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P.S. I Love You, Inc

Creative Cards and Stationary
From Company Website: P.S. I Love You is dedicated to offering our customer’s unique greeting cards,, inspirational artwork and stationery items.
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Pamper My Baby

From the website: Pamper My Baby was founded by Stephanie McCannon as a subsidiary company to Nursinng in Style.
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Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef was started by Doris Christopher in 1980. The company's founder and chairman was previiously an educator, and home economist.
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Pangea Organics

Organic Facial Care, Body Care,Lip Balms

Established in 2000, and headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Pangea Organics provides an extensivve line of facial and body care products that are handcrafted, organic and cruelty-free.
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Paparazzi Accessories

Jewelry and Hair Accessories

Paparazzi Accessories is a party plan company that offers a line of affordable jewelry and hair aaccessories.
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Paperly Stationary line

Paperly, which launched in 2007, is a direct sales company offering personalized stationery and ggifts sold via home parties, catalogs, and online.
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Party Gals

Adult products
Party Gals has been offering their adult product line through home parties for over seventeen years..
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PartyLite Gifts, Inc

Candles and Home Accessories
From Company Website
PartyLite is a direct sales company. Direct sales means that you shoop for PartyLite candles and accessories in the comfort of home - yours or that of a friend.
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Passion Parties

Intimate Products
Passion Parties is an MLM company that was founded in 1994 by Pat Davis, the company's CEO. Davis crreated the company out of a desire to help women learn ways to create more romance and intimacy with their partners.
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Passport was founded by Robert "Bo" Short. Passport offers a variety of competitively priced skincarre and nutritional products that are distributed exclusively through Passport.
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Patchwork & Preserves

Americana and Amish Style Home Products
From Company Website" Don't be fooled by our beautiful quilts, hand crafted Amish furniture and jammmed full of goodness home-style foods.
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Peak Energy Science

Peak Energy Smoothie Mix, Peak Energy Antioxidant Drink, Pomegranate Rejuvenate, Black Cherry Rejuvenate
Peak Energy Science, based in Round Rock, Texas, manufactures 100% food combinations of scientific nnutritional products without toxins and poisons and distributes them through an affiliate program.
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Pearl Calcium, Sleep the Pounds Away PM and AM, Ibistrol
Pearcium International markets their Pearlcium supplement via network marketing. According to marketting materials, Dr.
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Peoplesway.com Inc.

Pro-HM, Pro-MC, Protec, Pro-Trim, Pro-GCM, Oil of Mink
Peoplesway.com Inc. distributes wellness formulations through its Independent Members. Members cann choose different levels of involvement, from Customers who receive a discount on products, to Business Builders, who can earn cash bonuses and sales incentives.
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Perfect Wealth Formula

The Power House Marketing System
Perfect Wealth Formula is a marketing company offering "The Power House Marketing System", an internnet marketing system.
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Perfectly Posh

Personal pampering and beauty products

Launched in October 2011, Perfectly Posh is a direct sales company that offers personal care, pammpering and beauty products.
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Pet Products
From Petlane website: Petlane was founded on the belief that our companion animals are far more thann pets.
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Petra Fashions

lingerie, sleepwear

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Pet Products
PetShop.biz understands the special bond people have with their pets. They are committed to the heallth, well-being and care of pets, and carry an inventory of over 1,000 pet products at reasonable prices.
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Animal and Pet Care

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nutritionals, weight management
From Pharmanex Website: Pharmanex is a global leader in nutritional supplementation. With more than 75 staff scientists and extensive global scientific resources and relationships, Pharmanex has created a worldwide network of knowledge and intelligence unprecedented in the industry.
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Phoenix Trading

Greeting Cards and Stationary

Phoenix Trading is a direct sales independent card publishing house with sales in excess of 150 mmillion cards worldwide.
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Digital Photography Products, Photo Storage, Output Software
Photomax product line is focused on ease of use, allowing non technical customers to take advantage of digital photography.
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Picture Perfect Scrapbook Co.

