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Naturally Plus

Founded in Japan in 1999, Naturally Plus has expanded in countries throughout Southeast Asia and in 2014 in the US as NPUSA. For US affiliates, products are shipped directly from the US.

Company Products and Product Line

Naturally Plus markets nutritional products, focusing on Super Lutein, a "broad spectrum multi carotenoid nutritional supplement" specifically designed for eye and overall health, and Izumio, marketed as a hydrogen infused water that Naturally Plus states will provide antioxidant benefits.

Super Letein, Izumio
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Valentus, headquartered in Sparks, Nevada, markets the Prevail line of functional beverages. Their flagship product is their Prevail Energy Drink containing all natural ingredients. Valentus products are sold in powdered form and mixed with water before use.

Company Goals

Valentus's mission statement is "Since day one, our focus, our passion, and our commitment have been to create a company, a product line, and an opportunity built on a foundation of integrity."

Valentus Enrollment Options

There are four enrollment options for Valentus, startsing at a $59 level and topping out at a $499 level. Varying levels include different quantities of Valentus products to start your business.

Prevail Energy, Prevail Immune, Prevail Trim, Slim Roast
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Liv International

Based in Orem, Utah, Liv International offers a line of products which target general health, energy, and mental sharpness. The company currently does business in the U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico.

Liv International offers 10 products as part of its Daily Essentials, Maximum Performance, Ideal Weight, Healthy Heart, Cleanse, Energy/Alertness, Immune Support, and Nervous System Support packages: Blox, Clenzt, Crave, Go Nitrimax, Green2O, Liv Smart, Liv Sxinney, SereZen, Sxinney Mist, and Zing.

Company Goals

The company's mission is to "empower everyone to 'Live Life Well' by providing families products and information that rapidly improve and maintain excellent health and energy, attractive appearance, sustained mental acuity and financial prosperity."

Daily Essentials, Maximum Performance, Ideal Weight, Healthy Heart, Cleanse, Energy/Alertness, Immune Support, and Nervous System Support packages: Blox, Clenzt, Crave, Go Nitrimax, Green2O, Liv Smart, Liv Sxinney, SereZen, Sxinney Mist, Zing.
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SPX Nutrition

Headquartered in West Valley City, Utah, and helmed by CEO Rick Wall, SPX Nutrition offers nutritional supplements and weight management products manufactured in their state-of-the-art FDA regulated facility.

The company's products target obesity, low energy levels and health issues. The SPX product line includes: Nutri-Thin Weight Loss Formula, Nutri-Cleanse Detox Formula, Sea Veg Multi-Nutritional Supplement, XTreme Cardio L-Arginine Health Formula

Company Goals

The company's stated mission is "to change people's lives by providing the best business opportunity in the network marketing industry together with the highest quality nutrition and weight-management products available."

Nutritional Supplements and Weight Loss Products
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Q Sciences

Based in Utah, Quintessential Biosciences (Q Sciences) is a wellness company offering nutritional supplements for both people and pets. Q Sciences website states they have served 80,000 customers with its product line.

According to founder Marc Wilson, "Quintessential Biosciences (Q Sciences) began with the founding principle that if we did the right things for the right reasons, we could create a GREAT Company - a company that could truly make a difference in improving Quality of Life for people throughout the world."

Qssentials (includes QVitalize, EMPowerplus Q96, QBiotics, Q10+), QSprays (include QD3, QSleep, QBoost, QB12 and QC+), EMPowerplus Q96 (a.k.a. The Q Foundation), EMPowerplus Q96 Berries & Banana, Amino Acids, eQuivalent+ with Xanthones, Q Omegas, Q Pets, The Cellerciser
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Le-Vel Brands LLC, was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Frisco, Texas. Le-Vel brands itself under the slogan "LV Life", and promotes living a "Premium Lifestyle". Le-Vel claims that their brand represents a culture of premium products and product lines, rewards, recognition, events and getaways.

Le-Vel Products

Le-Vel's Thrive product line encompasses several nutritional formulas each specifically targeted to men, women or "lifestyle". The supplements are marketed in conjunction with Le-Vel's eight week "THRIVE Experience" which the company claims will help individuals experience peak physical and mental levels.

Lev-el Enrollment

To participate in the Le-Vel opportunity as a Brand Promoter and earn commissions, a rep must be both "qualified" and "active". To be "qualified" requires the purchase ( or sale ) of at least 100 "PV" worth of products since enrollment. To be "active" requires maintaining personal or customer orders totalling at least 100 PV per month.

THRIVE for Men, THRIVE for Women, THRIVE MIX, THRIVE DFT, THRIVE Plus DFT Ultra, THRIVE Plus Balance, THRIVE Plus Activate
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Doctors Wellness Solutions

Doctor's Wellness is the marketing arm of the company known as ViaViente, which was established in 2003. ViaViente is a blend of 13 whole food purees that formulated to support health and increase energy.

VíaVienté an Anti-Oxidant Whole Food Puree.
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TruVision Health

TruVision Health is a health and wellness company who, through their products and opportunities for partners, encourages people to live healthier lives. Their products range from protein and nutrition supplements to 100% degradable and non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Company Mission

TruVision Health's mission is "to provide the highest quality products for health and weight management on the market and help people to change their lives through our culture and our business opportunities." They achieve this goal through their extensive line of health, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, and protein supplements, and by offering members exclusive opportunities to share their success with others and reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle.

truFix, truWeight & Energy, truFuel,truSlumber, Heart & Hydration, Simply Clean
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Kannaway is a multilevel marketing lifestyle company launched in April 2014 with a focus on nutritional products containing hemp oil.

Kannaway's products include HempVAP, a hemp-based CBD oil vaporizer pen; Beauty Defined, a line of anti-aging skincare products; and KannaKick energy chews.

HempVAP, Beauty Defined, Kannakick energy chews
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Sanki Global

Sanki Global is a multilevel marketing company that distributes a line of supplements based on Japanese health and wellness technologies. Sanki Global USA, which will officially launch in April 2014, is based in Las Vegas, NV.

Sanki uses additive-free ingredients, fermentation technology and ''green nano-biotechnology'' to ensure the nutrients in its supplements are easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Sanki Global's products are BelAge, a supplement formulated to support cellular health, and Kronuit, a weight loss product. Sanki Global dedicates 10% of company revenues to research and development.

BelAge, Kronuit, Krono Wellness System
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Brain Abundance

Brain Abundance, launching January 15, 2014, is a multilevel marketing company offering dietary supplements formulated to support healthy brain performance.

Brain Abundance's Brain Fuel Plus is a daily supplement containing Astaxanthin, Sensoril, Amino Acids and 10 other ingredients, formulated to support cognitive function, memory, mental clarity, and mood.

Brain Abundance Supplement
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Chews-4-Health International

"Chews-4-Health International™ (C4H) is a privately-held, debt free company producing and marketing chewable nutritional supplements. It is headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Company was founded by President & CEO Dr. David Friedman. Dr. David Friedman has a significant background in the field of nutrition, having written books and articles for health magazines, hosting TV and Radio shows and conducting training and seminars, and appears as a health expert on the Lifetime Television network's morning show, "The Balancing Act".

The company's flagship product is Chews-4-Health, a natural chewable supplement containing whole food vitamins, minerals, amino acids, macro minerals, trace minerals, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. This flagship product was followed by four additional proprietary products: TrimULean™ Weight Reduction System, IGNITE Chewable Energy™, Ignitea™ the healthy alternative to coffee, and Good-Night™ Sleep Aid.

Chews-4-Health represents a way to live a healthier lifestyle while providing a home-based business opportunity solution for a wide variety of individuals ranging from entrepreneurs to stay at home mothers. Chews-4-Health has operations in 25 markets around the world including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, the US Virgin Islands, with exclusive franchise agreements in the Philippines, South Africa, and others. In addition we can ship directly to customers in over 100 countries.

Chews-4-Health™, Good-Night™, IGNITE™, TrimULean™
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DXN, formerly Daxen International, was founded in 1993 in Malaysia and launched in the United States in 2002. DXN is a multilevel marketing company that produces and sells Ganoderma products.

DXN products include dietary supplements, coffee, tea and other beverages, and personal care products. The company cultivates Ganoderma on its own farms and develops, produces and packages its own products. DXN products do not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives, coloring or flavors.

Gandoderma beverages, personal care products
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Day 1

Day 1 is a network marketing company helmed by Founder and CEO Mark Seyforth, with headquarters in Miami, Florida. Day 1 has taken business and the whole world of network marketing and turned it into a game with the launch of the 'Money Board'. The 'Money Board' is a board displaying income you earn from products sales of both inside and outside your organization.

Day 1 Corporation calls their members and customers "Consumers for Charity". Their members have the opportunity to donate from 0-100% of their earnings to a church, charity or non-profit of their choice. Day 1 will match their donation up to 10%. Donations are optional. Members are not required to donate any Day 1 earnings in order to participate in the Day 1 business model, or receive compensation from Day 1.

Day 1's products include Day Café Slim, a coffee with green coffee bean extract; Body Allure from Day 1, a cellulite therapy cream; Dr. Max's Raw Superfood Mix, a vitamin-enriched, plant-based formula that is gluten-free and high in protein and fiber; Energy from Day 1, a concentrate formulated to increase energy, sharpen focus and improve mood; and PetroMaxx Plus, a fuel catalyst designed to improve fuel economy and increase engine performance. Day 1 Corporation looks to launch a new product every quarter.

Body Allure, Dr. Max’s Raw Superfood Mix, Energy from Day 1, PetroMaxx Plus
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Limitless Worldwide

Limitless Worldwide, which will officially launch in February 2013, is a network marketing company offering skin care, weight loss, and nutritional products.

Limitless Worldwide's products lines are Timeless, a skincare regimen, Effortless, a weight loss system, and Ageless, energy and nutritional supplements. Limitless Worldwide's supplement, Thrive, contains Somatodyne™, a proprietary blend of ingredients which has been shown in a clinical trial to increase HGH levels.

Skin Care, Weight Loss and Nutritionals
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QNET, formerly QuestNet, is a direct selling company offering products in various categories such as nutrition, personal care, home care, fashion accessories, collectibles, and communications through an e-commerce platform. Founded in 1998, QNET is based in Hong Kong and has more than 25 offices in other countries throughout Asia, India, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Company Goals

QNET's vision is ''to be the global eCommerce leader within the direct selling industry, leveraging this position so as to be a positive influencer in the development of sustainable and professional network marketing communities around the world.''

Nutritionals, Personal Care, Home Care, Fashion Accessories, Collectibles, eCommerce and Communications
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Essante Organics

Essanté Organics is a multilevel marketing company founded in 2009 with a goal to improve healthy living. The company's organic, certified organic and chemical-free personal care, anti-aging, weight loss, nutritional, alkalizing, and home care products are sold exclusively through its Independent Product Consultants.

Essanté Organics' products, website, educational materials and self-development and business trainings focus on green living. Essanté Organics products are based on a philosophy of comprehensive wellness through whole-food nutrition, stress management, detoxification, and proactive healthcare.

Organic nutritional and personal care products
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Univera, Inc., formerly known as Univera LifeSciences, is a multilevel marketing company offering health and wellness products. Univera is based in Seattle and has been in business since 1998.

Univera's products include supplements for energy, stress management, metabolism support, digestive health, joint comfort, immune support, heart health, and weight management, as well as personal care products. Univera applies pharmaceutical science to botanical product development, employing 50 full-time scientists and cultivating over 10,000 acres of farm land.

Health and Wellness supplements
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FREZZOR, currently in pre-launch, offers all-natural meal replacement, performance products, and nutritional supplements formulated by experts in medicine, nutritional science, and natural solutions. FREZZOR is based in Newport Beach, California.

FREZZOR's products include FREZZOR Weight Management, a meal replacement, and FREZZOR Superfood, which is formulated to enhance performance by combining FREZZOR's Weight Management formula with higher concentrations of superfoods.

FREZZOR weight management products
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Ludaxx is a network marketing company founded in 2010 and based in Draper, UT that offers all-natural health and wellness products.

Each Ludaxx product is designed to perform one specific function. The company's products include F21, formulated to help limit blood sugar absorption, KonLi Tea, an herbal cleansing tea, and PEARL, an antioxidant supplement.

F21, KonLi Tea, PEARL
Ludaxx Review and Product Details

Terra Biotech

Terra Biotech is a nutritional company that was founded by the husband of a cancer patient when he went in search of ways to help her. The company, based in Dallas, offers a line of nutritional beverages formulated with "superfoods", botanicals and herbs grown in areas of the world with nutrient-rich soils.

The foundation of Terra Biotech's product line is Nectr CORE, which contains antioxidants and plant nutrients selected for their ability to boost immunity, vitality, support the digestive system and fight free radicals. Other Terra Biotech products are Nectr RIZE, a non-stimulant-based energy supplement, and Nectr CALM, formulated to promote restful sleep. Terra Biotech uses 100% recycled materials for packaging and shipping.

Nutritionals, Superfoods
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SevenPoint2, launched in October 2011 and based in Newport Beach, California, offers a line of nutritional supplements designed to help maintain an inner pH of 7.2, which it calls the key to a healthy lifestyle. SevenPoint2 is introducing a "72 Day Alkaline Weight Loss Challenge", a weight loss program based on maintaining ideal inner pH by avoiding certain foods and using the company's products.

All of SevenPoint2's products are designed to help people achieve and maintain what the company calls an "alkaline lifestyle". These products include Greens, a supplement designed to detoxify the body; Vegan Shake, a vegetarian source of low carbohydrate protein with naturally-occurring amino acids; Alkaline Booster, designed to bring the body from acidic pH levels to alkaline; and Coffee Drops, which makes acidic beverages more alkaline.

Alkaline balanced nutritional products
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Green Organics International

Green Organics, based in Westerville, Ohio, is a network marketing company that offers natural and organic nutritional supplements.

Green Organics' products include multivitamins, supplements for cardiovascular health, weight loss, detoxifying, skincare, and nutritional supplements for pets. Green Organics donates a portion of each sale to Kids Against Hunger, a food aid organization which distributes meals to hungry children and their families in the USA and around the world.

Natural and organic multivitamins and supplements.
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VitaMist Spray Vitamins, based in Phoenix, Arizona, sells vitamin and nutritional supplements through its network of independent representatives, known as Team Members.

VitaMist Spray Vitamins are packaged in a patented oral spray delivery system that allows thousands of micro-sized droplets to be taken into the body through the mouth's tissue. VitaMist formulations are manufactured in America without fillers or by-products. The company has over 50 formulations to meet various needs.

Vitamist Spray Vitamins
VitaMist Review and Product Details

Morinda Bioactives

Morinda Bioactives, formerly known as Tahitian Noni International, is a multi-level marketing company that was the first to introduce the health benefits of the noni plant to the world outside of Tahiti. Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Morinda Bioactives has a presence in over 70 markets worldwide.

Morinda Bioactives' beverages and supplements are based on the noni plant, known scientifically as Morinda citrifolia. Tahitians and other Polynesians have traditionally used noni for its health benefits. Noni contains an unusually broad range of bioactives including iridoids, lignans, coumarins, polysaccharides, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Bioactives are chemical compounds that produce biological activity within the body.

Beverages and nutritional supplements.
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Union Springs Wellness

Union Springs Wellness, based in Erlanger, KY, is a direct sales company that offers a line of germ protection products that were originally developed to protect police officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

Union Springs' cornerstone product, MyClyns® Germ Response Spray, is a non-alcohol spray with germ fighting action that can safely be sprayed directly into the eyes, nose, ears, mouth and open wounds without toxicity, burning or irritation. Union Springs also offers hand sanitizer, laundry products, fabric refresher, dishwasher detergent, dishwashing liquid, household surface cleaner and wipes, and floor cleaner.

