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Gabby Goodies

Gourmet Gift Baskets
Started by Mary Kuipers, Gabby Goodies provides gourmet gift baskets with foods and coffees through direct sales reps, who are free to market the products (with no minimums) as long as their methods are honest, law abiding, and ethical.
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Gano Excel

Ganoderma capsules, excellium capsules, sakanno
Gano Excel was founded in 1995 in Malaysia and has a business covering over 60 countries and regionss, reaching nearly 5 million consumers.
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GanoLife Latte 365, GanoLife Chocolatte 365, GanoLife Mocca 365, GanoLife Black 365, GanoLife Cappuccino 365, VitaShield Inmunalife 365, VitaShield Ganoderma 365, VitaShield Cordyceps 365

GanoLife is currently in pre-launch. GanoLife is a new multi level marketing company that strivess to unite the health and coffee industries.
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Prepaid Gas Card

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GBG 10-in-One Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Formula, MA+ Antioxidant
GBG is an established Health Sciences company located 58 miles east of San Francisco in Vacaville, CCalifornia.
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GEM Lifestyle

Online social netorking, gaming, banking and shopping
GEM Lifestyle has been set up to build an online community with a common interest in social networkiing and entertainment.
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Gemcap Equity Management

pay program

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Gemstones, Precious Metals
Geminet has their head office in Peterborough, Ontario and their business tracking system in Dallas,, Texas.
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Fashion jewelry made from crystals, semi-precious stones, shells, stained glass, sterling silver, gold, alloyed metal, and leather and other natural fibers.
Gemstyle is a direct sales company that designs and produces affordable jewelry. Based out of Las Veegas, Nevada, the company made its start almost by accident when Scott Miller became the youngest member of the NY Diamond Dealers Club In 1999.
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Nutrition, Core DNA Essentials, Vital Reds & Greens, GeneTeas, 21-Day Cleanse, Mud Baths, Ionic Foot Spa, Face & Body, Gift Sets
Genasante' , the new direct sales division of Goldenn Moor, is a new company with a mission − wellness.
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Genesis Pure

Nutritional supplement super juice drinks, cleansing, fasting, suppressants and vitamin supplements.
Genesis Pure is a network marketing company offering nutritional supplements and naturally enhancingg and restorative juice drinks.
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GeneWize Life Sciences

LifeMap Nutrition System, Dermagenetics Skin Care System
GeneWize, a wholly owned direct-selling subsidiary of a publicly traded genetic biosciences company (GeneLink, Inc.
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Getaway Club

Travel, Internet
GetawayClub is the culmination of two individual concepts designed to bring members a range of savinngs, commissions and income.
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ghpSport is a division of SomaLife International, Inc, a US and Canadian based company which marketss a line of proprietary, patented supplements internationally.
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GIA Wellness

aquagia, terragia, nutragia, bellagia
GIA Wellness is based out of Carlsbad, CA and produces a line of health and wellness products ranginng from vitamins, anti-aging and weight loss products to EMF blockers for cell phones, water purifiers and natural skin creams.
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gibLink - a social/business networking website, domains, hosting, email, live chat services, ecommerce websites, site builders
The gibLine offers a line of internet products such as domains, hosting, email accounts, live chat sservices, ecommerce websites, site builders, dedicated servers and more.
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Gigi Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Gigi Custom Jewelry is a home party company that offers customers the ability to create a unique piece of jewelry by choosing from chains, charms, birthstones, discs, and more.
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Gigi Hill

Handbags, Cosmetic Bags

Gigi Hill is a direct sales company based in Yorba Linda, California that specializes in stylish and functional bags.
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Personalized metal gifts – keychains, bracelets, cups, belt buckles, rings, etc
Gliffik offers a wide range of personalization. Gliffik provides a fun way to design and personalizee products.
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Global Cause

Global Cause Marketing System
From company website "Global Cause has designed a unique 'Business Builder ' product package to helpp you succeed in every aspect of your online business.
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Global Domains International

Welcome to the WEBSITE.WS DOMAIN REGISTRATION CENTER If you haven't previously been able to obtain your desired domain name, you've come to the right place.
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Global Health Trax

From Global Health Trax Website: As the exclusive distributors of Life Support™ and Nature’s Turn™. nutrition products, Global Health Trax brings the future of nutrition to you – today.
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Global Information Network

The GIN offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships allowing members to gain allegedly exclusive, information about methods that others have used to generate large amounts of money per month. In addition, membership promises to provide information on how to protect financial assets, how to be successful in business and even promises to provide international contacts that can aid and assist in various ways.
The Global Information Network is presented as a collaboration of insider secrets covering a myriad of information ranging from health, metaphysics, religion, science, politics, conspiracies and government.
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Global Nutrition Network

From company website: We believe that once you understand who we are, what we stand for, and the prooducts we bring to the market place you will want to join our crusade in changing lives.
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Global Resorts Network

Resort Destinations
Global Resorts Network offers access to over 5000 quality resorts worldwide. As a member, reservatioons and confirmations are avialable through the Global Resorts website or through personal contact with the customer service department.
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Global Verge

