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Magnabilities, based in Sumner, WA, is a home party company specializing in magnetic interchangeable jewelry. Magnabilities was founded in 2009 and launched its direct selling division in 2012.

Magnabilities base jewelry includes bracelets, earrings, pendants, pins, rings, ponytail holders, and necklaces, all with spaces for interchangeable magnetic inserts. Magnabilities also offers jewelry storage products and fashion scarves. Hostesses of Magnabilities parties are eligible to receive exclusive designer jewelry inserts, free products and a hostess discount.

Magnetic interchangeable jewelry
Magnabilities Review and Product Details


Sistaco is a home party jewelry and accessory company founded in 2011 in Australia, with the goal of offering unique designs that are affordable to all.

Sistaco's product line includes jewelry, clutches, scarves, and belts. Hostesses of Sistaco parties receive a $50 product voucher just for hosting a party and receive additional free product based on their party sales.

Company Goals

The Sistaco mission" "a large part of our philosophy is to inspire women to be themselves and to be strong, independent, and confident. This mission is not only met through the confidence women gain in wearing our product, but through inspiring stories, education, and knowledge that by wearing Sistaco, they are supporting something bigger than themselves.''

Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
Sistaco Review and Product Details


Mialisia, which launched in July 2013, is a direct sales/home party company that specializes in interchangeable jewelry that can be converted into different looks and styles.

Mialisia's patent-pending ''Versastyle'' jewelry, the majority of which is priced between $20.00 and $55.00, is sold by the company's Independent Designers at home parties, trade shows, craft fairs, state/county fairs, boutiques with 5 or fewer locations, and online through their personalized website.

Prior to launching Mialisia, the company's founder sold over $1 million in jewelry at craft shows, fairs, and online during a period of 3 years. Due to the jewelry's popularity she could no longer sustain the business from her home, and reorganized it into a home party-plan company.

Versastyle interchangeable jewelry
Mialisia Review and Product Details

Lulu Avenue

Lulu Avenue™ is a direct sales jewelry company established in 2011 by Charles & Colvard, a publicly traded company based in Morrisville, NC. Lulu Avenue is the only direct seller that offers Moissanite®, a brilliant jewel created and patented by Charles & Colvard which was previously only offered at wholesale to the jewelry industry. Lulu Avenue calls Moissanite ''a girl's new best friend…and the intelligent alternative to a diamond.''

Lulu Avenue's product line includes exclusive designs by celebrity designer Frances Gadbois, of the JudeFrances fine jewelry line. JudeFrances offers versatility with on-trend leather wraps, bracelets and Frances's renowned interchangeable collection of pendants and charms.

At Lulu Avenue Trunk Shows, guests can try on rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets embellished with Moissanite gemstones, as well as the exclusive LuLu Avenue by JudeFrances line featuring crystals and colored stones including turquoise, coral and pearl. Hostesses of Lulu Avenue Trunk Shows receive a minimum of 20% of retail sales in free jewelry and the opportunity to purchase more pieces at half-price.

Lulu Avenue jewelry designs by JudeFrances
Lulu Avenue Review and Product Details

Just Jewelry

Just Jewelry, founded in 2002 and based in Springboro, OH, is a direct sales company that offers affordable jewelry through home shows, events, fundraisers and catalog parties. All of Just Jewelry's products are priced between $15.00 and $34.00, because the company believes that "every woman deserves to feel great on the inside and out!"

Just Jewelry parties are held in an open house format with no high-pressure sales presentation. Hostesses of Just Jewelry parties receive a free pair of Hostess exclusive earrings, 10% of their qualifying party sales in free jewelry, half-price items, and the opportunity to purchase the monthly Hostess jewelry item for $8.00.

Company Goals

From the company website: "We believe…that God has a purpose for each of our lives and that we are uniquely designed with special gifts and abilities…in family values…in inspiring women from all walks of life to reach their dreams by offering truly affordable, quality products…in contributing positively to society and our local communities…in providing the training, tools, and support our consultants need to succeed."

Just Jewelry Review and Product Details


bcharmed is a home party plan company offering handcrafted silver charm jewelry. Each bcharmed charm is made to be mixed and matched with chains, baubles and bracelets to create custom pieces.