Union Springs Wellness reps or "Wellness Ambassadors" share tips and information about wellness and introduce products at demonstrations, where hosts can earn free products.

MyClyns 360° Germ Protection System, MyClyns Surface Cleaners, MyClyns Personal Germ Protection, MyClyns Food Wash, Pure-Cross™ Technology
Union Springs Wellness Review and Product Details

NatLA Global

NatLA ( Natural Life Advantage )is a health and wellness company based in Dallas, Texas that sells products to support balanced nutrition, weight loss and energy through its network of independent distributors. NatLA is currently in pre-launch.

NatLA's products include Ganopal, a blend of Ganoderma and Nopal; 9n1 Fusion, a detoxifying drink; Colostrum, a 100% pure colostrum powder designed for immune support; Intimate Spark, an herbal compound to help improve sexual performance; and 12 Hour Energy .

Ganopal, 9n1 Fusion, Colostrum, Intimate Spark, 12 Hour Energy
NatLA Global Review and Product Details

YJ Sciences

YJ Sciences Inc. ( formerly Our World Network ) is a direct sales company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that operates throughout Canada and the United States.

The company's flagship product is YouthJuice, a nutritional beverage containing berries and sea vegetables. YJ Sciences claims that each bottle of YouthJuice contains seven pounds of berries and can improve energy, mental focus, mood, metabolism, mobility, immunity, digestion, detoxification and the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

YJ Sciences' mission is "Doing Well by Doing Good." In keeping with this philosophy, the company established YJ 4 Kidz, whereby 50% of annual corporate profits from the sale of YouthJuice goes to charities involved in medical research for children.

Youth Juice
YJ Sciences Review and Product Details


Scheduled for an April 2012 launch, the ViSi (pronounced vee-SIGH) will offer nutritional, energy and weight loss products featuring its proprietary Scandinavian Berry Blend containing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omegas and other phytonutrients.

ViSi Wellness, ViSi Weight Loss, ViSi Energy
ViSi Review and Product Details


Kyäni, formerly Ky-äni Sun, offers a line of nutritional supplements containing wild Alaskan blueberry.

Kyäni's products include Kyäni Sunrise, a vitamin-infused beverage containing wild Alaskan blueberry, Concord grapes, raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, aloe vera, noni, cranberry, goji, grape seed/grape skin, and bee pollen; Kyäni Sunset, an Omega-3 and Tocotrienol supplement in capsule form; Kyäni NitroFX and NitroXtreme, supplements designed to promote natural nitric oxide production in the body.

Kyäni Sunrise, Kyäni Sunset, Kyäni NitroFX and NitroXtreme
Kyani Review and Product Details


Akea, founded in 2010, offers a nutritional supplement containing nutrients found in the diets of communities around the world that have the healthiest and longest-lived populations.

Akea Essentials is a powder nutritional supplement that must be mixed with juice or water. Essentials contains a combination of whole foods, herbs, spices, grains, enzymes, probiotics, and fibers. It is made with 90% organic ingredients and is free of gluten, soy, yeast, egg, preservatives, artificial flavoring, salt, starch, dairy and sweeteners.

Akea Essentials
Akea Review and Product Details


ZoiVi, founded in 2010 and based in North Carolina, markets a "complete purification system for a healthier and more energized life." The focus of the company's products is on restoring health and energy by removing interfering toxins from the body.

ZoiVi's products include supplements for liver function, weight loss, cleansing and energy, as well as multivitamins and enzymes.

Weight Loss, Multivitamins
ZoiVi Review and Product Details

LifePharm Global

LifePharm Global Network is a privately-owned subsidiary of LifePharm, Inc., which has been in the business of developing, marketing and distributing all-natural supplements since 2001. The company is based in Southern California and manufactures all of its products in the United States.

LifePharm Global Network's flagship product is Laminine, a nutritional supplement containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids which the company claims can enhance memory, mood, libido, skin and hair health, and energy, and improve sleep.

Laminine Nutritional Supplement
LifePharm Global Review and Product Details

Regeneration USA

Regeneration USA, LLC ( is a New Jersey based natural food manufacturing firm focused on a whole-food derived product line with emphasis on healing and healthy aging. Justin Chernalis, founding partner wanted to provide functional, organic, chemical-free anti-aging alternatives to consumers. All products contain no processed sugar, no salt, corn syrup, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, genetically modified foods, synthetic sweeteners or additives.

Regeneration USA's affiliate program is a hybrid between network marketing and a direct sales program which provides the opportunity for their affiliates to maximize their commissions by placing products on stores shelves in addition to selling directly online and to end consumers.

Affiliates sell their products to natural foods specialty stores, health food stores, small mom & pop stores, larger chain health food stores, wellness centers, athletic clubs, spas, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, holistic doctors, anti-aging doctors, yoga studios, tanning salons, beach shops, high-end spa's and rejuvenation centers and eastern and western physician offices.

Anti-Aging Whole Food Bars
Regeneration USA Review and Product Details

Destiny 2000

Destiny-2000 Ltd. is a direct sales multi-level marketing company based in Bangladesh that was founded in December 2000. More than 3 million distributors have joined the company to date.

Destiny-2000 sells a variety of products including personal care, nutritional supplements, electronics, household items, and educational cds.

Personal Care, Nutritional Supplements, Electronics, Household, Educational
Destiny 2000 Review and Product Details


Adaptogenix was launched in March 2011 as a privately-held company, and acquired by Youngevity in August, 2011. Adaptogenix's products are dietary beverage supplements based on adaptogen science, which identifies certain plants or herbs as having the ability to increase the body's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue.

Adaptogenix's products are Tazza Di Vita, a blend of organic coffee and several adaptogens, and Renu IQ, a beverage supplement containing a blend of adaptogens, vitamins and resveratrol. The company claims these products have powerful anti-aging effects along with other health benefits.

Tazza Di Vita, Renu IQ
Adaptogenix Review and Product Details


BodHd, launched in March 2011, is a health and nutrition company based in Southern California.

The BodHD product line includes BLD - an enzyme and probiotic supplement, Daily - a multi-vitamin, Radiant - a supplement for skin, hair and nails, and P3 - designed to help the body recover from physical and mental stress. BodHd claims its proprietary High Definition Delivery System maximizes nutrient absorption.

BLD - High Definitiion Enzyme Probiotic Formula
DAILY - High Definition Multi-Vitamin, Mineral and Antioxidant
RADIANT - High Definition Skin, Hair and Nails
P3 - Heat Shock Proteins

BodHD Review and Product Details


SoZo, founded in 2009 and based in Henderson, Nevada, markets products based on CoffeeBerry, the berry that grows on coffee plants.

SoZo Functional Beverage is made with CoffeeBerry and other fruit and vegetable extracts, one serving of which contains the antioxidant equivalent of 21 servings of fruits and vegetables. SoZo Ignite® Drink is a ready-to-serve drink containing naturally occurring caffeine and fruit and vegetable extracts designed to promote alertness, support endurance and reduce stress. SoZo also offers a gourmet coffee product.

Nutritional products and beverages.
SoZo Review and Product Details


Zotango was announced as a prelaunch company with a target launch date of April 2011. The company marketing videos announced four products which Zotango claims included all natural ingredients, superfruits, and 21 essential minerals.

A Nevada LLC was formed under Zotango LLC in August, 2009 by founders Michael Marks and Jill Marks. The current status or the LLC is reported as revoked.

ZoBerry, ZoBurn, ZoPower, ZoCleanse
Zotango Review and Product Details

Skinny Body Care

Skinny Body Care, a privately-owned company, was launched in January 2011.

Skinny Body Care's flagship product is Skinny Fiber. The company claims that Skinny Fiber assists in weight loss by expanding in the stomach and suppressing appetite, blocking fat absorption and stimulating metabolism. In addition, Skinny Fiber is also supposed to increase vitamin and mineral absorption, improve blood sugar imbalances and slow aging. The main ingredients are Char De Bugre, caralluma extracts and glucomannan dietary fiber.

Enrollment Options

To become a distributor for Skinny Body Care, there is a start up investment of $69.95 and a monthly purchase requirement of $59.95 to stay active in the program. New members receive training supplies, tools and a replicated website.

A referral from an active website is required to enroll.

Skinny Fiber
Skinny Body Care Review and Product Details


ARIIX, based in Bountiful, Utah, was founded in July 2011 and markets a proprietary line of dietary supplements.

Company Goals

The ARIIX vision is "to unleash the human potential for good."

ARIIX product line includes: Rejuveniix, an array of concentrated superfruit extracts; Minerals, a comprehensive spectrum of minerals & phytonutrients; Vitamins, a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins & antioxidants; Omega-Q, a combination of essential fatty acids and CoQ-10; and Vinali, a blend of bioflavonoids & Vitamin C.

Rejuveniix, an array of concentrated superfruit extracts; Minerals, a comprehensive spectrum of minerals & phytonutrients; Vitamins, a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins & antioxidants; Omega-Q, a combination of essential fatty acids and CoQ-10; and Vinali, a blend of bioflavonoids & Vitamin C.
ARIIX Review and Product Details


HAVVN, formerly Jus International,offers "youth-extending" products inspired by the science of epigenetics. HAVVN was launched in February 2011.

HAVVN formed a partnership with the UC Davis Center for Excellence in Nutritional Genomics and contributes to the center in its pursuit of scientific discovery and breakthroughs related to the field of epigenetics and nutrigenomics. The center collaborates with HAVVN and advises in their product development and testing.

HAVVN's products include HAVVN Jus™, a juice beverage containing a proprietary blend of resveratrol and other polyphenols; HAVVN Go™, a nutritional supplement; and Havvn DNA Skin Care™.

HAVVN Review and Product Details


Versativa Network is a division of ForeverGreen, based in Orem, Utah.

Versativa is the ForeverGreen trademark name for Hemp. Versativa Network's products are nutritional supplements featuring hemp seed. According to the company's website, it will be actively supporting the hemp movement with initiatives like starting a petition for legalizing hemp growth in the United States.

Versativa's products include Hemphoria, a whole hemp seed concentrate, Pulse, a proprietary raw food blend containing hemp seeds, nuts, and fruit, and Inspirin, a nutritional supplement for stress and pain relief.

Versativa Hemphora, Pulse
Versativa Review and Product Details


Nuvia3 is a California-based, privately-owned company that markets natural energy and weight loss supplements, as well as a skincare line.

Nuvia3's primary product is ShotWave Burst™, which they advertise as a one-of-a-kind, 100% all-natural antioxidant supplement that helps defend against the effects of aging without artificial flavors and colors. Other products offered by Nuvia3 include an energy shot, ShotWave Kick™, and a weight loss management supplement called ShotWave Slim™. Nuvia3 also markets Eternalist Skin Care.

Company Goals

Nuvia3's stated mission is "to enrich the vitality and prosperity of people around the world with our unique nutritional products and lucrative business opportunity, all while providing each individual person with a true sense of community as we work together to support charitable foundations."

ShotWave Burst, ShotWave Kick, ShotWave Slim, Eternalist Skin Care
NuVia3 Review and Product Details

It Works Global

Founded in 2001, It Works Global offers beauty and wellness products through network marketing. The concept for It Works Global was created to provide professional quality beauty and wellness products to consumers at affordable prices.

It Works Distributors market body slimming products and the It Works botanically based skin care line through the companies marketing and compensation program.

Body Slimming, Skin Care, Supplements: It's Essential Bar, Estro-Rhythm, Ultimate BOdy Applicator 4 Pack, FIT Total Body Workout DVD, FITPack. Ultimate Applicator Cosmetic System
It Works Global Review and Product Details

RBC Life

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, RBC is a publicly traded nutritional and wellness company founded in 1991 by Clinton Howard. RBC's stated goal is to bring "better nutrition for better health" to a worldwide audience. The RBC Life product line is based on Mr. Howard's research into the properties of the Aloe Vera plant.

Over 60 products including TruAloe, Microhydrin, Organic Spirulina, Microhydrin Plus, Sango Coral Calcium, Immune 360, Triple FX Energy Shots and C7 Age-Defying Skin Care
RBC Life Review and Product Details


Marvalous markets an Omega 3 product derived from sage. According to Marvalous Online, Agro Science Company purchased the rights to a protected patent in 2003, and the company Magnetika Interactive was established to sell the Omega 3 oil to businesses. Magnetika later opened daughter company Marvalous to serve the private sector.

Marvalous was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Israel. "Marva" is the Hebrew word for sage, the source of Marvalous's proprietary Omega 3.

All Marvalous products are sold in quantities of three, with each individual box containing a one month supplement supply for $200.

Marvalous Omega 3, Multi Vitamin, Winner Energy, Attract, Fiber Must
Marvalous Review and Product Details


Yipiz is a network marketing company in Salt Lake City, Utah, established in 2007. Yipiz produces a weight loss supplement it calls HCG Slim, in addition to Yipiz Fit Juice, and Yipiz Maqui Cleanser. Yipiz was founded by Brett Bastion, who also serves as the company's president. Mr. Bastion's bio states that he was also the co-founder of several other companies including Uplifting Films, U Tour, GoGo Tan, and Moroni Products.

Yipiz Mission Statement is to help people better their lives with health, financial opportunities, and the opportunity to save lives in 3rd world counties.

Yipiz allows individuals to enroll as Independent Business Owners ( IBOs ) at a cost of $300 per year, not including inventory. When joining as a Yipiz Independent Business Owner, entrepreneurs purchase the Yipiz IBO Business Kit in addition to digital tools and a back office, where they can manage their business online. The back office also provides real time tracking of clicks and sales.

The Yipiz Compensation Plan pays based on individual product sales, offering a 60% commission to new IBOs, in additional to residual income on recurring revenue on product orders on autoship.

HCG Slim, Yipiz Fit Juice, Yipiz Maqui Cleanser
Yipiz Review and Product Details


Wela is a nutritional MLM company founded by John Penny, a former top five earner from Vemma, Ryan Burgard and Mike Gullett.

Wela ( pronounced ''WELLA'' ) has offices located in Springfield, Missouri, and claims to have created a franchise-like system with a revenue sharing plan that meets the needs of the novice to the experienced marketer.

Wela's flagship product is Slimberry, an antioxidant formula sold in a bottle of concentrated nutritional drops. Slimberry contains minerals, zeolites, fulvic minerals, vitamin D3, and extracts of Acai berry and Maqui berry, Moringa, Black Currant, and Pomagranate.

The price for one Slimberry bottle is $46.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Bottles are delivered on autoship, and Wela states that you may cancel at any time.

Slimberry Liquid Nutritional Drops
Wela Review and Product Details


Trevo is a new nutritional beverage with headquarters in Oklahoma City. Trevo's stated mission is to empower, restore, renew and revive dreams. Founder and CEO Mark Stevens and his wife Holli Stevens claim over 16 years in network marketing as well as experience being independent representatives of other MLM companies. Their goal is to build a compensation program with "unprecedented rewards".

Trevo's primary product is a nutritional beverage formulated from natural supplements. Trevo claims the drink contains over 174 varieties of nutraceuticals, such as acai berries, coral calcium and super greens gleaned from all over the world. Mark A. Stevens states his company is on a quest to become "the greatest health, wellness and lifestyle company in history." His plan is based on four pillars of financial, spiritual, physical and emotional health.

