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MLM / Home Based Business Opportunities
Listed in "FLORIDA"


1800 Party Shop

Theme Party in a Box
1-800-Partyshop sells theme party materials through direct sales consultants. Direct sales commissions are deducted from the retail price of the products. Consultants may also earn downline comissions by building a sales organization.
1800 Party Shop Details / Review

Accelerated Internet Income Strategies

Accelerated Internet Income Strategies markets internet and telecom services.
Accelerated Internet Income Strategies Details / Review

Achievers Unlimited

From Company Website "Whether it's taking control of your future, having more freedom, or meeting financial goals, Achievers provides real solutions to life's challenges. Achievers has helped thousands of people realize their dreams one step at a time, one person at a time. "
Achievers Unlimited Details / Review


AdSurfDaily Program, payouts for viewing websites and enrolling other members
AdSurfDaily pays commissions on referring new members to surf advertising on the internet.

The AdSurfDaily website defines their program as: AdSurfDaily is an advertising company. We provide an innovative advertising medium for people and businesses that seek quality traffic for their websites. AdSurfDaily member websites are viewed by thousands of quality prospects. AdSurfDaily also has an uncomplicated business opportunity for business-oriented people. By advertising your site, you are eligible to be paid commissions for viewing sites and referring new advertisers to our program. While AdSurfDaily free members can view sites, they are not paid commissions. Only advertisers are paid commissions. AdSurfDaily will pay you for viewing (surfing) just twenty-four (24) ads a day. Commissions are based on the number of ad packages you purchase to advertise your website. We total the number of ad sales each day, multiply the total by 60% and pay this amount daily to our surfing advertisers. You can keep your daily earnings or re-purchase additional ad packages. Each time you re-purchase ad packages, your total number of ad packages increases accordingly and so do your commissions. By re-purchasing ad packages, your earnings increase rapidly. AdSurfDaily is a division of GPS Tech, Inc., which markets global positioning electronic products to consumers and businesses.
AdSurfDaily Details / Review

Advantage Neutraceuticals

Nutritionals, weight loss, supplementse
Advantage Neutraceuticals markets health supplements and weight loss solutions.
Advantage Neutraceuticals Details / Review


Adult Products and Videos
AllXClub is positioning itself as the first MLM in the Adult Entertainment Industry. AllXClub offers a turnkey system to allow members to capitalize on the 100 Billion Dollar a year Adult Industry.

The Products or general product line include Adult products, video-on-demand, online strip poker, DVDs, adult dating services, chat, lingere, toys, a 10% discount on adult products, and novelties by monthly membership; with Platinum members receiving an additional free DVD every month, a total access account with a dating service on the Internet, and an increase in your percentage discount on products to 20%.
AllXClub Details / Review

Amazon Herb Company

Amazon Herb Company imports wild crafted herbs to the USA. All Rainforest Bio-Energetics herbs are hand inspected never fumigated or irradiated.
Amazon Herb Company Details / Review

ASN (dba) American Shoppers Network

ASN (dba) American Shoppers Network is no longer active.
ASN (dba) American Shoppers Network Details / Review

ATG Technologies

ATG Technologies markets telephone services.
ATG Technologies Details / Review


Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry created by international designers and local artisans.
Aurastella markets a unique line of fine and unique sterling silver jewelry from around the world. Based in Orlando, Florida the company's .925 jewelry is sold by independent contractors who are building their own jewelry business.
Aurastella Details / Review


Bellamora Skin Care Line, Burn Cream
Bellamora International Group is a new company located in Tampa, Florida. Bellamora was founded by Dr. Bruce Miller, a chiropractor born and raised in the Tampa area.

The Bellamora product line is focused on skin care, with products to fight age spots, skin blemishes, wrinkles, help skin tone, and manage fine lines. According to the Bellamora marketing site, Dr. Bruce Miller discovered the original Bellamora burn cream formulation by accident over twenty years ago while working on a topical treatment for skin viruses. The Bellamora site states that the burn cream is a patented OTC formula and meets all requirements for FDA approval.

Product Packs start at $199 for the basic pack, $299 for the Premium Pack, and $499 for the Ultimate Pack. Each product pack contains a variety of products from the Bellamora line.

Bellamora Details / Review

Belly Buster Diet

Belly Buster Diet, Appetrim+, Protein Drinks, Protein Puddings, Protein Jello, Trim-N-Shape, HGH Complex, Vita Alert
Belly Buster Diet is an information and party plan based company that provides diet and weight loss products on a direct sales platform and describe themselves as a layered distribution organization. After having a party and purchasing products, the hostess has access to a personal weight loss coach, and attends another once a month cooking class to learn how to cook healthy meals.

The opportunity is for a consultant position offering the online program to customers, along with protein kits, herbal kits and take home, do it yourself Body Wrap kits. Consultants can earn commissions on sales, as well as discounts on products and services.

Belly Buster Diet's uni-level compensation plan was founded by former Mary Kay director, Lee McCaskill, and is designed to include commissions from direct sales, business associates, and bonuses and prizes. The company’s mission is to “help you to rev up your metabolism to turn your body into a fat burning furnace. “.
Belly Buster Diet Details / Review

BlackBox Cosmetics

Cosmetics, Personal Care Products

BlackBox Cosmetics, based in Sarasota, Florida, is a direct sales skincare company founded in 2009 by a health professional searching for natural, non-toxic products. BlackBox Cosmetics has several product lines, including anti-acne and anti-aging skincare, hair care, sunless tanner, and bath products.

BlackBox Cosmetics products are formulated with potent nutrients and botanicals to offer superior results. The company plans to release a line of Nutraceuticals in the future to compliment its personal care items.

