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Designer clothing, jewelry and accessories

Founded by Carol Anderson, a former designer for Nordstrom, cabi is a home party company focused on exploring style and ideas in a relaxed home environment.
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Clothing designed by Carol Anderson
CAbi (Carol Anderson by Invitation) is a direct sales company based in Rancho Dominguez, California..
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Cajun Country Candies

Cajun Country Candies started as a small retail shop in a Louisiana mall where we sold candies made from family recipes that had been passed down from one generation to the next.
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Cal Nutrasciences

Weight loss, vitamins and liquid products designed to target the core area of the body for nutrition and weight loss. Core 4, nutrient fusion promoting healthy weight loss through calorie control, lean tissue health, detox cleansing and metabolic boost.
Cal Nutriscience founders decided to focus on an innovative weight loss nutrition program and produccts to design a company and reward-focused pay plan for their business.
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Call the Planet ( CTP )

Voice over Internet
Call the Planet markets VoIP. Members pay a one time fee for a software or hardware adaptor to accesss the CTP network.
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Calls for Kidz

Company appears to have closed. Website is no longer active.
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The Cambridge (Food for Life) Story:

The Cambridge Diet
In 1970, Alan Howard, Ph.D. annd a distinguished team of research nutritionists and medical doctors at Cambridge University in England, wrestled with the problem of obesity.
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CandleWealth International

Soy candles
CandleWealth International has created a home-based business opportunity that allows people to take part in the shift from the old polluting paraffin based candles to the new clean burning candle of the future.
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CarbonCopyPRO Automated Marketing System
Carbon Copy Pro is an automated marketing system developed to promote Wealth Masters International. Founded by Jay Kubessek, the program was launched in 2007 as an Internet based lead generation system.
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Care Entrée

From the Care Entrée About Us Page: Care Entrée provides cost-effective medical savings programs forr everyone.
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Carico International

Air Filters, Home Products
Carico International markets a variety of products including: Air Purifiers, Household Items, Water
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Carolina Fine Cookies


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Cash Card Worldwide

Independent Travel Agent Program
Cash Card Worldwide offers an independent travel agent portal.
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Cash Texts

SMS Marketing

Cash Texts is currently in pre-launch. The website has very little information at this time but states that the company expects to have a FAQ and video on the site soon.
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Cash Unite

Peer-toPeer Social Revenue Share System

Cash Unite has announced their official launch date of October 14th, 2013.

Cash Unite usess the most advanced technologies available to create a fast and easy way for people to connect with others all over the world and earn money doing it.
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CDBN ( Consumers Direct Buyers Network ) markets a private membership buyers club that offers variouus products including power cookies, power bars, and discount prescription medications.
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Celadon Road

Green and Eco-Friendly personal care and household products.
Celadon Road offers a line of eco-friendly line of products that includes all-natural personal care and organic household cleaners marketed at home parties through a network of Independent Consultants.
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Celebrating Grace

Celebrating Grace clothing line.

Celebrating Grace is a direct sales company that offers clothes designed for women who want comfoort with style.
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Celebrating Home

Home Accessories

Celebrating Home is a direct sales company based in Marshall, Texas. In 2009 the founders of Homee & Garden Party purchased Home Interiors & Gifts and combined the two companies to create Celebrating Home.
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Celebrations by Lillian Vernon

Commemorative Gifts
From Celebrations by Lillian Vernon website: Lillian Vernon has always been known for hard-to-find, high quality items at affordable prices.
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Celebrity Galleries International

Art, Family and Celebrity Collectibles
Celebrity Galleries International offers autographed and authenticated limited-edition celebrity gicclée canvas collectibles.
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Celestial Harvest

Whole Foods
Celestial Harvest markets Whole Foods.
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Cell Tech

Celltech is now Simplexity Health. (www.simplexityhealth.com)
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Cello in a Box

Cellophane Wrap Sets
Cello in a Box markets cellophane wraps sets that make gift giving easy. Items starting at just $2.779.
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AOI Premium Cellular Health
Ceregenex (a subsidiary of Promethean Corporation) Corporate Headquarters is located in Chatsworth, CA.
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Ceres Living

AIO Premium
Ceres Living is a subsidiary of Promethean Corporation, with headquarters in Chatsworth, California..
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Changes International


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Chantal B Paris

womens apparel

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charity services
CharityFirst markets products and services via a network of Independent Fundraisers.
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Charmed Moments