The company claims that the drink is laden with natural supplemental nutrition from the earth and sea, and is beneficial for anyone from the age of two or older. The PH balanced drink is designed to restore mental and physical vitality, renew the body with phytonutrient-rich blend of essential fatty acids, fruits, vegetables and sea vegetables, and revive the body's immune system.

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LiveSmart 360

LiveSmart 360 is a new company which sells patent-pending natural health products. ( Formerly CyberWize ).

The company offer a unique method of administering nutrients in a mist spray, many of which contain ZorbMax™. This method, according to their website, uses a "rapid increase of osmotic pressure to speed absorption, enabling the body to take maximum advantage of the nutrients in foods and supplements." The marketing materials claim that one metered mist product enhances the absorption of nutrients at a cellular level, thus boosting the immune system against free radicals. Others are claimed to provide weight loss, energy boosting or sleep enhancing assistance.

LiveSmart 360 also markets NutraSmart products designed to be packed with antioxidants and other nutrients. Consumers can choose to purchase muscle and joint supplements, or supplements to ensure one is getting all the nutrient benefits from greens and fruits. Another natural supplement is Ellagic acid, a otent anti-oxidant said to encourage healthy cell growth and reduce unhealthy cells from flourishing. Their LiveFit360 Smartest Loser Pack contains mists, supplements and chews.

LiveSmart 360 offers Gear, Services ( VIP Club and HealthSmart ), 360-Mists, LiveFit-360, and NutraSmart products.
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Genasante' , the new direct sales division of Golden Moor, is a new company with a mission − wellness. The company's approach is to provide scientifically-proven health and longevity products.

Genasante' promotes what they call the "7 Pillar Foundation to Health"− core nutrition products, natural "home spa" products, healthy foods, nutritional follow-up testing, healthy living education, income opportunity and giving. The testing assures the levels of potency called the Heath Nutrient Status Assessment which guarantees their natural products are beneficial, nutritious and vitamin enriched. Recent scientific research, backed by The Journal of American Medical Association as early as 2002, has linked many chronic diseases to a suboptimal vitamin absorption. Genasante believes in testing to make sure their product line has the recommended strengths.

The company's natural products include both internal, digestive supplements and external skin care for face and body including mud spa treatments. Their digestible products are gluten-free as well as sugar and artificial sweetener void.

Nutrition, Core DNA Essentials, Vital Reds & Greens, GeneTeas, 21-Day Cleanse, Mud Baths, Ionic Foot Spa, Face & Body, Gift Sets
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Ceregenex (a subsidiary of Promethean Corporation) Corporate Headquarters is located in Chatsworth, CA. Ceregenix is an alliance of Promethean Corporation and the NeoStem Group, an adult stem cell collection and research company. Ceregenix debuted in 2010, and was formerly known as Ceres Living. Ceregenex stated mission is to provide products that combine advanced products for health and wellness with the opportunity to build an independent business through the vehicle of network marketing and direct sales industries.

AOI Premium Cellular Health
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RevvNRG is an MLM company offering an exotic juice and tea beverage known by the same name, which the company claims can alleviate fatigue and stress, boost immunity, sharpen mental clarity, improve circulation, aid in weight loss and help battle free radicals. RevvNRG was founded by Scotty Paulson, its current CEO. RevvNRG's stated mission is to ensure that every person can experience a more free, active, and healthy lifestyle. The RevvNRG web site claims that the company places the well-being of the South American rainforest as its core ideal, by donating a portion of all profits to rainforest conservation.

RevvNRG is a beverage utilizing the benefits of some of the most commonly used exotic ingredients in many superfruit juices on the market. The ingredients, which include Acai, Green tea, Yerba, Capuacu, Cha' de bugre, are harvested from South America. The company claims these ingredients are considered by many to be the current most nutritious ingredients known to alleviate fatigue and stress, boost immunity, sharpen mental clarity, improve circulation, aid in weight loss and help battle free radicals.

The home business opportunity begins with RevvNRG's "Extreme Compensation Model," which claims to have the potential to generate several thousands of dollars a month in a short period of time and allows experienced team builders to "command six figure earnings and beyond in record time."

RevvNRG Review and Product Details


Headquartered in Florida, One24 is scheduled to launch in August, 2010. One24 is helmed by Mark Seyforth, who claims to have been involved in the founding of Herbalife.

The company's primary product is NatraBurst. One24 describes the product as a mix that is high in fiber, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, pre-biotics and pro-biotics.

NatraBurst will autoship for $60 per month, and the requirements to remain active are one NatraBurst purchase per month.

One24 Review and Product Details


Elur is a network marketing company based out of Florida that is geared toward producing nutritional products that enhance health, nutrition, balance and longevity. Information about the company is limited at present but consists of details of the company foundation and product line, as well as their linear compensation plan. Elur will be releasing a series of four core products and unveiling their unique compensation plan at their launch in July, 2010.

The Elur company is focused on anti-aging and the development of wealth through the use and sale of its products. The company compensation plan is a linear model, offering payouts of not only downline distributor sales, but also side reaching members as well. According to Elur, this means that everyone who joins the company under you becomes a potential source of income producing streams.

Elur's mission is to remain "dedicated to the advancement of the science of anti-aging and wealth development. ELUR has positioned itself through its unique and in demand product lines and one of a kind distributor compensation model to effectively address and solve the two key issues of poor health and unbalanced wealth.", according to advance marketing materials that announce Elur's upcoming launch on May 15, through July 15, 2010 with an Internet launch of July 16, 2010.

Health, Nutrition, Balance and Longevity Products
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Livethesource produces a liquid multi vitamin that includes a selection of nutrient-rich herbs, in addition to an "All Natural Patented Nanotechnology". The company is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and maintains that its goal is to create unique, pure, high-quality, healthful lifestyle products using cutting edge scientific technology, and second, to offer an opportunity to fulfill dreams by affecting positive change and life-long healthy transformation, helping people to be better physically,spiritually and financially.".

Multivitamins: dailysource
livethesource Review and Product Details


True2life is a nutritional company that produces enzyme-based health products such as yogurts, shakes, and vitamins. The company is based out of Brea California, and says it's mission is to "serve God by serving Man through True2Life. Life is a gift and that fact becomes increasingly self-evident as we allow the body to function the way it was originally designed. We are dedicated to helping those that desire a more full and complete life to achieve their goals with the assistance of our products, our experience and our love."

TrueCleanse, FastFood, LiverPure, True2Kids, TrueZyme, TrueComplete
True2Life Review and Product Details


XOWii is an MLM company based out of Costa Mesa, California, that markets three separate juice based vitamin and neutraceutical enhanced drinks, designed to help promote weight loss, boost energy, and provide the body with essential vitamins. XOWii sells its products solely through its distributors, who may decide how they want to sell the product, whether it is through traditional MLM methods, or any innovative or creative venture of their choosing.

XOWii Energy, XOWii Ultimate, XOWii Thin
XOWii Review and Product Details

Syntec Nutraceuticals

Syntec ( Syntec, Inc / Syntec Worldwide / Syntec Nutraceuticals ) offers a line of Nutraceuticals that contain antioxidants that the company claims offer protection against free radicals, and nutritionally enhanced micro nutrients. The company was founded by Edward Yeh, Founder and CEO, and Joseph Wang, PhD, President and Co-Founder. Syntec offers both products for retailers as well as business opportunities for network marketing entrepreneurs. Syntec is currently located in Vacaville, CA. Its manufacturing plant is located in Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

SynBio, SynBio-X, SynCell, SynGevity, SynOPC, SynOPC-X, SynOmega, SynPhyto-K, SynVita, BoneCare, CardioCare, DigestiveCare, JointCare, VisionCare
Syntec Nutraceuticals Review and Product Details


Vollara was founded under its parent company Electrolux USA, an appliance manufacturer that found its origins in 1924. The general product line produced by Vollara includes health products such as energy pills, weight loss supplements, air purification products as well as water treatment supplies. The company's mission statement is to: "enrich the air you breathe, the surfaces you touch and the water you drink.".

Vollara markets a line of pill based health products that include carbohydrate absorption pills, vitamins, weight loss supplements, colon cleansing tablets and a line of soy and whey-based proteins.

Wellness, Environmental Purity, Shape your Weight Products. Immunitize™, EnerTelligence™, LivingWater, FreshAir Buddy , FreshAir ToGo•FreshAir Focus, ActivePure, CAeDS®, ImmuXT™
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Mazu Global

Mazu Gold
Mazu Global Review and Product Details


Asea / is based in Salt Lake City Utah, and was founded by Verdis Norton and James G. Pack. Asea is based chemically on scientific discoveries made more than 16 years ago by a group of medical professionals, engineers and researchers.

The Asea nutritional supplement utilizes antioxidants that are claimed to be effective in fighting off disease and slowing down the process of aging. Asea also claims their product contains a reactive element that helps fight off free radicals from damaging the body and its immune system. The company states that there are two types of this reactive substance in Asea, one that is responsible for activating antioxidants, fights free radicals and reduces oxidative stress and another that participates in intra- and inter-cellular damage control communications, cellular protection and aids in boosting the healing response.

Asea Nutritional Supplements
Asea Review and Product Details


21Ten is a new division of OxyFresh, launched in 2010.

21Ten provides a powdered nutritional drink that is said to promote anti-aging, an increase in natural energy, mood enhancement, and immune system support.

21Ten Review and Product Details

Genesis Pure

Genesis Pure is a network marketing company offering nutritional supplements and naturally enhancing and restorative juice drinks. The company relies upon Independent Business Owners (IBO's) rewarding them with 55% of the total sales of commissioned products; with seven different streams of revenue possible.

The company website offers IBO's extensive training, community message boards and blogs, new happenings within the company, and tips and support for building your business. The start-up fee ranges from $37.00 to $47.00 depending upon whether you are signing up for auto-ship; with an annual fee of $27.00 to remain active.

Nutritional supplement super juice drinks, cleansing, fasting, suppressants and vitamin supplements.
Genesis Pure Review and Product Details

EIRO Research

EIRO Research primary product is EIRO super juice, which the company claims provides benefits in support of cardio and immune function, increased energy, stamina and mobility, and neutralizes oxidative stress that can lead to premature aging.

EIRO Research markets their products via network marketing and offers distributors five ways to earn money including retail profits, preferred customer bonus, team building, infinity bonus (designed for those seeking to build a large corporation and giving them commissions on every order in their organization), and check matching bonuses.

of EIRO superantioxidant whole-fruit puree juice (caja, acerola, pomegranite, camu camu, acai), and EIRO energy (guarana, green tea, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, vitamin B, vitamin C and folic acid).
EIRO Research Review and Product Details

Juice PLUS

Juice Plus is a division of NSA ( National Safety Associates ). NSA launched the Juice Plus division in 1993 as a nutritional supplement, expanding on their existing air filter, water filter, and educational product lines.

Juice Plus
Juice PLUS Review and Product Details


Maakoa offers a variety of products to promote health, fitness and personal care. Headquartered in Orem, Utah the leadership team is led by CEO Bruce Davis.

The company opened their doors officially on July 4, 2009, with their primary product Koopuwa.

According to press releases, "Maakoa seeks to reignite the health and wellness revolution by providing innovate products and creating a culture of excellence and success. Founded by some of the most respected names in the direct sales industry, Maakoa's mission is simple: to become a leading source of powerful, quality products that promote lasting benefits and provide opportunities that empower individuals to dream, build, and share."

Koopuwa, MXp3
Maakoa Review and Product Details

Velocity International

Velocity International Marketing is a division of Healing America, a privately held company founded in 1997 in Owensboro, Kentucky. Healting America started in a 3000 square foot building and now occupies a 56,000 square foot facility in Owensboro.

Velocity International trains qualified "Berry Consultants" to assist you in having Tasting Parties. Tasting Parties give attendees the opportunity to experience Patagonian Maqui Juice and participate in the opportunity.

Maximum Velocity, Patagonian Maqui Juice
Velocity International Review and Product Details


NuVerus is a network marketing company offering nutritional, energy and weight loss products containing Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) as the staple nutrient. The company's products, sold exclusively through its Independent Business Associates, include NuVerus Plus, a wellness drink, NuVerus Energy, an energy drink containing natural caffeine and organic juices, and a weight management system. The company has a contest called the "NuBody Challenge" for those participating in its weight management system.

NuVerus has two additional product lines in development -- NuVerus Skin Care and NuVerus Life, a DHA omega-3 and antioxidant supplement.

NuVerus Review and Product Details

Ultra International

Ultra International, located outside of Kansas City, Missouri, is a 20 year old manufacturing and distributing company. Ultra International offers over 800 unique products. Ultra International's products are SLS and ALS free and are all 100% biodegradable. The company also offers many different product lines such as Life Garden, Premier Dead Sea, Lano and J'ai Besion are just a few.

Home Care Pack, Mind, Mind to Go, Body, Soul Superfood, Health and Energy Pack, Antioxidant Boost
Ultra International Review and Product Details


Evolv Health is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and the company site states that they have done more than 15 years of research and scientific development into the Evolv proprietary beverage formulas.

According to the Evolv site, the beverages combine colorless and flavorless Archaea Active™ formula with natural spring water to create health benefits with hydration including increased stamina, energy and endurance.

Evolv products contain Archaea Active™. The product is a functional beverage that the corporate site claims will result in production of cell signaling molecules that appear in very low concentrations"--increases oxygenation and decreases inflammation."
EvolvHealth Review and Product Details


Yoli, meaning "to live" in the Aztec language, is an MLM company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company offers programs for personal development, as well as high-quality natural products, designed to help people lose weight or achieve their personal fitness goals.

Yoli's products include the Better Body 30-Day Transformation System, which promises that users will see results as soon as 48 hours after starting, and can also lose 7-15 pounds in just 7 days of use. Clinical trials for the Better Body System are available online at Yoli's web page.

Other products include YES, a nutritional shake, Alkalete, a patented pH supplement, Thermo Burn, a natural energy formula sold in the form of capsules, and several other health and energy formulas made from all natural ingredients.

Better Body System, Yoli Essential Shake, Alkalete, Pure, Thermo Burn - Energy, Passion - Energy Drink, Dream - Sleep Formula, Truth - Health Drink, Fun - Sports Drink
Yoli Review and Product Details

Cal Nutrasciences

Cal Nutriscience founders decided to focus on an innovative weight loss nutrition program and products to design a company and reward-focused pay plan for their business.

The business opportunity is based on sales of the Core 4 product line via direct marketing with bonus system of profit making.

Weight loss, vitamins and liquid products designed to target the core area of the body for nutrition and weight loss. Core 4, nutrient fusion promoting healthy weight loss through calorie control, lean tissue health, detox cleansing and metabolic boost.
Cal Nutrasciences Review and Product Details


Enlyten, a multi-level marketing and direct sales company, manufactures and distributes thin dissolving strips for the benefit of improving health, energy, and sleep. The company website, dated 2009, states that distributors are offered the opportunity to earn income from 12 streams; with generations forming one step up from independent distributor, and company matched checks starting 4 tiers up the ladder.

Enlyten further boasts a team of medical professionals including a cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, and chief of medical staff, among others. Current press on the company states that they have hired Shaquille O'Neal as spokesperson and have designated Joint Aid Management (JAM) as their charity of choice.

The company is not on the stock exchange, and therefore no financial data is available at this time.

Enlyten strips - Supplement dissolving strips in four formulas: antioxidant, electrolytes, energy, and melatonin.
Enlyten Review and Product Details


Beachbody is a health and fitness company that got its start 11 years ago when its founder and current CEO, Carl Daikeler, began selling health and fitness products using telemarketing. The company is dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals through the use of nutrition and exercise with the help of motivation and commitment. The Beachbody program offers a full line of nutritional supplements and fitness programs on DVD, as well as the Team Beachbody Club, where members can receive diet and exercise advice and have access to trainers.