Hostesses of bcharmed Boutiques earn up to 25% of their Boutique sales in free jewelry as well as up to 4 items at half off.

Company Goals

From the company website: "Our vision is to see our Stylists achieve their dreams through our unique business opportunity and to create beauty, while enriching the lives of the people we serve. bcharmed. Jewelry that lets you b you!"

Mix and match charms, chains, baubles and bracelets
bcharmed Review and Product Details

South Hill Designs

South Hill Designs is a home parties company that specializes in individualized jewelry. Representatives, or Artists, bring all of the necessary supplies for guests to create their own jewelry items.

Company Products

South Hill Designs sells individual pieces of a product that is assembled by the consumer. The units include lockets, chains, charms, droplets and coins to create personalized necklaces. They offer hundreds of different pieces in categories ranging from faith to travel.

Customer designed jewelry
South Hill Designs Review and Product Details

Stacy McBride Collections

Stacy McBride Collections is a direct sales, party plan company that offers jewelry and accessories through a network of independent consultants.

Hostesses of Stacy McBride parties earn half-price and free products when they host a qualifying party. When two or more guests book their own Stacy McBride parties, the hostess earns a certificate allowing her to purchase a special booking gift valued at up to $50.00 for $10.00 plus tax. Hostesses of qualifying parties can also purchase one of Stacy McBride's hostess-only sets at a significant discount.

Stacy McBride Collections has partnered with the American Heart Association to feature an exclusive piece of jewelry each year and donate 15% of the sales proceeds to provide financial support for those affected by heart disease and contribute to research and education.

Stacy McBride jewelry and accessories
Stacy McBride Collections Review and Product Details


JuJuBelle is a party plan company launched in 2010 that specializes in an interchangeable jewelry system. JuJuBelle customers can design and create pieces that reflect their personality. The company's "a la carte" product line has over 1,000 items, and new products are added monthly.

JuJuBelle hostesses receive free jewelry of their choice equal to 10%,15%, or 20% of total party sales, as well as hostess incentives and an additional free gift for every $300.00 in retail product sold.

Interchangeable Jewelry System
JuJuBelle Review and Product Details

Inspiranza Designs

Inspiranza Designs is a direct sales company that offers fashion jewelry at home parties and online. Inspiranza's collection includes sterling, stainless steel and mixed metal pieces in vintage, classic and modern styles. The majority of Inspiranza Designs' pieces are priced under $39.00.

Inspiranza Designs offers party hostesses the opportunity to earn free jewelry, half-priced products, and monthly specials as well as Hostess Bonus Buys, which are drastically reduced items. Guests at Inspiranza Designs parties who purchase two items at regular price receive a third at half price.

Fashion Jewelry
Inspiranza Designs Review and Product Details

Gigi Custom Jewelry

Gigi Custom Jewelry is a home party company that offers customers the ability to create a unique piece of jewelry by choosing from chains, charms, birthstones, discs, and more. All of Gigi Custom Jewelry's pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver or Vermeil, and all custom pieces are handcrafted at the company's corporate offices in California.

Hostesses of Gigi Custom Jewelry parties receive 20% of their total party sales in free jewelry, with no limit to the amount of credit they can earn. Hostesses also receive an additional $25.00 merchandise credit for every party booked by one of their guests that is held within 30 days of their party. Hostesses who decide to join the company as an Independent Stylist can choose to apply their free jewelry credit toward their Start Up Kit.

Custom Jewelry
Gigi Custom Jewelry Review and Product Details


LydiaStyle sells fashion and sterling silver jewelry in a wide variety of styles at home parties and online.

Hostesses of LydiaStyle home shows receive 10% to 40% of their show's total sales in merchandise credit, plus half-priced items.

Fashion Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry
LydiaStyle Review and Product Details

Chloe and Isabel

Founded in 2011, Chloe + Isabel is a direct sales company offering jewelry at home parties and online. Chloe + Isabel jewelry is hand-crafted, nickel-free and hypoallergenic. The company's jewelry styles range from traditional and timeless to trendy.

Chloe + Isabel parties are called Trunk Shows. Hostesses of Trunk Shows receive one piece of jewelry at 50% off and 20% of their show sales in free jewelry with a minimum of 6 orders.