From website: Charmed Moments offers a unique and exciting opportunity to help people link importantt events, experiences, and moments of their lives through heirloom quality jewelry.
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jewlery, fashion accessories
Charmelle sells its high-quality European costume jewelry at affordable prices in the United States through its network of highly trained independent consultants.
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Spa and aromatherapy products
Chartreuse Products has closed as of April 30th, 2012

Chartreuse is a direct sales companny offering earth-friendly products at reasonable prices.
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Fashion Tote bags and interchangeable accessories

Chaumé, which launched in 2012, is a party plan company offering fashion tote bags with intterchangeable accessories, canvas tote sets, insulated fashion bags, cosmetic cases and wallets.
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Chef Selections

Chef Selections line of fine foods
From the Chef Selections website: Chef Selections unwavering commitment to quality has brought some of the finest food products available to your door.
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Chef Specialties Company

Pepermills, Cooking Products
From the website: As America's oldest pepper mill manufacturer Chef Specialties Company has offered America's professional and amateur chefs the finest pepper mills since 1940.
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Cherish Designs

Cherish bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, watches and more.
Cherish Designs markets custom jewelry you design yourself.
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Chews-4-Health International

Chews-4-Health™, Good-Night™, IGNITE™, TrimULean™

“Chews-4-Health International™ (C4H) is a privately-held, debt free company producing and marketiing chewable nutritional supplements.
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Chez Ami

Childrenswear by Patsy Aiken Designs
For over twenty-five years, Patsy Aiken Designs has designed exquisite children's apparel. Formerly selling to upscale boutiques and department stores nationwide, the Patsy Aiken Collection is now offered exclusively through Chez Ami Home Parties across the nation.
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Chic Pursenality, Inc

The beginning of Chic Pursenality began in May of 2002 and after 8 months of research and product shhopping we decided to launch our new home-party plan based company by recruiting December 28th, 2002.
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ChicBoutique at Home

Handbags, Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
ChicBoutique at Home offers their customers versatile clothes, handbags, jewelry and accessories solld in a home party setting.
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Chicken Soup for the Soul Supplements

Chicken Soup Supplements, Nutritional Products, Weight Loss
Chicken Soup for the Soul Supplements was formed through a licensing partnership with New Health Sysstems, LLC, an emerging company in the nutritional supplement marketplace.
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Chloe and Isabel

Hand-crafted nickel-free hypoallergenic fashion jewelry.

Founded in 2011, Chloe + Isabel is a direct sales company offering jewelry at home parties and onnline.
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Christmas Around the World (House of Lloyd)

Christmas and Decorative products sold through catalogs and home parties. (Christmas Around the Woorld, and House of Lloyd).
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CieAura Transparent Holographic Energy Chips
CieAura markets "holographic energy chips" with the claim that the holograms are programed with "VibbraTec" an exlusive patent-pending technology that adhesively binds sound vibrations into the discs to "influence the human energy field.
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Cierra Ashley

Home Fragrances

Cierra Ashley is a party plan company founded in 2008 that offers high quality home fragrances wiith a decorative fan dispersal system.
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CityWorty Daily Deals ( similar to Groupon, LivingSocial )

CityWorth, LLC, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, officially opened for business in January 20112 in the Washington DC area.
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Claire Murray Home Gallery

Claire Murray Home Accessories and Decor
Claire Murray markets products the Claire Murray lifestyle home accessories and decor products.
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Claudia Jean Collection

Clothing, Fashion
From company website: Designed for today's busy lifestyle, Claud!a Jean's collection of clothing andd accessories is stylish and comfortable.
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Claytime Inc.

Home Accessories and Decor
We created CLAYTIME, Inc. to bring the world of ceramics studio directly to you. All the fun and creeativity of a painting ceramics studio wherever you want, whenever you want it.
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Clever Container

Organization and storage products

The Clever Container Company, headquartered in Michigan, was founded in 2006 and began selling itts organization products through its Organizing Party Format in 2007.
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Web Portals
Click Incomes markets web portals.
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Close To My Heart

scrapbooking and rubber stamping
From company website: Close To My Heart is committed to offering you the best inspiration and materiials for rubber stamping and scrapbooking --- helping you to create beautiful designs of lasting quality - simply and easily.
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Cloud Data Storage

CloudZow, founded in early 2012, offers an automated online backup service through its network off Marketing Affiliates.
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ISP Service
ClubDepot.com offers a variety of services for one monthly price of $14.95:
5 email addresses <
5 mb web site that includes an easy to use template web site builder
Live online help daily from 9:00am to 4:00pm EST, Monday - Friday
Toll-free tech support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
15,000 access numbers.
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Coastal Vacations