Nutritional Supplements, Fitness Programs
Beachbody Review and Product Details


Vemma is a family-run company from the creators of New Vision. Vemma operates from a 26,000 square foot home office in Scottsdale, Arizona with a 25,000 square-foot distribution center. With over $1 billion in retail sales, the Vemma Nutrition Company has donated over $2.5 million dollars to charities such as Habitat for Humanity, The United Way, and the Rainforest Foundation.

Vemma and their energy drink Verve are involved with several sports endorsements and sponsorships.

You can try a Vemma Free Sample Here.

Mangosteen Plus, Vemma Nutrition Program liquid antioxidant
Vemma Review and Product Details


Nurishe is headquartered in Provo, Utah, and has the stated mission goal of nourishing people around the world through the highest quality live whole food nutrition and life-affirming education.

Nuriche contains the nutritional benefits of over 70 vegetables, seeds, fruits, sprouts and nuts. The product is consumed by adding the nutritional powder to water to provide the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables.

Nuriche Review and Product Details

Trump Network

The Trump Network is the new name of a network marketing company owned by Donald Trump. Trump acquired Ideal Health and relaunched the company under his new name in October, 2009.

Metabolic testings for specific nutritional requirements
Trump Network Review and Product Details


Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, efusjon energy club markets a line of specialty energy beverages made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives. efusjon associates join the energy club and may choose which drinks they receive on a monthly basis.

According to the efusjon marketing materials, there are over 75 years combined experience between President and co-founder Robert Towles and the executive team.

efusjon distributor and energy club associate site is at

efusjon Raw ( acai), Edge ( acai and caffeine ), Dawn ( qaercetin )and Breeze ( mangosteen ) beverages
efusjon Review and Product Details


Synaura International is a new company founded by Dan Maltais. Synaura's primari product is Avia, a beverage / liquid supplement containing a blend from the juice, skin and seed of the Maqui berry.

Synaura will be offering four formulas of Avia.

Synaura Review and Product Details


Founder by Peter Spiegel, Kiiera has spent over two years developing VIV, an energy beverage marketed through a hybrid compensation plan and retailing for $1.25 per serving.

Kiiera considers is VIV product a new aproach to healthy supplements. The product has antioxidant qualities, and the company claims their product begins where other super juice products leave off.

VIV - Five Energy Infusion, a caffiene-free energy beverage.
Kiiera Review and Product Details


Healthient offers a line of healthy snacks and beverages through network marketing and direct-to-consumer channels. Healthient is committed to helping people achieve and maintain a healthy weight and to preventing childhood obesity.

AztecEnergy, AztecCleanse, AztecSlim, AztecChia
Healthient Review and Product Details


OneBode, a Holistic Health Company, has a goal of addressesing the need for individuals to have access to quality supplements. They offer high grade whole food nutrients proven by research to help nutritionally support the body - and help determine the amounts each customer needs.

OneBode primarily focuses on preventive maintenance of the body through holistic health approaches.

Customers can earn $4.00 per product in rewards for each person they refer to OneBode who makes a purchase. This reward allows for unlimited friends, and up to four generations of their friends.

Nutritional products, including Flo, ESCalate, Balance, and other signature products.
OneBode Review and Product Details


Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, eXfuze was cofounded by brothers Rick Cotton and Don Cotton. According to the company marketing materials, eXfuze uses only the parts of the fruits that are viable and necessary; discarding the unusable portions in favor of adding ingredients that will be beneficially nutritious in a product that is competitively priced.
eXfuse claims to offer a distributor compensation plan that has the highest payout in the direct-sales industry.

Seven and Seven Pro fruit juice/energy drink
eXfuze Review and Product Details


According to prelaunch information, Qivana is being launched by former principals of McKesson Pharmaceuticals and four former distributors from Tahitian Noni, Xango, Nuskin, and Usana.

According to marketing pages posted about he company, the Qivana website prelaunch is scheduled for March 1, 2009, with the company launch tentatively set for September or October, 2009.

Nutritional products
Qivana Review and Product Details


AloeBoost is an antioxidant product from Real Aloe, Inc., a division of USAloe. Real Aloe has been in the Aloe Vera business since 1972, and uses only fresh Aloe grown in the US.

AloeBoost Review and Product Details


The mission of Zoegetics is to create a more positive and healthy lifestyle, one family at a time. Zoegetics' flagship product is Zoe Life, a nutritional drink mix containing a powdered form of fruits and vegetables. Zoegetics will continue in its mission to influence a healthier lifestyle by introducing the "Zoe Wellness Web." Distributors will have 24-hour access to information from professionals in the areas of nutrition, homeopathic healthcare and home safety. Zoegetics commits a percentage of profits to various charities.

Zoe Life Drink Mix
Zoegetics Review and Product Details


RightSize markets a meal replacement smoothie designed to be used in a weight loss program. RightSize smoothies contain an all natural appetite manager as well as 50% of over 20 vitamins and minerals. RightSize Health and Nutrition Corporation is committed to customer service, prompt product shipping, media marketing and corporate branding. RightSize's radio advertisements engage local personalities who use and endorse RightSize products, thereby creating demand and business for local distributors.

RightSize distributors have the opportunity to earn income from their personal direct sales and to build a network of distributors to increase their income potential. In addition to earnings generated from direct sales, RightSize offers its distributors a bonus-based distributor network plan.

Meal Replacement Smoothies, Nutritional Supplements
RightSize Review and Product Details


MAXeGEN is committed to providing high-quality nutritional products to people who desire balance in their lives. MAXeGEN's nutritional supplements are pharmaceutical grade in a proprietary blend.

MAXeGEN's compensation plan is designed to reward its distributors through all stages of their business growth.

Nutritional products
MAXeGEN Review and Product Details


Mandura is a DBA of Solstice International Partners. Mandura offers a beverage containing ingredients from the Durian fruit and the Mangosteen combined with Brazilian Acai berry and the North American Blueberry. Mandura offers a risk free 30 day trial and full refund. .

Mandura Compensation Plan
The Mandura compensation plan is a one leg, straight line one team compensation plan. Once an IBO enrolls in Mandura, any IBO that enrolls afterwards will be in that organization regardless of sponsorship.

Mandura Review and Product Details


O3World offers products that combine lifestyle and nutritional ingredients to optimize weight management. O3World's distributors share the products through visual demonstration, DVDs, or online.

O3World's parent company, Forever Green, is a public company which has been in business since 2004 and has a presence in more than 10 countries.

Nutritional/Weight Loss Supplements
O3World Review and Product Details


MOXXOR is a nutritional company with roots in New Zealand. Founded and wholly owned by Noel and John Turner, the owners of Turner New Zealand, Inc and Turner Foods, the company plans to launch with their flagship product ( omega-3 and antioxidant ) to market through direct sales channels and distributors.

MOXXOR antioxidant and omega-3
MOXXOR Review and Product Details

Team Beachbody

Team Beachbody helps people meet their fitness goals with a combination of nutrition, exercise, motivation and commitment. Team Beachbody offers a full line of nutritional supplements and fitness programs on DVD, as well as the Team Beachbody Club, where members can find diet and exercise advice and have access to trainers. To help ensure results, a Coach is assigned to every Team Beachbody member.

Team Beachbody Coaches are independent business owners who have the opportunity to receive financial rewards according to Team Beachbody's compensation plan. Commissions and cash bonuses are paid to Coaches who build successful business centers. New Coaches can start their Team Beachbody business for a $39.95 start-up fee and no inventory requirements, and get business building tools like a personalized Web site, product fulfillment, and success story video-sharing tools.

Nutritional Supplements, Fitness Programs
Team Beachbody Review and Product Details


InnerLight is committed to offering products that enable consumers to experience "Inner Health and Outer Beauty". InnerLight brand products have been in existence for 15 years. Since 2001, InnerLight independent distributors have been sharing InnerLight products with others. InnerLight products are now sold in 32 countries.

It is InnerLight's stated mission to ensure that its distributors can build a secure financial future so they are free to help others join them on the path to health and wealth. InnerLight has a website available to every InnerLight independent distributor for use in marketing their InnerLight business which is easy to navigate, simple to order from, and visually appealing. The new enhanced Virtual Offices include all the information necessary for a distributor to manage his or her downline organization and customer base, as well as a daily commission calculator to keep track of earnings and a system available to advise distributors on how to increase their income and advance their pay rank.

Supergreens, Prime pH, Wellness supplements, all-natural skincare, water purification
InnerLight Review and Product Details

Ascential Bioscience

Ascential Bioscience was established by professionals in the fields of nutrition, fitness, elite physical performance, and weight management, who have pooled their knowledge and expertise to create a system for creating positive change in the lives of those who are looking to improve body weight and composition, athletic performance, health status, and overall energy and vitality. Systems of Acential products have been created for specific application to health, performance, and weight management objectives.

Ascential Independent Distributors may order Ascential products at a discount for personal consumption and for marketing to retail customers, and receive the Ascential Business Sourcebook, a compendium of business and marketing tools and guidelines, training and support, a replicated website to help market and manage their Ascential business, and membership in the Ascential Fitness Network with personally-customizable exercise, training, and menu plans. Ascential's compensation plan is straightforward and easily understood and enables a quick start approach to starting a business.

Nutritional Supplements, Fitness Tips and Meal Plans
Ascential Bioscience Review and Product Details

YOR Health

The YOR Health product line offers people the opportunity to improve their health and discover a path to financial freedom. YOR seeks to empower and educate people with the knowledge and tools to optimize health and discover their potential for financial success. The YOR Health culture is based on an integrated approach to health and to business. YOR has tailored its training programs to give its distibutors the sales and marketing tools to develop their business and to encourage their personal developemnt. YOR gives its distributors tools, training and information to make YOR Health an opportunity that works for them.

YOR also offers a Voice Over IP plan called YOR Voice (

Nutritionals, VOIP Service
YOR Health Review and Product Details

Health 4 Wealth

As baby boomers continue to mature, they are placing a high importance on their health and the health of their families, creating a larger demand for wellness products. Health 4 Wealth has positioned itself to make the most of this trend by providing pharmaceutical grade supplements and a financial plan designed to improve the health and wealth of people all over the world.

Health 4 Wealth wants all of its associates to be healthy and financially successful, and provides resources to help each Independent Business Owner set up and run his or her home-based business, as well as a proprietary compensation plan to help each IBO achieve his or her financial goals.

Nutritional Supplements
Health 4 Wealth Review and Product Details

ProMedX Health Inc

ProMedX sells natural nutritional supplements, vitamins and weight loss dietary supplements. ProMedX reps can purchase products at member price and receive an additional discount of monthly recurring auto-ship order. Each ProMedX rep also receives his or her own unique replicated Web site with a personal back office.

VitaXan and SangoMin
ProMedX Health Inc Review and Product Details

GeneWize Life Sciences

GeneWize, a wholly owned direct-selling subsidiary of a publicly traded genetic biosciences company (GeneLink, Inc.), offers individually customized, genetically guided products. GeneWize uses DNA-based genetic tests as the basis for personalizing health, beauty, wellness products. GeneWize's scientific group includes leading scientists and researchers in the fields of biotechnology, genomics, molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, clinical laboratory medicine and nutritional sciences.

GeneWize is focused on delivering the promise of truly personalized health, beauty and wellness solutions that help people look better, feel better and live longer, healthier lives.

LifeMap Nutrition System, Dermagenetics Skin Care System
GeneWize Life Sciences Review and Product Details

Menage Innovations Inc

The goal of Menage is to sell products that every family needs and to offer any family that wants to participate a quality home-based business opportunity.

Menage's product line includes beef tenderloin filet, chicken, pork, seafood, barbeque pulled pork and ribs, gourmet stuffed potatoes, and dessert, shipped direct to the consumer. In addition, Menage offers wellness nutritionals and coffee.

Gourmet Food, Nutritionals
Menage Innovations Inc Review and Product Details


NUPRO products have been recommended by Chiropractors, Alternative Practitioners and Medical Doctors for more than a decade. Nupro's purpose is to help as many people as possible find and keep their Radiant Health. The Radiant Health Club provides people the opportunity to purchase the same nutraceutical products that professionals have been using and recommending.

Vitamin and dietary supplements and enhancers, including internal cleansing and detox, and maintaining proper digestive health
NUPRO Review and Product Details


LifeMax markets Mila ( formerly The LifeMax Signature Grain), designed to provide the body with essential nutrition. LifeMax Mila is free of gluten, trans-fats, sugar, is high in fiber and protein, has no taste or smell and can be combined with many foods. LifeMax Mila is only available through LifeMax Distributors.

For a small enrollment fee new Distributors receive access to an online back office system, their own Personal Business website and start-up and training material. If a Distributor decides not to continue with their LifeMax business, this annual fee is partially refundable on a prorated basis.

LifeMax Review and Product Details

Vision International People Group

Vision International People Group is a company that currently offers a wide range of health care and longevity products. Vision International People Group's mission statement is: "We Build Healthy Businesses!". Vision's business is about reliability, long-term commitment to its clients, profitability, and health. Since Vision International People Group's inception on the 14th of July 1996, the Group has been committed to creating a new world culture of health as a priority for the individual and for society in general.

Biologically active food supplements, cosmetics, and Vision TriActiv bracelets.
Vision International People Group Review and Product Details


LifesMiracle markets a line of nutritional products labeled "Electro-Magnetized Nutrition". Founded by Steven Smith, LifesMiracle is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. According to the LifesMiracle website and Founder Steven Smith, "The creation of a health and wellness company that is focused on the needs of its customers and independent respresentatives demands enormous effort and the entire management team is committed to that mission. What has inspired us has been the incredible serendipitous events that have built this company thus far. We believe that this company is destined to become a success."

Nutritionals. LifesDoctor and LifeBody
LifesMiracle Review and Product Details


ghpSport is a division of SomaLife International, Inc, a US and Canadian based company which markets a line of proprietary, patented supplements internationally. SomaLife International was founded in 1998 and is a performance, health, wellness, longevity and nutritional company. Apart from its flagship product, gHP Sport™, SomaLife markets its own proprietary vitamins, antioxidants and brain health products. SomaLife International CEO, David Holland states: "It is our goal to offer consumers an all natural alternative to over the counter drugs to ensure their future health and long term wellness."

ghpSport Review and Product Details


Encoura is not as focused on the words All Natural as they are on offering Customers SAFE and effective products. Safe and effective products are the product line goal at Encoura. Encoura's product line was established to offer alternatives to the most commonly used items in and around the home.

Personal Care and Nutritional Products
Encoura Review and Product Details

OceanGrown International

OceanGrown International ( OGI ) markets three products lines through independent representatives. Consumers may buy products or join and represent the OGILife by building a home based business.

Headquartered in the Western US, OceanGrown says "OceanGrown International places value on the various 'tides' of life, and seeks to maximize each age through every day activity. OGILife™ is the intrinsic desire in all of us to encounter adventure and revitalize the human spirit every day.
The OGI community indulges in life's experiences and shares a passion for the outdoors. As we recognize the grandeur of our environment and the responsibility to our surroundings, OGILife™ promotes sustainability and preservation. Each OGI employee and sales representative encourages service-oriented activities in their respective communities.
At the risk of sounding cliché, OGILife™ is about the journey, not the destination."