Color-coordinated scrapbook kits and scrapbooking accessories
Picture Perfect Scrapbook Company (PPSC) specializes in color-coordinated scrapbook kits at home parrties called Crop ‘n Shops.
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Pink Package

Pink Package eBay home parties
Pink Package is a home-based business whose Independent Consultants assist guests in selling items oon eBay at Pink Package Parties.
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Pink Papaya

Spa and Beauty Products, Cosmetics, Aromatherapy

Pink Papaya, founded in 2006, is a home party plan company offering an exclusive line of spa and beauty products through its network of independent consultants.
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Pink Zebra

Candles, Wax Melts, Diffusers, Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Pink Zebra is the new direct sales division of a home fragrance products company. Pink Zebra’s teeam has been in the industry for over 20 years.
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Per Pixel Advertising Page
PixMeUp is modeled on an english entrepenuer's vision to start a million pixel home page and sell eaach pixel on the page to advertisers for one dollar.
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Soil-Free Planters
PlantMakers markets a dirt-free system for growning plants and centerpieces. The product and processs was only available to hotels and restaurants before being made available through independent distributors.
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Platinum Travel Club

Travel and vacations
Platinum Travel Club markets Vacation Weeks to worldwide destinations. Customers can access, find, hhold, and book their next vacation at over 3,500 world wide destinations.
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Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim Dietary Supplement

Plexus Worldwide is a multilevel marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Its flagship prooduct, Plexus Slim, is a powdered dietary supplement to be used in conjunction with a regular weight loss plan.
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PM International

Health, Fitness, wellness and skincare products
PM International markets a variety of health, fitness, wellness and skincare paroducts.
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Poga Moonga

Poga Moonga
Poga International is based in Montgomery, Texas. Their key product is Poga Moonga, a beverage made from the leaf and seeds of the Moringa tree, with additional ingredients of pomegranate and aloe vera.
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Poker Training Network

PTN Poker-TEL, PTN Poker Edge
The Poker Training Network ( PTN ) was founded in 2009 in Addison, Texas by Dennis Nadeau. The Pokerr Training Network sells access to what they consider the most state of the art poker training website and system ever created.
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Pola USA

cosmetics, skincare
From Pola website: Japan's top cosmetics manufacturer in the direct sales industry...
Establishhed in 1929.
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Popular Club, Inc.

clothing, home accessories, jewelry
From company website: Popular Club is one of America's premier direct selling catalog companies. Forr over 50 years, Popular has provided a unique opportunity to earn broad range of merchandise - including fashion apparel, bedding, housewares, electronics, personal care products and jewelry to millions of Club Secretaries and their Members via an easy weekly payment plan.
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Power of Nature

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Power Pops

Power-Pops, Kid-Pops, Bee Tabs
From company website: For Ultimate Nutrition Unlimited Inc. (FUN Unlimited) was founded in 2003 withh one clear and simple goal in mind, and that is to improve healthy living.
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PRAI Beauty

Skincare Products
The PRAI Beauty Group, founded in 1999, is seeking women to join their team as they launch their neww Beauty Events Division.
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Premier Designs

Premier Designs, Inc., located in Irving, Texas, offers a line of affordably priced High Fashion Jewwelry through home parties.
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PremierNet Plus

Medical and Health Benefits Plan
From PremierNet Plus website: PremierNET Plus was founded in 2002 to provide individuals, families, groups, organizations and businesses with affordable benefit membership plans.
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Prepaid CPA services

PrepayCPA, based in Delaware, provides tax help and audit protection services to members.

PrepayCPA’s services include tax return review, audit protection (for members of the Audit Protection Plan), addressing liens and levies from the IRS and state agencies, addressing IRS and state notices, and basic incorporations.
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Internet Mall: Megamall, EZ2Market package
PricenetUSA.com offers turnkey Internet mall and related e-services to its members.

Jerryy W.
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Primebuy International

Internet Mall, Fund Daily, Travel
PrimeBuyTM Network.com, Inc. was founded in 1999. Offering 'cash-back' rewards, travel services, finnancial services and more.
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Life, Auto and Home Insurance and Financial Services Products

Primerica, founded in 1977 and formerly a subsidiary of Citigroup, became an independent company in 2010 and is the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America.
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Princess House

Princess House has been a premier direct selling company for 45 years. The Princess House business oopportunity enables women to create both a personal and professional way of life that remains true to their unique values, priorities and definition of success.
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Private Quarters

Private Quarters offers an array of home based comfort products that range from bath and body spa products such as bath rugs, shower curtains, magazine racks, hair dryer holders, soap holders, robes and towels; to full bedding linens such as comforters, blankets, pillow cases, bedroom sets, throws, bedroom slippers, duvet covers, feather beds and luxury sheets; however, there is very little information on the quality, price, and make-up of the linens on the web site.
Private Quarters closed in May of 2012.