Hand-crafted nickel-free hypoallergenic fashion jewelry.
Chloe and Isabel Review and Product Details

U Design Jewelry

U Design Jewelry is a direct sales company based in St. Charles, MO, that offers customers the opportunity to design their own custom jewelry at home parties. U Design Jewelry is a member of the DSA.

Guests at U Design Jewelry parties are given a bead board and design their own jewelry with the Design Rep's supply of sterling silver beads, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and art glass beads. After they are finished, the Design Rep takes the guests' designs home and finishes the jewelry to the customer's custom size.

Personally designed jewelry
U Design Jewelry Review and Product Details

Guy and Eva

Guy and Eva is a direct sales company that offers a collection of fashion jewelry. Guy and Eva started out selling to specialty boutiques online, and since 2009 the company has sold its products exclusively at home parties.

Guy and Eva Style Advisors receive training developed with Hollywood stylists so that they can give party guests personal styling advice without gimmicky sales presentations. Hostesses of Guy and Eva Style Sessions earn 20% of their total party sales in free jewelry, plus half-off items and booking credits.

Fashion Jewelry
Guy and Eva Review and Product Details

Azuli Skye

AZULI SKYE is a direct sales company that sells sterling, fashion and Pandora-style jewelry at home parties. Many of the company's pieces are handcrafted by artisans at its headquarters in North Carolina. Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious gems and custom handmade beads are the cornerstones of AZULI SKYE's designs.

Hostesses of AZULI SKYE jewelry parties earn 20% of guest sales in free jewelry, special Hostess discounts, the opportunity to purchase two items at half price, and rewards for confirmed bookings. Orders taken at AZULI SKYE parties are individually packaged and shipped directly to the hostess.

Fashion Jewelry
Azuli Skye Review and Product Details


Sabika is a direct sales company that sells handmade Austrian crystal jewelry at home parties and through its consultants. Sabika was founded in Pittsburgh in 2001 and is a member of the DSA.

Sabika jewelry is handmade by artisans in Austria and Germany, and is designed to complement everything from jeans to an evening dress. At a Sabika party, the consultant brings a complete set of Sabika's Seasonal Collection samples for guests to try. Sabika hostesses receive up to 30% worth of complimentary jewelry.

Handmade Austrian Jewelry
Sabika Review and Product Details

Origami Owl

Origami Owl was founded in 2010 by a 14-year-old who sold her line of personalized jewelry to earn money to buy a car. Today the company's signature jewelry collections are sold online and by Independent Designers at home parties and events.

At Origami Owl parties, customers create customized lockets by choosing their own locket, charms, chain, hand-stamped metal plate, and dangles. Most of Origami Owl's jewelry sells for below $25.00.

Enrollment Options

Customizable Jewelry
Origami Owl Review and Product Details

Simply You

Simply You, which opened for business in January 2011, offers an exclusive line of jewelry through its network of independent Jewelry Advisors. The privately-held, Toronto-based company does business in Canada and the United States.

Simply You jewelry is nickel, cadmium, and lead free. Each piece is handcrafted with elements such as freshwater pears, glass cut crystals, cubic zirconia, glass beads, and semi-precious gemstones. In addition to solid sterling silver charms, the collection also includes charms of Murano glass, crystal pave, and cubic zirconia gemstones. Simply You offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on every piece of jewelry it sells.

Hostesses of Simply You jewelry parties earn free jewelry, half-priced items and special discounts based on the total sales of their party.

Handcrafted Jewelry.
Simply You Review and Product Details

ZeroPoint Global

ZeroPoint Global markets a line of wellness enhancing products based on Zero Point Technology. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ZeroPoint Global claims that its proprietary Zero Point Technology can change energy to wave forms that harmonically balance the body. Products offered by ZeroPoint Global include the ZeroPoint Pendant, ZeroPoint Sodalite Window Pendant, and ZeroPoint Sirius Balance Pendant, all of which are advertised as giving the body protection and increased well being; ZeroPoint Frequency Discs, ZeroPoint Aqua Purification water filtration system, and various other wellness-based products, all based on Zero Point Technology.