OAVE Body, OAVE Face, OAVE Mist, OAVE Inside, Nutritionals, and Weight Management Products
OceanGrown International Review and Product Details


iNutrition is a health and nutrition portal being launched by parent company Natural Nutrition, Inc ( OTC Bulletin Board: NTNI )

CEO Tim Connolly says 'Our mission is to provide you the very latest in sports, lifestyle, and nutrition secrets for a long, healthy life."

iNutrition owns their own manufacturer plant and plans to cut out the middleman and provide their products at the lowest possible price. iNutrition was previously a 12 year old nutrition company in Canada.

According to the CEO of INutrition Tim Connolly, the company should be ready to launch somewhere around the beginning of fall, 2008

iNutrition Review and Product Details

Trilogy International

In 2007, HealthyPetNet launched Trilogy International on the new website at Trilogy International offers products for both people and their pets. Dr. Jane Bicks is responsible for formulating and developing the Trilogy HealthyPetNet line of products. Dr. Jane served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association in NYC and was appointed by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to help start one of the largest animal shelters in the United States.

Sealogix Fish Oil, Trimlogix Weight Control, Clay Essentials, Ultralogix Supplements, Pet Products
Trilogy International Review and Product Details

SomaLife International

Somalife International is an international health and wellness nutrition company with headquarters in British Columbia and a US office in Bellingham, Washington.
Founded in 1998, Somalife markets a proprietary line of nutritional products. Their flagship patented product is gHP ( gHP Sport, ghp Youth Formula ).
Somalife markets its gHP product line through an associate network ( business builders ) and does direct sales to wholesale buyers.

gHP Sport, gHP Youth Formula, ProVit Xcell, IQ150, SomaPet
SomaLife International Review and Product Details


Utah based Orovo states on their website that the company was created by accident, after the CEO's wife watched a segment on 10 superfoods on television. Formulating a new product for weight loss and anti aging, with antioxiant ingredients, the flagship Orovo product was launched.

Orovo multivitamin supplement, Orovo Xtreme, Orovo Detox, ExfoZit
Orovo Review and Product Details

CoreVital International

CoreVital International has a mission to build communities of healthy people. Their nutritional products are focused on restoring pH balance through alkalization.

Nutritionals and water ionizers
CoreVital International Review and Product Details


Lifevantage Corporation (OTCBB:LFVN) is a publicly traded health products company based in Colorado. Our vision is to be a leader in science-based health and wellness products. We will develop products that deliver significant benefits to our customers. LifeVantage manufactures, markets, and distributes a patent-pending dietary supplement, Protandim®, our first product, which is a unique antioxidant therapy, shown to reduce oxidative stress in a human clinical study.

LifeVantage's Director of Science, Dr. Joe M. McCord, is one of the foremost authorities on the body's antioxidant defense system and co-discovered the enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) in 1969.

Protandim® is an antioxidant booster, triggering the human body to produce more of its own free radical-fighting enzymes, SOD and Catalase (CAT). These enzymes effectively and efficiently neutralize free radicals inside the cells where free radicals are produced.

LifeVantage Review and Product Details

Natural Health Trends Corp

Natural Health Trends Corp. is a direct selling company. The company is comprised of NHT Global.

NHT Global is a marketing company in the direct selling industry creating and distributing personal care products with an emphasis on skin care, lifestyle enhancement products and health and wellness products.

The Company has thousands of active independent distributors in multiple countries worldwide and since inception has grown its revenue up to $130 million plus revenues from $8 million to $133 million all in five years. Natural Health Trends Corp.'s stock is publicly traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol "BHIP".

Natural Health Trends Corp Review and Product Details


From the bHIP Corporate Website: "bHIP Global's executive offices are based in Dallas, Texas. We also have offices and facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and Branson, Missouri. bHIP Global is unique in the fact that over 7 years and 30 million dollars has been invested in company infrastructure and framework with a proven management team with personnel in over 30 countries around the world. bHIP Global's management team is committed to providing a truly global playing field for people who are looking to build a long-term business around the world. bHIP Global is privately owned and powered by a global platform that will launch 30 countries in 30 months. bHIP Global is launching in 2007 in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The international expansion will be fueled by product promoters around the world.

bHIP Global is recognized as the first company to introduce "a new breed of energy" into the marketplace. The propriety energy blend formula that is a "herbal clean energy" is considere

bHIP Energy
bHIP Review and Product Details


Xocai is the primary product of MXI Corp (Xocai)

MXI stands for Marketing Xocalate (Chocalate) International. According to MXI, the fastest growing segment in the health industry is the Functional Beverage Segment.

MXI created Xocai and market it as a health promoting antioxidant. MXI's website states that their products incorporate the most powerful antioxidant form of chocolate, an all natural process cocoa powder in combination with the powerful antioxidant Acai Berry and other fruits. The MXI products are sweetened with Agave Nectar to achieve a low glycemic index.

X Power Squares, Nuggets, Activ, Omega Bars, Protien Bars, Gift Boxes and Variety Packs
Xocai Review and Product Details

Poga Moonga

Poga International is based in Montgomery, Texas. Their key product is Poga Moonga, a beverage made from the leaf and seeds of the Moringa tree, with additional ingredients of pomegranate and aloe vera. Poga Moonga distributors earn commission on retail sales, and may sell directly from their replicated Poga International website.

Poga Moonga
Poga Moonga Review and Product Details

ZU B International

ZU-B Markets nutritional supplements. Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, ZU-B offers a forced matrix payout structure to their reps with bonus payouts. A monthly qualifying purchase of 2 bottles ($40.00 each) is required.

ZU-B Complete Nutritional Supplement, ZU-B Zzzs
ZU B International Review and Product Details

Lyon Legacy International

Lyon Legacy International is committed to establishing and maintaining the balance of life's energies through the combination of bio-energetic and colloidal technologies as well as magnetic therapy. All of Lyon Legacy's products have a 100% guarantee. Lyon Legacy distributors may simply buy at wholesale or build a home based business. Distributors make profit on personal sales and earn commission on purchases and sales by distributors in their downline.

Bio-Energetic Nutritionals, Bio-Energetic Magnetics
Lyon Legacy International Review and Product Details


GBG is an established Health Sciences company located 58 miles east of San Francisco in Vacaville, California. GBG is a privately-owned company whose flagship product is the GBG 10-in-One Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Formula. The GBG business and personalized Internet store is provided free to all representatives who maintain an active monthly auto-ship, which is needed in order to qualify for commissions.

GBG was officially launched in 2007. The company was originally titled ITI ( International Teamworks, Inc, launched in 1996) ITI began as a telecommunications services MLM company. After ten years, the founders chose to change their product line to health and wellness and relaunched under GBG with their new product, GBG 10-in-One.

GBG 10-in-One Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Formula, MA+ Antioxidant
GBG Review and Product Details

Nexagen USA

Nexagen USA, LLC is a health and wellness product company located in Akron, Ohio which markets wellness products through independent distributorships. Nexagen USA's flagship product is The Jen Fe Next weight loss patch. Each new Nexagen USA distributor is provided with a customized web site with retail store, marketing tools and wholesale store, as well as collateral sales support materials such as videos, business cards, brochures, Point of Sale Displays, and e-mail demonstrations and presentations. Distributors are compensated using the Nexagen USA Pay Card, a debit card with a personal account used to wire distributor compensation on a weekly basis.

Jen Fe Next Patch, Nexagen Xtracts Wellness System, Liquix
Nexagen USA Review and Product Details


GoYin's flagship product is a functional drink created from a patent-pending formula that is based on traditional Asian medicine. GoYin is headquartered in American Fork, Utah. Representatives are compensated with a multilevel sales marketing plan.

GoYin Review and Product Details


Zrii is a liquid nutritional supplement containing Amalaki fruit. The company business philosophy is based on Ayuveda - a health system they state is 5000 years old and aims to create dynamic balance in all areas of health.

Zrii, NutriiVeda Ayurvedic Weight Loss Product, Chopra Center for Well Being
Zrii Review and Product Details


Livinity, launched in August 2006, markets personal care, wellness and home care products. Livinity offers distributorships starting at $49 which include a free website.

Wellness and personal care products
Livinity Review and Product Details Inc. Inc. distributes wellness formulations through its Independent Members. Members can choose different levels of involvement, from Customers who receive a discount on products, to Business Builders, who can earn cash bonuses and sales incentives. Peoplesway's offices and distribution are located in Charlotte, North Carolina and in Georgetown, Ontario Canada.

Pro-HM, Pro-MC, Protec, Pro-Trim, Pro-GCM, Oil of Mink Inc. Review and Product Details

Daxen Inc.

Daxen International (DXN), founded in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, sells dietary supplements and personal care products through independent distributors. DXN is an MLM company with the "One World One Market" concept, which permits distributors from anywhere to sponsor and be included as direct downline those distributors in another region or nation.

Dietary Supplements, Personal Care Products
Daxen Inc. Review and Product Details

Nature's Youth

Nature's Youth distributes dietary supplements. Individuals interested in becoming distributors should email the company at

Red Stag, Youthful Sleep, Nature’s Youth RSF, Cal Defense, Carb Buster, Daily Defense
Nature's Youth Review and Product Details

NHT Global, Inc.

NHT Global, Inc. began operations in the U.S. as a subsidiary of Natural Health Trends Corp. and launched operations in 33 countries in less than 5 years. NHT Global markets personal care and wellness products through independent distributors. Distributors may buy at wholesale and sell at retail and earn Override Bonuses based on personal sales and their entire team's sales with no minimum thresholds for earning override bonuses.

Ge-Gen Products, TriFusionPlus, Skindulgence Line, Alura, LexLips, Premium Noni Juice, LaVie, Triotein, Cluster Concentrate
NHT Global, Inc. Review and Product Details

Peak Energy Science

Peak Energy Science, based in Round Rock, Texas, manufactures 100% food combinations of scientific nutritional products without toxins and poisons and distributes them through an affiliate program. From the Peak Energy website: "By working with Dr. Robert Marshall, you join a company that has 30 years of experience, credibility, respect, and financial stability in the field of clinical nutrition. We have long ago passed the pioneering stage where many new companies fail."

Peak Energy Smoothie Mix, Peak Energy Antioxidant Drink, Pomegranate Rejuvenate, Black Cherry Rejuvenate
Peak Energy Science Review and Product Details


Seabiotics markets wellness supplements which are manufactured and bottled in a pharmaceutically-licensed facility in Norway. They are shipped to Seabiotics' US warehouse and await distribution in a controlled environment. Products are sold direct to consumers through Seabiotics Members. From the company website: There is a general agreement in the scientific and medical communities that future discoveries in health and medicine are going to be found deep below the ocean's surface.

Seasation Activator, Seasation Replenisher, Seabiotics Take Five Now, Neurofactor for Children and Seniors, Alkyl Transfactor
Seabiotics Review and Product Details

Lexli MD, Inc.

Lexli MD markets an Aloe based skincare line and wellness formula created by Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, President and CEO of Lexli International. Lexli MD associates receive a discount on their personal purchases as well as commission on their sales. Lexli MD is based in Fargo, North Dakota.

AloeGlyC, Aloe-Based Skincare, AloeVida
Lexli MD, Inc. Review and Product Details

OHANA Health & Wellness Company

OHANA Health & Wealth Company offers a nutritional beverage mix, Mega A+, a technologically advanced skin care line and an entrepreneurial opportunity that allows thousands of people to work comfortably from home and earn the income that they desire. From the OHANA Health & Wealth Company website: Our company is strong and firmly positioned for rapid growth and tremendous momentum. There will be a fortunate few who will hear of OHANA Health & Wealth Company in time to become one of our honored Founding Members and also have the opportunity to qualify for one of our Chief Founding Member positions.

Mega A+ antioxidant beverage mix, OHANA Skinsations Skin Care products
OHANA Health & Wellness Company Review and Product Details

Natura International

Natura's mission is: "To create the highest quality, 100% natural products with affordable prices for everyone, provide the most lucrative and deserving compensation plan, and to offer an honest and friendly service for our family of associate distributors." Natura distributors earn retail profit on their sales, as well as commission on purchases generated by their organization.

Natural Detoxifiers, Regenerators and Nutrients, and Activators
Natura International Review and Product Details

Good Life International

Good Life International sells liquid nutritional supplements through independent distributors. Good Life International's stated mission is "to provide a superior product line and business format so that people can affordably support a healthy lifestyle,increase their time spent with loved ones, and experience a higher quality of life."

Mega Noni Plus, Mega Aloe Plus, Mega Coral Calcium Plus, Mega Joint Plus, Hair of the Dog
Good Life International Review and Product Details

Dynamite Marketing Inc.

Dynamite Marketing, Inc. distributes vitamin and mineral supplements for humans and animals. Dynamite products do not contain chemical preservatives and are formulated to provide maximum efficacy. Dynamite supplements are sold exclusively through a national network of independent distributors.

Vitamin and mineral supplements for humans and animals
Dynamite Marketing Inc. Review and Product Details

Alive Worldwide

Alive Worldwide is a new company being launched by Scotty Paulson. The primary product is Cheia Vida, an exotic juice and tea blend. Cheia Vida is made with real brazilian Acai.

Cheia Vida
Alive Worldwide Review and Product Details

AVAR Direct

AVAR Direct is a direct sales company based in Las Vegas which offers immune-boosting products through sales by affiliates - individuals and organizations who can earn additional income for themselves or their organizations. Affiliates of AVAR Direct may purchase products at wholesale prices. AVAR Direct offers training to its affiliates focusing on key areas that will enhance the ability to have success in every area of life.

Immune boosting products incorporating Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms
AVAR Direct Review and Product Details

Biometics International

Biometics International, a privately owned company based in Camarillo, California, sells liquid nutritional products through Independent Distributors. From the company website: Positive product results continue to be the primary driving force of our business and the sharing of product results has come to be the premier feature of the Biometics business. We call it Shared Marketing™.

Bio Fuel, Aloe Plus, Get-Go-N Plus, Bio Immune, Flexi-Care Plus, Cal/Mag 100, Bio Nite, Daily Harmony, Body's Best, Pro-Fit Plus
Biometics International Review and Product Details


According to the SeaAloe website, SeaAloe began operation January 2007 and holds an exclusive arrangement to manafacture and sell a proprietary liquid whole food nutritional product. SeaAloe, Inc is headed by President and CEO Matthew Paddock.

SeaAloe Review and Product Details

Max International

Max Internationals primary product is Max GXL ( Glutathione Accelerator ). Created by Robert H. Keller, M.D., Max International states that the Max GXL product has been formulated to fortify the immune system and provide optimum health and greater athletic performance.

MaxGCL nutrient formula
Max International Review and Product Details

Trilogy Essentials

Trilogy Essentials primary products are its Cardio Essentials, Immune Essentials, and Skin Repair Essentials. The products contain a compound called Accelamin derived from a blend of Aloe Vera extracts.

Trilogy Cardio Essentials, Trilogy Immune Essentials, Trilogy Skin Repair Essentials
Trilogy Essentials Review and Product Details


Simplexity was formerly CellTech.

Nutritionals, Personal Care
Simplexity Review and Product Details

Uni Body International

Uni-Body International markets LiquiLean. All Uni-Body associates participate in the company compensation plan and earn direct and multilevel commission on sales of the LiquiLean product.

LiquiLean weightloss blend
Uni Body International Review and Product Details

Solutions Immunity Enhancement

From the Solutions IE website: "SOLUTIONS Immunity Enhancement® is a cutting edge, revolutionary nutritional company responsible for bringing scientifically advanced formulas to the forefront of the supplement world. Based in Orem, Utah, with over 30 years of applied research and development, SOLUTIONS IE® has met with ground breaking and unparalleled success in the field of 'Nutrigenomics', the science and study of the effect of nutrition on the human genome."

