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MLM / Home Based Business Opportunities
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1Voice Worldwide

Telecommunications Services
1VOICE Worldwide, Inc. is a new Customer Acquisition company aggressively marketing telecommunications services, and eventually deregulated energy services, to residential, small business and commercial customers.
1Voice Worldwide Details / Review

Aloette Cosmetics

Cosmetics, skin care, fragrances
From Company Website: "The best of science and nature! Anti-aging Aloe Vera skin care infused with botanicals, anti-oxidants and technologically advanced patented ingredients takes skin care to a new level. Turn back the hands of time with Aloette’s anti-aging, cell-repairing treatment products. Indulge your senses with Aloespa body treatments and vitamin infused natural makeup."
Aloette Cosmetics Details / Review





Esther Cosmetic Line
Esther offers a unique skin care experience and the ability to build your own business. Reps may join the Esther family for a part time opportunity that will allow them to sell and purchase products and earn extra income while staying at home full time, or allowing them to continue with their present career.
Esther Details / Review

Ethnic Expressions

Art and Framing, Home Accessories and Decor
From the website: The companies purpose is to serve the African-American community with products that reflect our ethnicity and help us embrace it.
Ethnic Expressions Details / Review

Global Nutrition Network

From company website: We believe that once you understand who we are, what we stand for, and the products we bring to the market place you will want to join our crusade in changing lives. Changing and saving lives through the latest in Dr. developed, scientifically researched nutritional supplementation delivered to the market through our independent distributors.
Global Nutrition Network Details / Review

Initials Inc

Personalized Products
Initials Inc offers independent consultants the opportunity to market custom personalized and monogrammed products through their party plan program.
Initials Inc Details / Review


iZigg Mobile Marketing Services.
mCard – Business card sent via text message - $14.95 per month, 1 keyword
iConnect – Group text messaging service - $99.95 for 2000 messages per month, 2 keywords
iConnectPro – Group text messaging service - $249.95 for 5000 messages per month, 5 keywords
iZigg, launched in 2010 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, combines multi-level marketing with a group text messaging platform. iZigg Agents market mobile messaging services to local businesses and individuals. iZigg claims that its shortcode, 90210, is the “most widely recognized, the most widely searched and therefore most valuable five digit shortcode in mobile media.”

Company Goals

iZigg’s mission is “do whatever it takes to deliver the most innovative products while empowering our team of agents to achieve extraordinary success delivering those products to our customers.”

Enrollment Options

To become an iZigg Agent you must purchase a Charter Membership Agency Promo Pack for $99.95 per year. Included in this package are 1 annual mCard subscription, 1 keyword, unlimited auto-responder, custom text response, and a customized mobile landing page.
iZigg Details / Review




Liberty Health Net

Vitamins and Nutritional Products
Incorporated in February, 2001, Liberty Health Net began shipping products in June 2001. It is a debt free corporation owned by Frank Soto and Jim Price.
Liberty Health Net Details / Review


Lifewave Energy Enhancer Patches
From company website: LifeWave is the world leader in the emerging field of organically constructed nano-antennas for the passive frequency modulation of the human magnetic field. These organic antennas, when properly constructed, are capable of passively modulating the human magnetic field for the purpose of communicating information to the human body via resonant energy transfer. The first commercially available product that LifeWave is offering is in the form of a patch. The end result is that users experience immediate improvements in energy, stamina and well being and nothing ever enters your body.
Lifewave Details / Review

Maddy Moo Creations

Custom hangbags and accessories

Maddy Moo Creations is a direct sales company that gives customers the opportunity to custom design handbags and accessories from over 28 styles and 50 fabrics. Founded in 2006, the company is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Maddy Moo handbags and accessories are handmade by seamstresses in the Atlanta area. At a Maddy Moo Home Party, a Design Consultant brings samples for guests to look at and helps each of them design their own bag. The hostess earns half-price items and merchandise credit based on the total sales at her party.

Maddy Moo Creations Details / Review



MAXXIS 2000 Details / Review


Life, Auto and Home Insurance and Financial Services Products

Primerica, founded in 1977 and formerly a subsidiary of Citigroup, became an independent company in 2010 and is the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America. Primerica is based in Duluth, Georgia and is a member of the DSA.

Primerica’s Representatives offer term life, auto and home insurance, and other financial services products such as mutual funds, variable annuities, segregated funds and debt consolidation loans. All mutual funds and annuities are sold through Primerica’s licensed broker/dealer subsidiary.

Primerica Details / Review

Retire on Spending

ROS replicated online shopping portal
Retire on Spending (ROS) offers a personal online shopping portal with various commission and referral levels. Members may enroll free and earn cash back when they shop online. Retire on Spending also offers dental plans, auto-rentals, nutritional and agricultural products, and more.
Retire on Spending Details / Review

Salu International

Vital resV, Vital-Flex
Salu International is a company based out of Newnan GA. that produces health products which utilize a blend of several seed and berry extracts. Salu's mission statement is to "empower our distributors and consumers to improve their lives with an innovative health & wellness product line, cutting-edge marketing materials, and a support base that is unmatched."

Salu International Details / Review

Savings Highway

Discount Services

Savings Highway partners with service providers in multiple industries to create volume buying discounts for its Members and Representatives. Savings Highway’s products and services are provided by companies such as Aetna, Coast 2 Coast, Legal Club of America, General Electric and more.

Savings Highway’s discounts and services include dental and vision, legal, ID theft restoration, and roadside assistance plans, plus savings on groceries, shopping, dining, entertainment and travel .

Savings Highway Details / Review

World Marketing Alliance

Financial Products
World Marketing Alliance (WMA Securities) is now World Financial Group. In June 2001, World Financial Group (WFG), a subsidiary of AEGON Asset Management Services, purchased selected assets of WMA Agency (World Marketing Alliance).
World Marketing Alliance Details / Review


Zingit, Inc. is a publicly traded travel company that aggregates travel bookings from clients and affiliates by providing LAN and Internet booking connection, office management services and training to independent travel agents and agencies worldwide through a central full-service travel agency, user friendly web sites and walk-in storefronts.
ZINGIT.COM Details / Review


Zoe Life Drink Mix
The mission of Zoegetics is to create a more positive and healthy lifestyle, one family at a time. Zoegetics’ flagship product is Zoe Life, a nutritional drink mix containing a powdered form of fruits and vegetables. Zoegetics will continue in its mission to influence a healthier lifestyle by introducing the “Zoe Wellness Web.” Distributors will have 24-hour access to information from professionals in the areas of nutrition, homeopathic healthcare and home safety. Zoegetics commits a percentage of profits to various charities.
Zoegetics Details / Review


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