ZeroPoint Global Pendants, Frequency Discs, Aqua Purification System
ZeroPoint Global Review and Product Details


bamboopink is a new direct sales company headquartered in Irvine, California. Launched by JudeFrances and co-founders Jude Steele and Francis Gadbois, the company offers affordable and versatile jewelry designs at prices starting at $29.00

bamboopink will be arming their consultants with state-of-the-art business technology to help insure their success. Their plans include mobile applications and a 'virtual trunk show' to give consultants the ability to do business anywhere at the push of a button.

Fashion Jewelry
bamboopink Review and Product Details


Gemstyle is a direct sales company that designs and produces affordable jewelry. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the company made its start almost by accident when Scott Miller became the youngest member of the NY Diamond Dealers Club In 1999.

As a member of, Scott began creating designer pieces for clientele, celebrities, and professional athletes. Applying many of the designs to more contemporary and trendy pieces became Mr. Miller's Hallmark as he began crafting various pieces. Eventually, Scott's wife Wendi began holding gatherings where his pieces were showcased, which quickly developed into Gemstyle.

Fashion jewelry made from crystals, semi-precious stones, shells, stained glass, sterling silver, gold, alloyed metal, and leather and other natural fibers.
GemStyle Review and Product Details

Jewel Kade by Thirty-One

Jewel Kade launched in 2008, and the company has been manufacturing quality jewelry, charmware, pewter frames, hand-cut glass, high-caliber embellishments and intriguing artwork. Products are sold through home based business parties, or web site.

Hi quality pewter jewelry.
Jewel Kade by Thirty-One Review and Product Details


Gliffik offers a wide range of personalization. Gliffik provides a fun way to design and personalize products. Each product Gliffik produces is 100% unique. Gliffik also offers career opportunities for individuals who are interested in earning an extra income, office independence and time with friends and family.

Personalized metal gifts – keychains, bracelets, cups, belt buckles, rings, etc
Gliffik Review and Product Details

Touchstone Crystal

Touchstone Crystal is a crystal fashion jewelry company. Touchstone Crystal is a player in the direct selling environment that offers consumers sparkling fashion jewelry made exclusively with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements and ENLIGHTENED™ - Swarovski Elements. Consultants offer a boutique-like jewelry shopping experience in a home party setting.

Touchstone Crystal is a member of the Swarovski Group, the DSA and the DSWA. The company concept is to offer unique and sparkling crystal jewelry party to share with family and friends, as well as a rewarding opportunity for Consultants. Touchstone Crystal believes in designing products with an attention to detail, style, and lasting value. Touchstone Crystal is proud to feature exclusively CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements and Enlightened™- Swarovski Elements in its high-quality jewelry designs.

Consultants make between 25% and 40% of retail sales. If they have active consultants under you, they can progress in the career path and make additional commission based on personally sponsored consultants and on their team. To be active a consultant must have retail orders of at least $300 one month over a rolling three month period. The company offers replicated websites for an annual fee. Recently the company purchased the Little Black Dress jewelry brand that will expand the product line.

Touchstone Crystal Review and Product Details

Kele n Co

Kele & Co was founded in 2006 by its President, Kelly LeFevre. Her mission was simple: to provide her and other women with a home-based income opportunity that was rewarding, successful and enjoyable. Kele & Co also wanted to provide women with flexibility for precious and important time to raise a family while maintaining job security.

Jewelry, jewelry cleaning cloths, designer inspired handbags, and multi-lines of accessories
Kele n Co Review and Product Details


Aurastella markets a unique line of fine and unique sterling silver jewelry from around the world. Based in Orlando, Florida the company's .925 jewelry is sold by independent contractors who are building their own jewelry business.

Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry created by international designers and local artisans.
Aurastella Review and Product Details

Steel My Heart

Steel My Heart offers a wide range of personalization. Steel My Heart provides a fun way to design and personalize products. Each product Steel My Heart produces is 100% unique. Steel My Heart also offers career opportunities for individuals who are interested in earning an extra income, office independence and time with friends and family.

Personalized metal gifts – keychains, bracelets, cups, belt buckles, rings, etc
Steel My Heart Review and Product Details

Stella n Dot

Stell & Dot was formerly known as Luxe Jewels. Stell & Dot jewelry is hand crafted, one-of-a-kind designs made of materials such as semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14kt gold-fill. Stella & Dot is all about helping women thrive though their own, anti 9-5, sky's the limit business opportunity.