CS Ultra, CS Plus, Artisan Formulas, nutritionals and supplements
Solutions Immunity Enhancement Review and Product Details


Enzacta offers products for health and well being. Their goal is to offer the best products and services through their Individual Businss Owners and help them build a profitable home business while helping others lead a healthier life.

Nutritionals, Alfa PXP, Alfa Energy
Enzacta Review and Product Details


AlpineV is a division of Functional Brands, LLC. AlpineV markets a dietary supplement drink made from the Alpine Sandthorn Berry. AlpineV Distributors earn commission on sales of the product various channels including in-person retail sales, online retail sales, downline sales, global pools, and other incentives.

AlpineV Dietary Supplement Drink
AlpineV Review and Product Details

Our World Network

Located in Vancouver, OWN ( Our World Network ) markets products with simple names - Skinnees and Sleepees. The OWN website says, "Don't be fooled by their catchy and simplified names"

Our World Network's products are 100% natural.

OWN Independent Business Owners participate in the OWN compensation plan, which includes the OWN Rewards program - Achievers Recognition, Holiday Incentives, and a Car Program.

Skinnees, Sleepees, YouthJuice
Our World Network Review and Product Details

Greenwood Health Systems

Since August 2000, Greenwood Health Systems has provided products to Doctors, Chiropractors, Health Care Professionals, and Health Food Stores. Greenwood Health Systems neutraceutical supplements are blended to provide the most beneficial results.

Greenwood Health Systems does not have any group volume requirements for their sales reps.

SensatioFruit, Wheyaway, Ellagi Insurance Formula, Total Immune Boost, M-Powerment Water, Cardio Aginine, and related neutraceutical products.
Greenwood Health Systems Review and Product Details

Total Wellness International

Total Wellness International ( TWI ) has marketing nutritional products they call "inch loss" instead of "weight loss" through health practitioners and health food stores since 1995.
Total Wellness International has recently expanded into the direct sales and home business market space by creating an associate sales program for their products.

Nutritional and health products: Lepti-Trim, Oxyquest, Flex Complex, Colostrum
Total Wellness International Review and Product Details


BioNovix has a prelaunch event scheduled for January 12-14, 2007. BioNovix IBC's market MeridiumXN, a proprietary formulation of xanthohumol. According to the BioNovix site " wealth of established research shows that xanthohumol acts as a potent wellness agent in the body and plays an active role in counteracting a wide range of conditions associated with chronic health problems. MeridiumXN is the first and only health product that makes xanthohumol available in a form you can metabolize."

MeridiumXN, Bio Wellness Strip, Xanthohumol, Wellness Index Test
BioNovix Review and Product Details

The Balance Company

From The Balance Company website: The Balance Company™ creates innovative products and inspirational ideas that help people lead healthier and more balanced lives. The company's innovative BalanceBox™ product and BalanceGuide™ philosophy deliver simple and effective solutions to increase energy, improve stress-resiliency, and increase sense of purpose in everyday life. The Balance Company is backed by some of the most successful founders and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness world, including Founders, CEOs and Board Members from 24 Hour Fitness, Odwalla, and Whole Foods. The company is based in San Mateo, CA.

balancebox, balanceone, balancedrops, balancecareer
The Balance Company Review and Product Details


ViaViente's primary product is a blend of natural whole fruit purees, minerals and herbs that is high in antioxidants. To purchase product, you must be recommended by an existing customer.

ViaViente has a seasoned team of executives with diverse professional backgrounds.

Phytonectar tonic
ViaViente Review and Product Details

Take Shape for Life

Take Shape for Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medifast, Inc. Medifast is a 25-year-old company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:MED). Medifast owns and controls its FDA-inspected manufacturing facilities - as well as significant warehousing facilities.

Take Shape for Life Review and Product Details

United Herbal Sciences

United Herbal Sciences independent distributors may attend meetings, seminars, conferences, social events and educational trips, where they can meet people with common interests, goals and desires. United Herbal Sciences has a focused program that can help distributors achieve financial independence, personal growth and recognition from fellow distributors at quarterly and annual meetings.

Energy and Vitality, Hair and Skin Care, Nutritional Supplements, Pain Relief, Weight Loss
United Herbal Sciences Review and Product Details

BIOPRO Technology

From the BioPro webpage: BIOPRO Technology is an energy design company. By utilizing the fascinating field of Bioenergetics, our company's mission of enhancing the overall quality of life worldwide is being realized. Through the vision and voices of the corporate team, the independent consultants and our customers, we truly are "elevating" the energetic state of processes and people across the globe. Our products are designed to improve health and well being while reducing physical stress and environmental assaults on the body. The exclusive Breakthrough Personal Development Program enhances and accelerates our individual and collective personal growth. Last but not least, the BIOPRO Pay Plan offers people an opportunity to create financial "energy" and supplement their income in life-changing ways. Welcome to the BIOPRO Experience!

BioPro Universal Chip, BioPro CellChip, BIOLife Pendent, BioNutratonic drink, BIOProduct Vegetable
BIOPRO Technology Review and Product Details


From the FemOne website: One woman's passion to help women look and feel their best, one woman's unwavering love of family and friends, and one woman's deep desire to inspire women to achieve their dreams and goals has led to the creation of one of direct selling's hottest new companies, FemOne, Inc.. This fantastic female-driven company established in May 2002, was passionately created by one woman, Daran Grimm...

Nutritionals, Channoine cosmetics
FemOne Review and Product Details


From the Youngevity website: Since 1991, Youngevity® has been providing innovative health care products to satisfied customers. This stability provides a solid foundation for your business. The company uses a simple, proven approach to help you introduce our state-of-the-art products to people worldwide. Imagine waking up each day full of energy and vitality, functioning at top form, both mentally and physically, having that unmistakable glow of radiant good health…. That's what Youngevity® is all about!

Youngevity, Ancient Legacy, Supralife, Bio Lumin Essence, NuVante
Youngevity Review and Product Details


YouthFlow founded their company with the goal to provide superior pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals made from the purest quality natural sources to enhance and manage health.

GH Solution, Foundation Antioxidant formula, Female Formula, Silver Solution
YouthFlow Review and Product Details

Affinity Lifestyles

From the Affinity Lifesyles web page: Affinity Just-2 is the company that does more than just sell quality, health giving products. We work hard every day to realize our corporate purpose of elevating the lifestyles of our Associates through enhanced relationships, better health and nutrition, and increased wealth.

Sea Energy, Sea Energy Max Formula, Alli-C, AntiOxidant Specialist, Cardio V Specialist
Affinity Lifestyles Review and Product Details

LifeSpan International

LifeSpan International markets skin care and dietary supplements. From LifeSpan International Press Release: The vision of LifeSpan grew from a desire to educate and empower people everywhere so that they may recapture the harmony and balance of life. How? By providing everyone with the tools necessary to achieve the balance, symmetry and harmony needed in our lives and to maintain these qualities so that we can optimize our individual potential throughout our entire LifeSpan.

Skin Care and Dietary Supplements
LifeSpan International Review and Product Details

AwarenessLife Corporation

AwarenessLife markets nutritional and wellness products for weight loss, basic health, adult nutrition and the cleanse and rebuild.

AwarenessLife Corporation Review and Product Details

Total Life Changes (TLC)

Total Life Changes is a privately held company founded in 1999. Total Life Changes markets nutritional and skin care products.

The vision of the Company is a focus on helping individuals achieve success with easy and affordable products and business building systems.

There is no sign-up fee to become a member of TLC. An Independent Business Owner's first product order assigns them a rep number and entitles them to participate in the compensation plan.

Total Life Changes has a binary compensation plan. In order to qualify to earn commissions, TLC IBOs must make a monthly personal purchase of a qualifying product, and must have personally sponsored two IBOs that are currently active in each leg. Total Life Changes IBOs earn 50% commission on all customer orders with volume. The company also has a Fast Start Bonus that pays a 50% commission to the IBO on their personally sponsored rep's first purchase with volume.

Nutraburst Liquid Vitamins, Iaso Tea, Iaso Cafe, Iaso Gano, Iaso NRG, Iaso StrikeUp, Iaso Skin, Iaso Ojos; formerly sold Dr Millers Holy Tea
Total Life Changes (TLC) Review and Product Details

Chicken Soup for the Soul Supplements

Chicken Soup for the Soul Supplements was formed through a licensing partnership with New Health Systems, LLC, an emerging company in the nutritional supplement marketplace.

Chicken Soup Supplements, Nutritional Products, Weight Loss
Chicken Soup for the Soul Supplements Review and Product Details

ACTIS Global Ventures

ACTIS Global Ventures, formerly FemOne, Inc. is a product distribution company based in Carlsbad, California. The company markets a variety of wellness products in the areas of Bioenergetics, Nutrition and Beauty through direct sales channels. ACTIS' direct sales divisions are BIOPRO and and FemOne.

Wellness, Nutritionals
ACTIS Global Ventures Review and Product Details

ITV Ventures

From the ITV Ventures websiteL: The ITV Ventures concept is simple: You get paid to connect purchase-ready customers with the products they want. These targeted "hot leads" have expressed interest in ITV Ventures'™ products, and in many cases, have purchased them before.

Almighty Cleanse, Coral Cal Daily Sachets, Flexprotex Advanced Formula, Flexprotext Soothing Cream, Sea Vegg
ITV Ventures Review and Product Details

Abundant Health Ltd

Abundant Health Ltd commenced in 1998 to produce the highest quality natural health supplements available.

Natural health supplements
Abundant Health Ltd Review and Product Details

AIM International

The AIM Companies™ produces whole food powder concentrates and nutritional health supplements to support a healthy lifestyle. AIM is the sole manufacturer of AIM BarleyLife®, AIMega™, AIM GlucoChrom™, and many other quality nutritional products.

AIM BarleyLife®, AIMega™, AIM GlucoChrom™
AIM International Review and Product Details


Zavita is a new division of FirstFitness, a 17-year-old debt-free company. FirstFitness was founded in 1989 by Lee Causey and Nigel Branson and is headquartered in Carrollton (Dallas), Texas. Zavita markets its product through a nationwide network of Independent Distributors.

Zavita Elixa-da-Vida
Zavita Review and Product Details

RBC Life Sciences

RBC is a 15 year old publicly traded nutritional and wellness company. The company was started and is run by Dr. Clinton Howard.

NanoCeuticals, Nutritionals, Microhydrin Plus, Sango Coral Calcium, Immune 360, Triple FX
RBC Life Sciences Review and Product Details

Power Pops

From company website: For Ultimate Nutrition Unlimited Inc. (FUN Unlimited) was founded in 2003 with one clear and simple goal in mind, and that is to improve healthy living.

Fun Unlimited markets Power Pops, Kid-Pops and Bee Tabs

Power-Pops, Kid-Pops, Bee Tabs
Power Pops Review and Product Details

Advantage Neutraceuticals

Advantage Neutraceuticals markets health supplements and weight loss solutions.

Nutritionals, weight loss, supplementse
Advantage Neutraceuticals Review and Product Details

Ky Ani Sun

Ky-ani Sun currently offers an Alaskan wild blueberry antioxidant health beverage along with omega-3/tocotrienol soft gels.

Ky-äni Sun's mission is to share the "Miracle of Alaska" with families around the world, offering health-enhancing products and a fun and rewarding business opportunity.

Antioxidant beverage
Ky Ani Sun Review and Product Details


SeAcai is a division of Total Life Changes. From the SeAcai website: Total Life Changes is a privately held company led by two industry experts with over 20 years of combined experience. The vision of the Company is dynamic and exciting with a focus on helping individuals achieve success with easy and affordable products and business building systems. TLC has built a world class company that offers people a business that is free to join (no sign-up fees), free websites and a top tier compensation plan for the cost of one bottle of product each month.

SeAcai Review and Product Details

Univera Lifesciences

Univera Lifesciences is now Univera. Management and other company details have changed. Please see the Univera Profile for current information.

From the Univera website: Oasis was born out of the shared vision of the right people in the right place with the massive financial and natural resources to make their vision a reality. But it all began with the dream of one man, Bill Lee, founder of Oasis LifeSciences and one of Asia's wealthiest businessmen.

Ageless Essentials, AgelessXtra, Ageless Prime, Regenicare, Inthinity
Univera Lifesciences Review and Product Details


Harmonde is a division of the Trevoca Corporation and is the exclusive distributor of Resensa Green Iced Tea worldwide. The Trevoca Corporation is the sole maker and marketer of Trevoca Dietary Supplement in Asia.

Resensa Iced Green Tea. Metamor, Clarinor
Harmonde Review and Product Details

Freedom America

Freedom America markets a variety of nutritional and personal care products.

From the Freedom America website: "Freedom America's Management Team has more than 75 years experience combined in the network marketing industry.The FA Team comes from a experienced sales and marketing background,as well as business management. This creates a great leadership team for our company. FA has the foundation for operating a large, financially sound, debt-free company that is currently experiencing explosive growth. The FA Management Team brings all of their knowledge, experience, and a unique marketing plan that people from all walks of life can understand. The hallmark of the company is a distinguished product line that makes Freedom America an organization with a vibrant future!!!"

Green Kamut Capsules, Cleaning Products, Water Filtration, Skin Care
Freedom America Review and Product Details

Orenda International

Orenda International markets All In One nutritional products.

Orenda Mission Statement:
Orenda International exists to lift people by helping them to discover and develop their God-Given Power to enhance the quality of their health, their thoughts and their lives and return to them control over their time, finances and career.

O-Tropin, All In One Female, AntiAging, Orenda Immune, Orenda Lean Capsule, Orenda Balance Spray
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Vitamark International

Founded in 2002, Vitamark International was founded by former network marketing distributors and corporate officers David Bertrand and Jana Mitcham.

Limu Plus, Vita-Che, Vita Enhanced Water, Coral Calcium, VitaMume, NaturFlex, additional nutritionals
Vitamark International Review and Product Details

Amigo Health Inc

From Amigo Health Website:
Amigo Health Inc. is a company founded by supplement manufacturers. This product is formulated and manufactured "in house". With nearly 20 years of experience in formulating, and private label manufacturing of natural supplements for naturopathic physicians, and healthcare practitioners. This insures the highest quality control standards and maintains a consistent product. Our FDA-inspected manufacturing facility operates under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Amigo is co-founded by a software development company exclusively dedicated to programming for the network marketing and direct sales industry. Amigo distributors have "state of the art" free business tools to enhance their marketing efforts. Including video conferencing, video email and contact managment sofware.

Acai, Mangosteen and Goji at wholesale prices
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ViSalus Sciences, which launched in 2005, calls its Body by Vi Challenge the "original 90 day challenge." The company offers 3 unique Challenge themes each year and awards prizes such as trips, spa visits, shopping sprees and gift cards to champions and finalists in six categories.

Participants in the Body by Vi Challenge choose from five kits, each designed to address a specific nutritional or fitness goal. The core product in the kits is the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix along with flavor mix-ins. Some kits also include products to support metabolism, appetite suppression and energy. Anyone who participates in the Body by Vi Challenge can receive their product for free each month by sponsoring 3 or more people who purchase a kit of equivalent value.

ViSalus Sciences' Vi-Pak product line was created by Dr. Michael Siedman. Dr. Siedman serves as Director of Product Research and Development for ViSalus.

Nutritionals. Vi-PAK, Natura Bella Skincare
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From the Nussentials company website: The mission of Nussentials is to positively impact the life experience of individuals by introducing new and revolutionary products that enhance personal health and wellness, add distinguishable quality of life, and provide financial opportunity through a network of Independent Marketing Representatives.

Nussentials provides health and wellness products based on all-natural stabilized rice bran. The products nourish your body by providing an incredibly potent mix of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

The company utilizes a cooperative marketing and distribution model. Part of the direct selling industry, Nussentials distributes it's products through a network of Independent Marketing Representatives.