Company Goals

The goal of BlackBox Cosmetics is ‘’to produce the most advanced personal care products in the world…using the healthiest and safest ingredients possible.''

BlackBox Cosmetics Details / Review

Body Alive International

Body Alive was created in 2007 by David McCabe, Jim Livingstone and Tony Little. Body Alive is a company focused on health, wealth and freedom.
Body Alive International Details / Review

Carico International

Air Filters, Home Products
Carico International markets a variety of products including: Air Purifiers, Household Items, Water Filters, Air Filters/Air Filtration Systems, Crystal/China, House and Kitchenwares, Tableware, Water Treatment Systems, Cookware/Kitchen Accessories
Carico International Details / Review

Cash Card Worldwide

Independent Travel Agent Program
Cash Card Worldwide offers an independent travel agent portal.
Cash Card Worldwide Details / Review

Changes International


Changes International Details / Review

ISP Service offers a variety of services for one monthly price of $14.95:
5 email addresses
5 mb web site that includes an easy to use template web site builder
Live online help daily from 9:00am to 4:00pm EST, Monday - Friday
Toll-free tech support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
15,000 access numbers.
No invasive software to install Details / Review

Coastal Vacations

Travel Discounts
From the Coastal Vacations website: Coastal Vacations is an association of business owners dedicated to providing the highest quality combined with the very best value in travel --- making quality travel available at wholesale or “rock bottom” prices exclusively to it’s members. Accordingly, the Board of Directors of Coastal Vacations has developed business relationships with various travel companies that have an established track record and proven credibility within the international travel industry. Managed by N.B. Management, Coastal Vacations is committed to continually improving their travel packages for the benefit of their members. The travel companies providing benefits to Coastal members are often “Brand Names”, of the highest caliber, licensed & bonded with an established history of at least 12 years in business. Coastal’s shipping facility has 25 years of successful industry experience.

Coastal Vacations Details / Review

Cutting Edge Vitamins

vitamins and nutritionals
From the Cutting Edge Vitamins website: Cutting Edge Vitamins (CEV) is a privately owned company founded in March 2001 & located in Ocala Florida. The Company has exclusive partnerships with some of the most respected scientists in the industry. And specializes in conducting its own product research and development. Marketing has been done through TV and Radio. We are a product driven company that deeply believes in the marketing effectiveness and the social value of Network Marketing. This industry represents the finest opportunity for any one to improve their lifestyle.
Cutting Edge Vitamins Details / Review


Cyberwize, Travelwize, Taxwize
From company website: CyberWize is the consolidated source for health and wellness products, travel, tax audit protection, shopping, healthcare services, web-site authoring programs, legal services, telecommunications and more. The Company’s mission is to deliver great products and services for the Independent Business Owner (IBO) who desires to build a profitable home-based business.
Cyberwize Details / Review

Dashyn Delights

Gourmet and Specialty Foods
Dashyn Delights offers a variety of gourment specialties and treats.
Dashyn Delights Details / Review

Day 1

Body Allure, Dr. Max’s Raw Superfood Mix, Energy from Day 1, PetroMaxx Plus

Day 1 is a network marketing company helmed by Founder and CEO Mark Seyforth, with headquarters in Miami, Florida. Day 1 has taken business and the whole world of network marketing and turned it into a game with the launch of the ‘Money Board’. The ‘Money Board’ is a board displaying income you earn from products sales of both inside and outside your organization.

Day 1 Corporation calls their members and customers “Consumers for Charity”. Their members have the opportunity to donate from 0-100% of their earnings to a church, charity or non-profit of their choice. Day 1 will match their donation up to 10%. Donations are optional. Members are not required to donate any Day 1 earnings in order to participate in the Day 1 business model, or receive compensation from Day 1.

Day 1’s products include Day Café Slim, a coffee with green coffee bean extract; Body Allure from Day 1, a cellulite therapy cream; Dr. Max’s Raw Superfood Mix, a vitamin-enriched, plant-based formula that is gluten-free and high in protein and fiber; Energy from Day 1, a concentrate formulated to increase energy, sharpen focus and improve mood; and PetroMaxx Plus, a fuel catalyst designed to improve fuel economy and increase engine performance. Day 1 Corporation looks to launch a new product every quarter.

Day 1 Details / Review

Discount Home Shopping Club (DHS)

ClubShop Shopping Mall
DHS (Discount Home Shopping Club) markets the ClubShop Online Shopping Mall as well as an international VIP Member Benefits center.
Discount Home Shopping Club (DHS) Details / Review

DK Family Learning Educational Products


DK Family Learning Educational Products Details / Review

Dynamic Essentials

Nutritional Supplement - Royal Tongan Limu
THIS COMPANY HAS CLOSED. ALL REP CONTRACTS TERMINATED AS OF JULY, 2003 From Company Website: DEI is uniquely positioned to leverage its significant resources and experience to bring our distributors a new kind of network marketing opportunity. NBTY, our parent company, is a 28 year old, publicly traded corporation with over $630 million in annual sales. As a wholly owned subsidiary of NBTY, one of the largest American owned nutritional manufacturers and one of the world’s leading nutritional companies, we have direct access to state-of-the art facilities and cutting edge products, unique among network marketing companies.
Dynamic Essentials Details / Review

E Zine


E Zine Details / Review

Eco Power Partners

Deregulated energy services. Electricity, Natural Gas

Eco Power Partners, LLC is a direct sales company founded in June 2011 which represents numerous providers of retail electricity and natural gas for both commercial and residential accounts in deregulated markets. Eco Power works with licensed Retail Energy Providers to bring customers a choice of who provides their energy supply. Eco Power is currently doing business in 11 states, with more coming soon.

