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F.A.I.T.H. Company

F.A.I.T.H. Company was founded in 1996. The number of independent F.A.I.T.H. Consultants continues tto multiply monthly extends to 21 states nationwide.
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Family Books at Home

Family Books at Home / DK Publishing Books
family books at home™ is a new name to the direct selling industry. However, their products and peopple are not.
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Family Builder Package ( $1495 )
Preferred Customer Package ( $179 )

The FamilyIQ system consists of online tools that include their online assessment test that measures nine components of family functioning. Other products include tests, online articles and courses, activity sheets, lectures, seminars and workshops.

FamilyIQ is offers products designed to help improve family relationships and parenting skills, and strengthen the family as a whole.
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Fantasia Home Parties

Adult products and spa products

Fantasia Home Parties, in business for over 25 years, sells adult products such as adult toys andd spa products at home parties.
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Fantasy Inc

Adult Products and Novelties
Fantasy, Inc has been providing home parties since 1981.

From the Fantasy, Inc website: "Enjoy oone of our fun and educational home shows with all of your friends! With such a large selection of products, we have something for everyone.
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FantaZ Online Games
FantaZ is an MLM company whose core product is an online video game platform that it dubs "The Ultimmate Gaming Destination.
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FDI International

Financial Education, Telecomm, GIConnect, FDIConnect
Financial Destinations is a privately held corporation founded by President and CEO William Andreolii in June, 2003.
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Nutritionals, Channoine cosmetics
From the FemOne website: One woman’s passion to help women look and feel their best, one woman’s unwwavering love of family and friends, and one woman’s deep desire to inspire women to achieve their dreams and goals has led to the creation of one of direct selling’s hottest new companies, FemOne, Inc.
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FGXpress, which will launch in 2014, is the multilevel marketing distributor of PowerStrips, a ppatented, self-adhesive pain relieving product.
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Fifth Avenue Collection, Ltd.

Fifth Avenue Collection is a direct sales company selling fashion jewelry. Fifth Avenue Collection evolved from the Butler family’s of cutting and polishing gemstones in the basement of their home.
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Financial Destination Inc

Financial Planning: MoneyTRAX, WealthTRAX, CreditTRAX
Financial Destination, Inc is a privately held corporation founded in June 2003 by William Andreoli..
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Fine Choice Food Club

Food products - poultry, seafood, restaurant quality meat
From the Fine Choice Food Club website: "Fine Choice Food Club offers the absolute finest restaurantt quality meat, poultry, seafood and gourmet selections available anywhere, at a fraction of what restaurants charge for food of this quality.
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Finest Accessories Inc. (The)

Handbags, Jewelry, Headbands, Combs, Ponies, Barrettes and accessories
The Finest Accessories (France Luxe®) is a collection of exquisite hair ornaments that surpass any nnotion of the basic hair accessory.
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First Fitness International

Nutritional Supplements, Weight Management
FirstFitness was founded in 1989 by Lee Causey and Nigel Branson, and is headquartered in Carrolltonn, Texas.
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Fluhme Skin Care and Cosmetics
Fluhme is a direct sales cosmetics company that started over 10 years ago and is based out of Pittsbburgh, PA.
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FM Cosmetics

Mens' and Womens' fragrances, body care products, gifts.

FM Cosmetics is a family business that distributes fragrance and cosmetic products through directt sales.
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Foreclosure Education and Strategies
The mission of Foreclosure Network USA ( FNUSA )is to provide a high valued, streamlined, and efficiient education of the foreclosure process in a hands on seminar platform along with access to a team of real estate professionals to implement the appropriate strategies for each property opportunity.
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For Earth

For Earth Fuel and Engine Conditioner, nutritional supplements
For Earth Inc. is a network distribution company based in Miami, Florida with branches located in Miiami, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria and Kenya.
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For Every Home

Soy Wax, fragranced candles
For Every Home has expanded from a small retail store into a large private, women-owned candle compaany.
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For Your Pleasure

Intimate Products
For Your Pleasure began as Rainbow Resource, a New Hampshire based company providing online and maill-order products to the adult community.
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Forever Living


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FrequenSea Tonic containing marine phytoplankton
ForeverGreen manufactures and markets FrequenSea, a blend of marine phytoplankton, ionic sea trace mminerals, aloe vera, and other organic and nutritional elements.
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Formor International

ForMor claims to have developed a compensation system that addresses the needs of the part time disttributor.
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Fortune HiTech Marketing

Residual income through service-based products
From Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing site: Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is a marketing company for the New Miillennium Entrepreneur! Whether your financial goal is an extra $500 or $1,000 a month, or financial independence, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing's proven compensation plan can help you attain your goal.
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Company appears to have folded. Web address is no longer active.
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Online Mall
Company offered online shopping malls. Company is closed.
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Forum Technologies Inc

XygenAir Purifier, Xygen, XPower Energy Saver, Ondrox multiantioxidant, Xtreme Cleaning Products
Forum Technologies,Inc. ( MyFTI ) provides wireless antenna technologies for state-of-the-art electrronic solutions.
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Fountain of Life