Private Quarters is a direct selling company based out of California that manufactures comfort based products such as bed linens, bath and spa products, textiles, and bath robes of "fine luxury hotel-quality".
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Pro Image International

Fruta Vida
From the Pro Image website: Pro Image offers a unique opportunity to people that are interested in ttrading a little time to acquire significant, long term earnings.
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Pro Ma Systems

Pro-Ma Systems is one of the largest privately owned, family operated companies within the Direct Saales Industry in Australia.
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Pro Monde Travel

Travel Program
Pro Monde Travel markets a home based travel business. Pro Monde is located in Canada.
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Pro Travel Network

Independent Travel Agent Program
Pro Travel Network has headquarters in the US and Cananda. Pro Travel offers an Independent Travel AAgent Program ( ITAP ) which includes a business to consumer website where consumers may book their travel online, an Agent Only Booking Platform, and a travel training manual.
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ProCard International

Procard International ( PCI ) prescription, dental, vision and physician and hospital discount savings card.
Procard International's networks have been providing access to physician, dental, vision, and prescrription drug services across the country for over ten years.
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Projoba International

From Company Website: "ProJoba International is concerned about your health, which is why we have deesigned our nutritional product line with such care.
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ProMedX Health Inc

VitaXan and SangoMin
ProMedX sells natural nutritional supplements, vitamins and weight loss dietary supplements. ProMeddX reps can purchase products at member price and receive an additional discount of monthly recurring auto-ship order.
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ProShop@Home (The)

Golf equipment, apparel and accessories
The ProShop@Home is a direct-seller of golf equipment through in-home parties called “invitationals””.
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Prosperity Automated System

Prosperity Automated System
Prosperity Automated System bills itself as a marketing nework.
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ProvisionRx Rx pack

ProvisionRx is a network marketing company that offers free pharmacy discount cards and benefits through its network of Independent Business Owners.
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Real Estate Training, Credit Repair, Mortgate Training, Debt Elimination, eBusiness
ProWealthSOLUTIONS goal is to combine the most wealth generation and asset protection strategies witth a business opportunity that allows average people to achieve success.
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PRT Travel

Travel Affiliate Program
Website: www.prttravel.com

PRT Travel offers a collectioon of travel related website affiliate programs all under one unique URL.
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Pure Renew, designer energy beverage, carbonated and containing caffeine, 50 calories, and 12 grams of cane sugar. Pure Revolution, designer fruit juice beverage, carbonated and containing 12 kinds of fruit, vitamins and antioxidants, caffeine free, no artificial coloring or flavors.
Pur3x, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, produces and distributes designer energy beverages using netwoork marketing in the form of a club, where distributors, or club members, sign up to receive the beverages monthly, and have the option to resell them for a profit.
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Online Marketplace
PurchasePro.com featured an online marketplace and sold software licenses to buy and sell goods direectly from one business to another.
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Nutritionals, Beauty, Fitness, Pet, Dental, Household

PURE, specializing in products designed to improve physical and mental wellness, is in pre-launchh with a formal launch scheduled for 2012.
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Pure Romance

Adult Products

Ohio-based Pure Romance markets a line of relationship and intimacy aids at home parties organizeed by its independent sales consultants.
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Elite Coaching System, Easy Lead Flow - Lead Capture System, Authority Blog, Turbo Traffic Generation, Video Email Service, Live Meeting Room, A to Z Wealth Home Study Course

PureLeverage markets an Internet Marketing and Network Marketing tool suite designed to help repss build their existing business.
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Purely Gourmet

Easy-to-prepare gourmet foods
Purely Gourmet is a direct sales company offering a line of convenient, easy-to-prepare gourmet foodds for today’s time-conscious cook.
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Purse Party

Handpags, Purses, Fashion Accessories

Purse Party, Inc., is a direct selling party plan company founded in 2004 that offers handbags annd fashion accessories.
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PURSEnality Etcetera

Fashion Accessories, Purses, Handbags, Jewelry
PURSEnality Etcetera is a direct sales company specializing in the latest trends in handbags, pursess, jewelry and accessories, plus natural hand and body care products.
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PYXISM Travel Certificates
Headquartered in San Clemente, California and owned by founder Lloyd Wilson, PYXISM offers various ttravel packages and certificates as their primary product.
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