Eco Power helps commercial customers make informed energy purchasing decisions by explaining contract terms, contract types, and the different programs available, and connecting them with the right supplier at the lowest possible rate. Eco Power also has a 100% renewable green energy option.

Eco Power Partners Details / Review


Health, Nutrition, Balance and Longevity Products
Elur is a network marketing company based out of Florida that is geared toward producing nutritional products that enhance health, nutrition, balance and longevity. Information about the company is limited at present but consists of details of the company foundation and product line, as well as their linear compensation plan. Elur will be releasing a series of four core products and unveiling their unique compensation plan at their launch in July, 2010.

The Elur company is focused on anti-aging and the development of wealth through the use and sale of its products. The company compensation plan is a linear model, offering payouts of not only downline distributor sales, but also side reaching members as well. According to Elur, this means that everyone who joins the company under you becomes a potential source of income producing streams.

Elur's mission is to remain "dedicated to the advancement of the science of anti-aging and wealth development. ELUR has positioned itself through its unique and in demand product lines and one of a kind distributor compensation model to effectively address and solve the two key issues of poor health and unbalanced wealth.", according to advance marketing materials that announce Elur's upcoming launch on May 15, through July 15, 2010 with an Internet launch of July 16, 2010.
Elur Details / Review

Emerald Coast News


Emerald Coast News Details / Review

Emerald Essentials

Whole Food Nutritional Supplements and Organic Skin Care

Emerald Essentials is a direct sales company that offers whole food nutritional supplements and organic skincare products.

Emerald Essentials’ nutritional products include supplements designed to support the immune system, provide essential amino acids and antioxidants, boost energy and endurance, support metabolism, maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar, support bone and joint health, and support a healthy digestive system. The company’s skincare products are made with organic ingredients and contain no chemicals or toxic preservatives.

Emerald Essentials Details / Review

Empower Network

Blogging and marketing platform for business marketers

Empower Network, which launched in October 2011, is an affiliate marketing system that uses a turnkey Wordpress blogging platform that is pre-formatted and integrated with social networks.

Empower Network Details / Review

Essen USA


Essen USA Details / Review





Seven and Seven Pro fruit juice/energy drink
Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, eXfuze was cofounded by brothers Rick Cotton and Don Cotton. According to the company marketing materials, eXfuze uses only the parts of the fruits that are viable and necessary; discarding the unusable portions in favor of adding ingredients that will be beneficially nutritious in a product that is competitively priced.
eXfuse claims to offer a distributor compensation plan that has the highest payout in the direct-sales industry.
eXfuze Details / Review

For Earth

For Earth Fuel and Engine Conditioner, nutritional supplements
For Earth Inc. is a network distribution company based in Miami, Florida with branches located in Miami, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria and Kenya. It produces environmentally friendly products for both combustion engines as well as nutritional supplements for improving human health.
For Earth Details / Review

Fragrant Lemon Peel (the) TFLP

Fragrances, botanicals, scrubs and cleansers
From The Fragrant Lemon Peel website: "Our TFLP Mission: It is our mission to offer high quality products that help people everywhere feel good and enjoy a little of life’s simple pleasures. We do this with honesty, integrity, energy and cheerfulness. We believe in embracing the gift of life while enjoying the beauty of small indulgences and the simple joy of giving. True prosperity comes from maintaining a lightness, calm, and sense of humor and play, as we go about our everyday business – the business of life."
Fragrant Lemon Peel (the) TFLP Details / Review

Fuel Freedom International

Fuel Freedom International is headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, Fuel Freedom International markets a fuel additive pill called "MPG-CAPS" that are added directly to car gas tanks with claims of better fuel mileage.

MPG-CAPS come in retail packages of 10 (19.95), 60 (119.95) and 120 (239.95).

The FFI website states: "MPG-Cap™ is a 100% organic engine conditioner that simultaneously improves fuel economy and power by creating a micro-thin coating on the combustion chamber in your engine allowing your fuel to burn more efficiently. "
Fuel Freedom International Details / Review



FUTURE CITY.COM Details / Review

GeneWize Life Sciences

LifeMap Nutrition System, Dermagenetics Skin Care System
GeneWize, a wholly owned direct-selling subsidiary of a publicly traded genetic biosciences company (GeneLink, Inc.), offers individually customized, genetically guided products. GeneWize uses DNA-based genetic tests as the basis for personalizing health, beauty, wellness products. GeneWize's scientific group includes leading scientists and researchers in the fields of biotechnology, genomics, molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, clinical laboratory medicine and nutritional sciences.

GeneWize is focused on delivering the promise of truly personalized health, beauty and wellness solutions that help people look better, feel better and live longer, healthier lives.
GeneWize Life Sciences Details / Review

Golden Pride International


Golden Pride International Details / Review

Goldshield Elite

Health and Home product lines
From website: Goldshield Elite is a wonderful combination of the very best of Achievers Unlimited, Changes International, Golden Pride, and the W.T. Rawleigh Company. Together these companies have offered their outstanding health and home product lines for well over 150 years. Our tradition of quality began in 1889 and through our products, members, and satisfied customers, the tradition will continue for many years to come.
Goldshield Elite Details / Review

Good Life International

Mega Noni Plus, Mega Aloe Plus, Mega Coral Calcium Plus, Mega Joint Plus, Hair of the Dog
Good Life International sells liquid nutritional supplements through independent distributors. Good Life International's stated mission is "to provide a superior product line and business format so that people can affordably support a healthy lifestyle,increase their time spent with loved ones, and experience a higher quality of life."
Good Life International Details / Review



Health 4 Wealth

Nutritional Supplements
As baby boomers continue to mature, they are placing a high importance on their health and the health of their families, creating a larger demand for wellness products. Health 4 Wealth has positioned itself to make the most of this trend by providing pharmaceutical grade supplements and a financial plan designed to improve the health and wealth of people all over the world.