Nutritionals ( More! Powder, stabilized rice bran product, Run!, Instead!, Less! )
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LoCarb5 is dedicated to being authorities on Wellness, Diet and Nutrition and disseminating research-based knowledge in the development of healthy low carb foods and wellness products.

The 5 in LoCarb5 stands for the five areas of life that LoCarb5 feels are important. They are Health, Wealth, Happiness, Family and Friends.

MetaLean RX, Go-Go Juice, Hoodia, Coffee ( GanoJo) and Cookies
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Vergance, Inc markets the Natrience and Quickcare wellness products. The Vergance website states their mission as "To educate and empower people to take control of their health and achieve well-balanced, healthy lifestyles using superior quality wellness products and services."

Vergance distributors share the Natrience and QuickCare products with others and offering the Vergance opportunity through network marketing.

Natrience Be Well System, DayBreak, QuickCare Wellness Program
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Remedyblue's catchphrase is BLUE (Better Living Using Elements). The Remedyblue website states that their nutritional supplements are derived from key nutritional elements every body needs. Remedyblue only uses elements found in nature such as grape skins, vitamins from meats, plants and vegetables.

RemedyBlue Independent Distributors save 15% on all personal purchases and cash and incentives from selling Remedyblue products, plus personal website and branded email.

Remedyblue DMG Plus, Resveratrol 50
RemedyBlue Review and Product Details

Qing Mei Inc

Qing Mei, Inc markets XING a beverage made from the qing mei fruit and exotic fruit juices, plus antioxidants and vitamins and minerals.

Xing, a nutritional blend containing the qing mei fruit
Qing Mei Inc Review and Product Details

Denali Health Sciences

Denali Health Systems markets two primary products, Denali Blue and Denali Red, through network marketing distribution. The Denali websites states that founder Jay Sampson wanted to bring the world products that actually made a difference in people's lives. With formulator Dr. Barrie Tan, they developed the two distinct formulas that comprise Denali Blue and Denali Red.

Denali Blue and Denali Red
Denali Health Sciences Review and Product Details


ForeverGreen manufactures and markets FrequenSea, a blend of marine phytoplankton, ionic sea trace minerals, aloe vera, and other organic and nutritional elements.

FrequenSea Tonic containing marine phytoplankton
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NUTRAPOWER manufactures and distributes two products through a network of independent associates. Founded in 2005, NUTRAPOWER is a Nevada corporation headquartered in Boulder City, Nevada.

nutraearth liquid nutritional supplement, nutraoxygen liquid supplement
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StemTech Health was founded in 2005. StemTech markets a phytoceutical dietary supplement called StemEnhance.

StemEnhance botanical extract
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Waiora promotes healthy living - their philosophy is to eat well-balanced meals with foods high in fiber, like fruites, vegetables, and grain, excercise regularly, and incorporate a nutritional regimen that addresses aging at the cellular and biological level.

Nutritionals - antioxidant skin therapy, cardio healh packs, fiber blends and healthy aging formulas
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From NutriSource International website: NutriSource International is dedicated to bringing you the very best fuel for your body. From the latest in clustered water products and all natural energy beverages, to a complete line of Low Glycemic meal replacement shakes, herbal formulas and natural dietary supplements, our high standards for product quality, taste, price and performance combined with a special attention to ingredient detail sets us apart from the rest. Make the commitment to your health, vitality, and well-being. Make NutriSource a part of your daily life.

NutriSource Review and Product Details


Passport was founded by Robert "Bo" Short. Passport offers a variety of competitively priced skincare and nutritional products that are distributed exclusively through Passport.

Passport Review and Product Details


XELR8 markets nutritional products for the active lifestyle.

From the XELR8 wbsite:XELR8 is a well-funded, publicly owned company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, that provides high-quality meals, drinks, snacks and nutritional supplements for performance-minded people who want a healthy edge*. They contain only quality ingredients and no potentially harmful substances such as creatine, ephedrine, steroids, androstene dione, or aspartame. Each was developed with one goal in mind: to create the very best nutritional products possible.

XELR8 is managed at the corporate level by an experienced team of business professionals, and is allied with some of the greatest sports figures in Olympic and professional athletics today. Celebrity endorsers of XELR8 products are XELR8 customers-they believe in the superiority of XELR8 products, and you can too.

Nutritional Products, meals, drinks and snacks
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XPI markets an anti-oxidant formula in convenience single serving packages. XPI is due to launch 11/5/05

XPI antioxidants
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Extreme Research Corp

From Extreme Research Corp's website: At Extreme Research, our product mission is to develop products that will positively impact peoples lives. This requires due diligence in product selection and formulation as well as continued commitment to quality control at all levels.

EnviroMax Plus, Amino8, Doctor's Pain Away, Block and Burn, Rejuva Now, Organic Coffee
Extreme Research Corp Review and Product Details

Cutting Edge Vitamins

From the Cutting Edge Vitamins website: Cutting Edge Vitamins (CEV) is a privately owned company founded in March 2001 & located in Ocala Florida. The Company has exclusive partnerships with some of the most respected scientists in the industry. And specializes in conducting its own product research and development. Marketing has been done through TV and Radio. We are a product driven company that deeply believes in the marketing effectiveness and the social value of Network Marketing. This industry represents the finest opportunity for any one to improve their lifestyle.

vitamins and nutritionals
Cutting Edge Vitamins Review and Product Details

XPI Online

XPI (Xanthones Plus International) markets nutritional products formulated with a Xanthone antioxidant blend.

Xantho-Blast, XFactor Energy Shot, Xanthone Bar, Xanthone Power Gel
XPI Online Review and Product Details

Pro Image International

From the Pro Image website: Pro Image offers a unique opportunity to people that are interested in trading a little time to acquire significant, long term earnings. Our business model is built on a simple philosophy that can be readily duplicated and built upon. Provide top quality products that provide real world results, backed by real scientific data and happily reordered month after month, year after year. Aggressively compensate those that refer others to Pro Image products in an easy to understand, straightforward, long term compensation model. Provide ample training, web sites and tools, all designed to get new members into positive cash flow within 30 days.

Fruta Vida
Pro Image International Review and Product Details


TriVita offers a variety of products for healthy living with a business model that focuses on an ongoing commitment to success. The TriVita business model is built around the proven practice of acquiring and servicing customers while continually growing your business.

Nutritionals, Whole Foods, Body Care
TriVita Review and Product Details

URI International

From URI International (URI Direct) website: At URI International, we are committed to providing only the highest quality products to you, our customer. The URI product line is formulated and manufactured using only the finest raw materials. Because of our strict commitment to quality, URI International offers the best nutrition in the industry. The basis of our product line consists of natural, fresh whole food concentrates from an abundant variety of greens, fruits, vegetables and other select ingredients in a synergistic blend. URI International is the only supplier in the health food industry to offer a complete line of premium, nutrient dense whole food supplements. Each URI product is manufactured at the rate of demand, assuring that our customers receive the freshest whole food nutritional supplements available.

Natural Food Concentrates
URI International Review and Product Details


NaturScience is founded on the principles that science can unlock the secrets of nature, and that they can provide a vehicle for the deams and passions of their distributor partners.

LimuPlex, Artery Health, Fleximune, MCL404, EZ Pain and TotallyFit
NaturScience Review and Product Details

Acai Plus

From Acai Plus (TriUnity International) pre-launch PDF: Acai Plus is a nutritional drink, with over 100 active ingredients including Acai from Brazil's Amazon Rain Forest.

Acai Plus
Acai Plus Review and Product Details

Vita Genesis

Vita Genesis was founded in June of 2003 by Lisa and Jeff Johnson. Today it is a privately owned and funded corporation distributing structured water and superior liquid nutritional products through network marketing.

Aqua Di Vita, Scalarwave Structured Water (hexagonally structured water)
Vita Genesis Review and Product Details


Vitacube provides meal replacement powder and nutritional dietary supplements via direct to consumer, telelvision and radio, and network marketing. Their products include VitaPro meal replacement powder, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs. They arrange their supplements in a delvery system known as VitaCube.

Nutritional Supplements
Vitacube Review and Product Details

Wholefood Farmacy

From The Wholefood Farmacy website: The Wholefood Farmacy opened for business in March 2003 with a mission to supply healthy convenient wholefood based meals & snacks, non-toxic personal care items, and to educate the public regarding a preventative based lifestyle.

Organic Foods and Products
Wholefood Farmacy Review and Product Details

TriUnity International

TriUnity International is the parent company of Acai Plus.

Acai Plus
TriUnity International Review and Product Details


Agel Enterprises markets a product line of nutrient Gelceuticals - concentrated nutrients in gel form.

Nutritionals, Dietary Supplements
Agel Review and Product Details


JGO markets a line of nutritionals. Founded by Shawn Wheeland, and his 'Master Mind' team, their corporate site states that "JGO will be the hottest company in Network Marketing in one year".

nutritional products: JGO full spectrum antioxidant, OPC Extreme
JGO Review and Product Details

Oasis Lifesciences

From Oasis Lifescience website: the right people in the right place with the massive financial and natural resources to make their vision a reality. But it all began with the dream of one man, Bill Lee, founder of Oasis LifeSciences and one of Asia's wealthiest businessmen.

Nutritionals: AgelessXtra, LifeCycle Systems, Ageless Memory Test
Oasis Lifesciences Review and Product Details

Fruta Vida

Fruta Vida International markets nutritional juices.
From the Fruta Vida website: Fruta Vida International offers a unique opportunity to people interested in trading a little time to acquire significant, long term earnings. Our business model is built on a simple philosophy:
Provide a top quality juice product that provides real world results, backed by comprehensive scientific data and happily reordered month after month, year after year.
Aggressively compensate those who refer others to Fruta Vida International in a straightforward compensation plan without qualification loop holes or sponsorship qualifications.
Provide ample training, free websites, and tools, all of which are designed to get the new member into positive cash flow within 30 days.

Juice Blends: Acai, Cupuaca, and Yerba Mate
Fruta Vida Review and Product Details

EPIC Network International

From the EPIC Network web page: The corporate team at EpicEpic Network is made up of current presidents and CEOs of a leading nutritional manufacturing facility, a high-end technology company serving the network marketing industry, and a leading MLM research and analysis company. All four members of senior management have both field experience (one was the #1 distributor in his company seven straight years), as well as MLM corporate experience. Two Epic Co-Founders have been CEOs of network marketing companies.

Nutritional Product Line
EPIC Network International Review and Product Details

Zija International

From the Zija website: Whether you're a health-conscious athlete or a zealous fast-food lover, Zija is right for you. This amazing drink comes from a company created specifically to extend the benefits of the Moringa plant to people across the world, both young and old.

Zija International Review and Product Details

Liberty Health Net

Incorporated in February, 2001, Liberty Health Net began shipping products in June 2001. It is a debt free corporation owned by Frank Soto and Jim Price.

Vitamins and Nutritional Products
Liberty Health Net Review and Product Details

Great American The Wholefood Farmacy

From The Wholefood Farmacy website: The Wholefood Farmacy opened for business in March 2003 with a mission to supply healthy convenient wholefood based meals & snacks, non-toxic personal care items, and to educate the public regarding a preventative based lifestyle.

Organic Foods and Products
Great American The Wholefood Farmacy Review and Product Details

Environmental Nutrition Network

Environmental Nutrition Network (ENN):
From Environmental Nutritiona Network website: Environmental Nutrition Network (ENN) is dedicated to developing and marketing solutions for the sustained wellness of our planet and our people. The world we live in and the body you inhabit both have the ability to heal and rebuild. ENN's products deliver the ideal two-pronged approach to enhance this ability. All our nutritional products combine high quality proven ingredients and include our golden thread, Carnosine. Independent scientific research on anti-aging effects in living organisms point to Carnosine's important role. NutriPower is designed to help you enhance your vitality and energy, making you feel younger and look better at any age.

NutriPower, EcoPower
Environmental Nutrition Network Review and Product Details

Amkey Inc

Amkey is an internet based direct maketing company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of natural high tech healhcare products.

healthcare products
Amkey Inc Review and Product Details

Enliven International

From Enliven International web page: Enliven International is a value-oriented company that operates under sound moral business principles. We believe that doing business involves a proper exchange of values; value given for value received. As you learn about our values, compensation plan, and exclusive products that truly help people, you will see what sets us apart from all other network marketing opportunities.

Nitro FX, Noni Juice
Enliven International Review and Product Details


MonaVie was founded in January of 2005 by former Usana VP of sales, Monarch Health Sciences owner, and Dynamic Essentials VP, Dallin Larsen. Dynamic Essentials was closed by the FDA in February 2003. Henry Marsh is co-founder and executive VP of MonaVie.

The MonaVie company structure is multi-level marketing with a hybrid binary compensation plan. The company's flagship product is MonaVie Active Juice; a proprietary blend of 19 fruit juices including the Acai berry, noted for its high levels of anti-oxidants and nutrients.

MonaVie provides a blend of rare and lesser-consumed fruits to provide a high level of antioxidants and nutrient benefits. Nutrients include Celadrin and Glucosamine.

MonaVie Juice Blend
MonaVie Review and Product Details

Monarch Health Sciences

From Monarch Health Sciences web page: The foundation of any successful home-based business starts with products. To build a successful, long-term business, you must represent a company with products that are consumable, in high demand, products you can become passionate about and products competitively priced so that people will buy them regardless of the possibility for financial gain. Our products are highly consumable, priced competitively, and fall within the number one product category among home-based businesses; weight management and nutrition.

Monarch Health Sciences Review and Product Details

Tahitian Noni International

Noni is a knotty, tropical fruit about the size a potato and is only found in the South Pacific. Tahitian Noni International formulated Tahitian Noni juice from noni fruit puree and additional juices and concentrates.

Tahitian Noni Juice and related beverages
Tahitian Noni International Review and Product Details


From company website: Nutronix International operates from an 8600 S.F. Office/Warehouse complex in Mechanicsville, Virginia, conveniently located near the Rt. 360 interchange of Interstate 295. Established in June, 1999 by Bob Bremner, John Moates and Harrison (Chief) Nesbit, the company is debt free and has experienced a steady and sustained growth since its startup.

Shu Li Pouches, Coral Calcium, Cellfood products
Nutronix Review and Product Details

FUN Unlimited

From company website: For Ultimate Nutrition Unlimited Inc. (FUN Unlimited) was founded in 2003 with one clear and simple goal in mind, and that is to improve healthy living.

Power-Pops, Kid-Pops, Bee Tabs
FUN Unlimited Review and Product Details

Brain Garden

From company website: Brain Garden was started in 1997. We passionately believe in the remarkable but nearly forgotten benefits of basic whole foods as alternatives to the fast and processed foods - filled with synthetics, additives and toxins - that we eat in ever larger quantities. We understand the crucial role of whole food in providing the diminishing primary nutrition we crave in our increasingly nutritionally starved diets. Since then Brain Garden has grown and evolved into what is now a unique and significant organization; the only company offering convenient, delicious and affordable whole food primary nutrition.

Whole Foods
Brain Garden Review and Product Details

Body Alive International

Body Alive was created in 2007 by David McCabe, Jim Livingstone and Tony Little. Body Alive is a company focused on health, wealth and freedom.

Body Alive International Review and Product Details

XtremeHealth Formulas

From company website: XtremeHealth Formulas™ was created and designed to provide millions of people a product that is much needed and desired.

XtremeHealth Formulas Review and Product Details


Isagenix is a network marketing company offering products for "whole-body nutritional cleansing, cellular replenishing and youthful aging." Based in Arizona, the company is a member of the DSA.