GV Savings Mall, My GV Travel, Aqua Life, National ID Recovery, Pow-R-Save, Restaurant.com
Global Verge markets several products and as of June 2009 had enrolled over 30,000 people. Created iin 2008, the company compensation plan is called a "Flex Pay Plan" and has several options for enrollment, raning from $14.
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GlobalFX Network

Foreigh Exchange Trading
GlobalFX Network is a holding company that operates through several subsidiary companies.
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GMT (Get Moving Today)

Online Commerce
GMT ( Get Moving Today ) markets their various products online. Products include the Online Re-CommeerceCommunication System, Online Re-Commerce Portal, and nutritional products, BriansSong.
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GNLD International

GNLD International markets a wide variety of products inlcuding food, gourment items, haircare and aaccessories, home care, and nutritionals.
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GOFoods Global

Dehydrated storable foods with extended shelf lives.

GOFoods Global, formerly eFoods Global, offers dehydrated, storable foods with a shelf life of upp to 25 years.
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GoFun Places

GoFun Places Lifestyle Online Auction, LifeStyle Club Card, LifeStyle Dollars, GoFun Rewards

GoFun Places is a direct sales company specializing in lifestyle, leisure and travel products andd services through a travel site, online shopping mall and auction.
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Gold Canyon Candle Co

Fragrance Candles
Gold Canyon Candle Company offers an opportunity for hostesses and distributors to start their own bbusiness selling fragrance candles and fine candle products.
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Golden Moor

Golden Moore provides health and body products which includes mud based products, face and body oils, nutritional supplements, detox supplements and body scrubs.
Golden Moor was founded in 1987 by Marc Saint-Onge (of Ottawa) in his home, using a a washing machinne to mix ingredients.
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Golden NeoLife Diamite International

homecare, nutritionals, skincare

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Golden Pride International


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Goldshield Elite

Health and Home product lines
From website: Goldshield Elite is a wonderful combination of the very best of Achievers Unlimited, CChanges International, Golden Pride, and the W.
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Good Books & Company

Books, Giftware
Good Books & Company is a home based business offering quality Christian books/gifts. Home shows, fuundraisers, library builders - and the sky is the limit with less than 200 consultants in the U.
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Good Life International

Mega Noni Plus, Mega Aloe Plus, Mega Coral Calcium Plus, Mega Joint Plus, Hair of the Dog
Good Life International sells liquid nutritional supplements through independent distributors. Goodd Life International's stated mission is "to provide a superior product line and business format so that people can affordably support a healthy lifestyle,increase their time spent with loved ones, and experience a higher quality of life.
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Good Nature Company

Garden Accessories
From The Good Nature Company Website: Our mission is to bring the joy of nature into people's lives;; through our products and demonstrations, we encourage people to explore and respect the beauty of their own natural surroundings.
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GoYin's flagship product is a functional drink created from a patent-pending formula that is based oon traditional Asian medicine.
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Grace Adele

Handbags, Scarves, Fashion Accessories

Grace Adele is a Scentsy Family brand launched August 1, 2012. Grace Adele offers women a complette line of handbags, clutches, jewelry, scarves, and other accessories, organized by color and designed to work together.
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Great American The Wholefood Farmacy

Organic Foods and Products
From The Wholefood Farmacy website: The Wholefood Farmacy opened for business in March 2003 with a mmission to supply healthy convenient wholefood based meals & snacks, non-toxic personal care items, and to educate the public regarding a preventative based lifestyle.
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Green Mountain Energy

Cleaner Electricity
As a leading retail provider of cleaner electricity products in the U.S., Green Mountain offers Texaas residential customers electricity that is clean, specially priced and reliable.
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Green Organics International

Natural and organic multivitamins and supplements.

Green Organics, based in Westerville, Ohio, is a network marketing company that offers natural annd organic nutritional supplements.
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Greenfoot Global


Greenfoot Global, based in Henderson, Nevada, markets EnviroTabs®, a product that it claims can hhelp reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency.
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Greenwood Health Systems

SensatioFruit, Wheyaway, Ellagi Insurance Formula, Total Immune Boost, M-Powerment Water, Cardio Aginine, and related neutraceutical products.
Since August 2000, Greenwood Health Systems has provided products to Doctors, Chiropractors, Health Care Professionals, and Health Food Stores.
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Online payment service.
Greezap plans to compete with Paypal. Scheduled launch date is June 1, 2005
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Greeting Cake Company (The)

Cakes, Fundraising
From company website: Greeting Cake Company is a unique way to send your sentiments. Each Microwavaable Cake Kit includes everything you need to make a cake and celebrate any occasion in just under 2 minutes.
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GT Trends

Travel Affiliate Program
Website: www.gttrends.com

Global Travel Trends (formerly PRT Travel) offers a collection of travel related website affiliate programs all under one unique URL.
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[ Click for GULF COAST NUTRITIONAL INC Business Profile ]

Guy and Eva

Fashion Jewelry

Guy and Eva is a direct sales company that offers a collection of fashion jewelry. Guy and Eva sttarted out selling to specialty boutiques online, and since 2009 the company has sold its products exclusively at home parties.
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