Health 4 Wealth wants all of its associates to be healthy and financially successful, and provides resources to help each Independent Business Owner set up and run his or her home-based business, as well as a proprietary compensation plan to help each IBO achieve his or her financial goals.
Health 4 Wealth Details / Review

Healthy Coffee LLC

Coffee Products. 2in1 Coffee, 4in1 Coffee, Weight Loss Coffee, Tongkat Ali, All Natural Mocha, Ganoderma Capsules provides reps with the opportunity to earn a part time or full time income working from home. According to the Healthy Coffee website: "Today Americans are becoming more health conscious. Our healthy coffee, tea and cocoa provide some of the answers they are looking for. provides you with the opportunity to profit from both the coffee business and the exciting wellness revolution."
Healthy Coffee LLC Details / Review


Pet products, natural pet food
From company website: "HealthyPetNet is a new and innovative company that has combined the effectiveness of person-to-person selling with the power of Internet e-commerce to help you take advantage of the exploding pet care industry. By becoming a field representative for HealthyPetNet, you can build your own business, increase your earnings potential and improve the health and well being of animals."
HealthyPetNet Details / Review

Heath 4 Wealth

Zylene, Biozyte, Nutravex
From the Health 4 Wealth website: "Health 4 Wealth began with a solid foundation of knowledge backed by extensive research and Pharmaceutical Grade manufacturing. When you take an entrepreneurial vision and combine it with revolutionary and highly effective products that improve your quality of life, you have a company poised for great success. The cornerstones of our foundation stand on integrity, responsibility, honesty and loyalty."
Heath 4 Wealth Details / Review



HERBATROL Details / Review


VOIP (Voice Over IP). The Magic Box and WiMax.
IGONET (International Global Opportunity Network) will be launching a network marketing driven Voice Over IP company.
IGONET VOIP service starts at $29.95 per month.
IGONET Details / Review

In Home Art

In-Home Art instruction
From the Donna Dewberry In-Home Art home page: The In-Home Art purpose is to teach people easy ways to beautify their home, expand their talents and enrich their life through artwork. This is not something that comes up in their lives everyday. That’s what makes us different. We are sharing what we love by helping others discover their own creativity. In-Home Art offers you the opportunity to own a home-based business, have a flexible schedule and maximize time with family and friends.
In Home Art Details / Review

Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies Corp of America
Innovative Technologies Details / Review


Express Sun Travel (become a travel agent); Skin eXpressions (complete skin care); OPC+ (free radical vitamin antioxidant); DNA+ (anti aging skin treatment); XO total expression (libido enhancer); CelluFree (cellulite correction and shaping cream); Xtreme-5 (weight loss supplement); id180 (web design studio).
IsXperia as a company is committed to providing members with the tools, training and support to help them achieve their goals.

Implementing business basics, such as retailing product, presenting the business to others, and then training those people that they sponsor is a core catalyst for success, according to the isXPERIA website.
isXPERIA Details / Review


Brewed, ready to drink (RTD), and single serve functional gourmet coffee. JavaFit produces varieties of coffee targeting the diet category, Diet Plus 62, Energy Extreme 62, Focus Plus Multi-Vitamin, Immune Plus Multi-Vitamin and Gourmet Original Roast.
JavaFit was founded in 2003 by Scott Pumper, current company President, and Jose Antonio, a sports nutrition scientist who developed the formula for the coffee. In early 2007, Dave Briskie, an investor, became the CEO of JavaFit and the company acquired a 50% interest in its coffee roaster in November 2007.

The JavaFit opportunity employs a binary compensation plan with earnings coming from retail sales, and affiliate leadership bonuses. The company has core beliefs that focus on trust, respect, integrity, honesty, team work, loyalty, hard work, enthusiasm and passion. The company website has an extensive listing of over 37 frequently asked questions (FAQ) relating to both the opportunity and the products themselves.
Javafit Details / Review


Javita coffee blend and beverages
With a scheduled launch date of June 1st, 2011, Javita began a viral marketing and social media campaign under the title “Reserve Your Cup” in April, 2011. Javita claims that when they launch they will be open for business in over 20 countries worldwide.

Javita’s primary product is their coffee blend, which they promote as “Coffee Evolved!”, and is a proprietary blend herbs and other natural ingredients with organic estate-grown South American coffee. Preliminary marketing material states that JaVita’s

Javita is a sister company to Waiora, operating under CEO Stanley Cherelstein. Javita and Waiora share headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

Javita Details / Review

Jeunesse Global

Cellular Rejuvination Serum, Daily Moisturizing Complex, Reserve

Jeunesse Global, a privately-owned company based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, markets anti-aging skincare and nutritional products.

Jeunesse products include two anti-aging skincare treatments — Luminesce™ cellular rejuvenation serum and Luminesce™ daily moisturizing complex — and Réserve™ anti-oxidant fruit gel packets, a nutritional supplement which Jeunesse describes as “a botanical blend of essential antioxidants with restorative powers that will supercharge your health and assist in delaying premature aging.” Réserve contains resveratrol, a polyphenol found in the skin of red grapes which is thought to be a powerful antioxidant.