Fountain of Life is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas. Their cornerstone product is VaNu, a blend off Acai and other Superfoods sweetened with Agava.
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Fragrant Lemon Peel (the) TFLP

Fragrances, botanicals, scrubs and cleansers
From The Fragrant Lemon Peel website: "Our TFLP Mission: It is our mission to offer high quality prooducts that help people everywhere feel good and enjoy a little of life’s simple pleasures.
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France Luxe

Handbags, Jewelry, Headbands, Combs, Ponies, Barrettes and accessories
France Luxe® is a collection of exquisite hair ornaments that surpass any notion of the basic hair aaccessory.
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Free Card Matrix

Credit Card Enrollment Commissions
From Free Card Matrix website: Free Card Matrix, LLC is a State of Delaware (USA) Corporation. Our sstaff has extensive experience in financial services, marketing, advertising, and sales.
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Free Network (The)


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Free Products and Services, Freebieforce toolbar
FreebieForce offers members access to free goods and services. FreebieForce's website says that you can get real Freebies and products through their service.
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Freedom America

Green Kamut Capsules, Cleaning Products, Water Filtration, Skin Care
Freedom America markets a variety of nutritional and personal care products.

From the Freedom Ameerica website: "Freedom America's Management Team has more than 75 years experience combined in the network marketing industry.
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Freelife International

From the Free Life website: FreeLife offers uncompromising dedication to the highest quality, life-cchanging products, a lucrative compensationplan for people to achieve their financial goals and the integrity and credibility to build a long-term business.
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Freeway to Success

Freeway To Success team is made up of sales reps, students, web administrators, business owners, housewives, managers and waitresses, providing tools, tips, products and information to aid in generating multiple streams of income. Products include how-to guides, kits, e-books, coupons and other related materials.
Freeway To Success is a group of individuals working together to provide their members with tools annd information to help in generating wealth through "word of Mouth" advertising.
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Frequency Foods

From the Frequency Foods website: "Frequency Foods provides products that will 'Feed Your Body' and products that will 'Clean Your Body'.
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FREZZOR weight management products

FREZZOR, currently in pre-launch, offers all-natural meal replacement, performance products, and nutritional supplements formulated by experts in medicine, nutritional science, and natural solutions.
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Fruta Vida

Juice Blends: Acai, Cupuaca, and Yerba Mate
Fruta Vida International markets nutritional juices.
From the Fruta Vida website: Fruta VVida International offers a unique opportunity to people interested in trading a little time to acquire significant, long term earnings.
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Frutaiga Health Beverage
From the Frutaiga website: "Frutaiga is a new era in network marketing. When you begin your own Fruttaiga business you truly are Entering An Evolution.
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Fuel Direct

Fuel Direct fuel additive

Fuel Direct 365, a division of NatureRich, markets gas and diesel fuel additives. Fuel Direct cllaims that Xp3, a biodegradable combination of synthetic resins and organic compounds, improves combustion and increases engine power, reduces fuel consumption, corrosion, and toxic emissions, and increases engine life.
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Fuel Freedom International

Fuel Freedom International is headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Founded by Wendy Lewis annd Randy Ray, Fuel Freedom International markets a fuel additive pill called "MPG-CAPS" that are added directly to car gas tanks with claims of better fuel mileage.
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Fuel Legacy International

Fuel Additive
Fuel Legacy International markets a fuel additive called eeFuel, which is designed to improvefuel ecconomy, boost power, reduce emissions, clean combustion chamber deposits, remove piston ring deposits, and protect equipment.
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Fuel Saver Group

MPG3™ Fuel Enhancer

Fuel Saver Group, a division of Fuel Technology Products, Inc., was incorporated in August 2010 aand is based in Costa Mesa, California.
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Discount Gas and Benefits Program
From Company Website: FuelZone was created for people across America to help them achieve savings onn an array of products and services by using the FuelZone Advantage Package (ZAP).
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Fuller Brush

Home/Business Care, Personal Care
Since 1906, The Fuller Brush Company has grown from one man's suitcase, filled with custom-made brusshes, to a collection of home/business and personal care products, all crafted with the same quality that have made The Fuller Brush Company a well-recognized name.
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Fun For Life Club International

Wholesale Vacations
Fun For Life Club International was founded in October 2002. Fun For Life Club states that members may enjoy up to 70% off retail pricing at world class resorts.
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FUN Unlimited

Power-Pops, Kid-Pops, Bee Tabs
From company website: For Ultimate Nutrition Unlimited Inc. (FUN Unlimited) was founded in 2003 witth one clear and simple goal in mind, and that is to improve healthy living.
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FürChange America, founded in May 2011, is a direct selling company that distributes a proprietarry line of wellness, beauty, and lifestyle products.
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Company closed. FTC filed suit for injunction and equitable relief for operating a pyramid scheme aggainst Alan J.
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