Stella n Dot Review and Product Details

Luxe Jewels

Luxe Jewels are hand crafted, one-of-a-kind designs made of materials such as semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14kt gold-fill. Luxe parties are "girl's night out" events where guests get together to shop for and personalize jewelry. Consultants can choose to add a second party option - DIY parties to teach jewelry making with Luxe kits and the Design of the Month Club. Consultants with a passion for jewelry making can even offer their own personal creations at a Luxe Jewels party.

Luxe Jewels Review and Product Details

Morgan Dane Designs

Morgan Dane Designs, based in Wichita, Kansas, offers sterling silver jewelry through home parties. Consultants average over $60 per hour in commissions at home parties. For the 2007-2008 catalog year, Morgan Dane Designs will donate 10% of the proceeds from sales of lapis jewelry to the Lupus Foundation of America.

Sterling Silver Jewelry
Morgan Dane Designs Review and Product Details

Premier Designs

Premier Designs, Inc., located in Irving, Texas, offers a line of affordably priced High Fashion Jewelry through home parties. Premier Designs, Inc. is a direct sales company founded in November 1985 by Andy and Joan Horner. Premier Designs Jewelers earn 50% gross commission on their retail sales and a 10% commission on the wholesale of everyone in the first 3 levels of their downline.

Premier Designs Review and Product Details

M Studio

M Studio has been in the jewelry business for 30 years. M Studio's home party collection consists of 225+ pieces of jewelry fashioned from sterling silver, 14K gold, cultured pearls, resin, and steel. Representatives can start their business for $139, which includes promotional and administrative materials and 12 pieces of jewelry. M Studio parties do not require any formal presentations.

M Studio Review and Product Details

Terra Mezzo

Terra Mezzo is founded on the principle that fashion is fun. The company presents a line of hand selected .925 sterling silver and designer inspired fashion jewelry through home party presentations.

Terra Mezzo Jewelry Consultants own their own business and may earn a fifty percent commissions on their direct home party sales at suggested pricing, as well as a ten percent bonus for building their Terra Mezzo sales team.

Sterling Silver and Fashion Jewelry
Terra Mezzo Review and Product Details

All Jeweled Up

All Jeweled Up markets personalized jewelry through home parties. From the All Jeweled Up Website: "Joining All Jeweled Up as a Business Designer is simple, and how much you participate is up to you. Some of our members join simply as a way of earning a little extra income, while others turn All Jeweled Up into a profitable and fulfilling career."

Personalized Jewelry
All Jeweled Up Review and Product Details

Lia Sophia

lia sophia, formerly Act II Lady Remington, is a direct sales company with a continued focus on high quality fashion jewelry, affordable pricing and a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. lia sophia Advisors around the country have experienced the benefits this company offers. Whether you're interested in working part-time or are ready for a full-time career, lia sophia invites you to join their opportunity.

fashion jewelry
Lia Sophia Review and Product Details

Cherish Designs

Cherish Designs markets custom jewelry you design yourself.

Cherish bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, watches and more.
Cherish Designs Review and Product Details

Finest Accessories Inc. (The)

The Finest Accessories (France Luxe®) is a collection of exquisite hair ornaments that surpass any notion of the basic hair accessory. From daytime to nighttime to party time, the collection offers styles that can take you anywhere.

Handbags, Jewelry, Headbands, Combs, Ponies, Barrettes and accessories
Finest Accessories Inc. (The) Review and Product Details


For the last 20 years, Suzanne Sommers has been selling exercise equipment, sparkling jewelry, delicious food and gorgeous fashion on television. Her faithful audience tunes in each month to share the laughter and select incredible products to enhance their daily lives. When she was approached by one of the most successful direct sell teams in history, she knew the combination of their business acumen and my relationships with women could join forces to form a powerful team. This is how SUZANNE was founded.

Beauty, Food, Jewelry and Fashion
Suzanne Review and Product Details

France Luxe

France Luxe® is a collection of exquisite hair ornaments that surpass any notion of the basic hair accessory. From daytime to nighttime to party time, the collection offers styles that can take you anywhere.