Jeunesse Global Details / Review


From company website: Joielle offers an exquisite collection of fine jewelry! Family owned with over 50 years of experience, the Joielle collection consists of over 400 fine jewelry pieces handcrafted in .925 sterling silver and 14K gold with gemstones and genuine pearls. Joielle also stands behind each piece with a Lifetime Quality Guarantee. The Joielle collection is distributed through knowledgeable independent Jewelry Consultants who become your own personal shoppers. Joielle is a home based business and a member of the Direct Selling Association .
Joielle Details / Review

Kara Vita

Kara Vita Skincare Products, containing the LyphaZome delivery system.
Kara Vita offers personal skincare instruction through in-home Skincare Clinics, with their exclusive collection of Kara Vita skin improvement products plus their patented delivery system.
Kara Vita Details / Review

Key West Aloe

Key West Aloe provides luxury aloe products developed and manufactured on the island of Key West since 1971.
Key West Aloe Details / Review

KlikFire is a multi-level marketing company that has13 years of business experience and patent-pending technology at its core. KlikFire is a fully owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Communications and an independant business owner's portal for; a cash back shopping website.

Independant business owners of KlikFire, give away free memberships to Then by getting those members to sign-up more members, they earn percentage rewards on all the shopping they do, as well as earning more when the members become KlikFire IBO's of their own.
Klikfire Details / Review

Le Naturel


Le Naturel Details / Review

Legacy for Life

From Legacy for Life website: Legacy for Life is a distribution company of proprietary and credible wellness products. We are building our business toward providing individuals with a personal health management system whose foundation is based on a healthy immune system. Why the immune system? Because it is the natural defense system that protects our bodies from toxins, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that enter our bodies and try to harm us.
Legacy for Life Details / Review



LEGACY USA (DCV) Details / Review





LifeMax markets Mila ( formerly The LifeMax Signature Grain), designed to provide the body with essential nutrition. LifeMax Mila is free of gluten, trans-fats, sugar, is high in fiber and protein, has no taste or smell and can be combined with many foods. LifeMax Mila is only available through LifeMax Distributors.

For a small enrollment fee new Distributors receive access to an online back office system, their own Personal Business website and start-up and training material. If a Distributor decides not to continue with their LifeMax business, this annual fee is partially refundable on a prorated basis.
LifeMax Details / Review

Lifes Abundance

Holistic pet nutritional, personal care products, eco-friendly products
With headquarters in Palm City, Florida, Life’s Abundance has been providing an opportunity to new reps to develop a home business by marketing their pet products since 1999.

Life’s Abundance, formerly HealthyPetNet, is owned and operated by George Jochum and his wife Cris Jochum. The Jochum’s originally invested in Life’s Abundance in 2000 and became majority owners in 2005.

Life’s Abundance was formulated by Dr. Jane Bick’s ( HealthyPetNet ) . Dr. Bicks served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association of NYC.
Lifes Abundance Details / Review

LiveSmart 360

LiveSmart 360 offers Gear, Services ( VIP Club and HealthSmart ), 360-Mists, LiveFit-360, and NutraSmart products.
LiveSmart 360 is a new company which sells patent-pending natural health products. ( Formerly CyberWize ).

The company offer a unique method of administering nutrients in a mist spray, many of which contain ZorbMax™. This method, according to their website, uses a "rapid increase of osmotic pressure to speed absorption, enabling the body to take maximum advantage of the nutrients in foods and supplements." The marketing materials claim that one metered mist product enhances the absorption of nutrients at a cellular level, thus boosting the immune system against free radicals. Others are claimed to provide weight loss, energy boosting or sleep enhancing assistance.

LiveSmart 360 also markets NutraSmart products designed to be packed with antioxidants and other nutrients. Consumers can choose to purchase muscle and joint supplements, or supplements to ensure one is getting all the nutrient benefits from greens and fruits. Another natural supplement is Ellagic acid, a otent anti-oxidant said to encourage healthy cell growth and reduce unhealthy cells from flourishing. Their LiveFit360 Smartest Loser Pack contains mists, supplements and chews.
LiveSmart 360 Details / Review


Multivitamins: dailysource
Livethesource produces a liquid multi vitamin that includes a selection of nutrient-rich herbs, in addition to an "All Natural Patented Nanotechnology". The company is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and maintains that its goal is to create unique, pure, high-quality, healthful lifestyle products using cutting edge scientific technology, and second, to offer an opportunity to fulfill dreams by affecting positive change and life-long healthy transformation, helping people to be better physically,spiritually and financially.".

livethesource Details / Review


MetaLean RX, Go-Go Juice, Hoodia, Coffee ( GanoJo) and Cookies
LoCarb5 is dedicated to being authorities on Wellness, Diet and Nutrition and disseminating research-based knowledge in the development of healthy low carb foods and wellness products.

The 5 in LoCarb5 stands for the five areas of life that LoCarb5 feels are important. They are Health, Wealth, Happiness, Family and Friends.
LoCarb5 Details / Review


Mandura is a DBA of Solstice International Partners. Mandura offers a beverage containing ingredients from the Durian fruit and the Mangosteen combined with Brazilian Acai berry and the North American Blueberry. Mandura offers a risk free 30 day trial and full refund. .

Mandura Compensation Plan
The Mandura compensation plan is a one leg, straight line one team compensation plan. Once an IBO enrolls in Mandura, any IBO that enrolls afterwards will be in that organization regardless of sponsorship.
Mandura Details / Review


MARKET TO SUCCESS Details / Review


Consumer goods and services, health care, dining, dental, travel
Maxous offers consumer benefits programs discounted through group buying power. Three tiers of savings program run 19.99 for their basic silver package, up to 19.99 a month for their platinum package.
Maxous Details / Review






MLM COMMUNITY.COM Details / Review



MLM SEARCH.COM Details / Review

Monat Global

Monat Global Review and Profile under development.