Isagenix products include nutritional cleansing, nutritional supplements, weight loss products and skin care. Isagenix's vision is "to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world." The company has more than $1 billion in cumulative sales and grew 246% from 2005 to 2009.

Isagenix business leaders comprise the company's Field Advisory Board, which holds monthly roundtable conferences and webinars to develop and increase new member enrollment, retention and product orders.

Nutritional and Weight Loss
Isagenix Review and Product Details

Global Nutrition Network

From company website: We believe that once you understand who we are, what we stand for, and the products we bring to the market place you will want to join our crusade in changing lives. Changing and saving lives through the latest in Dr. developed, scientifically researched nutritional supplementation delivered to the market through our independent distributors.

Global Nutrition Network Review and Product Details


Membrell LLC, formed August of 2002, was created to market products from the patent technologies of its ESM Technologies LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary

Membrell Review and Product Details

The Limu Company

"Making a Difference is what THE LIMU COMPANY is all about. TLC was founded for one sole purpose … to Make a Difference by bringing ORIGINAL LIMU™ to the world. "

Nutritional Liquid Supplement - Original Limu
The Limu Company Review and Product Details

4Life Research

By focusing on a strong immune system, 4Life Products prepare the body to support the health and optimal functioning of all body systems. In 2004, Inc. magazine ranked 4Life the 15th fastest growing company in America, a result realizing a sales growth of 6,108% from 1998 to 2002.

4Life Research Review and Product Details

Achievers Unlimited

From Company Website "Whether it's taking control of your future, having more freedom, or meeting financial goals, Achievers provides real solutions to life's challenges. Achievers has helped thousands of people realize their dreams one step at a time, one person at a time. "

Achievers Unlimited Review and Product Details

Advocare International

AdvoCare, founded in 1993, is a direct sales company that offers energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products. AdvoCare's Scientific and Medical Advisory Board guide the company in formulating products with regard for safety and efficacy. AdvoCare products are regularly tested for purity and potency.

AdvoCare products are endorsed by professional athletes, coaches and entertainers. The company's national spokesman is Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Advocare International Review and Product Details

Amazon Herb Company

Amazon Herb Company imports wild crafted herbs to the USA. All Rainforest Bio-Energetics herbs are hand inspected never fumigated or irradiated.

Amazon Herb Company Review and Product Details

American Dream Nutrition

American Dream Nutrition is a division of Success Marketing Group, headed by Greg Gunderson. Other Success Marketing Group entities include New Century Life, Millionaires Marketing Group, SGM Inc, and Acai Plus.

American Dream Nutrition Review and Product Details

American Longevity

American Longevity markets Dr. Joel Wallach's nutritional products, including SupraLife, Bio-lumin, Youngevity, and AncientLegacy

American Longevity Review and Product Details

Americas Future

From America's Future website: America's Future was created from a concept whose timing and innovation resulted in the formation of a company with a program which is efficient and effective. The company promotes the retail of products from a unique line of cutting edge items. The mission of America's Future is very simple. America's Future offers a fantastic opportunity for all people, regardless of background, education level, or financial strength, to take part in the dreams and rewards that capitalism offers, but more important, strives to maintain a company whose #1 goal is to be PRODUCT DRIVEN. Now is the time, and this is the opportunity for all people who care about the world, themselves, their families, and their futures to share the dream -- working together, creating, and sharing personal and financial rewards through the sale of products.

nutritional products, online shopping mall
Americas Future Review and Product Details


Founded in 1959, Amway launched a direct sales business model. The original product offered by Amway was Liquid Organic Cleaner. It was the first concentrated, bio-degradable, and environmentally friendly cleaning product. Since then, Amway has expanded from home products to a global leader in the health and beauty categories, with more than 3 million Independent Business Owners worldwide.

Amway's brands include Legacy of Clean environmentally sensitive cleaning products, Nutrilite nutrition products, Artistry skincare and makeup products, and more.

Home Products, Nutritionals
Amway Review and Product Details

Arbonne International

Arbonne International is a provider of premium quality skin care and nutritional products from Irvine, California. Their products include both internal health remedies, and external health and cosmetic products such as skin creams, muscle massage gels, make up and lipsticks. Arbonne International initially began in 1975 when an entrepreneur and a group of leading bio-chemists, biologists, and herbalists began research and development in order to develop skin products. The company has grown to include color, aromatherapy, nutrition and weight loss products which Arbonne International believes to be unrivaled in quality, safety, and value. The company is also a member of the DSA.

Products distributed by Arbonne are only available for purchase through Arbonne Independent Consultants. The products consist of internal health remedies, external health and cosmetic products, skin creams, muscle massage gels, lipsticks, and anti-aging skin creams called RE9 Advanced, and RE9 Advanced for men. Arbonne also produces an assortment of neck creams, skin lift gels, facial renewal creams and eye moisturizers.

Nutritionals, Skin Care
Arbonne International Review and Product Details

Body Electric

Body Electric markets electrically formulated nutritional products.

Body Electric Review and Product Details

Body Wise International

Body Wise International manufactures and sells nutritional products with a focus on health enhancement, weight management, cholesterol concerns and athletic performance.

Body Wise International Review and Product Details

Changes International

Changes International Review and Product Details

Dynamic Essentials

THIS COMPANY HAS CLOSED. ALL REP CONTRACTS TERMINATED AS OF JULY, 2003 From Company Website: DEI is uniquely positioned to leverage its significant resources and experience to bring our distributors a new kind of network marketing opportunity. NBTY, our parent company, is a 28 year old, publicly traded corporation with over $630 million in annual sales. As a wholly owned subsidiary of NBTY, one of the largest American owned nutritional manufacturers and one of the world's leading nutritional companies, we have direct access to state-of-the art facilities and cutting edge products, unique among network marketing companies.

Nutritional Supplement - Royal Tongan Limu
Dynamic Essentials Review and Product Details

E Excel International

E. Excel International is a leader in the field of Nutritional Immunology, a science focusing on the balance between nutrition and health. E. Excel International is dedicated to improving quality of life through wholesome, nutritious products based on Nutritional Immunology and considers it a privilege to present these products to consumers.

Since its inception, E. Excel has grown to have a presence in nearly twenty countries, where it provides nutritional products and a business opportunity to thousands. In addition to retail profits from sales of E. Excel products, E. Excel pays up to 63% of its Sales Volume back to Distributors in commissions, bonuses and promotions.

E Excel International Review and Product Details

Electrum International

Electrum International's website is no longer available.

Electrum International Review and Product Details

Entrenet Nutritionals

Entrenet Nutritionals is on a mission to empower everyday people to live a healthy life with the freedom to enjoy it. Entrenet's stated goal is to continue to develop the highest quality line of health and wellness products in North America.

Entrenet provides a risk free, low cost business opportunity. Entrenet's compensation plan pays out 55% to the associate base, along with other incentives and bonuses. Entrenet also provides replicating web sites and private back office capability to each associate at no extra charge.

Nutritional Supplements
Entrenet Nutritionals Review and Product Details

Essentially Yours Industries

From Essentially Yours website:
Essentially Yours Industries, Inc. (EYI)...A Future Without Limits!
At EYI, we have one goal...your success! We began this business in 1995 to create spectacular opportunities for honest, hard-working folks who wanted to create significant supplemental incomes from home, without risk. Our intent was to change the economy, one family at a time.
Our goal was simple: put the most ground-breaking Wellness Product of all time, (CALORAD®), in the hands of dedicated distributors; teach them to under-promise and over-deliver; and, pay out significant amounts of money for effort and performance.

Nutrition, Weight Loss Products
Essentially Yours Industries Review and Product Details

First Fitness International

FirstFitness was founded in 1989 by Lee Causey and Nigel Branson, and is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas. FirstFitness markets its world-class line of nutritional products through a nationwide network of Independent Distributors.

Nutritional Supplements, Weight Management
First Fitness International Review and Product Details

Freelife International

From the Free Life website: FreeLife offers uncompromising dedication to the highest quality, life-changing products, a lucrative compensationplan for people to achieve their financial goals and the integrity and credibility to build a long-term business. FreeLife is committed to the following mission: To serve each other by promoting good health, well-being and the opportunity for an abundant life.

Freelife International Review and Product Details

Golden Pride International

Golden Pride International Review and Product Details

Herbalife International

Herbalife is a network marketing company with a product line promoting weight management and nutritional supplements. Herbalife has over 2 million Independent Distributors in more than 75 countries.

Herbalife's mission is to change people's lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight management products in the world.

Since 1980, Herbalife has been at the forefront of improving personal nutrition through its family of consultants, creating advanced products that deliver enhanced benefits to millions of individuals in over 75 countries worldwide.

Manufactured using quality ingredients under strictly controlled procedures, Herbalife products have been developed in accordance with government regulations.

Herbalife International Review and Product Details

Ideal Health

Ideal Health provides custom vitamin formulas tailored to meet personal needs after analyzing specific metaboloc markers in the person's body.

Custom multivitamins
Ideal Health Review and Product Details

Integris Global

The goal of Integris is to develop an ever-expanding line of products that will establish it as the global leader in nutrition. Integris has thousands of independent business owners across the country who can earn a 30% commission for their product sales. Many successful Integris independent business owners were initially customers who decided to join the Integris team because of their positive experiences.

Integris Global Review and Product Details

Kaire International

From Kaire™ website: Kaire™ (, Inc.) was founded in November 1992, and its worldwide headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, with offices in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Built on a solid foundation of leadership and sound principles, Kaire™ has continued to flourish and stay true to our ideals along the way. The knowledge gained from experience over time has made the company stronger and more committed to its customers, associates, and distributors than ever.

Kaire International Review and Product Details


From Mannatech website: Founded in 1994, Mannatech™ Incorporated is a publicly traded global wellness solutions company headquartered in Coppell, Texas. As a pioneer and world leader in the field of glyconutrients, Mannatech™ occupies a unique niche in the dynamic field of carbohydrate technology. Mannatech has utilized naturally occurring, plant-derived carbohydrates in its line of dietary supplement products. Mannatech products are designed to use nutrients working through normal physiology to maintain optimal health with improved nutrition.

Mannatech Review and Product Details

Market America

Market America - From company website: Market America, Inc. is a progressive and innovative product brokerage and internet marketing company and the nation's preeminent advocate and implementer of One-to-One Marketing and Mass Customization. Market America is located in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Market America employs over 300 people in its Greensboro facility, which features one of the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art warehouse distribution systems of its kind.

Market America Review and Product Details


Melaleuca is a direct sales company that has been manufacturing health, home, and personal care products since 1985. The company chose the word "Melaleuca" as its name because it is derived from "Melaleuca Alternifolia", a plant notable for its essential oil which acts as an anti-fungal, and an antibiotic. These oil extracts are used in many of Melaleuca's health and personal care products which consist of over 350 wellness products, including a series of EcoSense cleaning products for the home. Melaleuca's concentrated cleaning products are designed to save money and reduce waste.

Personal care, nutritionals, EcoSense cleaning products.
Melaleuca Review and Product Details


John Wadsworth and Stephen Story developed TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and Tahitian Noni International.

Morinda Review and Product Details

Nature's Own

From company website: Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nature'sOwn is a company founded in 1994. We develop and market products ranging from health, personal care, and beauty to cleaning and care products for the home, car, and boat. We strive to provide our customers with high quality products that can make day to day life both easier and healthier.

Nature's Own Review and Product Details

New Image International

New Image International Review and Product Details


From the Nikken International web page:

The Nikken Wellness Mission In 1975, Nikken pioneered the concept of total wellness. This philosophy is centered around the 5 Pillars of Health - Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Family, Healthy Society and Healthy Finances. Instead of curing disease, total wellness focuses on prevention. It emphasizes not only better physical health, but peace of mind and financial security. Our physical, mental and overall well-being are based on proper attention to each of four interrelated areas:
• Rest and relaxation
• Nutrition
• Environment
• Fitness
The objective is to keep these four areas in balance.
When all are in harmony, the result can be a dramatic improvement in the quality of life. Nikken brings each of these components into your home. The Nikken Wellness Home.

Nikken Review and Product Details

Noevir USA

From Noevir website: Our corporate philosophy centers around our motto, "Your Success is Our Business". In keeping with this philosophy, we formulate personal care products backed by scientific research and development. Superior products, backed by extensive corporate support, ensures everyone's success. Also inherent in our corporate culture is our belief in equal opportunity. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing flexibility and alternatives to traditional employment structures.

Noevir USA Review and Product Details

Nutrition for Life International

Nutrition for Life International Review and Product Details

Oxyfresh Worldwide

Headquartered in Cour d' Alene, Idaho Oxyfresh has helped thousands of people build their personal wealth through residual income. For over 20 years, and with a wide variety of quality products, Oxyfresh is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Oxyfresh Nutritionals, Pet Car, Dental Care, Promorye Stress Relief and Primorye OTG, Air Purification and more
Oxyfresh Worldwide Review and Product Details

Reliv International

From company website: Relìv gives you the freedom to work when you want, earn what you like and spend time with the people you care about most. And we offer the tools and the support system to make true success attainable by all who truly desire it. Give wings to your dreams when you discover what the Relìv Lifestyle is all about.

Reliv International Review and Product Details

Royal Bodycare

Royal Bodycare manufactures dietary supplements, including buffered magnesium ascorbate, and the antioxidant, Microhydrin(R) Plus (TM) which scavenges free radicals that attack vital tissues. It also increases cellular hydration, recharges other antioxidants, and reduces lactic acid during strenuous labor or exercise. The Company markets other supplements often missing in modern diets, through independent distributors in North America, South Korea, and through international licensees.

Nutritionals, skincare
Royal Bodycare Review and Product Details

Seaborne, LLC

Seaborne, LLC Review and Product Details

Shaklee Corporation

For 50 years, Shaklee Corporation has been leading the way in natural health products and sustainable business practices. As early as 1960, Shaklee made one of the first biodegradable household cleaners ever. Shaklee was the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral certification and totally offset their CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment. Shaklee now has more than 750,000 members and distributors in the U.S., Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico and Taiwan.

Shaklee's products include nutritional supplements, weight loss supplements, beauty and skin care products, and household cleaning products. Shaklee does not conduct animal testing and does not do business with any lab that conducts tests on animals.

Home Care, Nutrition, Personal Care
Shaklee Corporation Review and Product Details

Sportron International

Sportron International Review and Product Details

Sunrider International

From company website: We are a debt-free company with over 22 years of success in the health and food industry. We operate in over 30 countries with millions of Distributors and customers and over 5,000 retail stores in China. The Best Products: We have owner expertise and over 1 million square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing. Our exclusive products have won awards around the world for their outstanding quality and effectiveness.

cosmetics, personal care, nutritionals
Sunrider International Review and Product Details

Symmetry Corporation

Symmetry Corporation Review and Product Details


USANA Health Sciences was founded by Dr. Myron Wentz. In the early 70s, Dr. Wentz founded Gull Laboratories, a producer of commercially available viral diagnostic kits. His research led him to the value of antioxidants in countering the effects of free radicals in the human body.

Today, USANA offers products to provide cell-level nutrition, fiber, and antioxidant protection.

Nutritionals and personal care products
USANA Review and Product Details

Legacy for Life

From Legacy for Life website: Legacy for Life is a distribution company of proprietary and credible wellness products. We are building our business toward providing individuals with a personal health management system whose foundation is based on a healthy immune system. Why the immune system? Because it is the natural defense system that protects our bodies from toxins, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that enter our bodies and try to harm us.

Legacy for Life Review and Product Details

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