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MLM / Home Based Business Opportunities
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EMPowerpak, Credit Enhancement eBook, Credit Services, Debit Card Program, Identity Theft Protection
From the ENTRUST America corporate site: ENTRUST America is dedicated to helping Americans acheive, maintain and build solid credit so their America Dream becomes a reality.
ENTRUST America Details / Review

Green Organics International

Natural and organic multivitamins and supplements.

Green Organics, based in Westerville, Ohio, is a network marketing company that offers natural and organic nutritional supplements.

Green Organics’ products include multivitamins, supplements for cardiovascular health, weight loss, detoxifying, skincare, and nutritional supplements for pets. Green Organics donates a portion of each sale to Kids Against Hunger, a food aid organization which distributes meals to hungry children and their families in the USA and around the world.

Green Organics International Details / Review

Intimate Expressions

Intimate Expressions maintains an online 2009 catalogue in addition to printed editions distributed at gatherings as well as through the company. The 2009 edition catalogue contains various sensual items divided up into named categories, each one displaying a set of products and related accessories.
Intimate Expressions specializes in adult and romance products sold in a network marketing, in-home party atmosphere. The company also offers an online store as well.

Intimate Expressions offers a business opportunity for women who have little or no start-up capital in the form of a ‘free kit’ that can be earned and paid for as you progress. Intimate Expressions charges a $10 maintenance fee for all members. Consultants are given a 40% buying discount to start, with a ceiling cap of 50% discount in total. Party hostesses earn 15% of total retail sales, plus hostess bonuses.
Intimate Expressions Details / Review

Invado International

Consumer Savings, Referdia, Invado Energy, Invado Travel Club

Invado International is a direct marketing company headquartered in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, that offers consumers the ability to save on products and services they use and purchase every day. Invado markets the online group buying site Referdia, an energy option in deregulated markets with Invado Energy, and travel discounts with Invado Travel Club.

Invado launched as UCI or “Utility Choice International” in 2009, with the goal of taking advantage of energy deregulation on the United States. Invado offers electric services from licensed energy suppliers in several states. Referdia offers consumers up to a 50% saving for products and services from local businesses, and is free to both businesses and consumers.

Invado International Details / Review

Just Jewelry


Just Jewelry, founded in 2002 and based in Springboro, OH, is a direct sales company that offers affordable jewelry through home shows, events, fundraisers and catalog parties. All of Just Jewelry’s products are priced between $15.00 and $34.00, because the company believes that “every woman deserves to feel great on the inside and out!”

Just Jewelry parties are held in an open house format with no high-pressure sales presentation. Hostesses of Just Jewelry parties receive a free pair of Hostess exclusive earrings, 10% of their qualifying party sales in free jewelry, half-price items, and the opportunity to purchase the monthly Hostess jewelry item for $8.00.

Company Goals

From the company website: “We believe…that God has a purpose for each of our lives and that we are uniquely designed with special gifts and abilities…in family values…in inspiring women from all walks of life to reach their dreams by offering truly affordable, quality products…in contributing positively to society and our local communities…in providing the training, tools, and support our consultants need to succeed.”

Just Jewelry Details / Review


Online shopping, Social Networking

Leafit, currently in pre-launch, is a multilevel marketing company that will offer a social networking platform. Leafit users will be able to earn by posting content and sharing others’ content.

Leafit allows affiliates to earn money from their social posts by taking a photo of an item, describing the photo with keywords, and posting the photo to their Leafit profile for friends and followers to see. When a friend clicks on an item in a photo a Leafit affiliate has shared, they will be automatically directed to whichever retailer has that item at the lowest price. If they purchase the item, a portion of the profit comes back to the Leafit affiliate.

LeafIt Details / Review

Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company

Clean and long burning candles
Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Co was started in 2006. Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company set out to give the consumer what they wanted in a candl - clean and long burning, the entire candle melts, adds to the decor of your home. Mon Ami candles are triple scented and double wicked, and are offered through sales reps at a reasonable price.

Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company was started when the founder began making candles in a kitchen experimenting with hundreds of different scents from different manufacturers, different types of wax, and sizes and types of wicks.
Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company Details / Review

Our Own Image

Products to celebrate life and family events
From the Our Own Image website:
Our Own Image presents a selection of products that are sure to meet your needs, whether you’re planning family gatherings and holiday celebrations or looking for new kitchen accessories. You can expect gift giving to be even more delightful and events more exciting, with Our Own Image products!
Talented African American artists and illustrators from around the country have created beautiful works of art that make our products unique. There are a range of choices that are designed to speak to your experiences, history and preferences.
Our Own Image Details / Review

Pure Romance

Adult Products

Ohio-based Pure Romance markets a line of relationship and intimacy aids at home parties organized by its independent sales consultants. The company has been in business for eighteen years.

Pure Romance offers beauty, bath, and bedroom accessories. Pure Romance Consultants are trained to provide one-on-one consultation to help each party guest select the products that are right for her.

Pure Romance Details / Review

Thirty One Gifts

Home Decor
Thirty-One Gifts was founded in 2003 by Thirty-One's President, Cindy Monroe; a wife and mother who felt there was a market for other women like herself who didn't have the time to visit gift shops and boutiques. The company's mission statement is to celebrate, encourage and reward women through offering quality products and an outstanding opportunity to become successful business owners. The company provides an extensive catalogue of products designed to appeal to a female customer base.

Thirty-One Gifts aims to be more than just a home party company. The company state they believe in encouraging, recognizing and rewarding others for who they are. Thirty-One Gifts has a goal of providing women with a fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable shopping and work experience as part of their faith-based mission.

Thirty-One Gifts offers a selection of gifts and accessories that are stylish, useful and affordable. Their product line includes monogrammed handbags and scented candles to personalized stationery, and kitchen accessories.
Thirty One Gifts Details / Review


VOIP (Voice Over IP), Digital Phone Service, DialUp Internet Service
TranSynd offers digital phone service and dialup internet access through their Hypernet services. The TranSynd compensation plan offers multiple income streams on services sold to consumers and new members.
TranSynd Details / Review


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