Monat Global Details / Review


Financial education tools
From company website: Moneytalks™ is a Financial Education Company that utilizes the Internet, CDs, Seminars and Workshops to promote Financial Products and Services. Our mission is to improve your bottom line through products that educate, empower, and move one to positive action. Unfortunately, too many people are burdened by debt, lack of resources, and the ability to manage their finances properly.
MoneyTalks Details / Review

MPB Today

Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service
MPB Today is a Pensacola based direct sales company acting as the marketing arm of Southeastern Delivery, a grocery home delivery service. Southeastern Delivery is an established company with a stated goal of becoming the largest full-service grocery delivery company in the U.S.

MPB Today ( “My Premium Business” Today ) operates under the leadership of Gary Calhoun, whose MPB Today bio indicates is an 25 year veteran of the direct sales industry.

Individuals may enroll in MPB Today and purchase a $200 grocery voucher, and pay a $10 annual website fee. The $200 voucher is instantly redeemable through Southeastern Delivery, or the affiliate may choose to wait until they have referred two people who also refer two people ( “2 who refer 2”) they may exchange the voucher for a $200 Walmart / Sam’s Club card and also receive up to $300 in cash.
MPB Today Details / Review




National Companies

benefits packages
National Companies, Inc is a multi-million dollar direct sales company. National markets 30 different products and services in over a dozen industries. Team National Independent Marketing Directors market a Benefits Package filled with savings on many goods and services consumers are already using. These savings are the result of contracted pricing made possible through volume purchasing. Benefit package purchasers save on goods and services such as home furnishings, communications, fine jewelry and more.
National Companies Details / Review







Nature's Youth

Red Stag, Youthful Sleep, Nature’s Youth RSF, Cal Defense, Carb Buster, Daily Defense
Nature's Youth distributes dietary supplements. Individuals interested in becoming distributors should email the company at
Nature's Youth Details / Review

Network Marketing VT

Digital downloadable education products.
Network Marketing VT ( Virtual Training ) offers downloadable digital products for a $98 fee plus a $19 affiliate fee.

The first three sales go to the upline. Sales are 100% commissionable.
Network Marketing VT Details / Review

Nu Med

health and fitness, nutritionals

Nu Med Details / Review

Numis Network

Graded silver and gold numismatic coins that are based on various themes, ranging from national animals to historical Roman coins.
Numis Network markets and provides graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the network marketing distrubition channel. The company was founded by Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, and Jake Kevorkian.

The trio teamed up with Infomercial Celebrity Mike Mezack, an expert on coin collecting and the marketing of numismatic coins. The company is now providing their products with the intention of becoming the largest retailer in the world of precious metal coins by creating a new industry category by utilizing the power of network marketing as a marketing channel.
Numis Network Details / Review


Headquartered in Florida, One24 is scheduled to launch in August, 2010. One24 is helmed by Mark Seyforth, who claims to have been involved in the founding of Herbalife.

The company's primary product is NatraBurst. One24 describes the product as a mix that is high in fiber, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, pre-biotics and pro-biotics.

NatraBurst will autoship for $60 per month, and the requirements to remain active are one NatraBurst purchase per month.
One24 Details / Review

Our Family Favorites

Candles, Gift Sets, Specialty foods
From Our Family Favorites about us page: Our Family Favorites™ offers a unique line of gift baskets, candles, and specialty foods. Our gift box designs are not mass-produced, and it is our mission to find specialty food items from small family-owned vendors.

Our Family Favorites also offers Fundraising Programs to partner with you in helping build our communities.

Our Corporate office is located in sunny Central Florida.

Our Family Favorites Details / Review

Patchwork & Preserves

Americana and Amish Style Home Products
From Company Website" Don't be fooled by our beautiful quilts, hand crafted Amish furniture and jammed full of goodness home-style foods...we bring the best of the past with todays technology. We have a new vision for old-fashioned values and we think you will, too.
Patchwork & Preserves Details / Review


Soil-Free Planters
PlantMakers markets a dirt-free system for growning plants and centerpieces. The product and process was only available to hotels and restaurants before being made available through independent distributors.
PlantMakers Details / Review

Power of Nature

Power of Nature Details / Review



PRO STEP Details / Review





Remedyblue DMG Plus, Resveratrol 50
Remedyblue's catchphrase is BLUE (Better Living Using Elements). The Remedyblue website states that their nutritional supplements are derived from key nutritional elements every body needs. Remedyblue only uses elements found in nature such as grape skins, vitamins from meats, plants and vegetables.

RemedyBlue Independent Distributors save 15% on all personal purchases and cash and incentives from selling Remedyblue products, plus personal website and branded email.
RemedyBlue Details / Review








Coffees, Teas, Nutritional Supplements, G-Drops, G-Bands

SereniGy, based in Miami, Florida, is a direct sales company specializing in products that contain Ganoderma Lucidum, an herb which is purported to have anti-aging and energizing properties.

SereniGy’s products include coffees, teas, hot chocolate, nutritional supplements, G-Drops, a water additive, and G-Bands, silicone wristbands that the company claims are embedded with negative ions and frequencies to increase balance, core strength, flexibility, energy, alertness, and focus in the wearer.