Handbags, Jewelry, Headbands, Combs, Ponies, Barrettes and accessories
France Luxe Review and Product Details

Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress Fashion Jewelry Collection offers hundreds of jewelry designs. Little Black Dress releases new jewelry designs throughout the year. They also offer a comprehensive guarantee on their products.

Fashion Jewelry
Little Black Dress Review and Product Details


Jolica markets artfully handcrafted jewelry and accessories from around the world. The Jolica handcrafted items are unique, and the Jolica Foundation designated 5% of the total sale to meet the needs of artisans and their communities.

Hand Crafted jewelry, hand bags and accessories
Jolica Review and Product Details


Accentz Jewelry's mission is to establish a win-win environment for their associates, customers and the company by offering quality boutique style, affordable jewelry. Accentz Jewelry is handcrafted using semi-precious stones set in .925 sterling silver or 14k gold-filled.

Accentz markets their jewelry through a party plan direct sales model where associates offer quality affordable jewelry in a relaxed home setting.

Sterling silver jewelry, gold filled and handcrafted jewelry
Accentz Review and Product Details

Eclipse Jewelry In Motion

Eclipse-Jewelry in Motion markets silver jewelry in several categories from earrings to pendants to necklaces, bracelets rings and more.

Eclipse brand jewelry
Eclipse Jewelry In Motion Review and Product Details

Azante Jewelry

Azanta Jewelry home shows are get togethers where women have the opportunity to visit and try on jewelry. No formal presentation is required of the hostess. Azanta Jewelry products are only available from independent Azante Consultants throughout the United States.

Azante Jewelry Collection
Azante Jewelry Review and Product Details

Jewels by Park Lane

Jewels by Park Lane has been around since 1955, and is a well known producer of hand-crafted jewelry sold at home parties, person-to-person, fundraiser's and online catalogues. The company is based out of Schaumburg, Illinois, and is operated as a private enterprise with over fifteen thousand independent sales representatives. Jewels by Park Lane was originally founded in Chicago by Shirley and Arthur LeVin, and is reputed to be the highest volume producing direct jewelry sales/party planning company in the world.

Jewels by Park Lane offers Fashion Jewelry for women of every age and designs for men and children. All Park Lane jewelry is backed by an unconditional guarantee. Hostesses earn commission on personal retail sales, and additional commission on team sales.

Fashion Jewelery by Park Lane
Jewels by Park Lane Review and Product Details


From Yoffi Jewelry website: If your passion for fashion includes an obsession with getting today's contemporary looks at a great price, Yoffi's chic & elegant designs offer luxurious looks for the savvy shopper. By working in sterling silver, platinum and 18k gold overlay, cultured freshwater pearls and other genuine stones, Yoffi's fine jewelry offers magnificent looks at magnificent values.

Yoffi Review and Product Details

Sarah Coventry

The Sarah Coventry product lines consist of Fashion Jewelry, Sterling Silver, 10 & 14 Karat Gold, Gold-Filled. All lines are punctuated with genuine stones, crystals & pearls.

Jewelry and Accessories
Sarah Coventry Review and Product Details

Dynasty of Diamonds

Dynasty of Diamonds is a Moreland United Inc. company. From company website: Dynasty of Diamonds enjoys a strong financial backing while remaining debt free. We will stand the test of time. Our leaders have vision, strategy, confidence and experience to make our business successful for every Independent Marketing Representative Member ( IMRM ) who joins and contributes.

Dynasty of Diamonds Review and Product Details

October Trading

From October Trading website: We started with the idea of providing women access to beautiful quality pearl jewelry at fabulous prices - all while we spent more time with our families. What we found was that there were many other women who wanted to achieve the same goals, enhance a professional career without sacrificing our personal lives or family values.

Pearls / Jewelry
October Trading Review and Product Details

Charmed Moments

From website: Charmed Moments offers a unique and exciting opportunity to help people link important events, experiences, and moments of their lives through heirloom quality jewelry. Charmed Moments provides an opportunity to earn extra cash or serious income which allows people to work from home by helping people identify what is important to them in their lives and match their experiences to custom created jewelry. In a fun and intimate setting, often hosted at someone's home, consultants conduct an open house with friends, family, and neighbors of a hostess. Customers re-live different moments of their life in a person-to-person setting and consultants help them make choices about their unique jewelry.

Charmed Moments Review and Product Details

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