Travel Discounts
From the Coastal Vacations website: Coastal Vacations is an association of business owners dedicateed to providing the highest quality combined with the very best value in travel --- making quality travel available at wholesale or “rock bottom” prices exclusively to it’s members.
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Coffee Club International

International Coffees and Teas
Coffee Club International markets coffees from around the world through direct sales.
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From company website: CoffeeFair is a coffee marketing opportunity based on the network marketing saales model but offering a whole lot more! With CoffeeFair you will not only have a quality, fully stocked web-based store front, but you will have the opportunity to take your business "off-line" and market to your local coffee shop, cafe or gift store etc.
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Cognigen Networks, Inc

Cognigen is an investor-owned, publicly traded company. Cognigen markets various telecom and communiicatons products through its distributors.
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Colesce Couture DBA: Cameo

See Jeunique.
[ Click for Colesce Couture DBA: Cameo Business Profile ]

Color Me Beautiful


[ Click for Color Me Beautiful Business Profile ]

Comfort Zone


[ Click for Comfort Zone Business Profile ]

Comforts of Home

Home Decor
From the company website: The Comforts of Home is a Home-Party plan company founded in 1981 byy Helen Aiken.
[ Click for Comforts of Home Business Profile ]

Conklin Company

Home & Personal Care
From Corporate Site: "With Conklin, you have the freedom to generate business anywhere in the Unitedd States.
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Consumer Direct


[ Click for Consumer Direct Business Profile ]

Cookie Lee Inc

Fashion Accessories, Jewelry
From the Cookie Lee website: Driven by a desire to have a business that would allow her to be at homme with her children, Cookie Lee began selling jewelry to family and friends in 1985.
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Cookie Life


[ Click for Cookie Life Business Profile ]

Cooksey Keepsakes

Photo Home Parties
From the website: Our unique photography services come to you. We photograph your children in the coomfort and convenience of home.
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CoreVital International

Nutritionals and water ionizers
CoreVital International has a mission to build communities of healthy people. Their nutritional prodducts are focused on restoring pH balance through alkalization.
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Country Bunny Bath & Body

Bath, Body, Candles, Home Decor
From Company Website: We incorporated in Feb 2000 with 6 women and their husbands in our living roomm.
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Country Charm Candle and Soap

Soap and Cancles
Each and every Country Charm Candle is Hand Poured...one at a time, from beginning to end, resultiing in a highly fragranced, long burning candle.
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Country Gourmet Home

Gourmet food mixes and seasoning.

Country Gourmet Home is a family-owned direct sales company specializing in gourmet food mixes. TThe company’s products are sold by Independent Consultants at home parties.
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Ads and Coupons

[ Click for CouponsMan Business Profile ]


cPRIME Neo Band - the cPRIME bracelet
cPRIME is in prelaunch. According to the company marketing materials, cPRIME states that they develoop “fashion forward performance wear products that can change your life at the speed of light”.
[ Click for cPRIME Business Profile ]

Creative Memories


Creative Memories, founded in 1987, offers hands-on workshops and products for organizing and preesenting photos, memorabilia and stories in photo-safe albums (scrapbooking).
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Cruise to Cash Vacations

Travel Certificates, Concierge Cards
Cruise to Cash allows people to become free members before purchasing a product. Members have accesss to details about the CTC Travel Center, all Cruise to Cash products, the rebate program and incentive bonus pool for distributors, the compensation plan, and product packages, team building and training.
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Custom Corner

home accessories

[ Click for Custom Corner Business Profile ]

Cutco Vector

From company website: We are in the business of manufacturing and direct-to-the consumer sales and mmarketing of CUTCO, 'The World's Finest Cutlery.
[ Click for Cutco Vector Business Profile ]

Cutting Edge Vitamins

vitamins and nutritionals
From the Cutting Edge Vitamins website: Cutting Edge Vitamins (CEV) is a privately owned company fouunded in March 2001 & located in Ocala Florida.
[ Click for Cutting Edge Vitamins Business Profile ]

Cybergold, Inc.


[ Click for Cybergold, Inc. Business Profile ]


Cyberwize, Travelwize, Taxwize
From company website: CyberWize is the consolidated source for health and wellness products, travel,, tax audit protection, shopping, healthcare services, web-site authoring programs, legal services, telecommunications and more.
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