SereniGy Details / Review

Seriesse International

A Essentials, C Essentials, Olive Oil Essentials, Calstrum Essentials, Continuously Clear, Skin Supplements
From the company website: Seriesse International is a brand new company that has a rich product history and an exciting new marketing opportunity for you. Our product line started as the top-selling brand on television more than ten years ago and has been the right skin care solution for millions of customers over the years. Our compensation plan brings together one of the most rewarding ways that you will find in the entire network marketing industry to earn money.
Seriesse International Details / Review





Crispy Fruit, LoliBars, Zing! (sugar free energy), Mini Pretzels, and Popcorn.
SnackHealthy, Inc, is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Founded in the fall of 2010, SnackHealthy's primary product line is healthy snacks with a goal of offering health to the body, and a mission to achieve a balance in mind, body and spirit. SnakHealthy is the network marketing subsidiary of Healthient. Healthient recently became a publicly traded company ( symbol TIAS ) via a reverse merger with Time Associates, Inc.
SnackHealthy Details / Review


Synaura International is a new company founded by Dan Maltais. Synaura's primari product is Avia, a beverage / liquid supplement containing a blend from the juice, skin and seed of the Maqui berry.

Synaura will be offering four formulas of Avia.
Synaura Details / Review

Talk Fusion

Video Email
Talk Fusion offers members the ability to create and send video emails to friends, family and potential customers for products or services.
Talk Fusion Details / Review


Free membership shopping portal that pays a dividend when you sign up others to shop as well. Everyday products.
TamPogo offeres free membership as an iRep. Members must purchase a minimum of one $20 to $30 'fast track' product per month to earn compensation.

Tampogo members sign up customers who will purchase items every month. The Tampogo site says that the company offers a percentage of each sale to help feed starving children worldwide.
Tampogo Details / Review

Tarrah Cosmetics

skindare, cosmetics
From company website: TARRAH was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1973 under the name of LadyLove Skin Care. Although the name of the company was changed in 1997, the emphasis on product quality and the strong ethical principles of the company remain unchanged. TARRAH is a member of the Direct Selling Association and adheres to and supports their Code of Ethics.
Tarrah Cosmetics Details / Review

Team National

Membership Savings Program

Team National (formerly National Companies) is a direct sales company located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL that provides membership savings covering a variety of products and services in over 20 different industries. Team National has been in business since 1997 and was recently named in the Direct Selling News Top 100 Global Direct Selling Companies.

Team National’s membership is a package that offers businesses and families value and factory direct pricing on furniture, travel, insurance, jewelry, communications services and other products and services. The cost to join is between $400.00 and $2,000.00, depending on the membership level.

Team National Details / Review



TEL A NATION Details / Review



TEL3 Details / Review


Telecomm, WOIP2 ( World Over IP )
Telme is a new company marketing communication “convergence”, the melding of voice and media services. Telme is also a social network company. The heart of Telme technology is the WOIP2 (World Over IP) platform, designed by a group of Telme IT engineers.
For Marketing and Sales, Telme has chosen to primarily distribute its products and services through the Network Marketing channels, which thus provides a conduit to their collective and established users base around the world. Telme’s products are in the global marketplace only under Telme brand, Telme full-function branch offices are in Italy, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil.
Telme Details / Review

Text Cash Network

Opt-In Text Network and Text Advertising

Text Cash Network, Inc. "TCN", based in Boca Raton, Florida, offers mobile marketing and brand management services to corporations, ad agencies and media outlets.

TCN's services include Opt-in Text Network and Text Advertising.

Company Goals

Text Cash Network's mission is "to provide market-leading, high value services which meet our Customers' evolving needs by leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit of our Referral Agents while striving to continuously increase shareholder value."

Text Cash Network Details / Review

The Limu Company

Nutritional Liquid Supplement - Original Limu
"Making a Difference is what THE LIMU COMPANY is all about. TLC was founded for one sole purpose … to Make a Difference by bringing ORIGINAL LIMU™ to the world. "
The Limu Company Details / Review

Totalnet Plus

Totalnetplus is no longer an mlm company.
Totalnet Plus Details / Review

Traffic Authority

Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy, Training, Click Traffic Packages

Launched in August, 2015, Traffic Authority is marketed as an Internet Marketing Program, created by Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey. The company was previously known as Infinite Leverage System and claims to provide quality click traffic through their traffic packages.

The back office materials are primarily videos explaining the business, packages and compensation plan.

The company marketing materials include preformatted ads with marketing messages like "Make Money Like Google", or "Make Money Like Facebook".

Company Products and Product Line

Traffic packages, with a company guarantee of delivery within 24 hours of the order, with clicks sourced in the U.S. and Canada

Enrollment Options

Enrollment in Traffic Authority is free. To earn commissions affiliates must purchase the product in order to earn commissions on that product. Or, they may refer three sales for that product which roll up to the next qualified affiliate, but which qualifies the referring affiliate for future sales of that specfiic product.

Basic packages include the Reseller License ( $20 ), Reseller License plus Traffic Optimizer ( $47 ), and Reseller License plus Traffic Optimizer plus Traffic Academy ( $144 ). The basic traffic package starts at $220 for 170-190 clicks. The highest priced package is the Diamond Package, 8400 premium clicks that Traffic Authority values at $8397

Enrollment may only be cancelled and refunded within seven days of purchase, and notice must be delivered by mail to: Streamlined Marketing Systems, Inc., 3116 Capital Circle NE Suite 9, Tallahassee, Florida, 32308

Traffic Authority Details / Review




Travel Reaction

Independent Travel Agent Package
Travel Reaction is a travel company with business management offices located on the West coast of Florida in Tampa.
Travel Reaction Details / Review

TravelOne International

Independent Travel Agent Tutorial, Referral Agent Program
TravelOne offers an independent travel agent tutorial program, allowing members to become indepedent referral travel agents. TravelOne is affiliated with Travel One Services and Tours, and WorldWide Adventures and Exotique Expeditions.
TravelOne International Details / Review

