust Corporation Business Profile ]

Symmetry Corporation


[ Click for Symmetry Corporation Business Profile ]


Synaura International is a new company founded by Dan Maltais. Synaura's primari product is Avia, a beverage / liquid supplement containing a blend from the juice, skin and seed of the Maqui berry.
[ Click for Synaura Business Profile ]

Synergy Worldwide

Personal Care and Nutritionals
From Company Website: "Synergy WorldWide has traveled the world to find the most wholesome ingrediennts to incorporate into their premier formulations.
[ Click for Synergy Worldwide Business Profile ]

Syntec Nutraceuticals

SynBio, SynBio-X, SynCell, SynGevity, SynOPC, SynOPC-X, SynOmega, SynPhyto-K, SynVita, BoneCare, CardioCare, DigestiveCare, JointCare, VisionCare
Syntec ( Syntec, Inc / Syntec Worldwide / Syntec Nutraceuticals ) offers a line of Nutraceuticals thhat contain antioxidants that the company claims offer protection against free radicals, and nutritionally enhanced micro nutrients.
[ Click for Syntec Nutraceuticals Business Profile ]

Syntek Global

Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 fuel additive
Syntek Global’s Engine Boost 2.0 has been used for over 15 years in the industrial industry. This prroduct has been designed to provide increased gas mileage, prolonged engine life, and reduced emissions in your vehicle, and this is the first time it is being delivered to the public.
[ Click for Syntek Global Business Profile ]


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