Trilogy International

Sealogix Fish Oil, Trimlogix Weight Control, Clay Essentials, Ultralogix Supplements, Pet Products
In 2007, HealthyPetNet launched Trilogy International on the new website at Trilogy International offers products for both people and their pets. Dr. Jane Bicks is responsible for formulating and developing the Trilogy HealthyPetNet line of products. Dr. Jane served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association in NYC and was appointed by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to help start one of the largest animal shelters in the United States.
Trilogy International Details / Review

Trim International

Weight Loss and Weight Control products
Trim International markets a variety of weight loss and weight control products
Trim International Details / Review


Household storage products
Tupperware is a world-wide producer of Polyethylene-based kitchenware and food containers. The company is currently based out of Orlando Florida and has been in business for over sixty years. Tupperware is best known for its line of sealable, stackable, high stress, temperature-resistant food containers that have become common kitchen items all over the world. Tupperware began in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper when he met Thomas Damigella and Brownie Wise who were trying to sell household products through Stanley Home Products. The three entrepreneurs joined together and began producing the line of Tupperware that has turned into the product base it is today. Tupperware, a member of the DSA, supports charities and fund raisers through direct donations. The company's management team claims to be strongly committed to giving back to communities and helping those in need.

Many Tupperware products originally boasted the patented "burping seal", exclusive to Tupperware. Most Tupperware containers are made from plastic. The company also produces cutlery, cookware, and tools, in addition to picnic sets, school lunch sets, microwaveable sets, and freezer sets. Many of Tupperware's products are stackable, can be bent, warped and treated with stress while maintaining shape. Tupperware products come in a variety of colors, including holiday themes.
Tupperware Details / Review


V1, V2, V3 meal supplements

Vfinity is a weight loss and nutrition company dedicated to battling obesity and the effects that it has on the lives of those who suffer from it. They provide products, programs, and opportunities for consumers and partners to become skinnier, healthier, and more financially successful.

Vfinity products come in three steps: V1 is a meal supplement that is designed to boost the metabolism, promote weight loss, and provide protein to help build lean muscle. V2 is full of herbal extracts designed to detoxify, cleanse and alkalize the body, while lowering cravings. V3 is a supplement designed to amplify the metabolism even more, suppress the appetite, and promote vitality and stamina.

Vfinity Details / Review

Viva Toxic Free

Vivacare and Vivasolutions
From Viva Toxic Free website: Viva ToxicFree™, a product line of 100% ToxicFree™ products, is brought to you by Multiple Income Solutions™, a privately held, debt-free corporation headquartered in Fort Pierce, Florida. Multiple Income Solutions™(MIS) is managed by a team of individuals with over 100 years of experience in many areas of business, such as Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Corporate Leadership.
Viva Toxic Free Details / Review


VoiParty is a technology holding company formed in 2005 and claims to have produced the worlds first peer-to-peer inter exchange carrier that allows people using the VoiParty connection device to get free long distance calls to anyone in the VoiParty network, as well as free calls to the USA and Canada. Users can also purchase plans that offer international calling to people outside of the network at reduced rates.

VoiParty offers a telecommunications network that utilizes the company's own technology, allowing its users to communicate at greatly reduced costs in comparison to current telephone plans. The company also offers extensive member packages and business opportunities to individuals interested in becoming a part of the company's growth.
VoiParty Details / Review

Vorwerk USA

thermomix applainces
Vorwerk USA markets Thermomix appliances. From website: In over 50 countries around the world, there are some 45,000 people working for the Vorwerk group as employees or sales partners. Our core business is the direct sale of high-quality products, such as the unique Thermomix. The Vorwerk group generates a total business volume of approximately 1.6 billion dollars. The company's world headquarters are located in Wuppertal, Germany.
Vorwerk USA Details / Review


Nutritionals - antioxidant skin therapy, cardio healh packs, fiber blends and healthy aging formulas
Waiora promotes healthy living - their philosophy is to eat well-balanced meals with foods high in fiber, like fruites, vegetables, and grain, excercise regularly, and incorporate a nutritional regimen that addresses aging at the cellular and biological level.
Waiora Details / Review

Wealth Quest International

Debt Consolidation
Wealth Quest International offers debt consolidation assistance.
Wealth Quest International Details / Review





XB-Fit Energy Drink, XB-Fit Energy Shots

XB-Fit Energy, Inc. is a Florida-based company founded in 2009 which markets nutritional supplements and energy drinks. Its flagship product is XB-Fit Energy Drink, which is advertised as an “all-natural nutritional energy drink.” Other products offered by XB-Fit are XB-Fit Nutritional Supplement and XB-Fit Xtreme Lean System.

Company Goals

XB-Fit’s corporate mission statement is as follows: “Providing quality products at a fair price is our mandate at XB-FIT. We believe that "state of the art" tools combined with a generous compensation plan, will allow distributors the opportunity to reach their potential and enjoy financial freedom. The cornerstones of our company are built upon promoting better health, providing inner peace and security, displaying honesty and integrity and facing challenges with a positive attitude. We are proud of our representatives and our relationships within the community.”

XB-Fit Details / Review



YOUNGER LIVING, INC. Details / Review


Social Media Marketing Tools

Zilergy, based in Tampa, Florida, sells an all-in-one e-marketing system that includes mobile marketing, social media, and email marketing.

Zilergy's opt-in mobile service allows customers to send targeted messages offering discounts and promotions and stores an opt-in subscribers list for future promotions. Zilergy’s ENGAGE feature allows customers to manage all of their social media campaigns and initiatives from one source. Zilergy provides tools and templates to quickly facilitate proper distribution of emails. These services are available to customers starting at $100 per month.

Zilergy Details / Review

Zonenet Online

Zonenet Online offers nutritional products developed by Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet.
Zonenet Online Details / Review


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